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Do You Need Boat Insurance In Nc

Do You Really Need Boat Insurance

Do I Really Need Boat Insurance?

The fact of the matter is that boating in the state of North Carolina does come with some requirements and restrictions. A boating license is required for anyone born after 1988, and a minimum amount of liability coverage is required for boat owners. If youre asking yourself if you really need boat insurance, the answer is yes, but that doesnt mean it has to be expensive or that you should only buy the bare minimum.

Heres what you need to know.

Do You Need Boat Insurance

In order to determine if you need boat insurance, you need to assess your needs and keep the costs in mind. Typical boat insurance policies can cost 1-2% of the boats value over the course of a year. These payments are typically split up into monthly payments.

If your livelihood depends on your boat, such as a boat charter business, youre a fisherman, or offer boat tours then you should definitely get boat insurance. Its also recommended for recreational boat users because boat repairs add up and you dont want the headache and out-of-pocket costs, not to mention liability, if youre in an accident or your boat is damaged in a storm.

Who Else May Require You To Carry Boat Insurance

If you intend to finance the purchase of a boat, your bank will require you to provide proof of insurance for the watercraft. Typically, the policy will need to cover the full value of the boat, and your bank may set minimum requirements for specific types of coverage. In addition, you will need to list the bank as a lienholder on the policy so that it will be included as a co-payee on any compensation in the event of a loss payment.

Most ports and marinas will require you to carry boat insurance in order to use their facilities.

For example, if you want to moor your boat at Port of Bellingham in Washington, you must carry a policy with at least $300,000 in general, legal and pollution liability with a policy term of no less than one year. As another example, the Hawaii Division of Boats and Ocean Recreation requires all vessels moored at its facilities to carry at least $500,000 in liability insurance.

Some marinas, such as the Hawaii Division of Boats and Ocean Recreation, may even require that the marina itself be listed as an “additional insured” or “additional interest” on the policy. You’ll normally need to provide proof of insurance before you can sign a contract for a slip or mooring.

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Do I Need Boat Insurance For A Non

Depending on where you live, you may not be legally required by the state to carry boat insurance for a non-motorized boat, but that is not the only reason to insure your boat. If you have invested in a sailboat, kayak, canoe, or RIB , boat insurance will protect your investment if the watercraft is damaged during an accident. It should also protect you if a claim or lawsuit is filed against you.

Boat/watercraft Insurance In North Carolina

North Carolina Boat Insurance

The state of North Carolina does not legally require you to purchase boat or watercraft insurance. However, it is in your best interest to do so and protect your assets. If you are purchasing a boat or watercraft, your lender will require you to have insurance and most marinas require the watercraft insurance if you are renting a mooring or a boat slip.

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Best For Additional Coverage Options: Foremost


  • No. of Policy Types: 3
  • Coverage Limit: Varies

Foremost offers various boat insurance packages with unique add-ons including trip interruption services.

  • Unique add ons like onboard pet coverage

  • Trailer coverage

  • Contact agent for specific coverage maximums

  • Website could give more details

Foremost is a part of the Farmers Insurance Group of companies. It is a specialty insurance company that has been in business since 1952, and it’s known for providing affordable coverage for boat insurance in all 50 U.S. states. Foremost offers some unique coverage options for an additional premium, including hurricane haul-out, enhanced towing services, fishing tournament fee reimbursement, additional pollution liability coverage, pet coverage and trip interruption service.

There are several discounts available through Foremost that are designed to save you money on your premium. This includes a lay-up discount, paid-in-full discount, boating safety course, protective device discount, multi-policy discount, multi-unit discount, loss-free renewal discount, prior insurance, insured age , and affinity and alliance discounts for boat operators who are a part of an approved affinity group or alliance organization. Coverage is also available for classic boats over 25 years old.

What Does Boat Insurance Not Cover

Boat insurance generally won’t cover maintenance or general wear and tear, including gradual weathering and deterioration, insect damage, mold, or damage from animals or marine life.

Pro Tip:

With Sign & Glide® On-Water Towing, Progressive will pay for on-water towing, jump starts, soft un-groundings, and fuel delivery if your boat is disabled on the water. or contact our dispatch center by calling , and we’ll make sure the tow operator is completely paid for and on their way to help.

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What Happens If You Dont Have Boat Insurance

The reality is that one bad accident in your boat could cause long-term, serious financial harm in your life. Without boat insurance, you have to pay out of pocket if youre sued because of property damage or bodily injury caused by your boat. You also have to pay the total cost to repair any damage to your own boat or to replace your watercraft after a major accident. And if an uninsured boater causes damage to your craft, you have to pay that, too.

Bottomline: Its potentially very expensive to go without boat insurance.

Boater Safety Courses In North Carolina

Do I need Boat Insurance?

A boater safety course in North Carolina is available locally via classes taught by the NC WRC or online. If you were born on or after January 1, 1988, you must pass a North Carolina boating safety course and earn an NC boater education card to legally operate a motorized watercraft of 10 horsepower or more.

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Is It Mandatory To Have Insurance On A Boat

If youre wondering, Do you have to have insurance on a boat?, the simple answer is no. The majority of states do not require you to carry boat insurance. You may assume that you need it in cities surrounded by water. However, only a few states require proof of insurance.

The chart below lists each state and their boat insurance requirements.

Yes, just Arkansas, Hawaii, and Utah require you to have a boat insurance policy. But what about a license?

Best Boat Insurance Providers Of 2021

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North Carolina Boating And Alcohol Laws

It is illegal to operate any boat , water-skis, sailboats, sailboards or other similar devices) while under the influence of an impairing substance, such as alcohol or drugs.

In North Carolina, a person is considered to be under the influence/intoxicated if:

  • They have a Blood Alcohol Concentration level of 0.08 or higher.

Get Boat Insurance Today

Do You Really Need Boat Insurance?

Are you looking for boat insurance in North Carolina? You canât go wrong with Glick Insurance. Here, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all boat insurance. With that in mind, we provide various boat insurance options to meet various individual needs. Contact us today for an affordable quote.

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Which States Require A Boat License

According to the United States Coast Guard and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the second most common boating accident is due to inexperience. This has led to 480 boating accidents in 2016 alone.

Boating is far less regulated than operating a motor vehicle such as a car. Only a handful of states require you to have an actual boating license, including:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi

However, even though most states dont require a license, they may still have other requirements.

Brad Goldberry, Agency Producer with Farmers Insurance says, State licensing differs from state to state, but many states require some kind of personal boating license or course.

Before you head out on the water, make sure you review your states requirements. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

How To Obtain A Boating License In North Carolina

The process to obtain a boating license in North Carolina is developed to ensure residents practice this recreational activity safely. Understanding how to operate motorboats is essential when applying for permits. In person and online boating license safety courses are available for boaters to enroll in. These classes teach students basic regulations and techniques for driving water vessels. Education certificates are awarded to drivers who successfully complete courses.

In order to be granted boating privileges in the state, residents must meet eligibility requirements for new drivers. Boat certification is only provided to applicants who adhere to these standards. Additionally, specific fees should be paid by drivers to receive education certificates. Learn more about the steps to obtain licenses for new boaters in NC by consulting the next sections.

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Best For Safe Boat Drivers: Progressive


Progressive offers a variety of comprehensive boat insurance policies and offers discounts for safe boat drivers.

  • Need to contact for pricing

  • New boaters may be overwhelmed with choices

  • Dont insure houseboats

Progressive Insurance is well-known throughout the United States and has an excellent reputation for providing comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. Progressive has been writing boat policies for over 35 years and now insures more than one million watercraft. You can buy a boat policy for several types of personal watercraft vessels up to 50 feet long and up to $500,000 in value.

There are several attractive discounts to reward safe boat owners, including a decreasing deductible, in which your policy deductible will decrease for each policy period you remain accident-free, and a safety course discount for anyone who completes a state-approved safety course. New policyholders will enjoy small accident forgiveness for claims of $500 or less, while customers who have insured their watercraft through Progressive for at least four years and been accident-free for the past three years are awarded large accident forgiveness that ensures no increase in rates for any accident.

For Most People Owning A Boat Can Be A Dream Come True Whether You Are Out On The Water With Friends Or Enjoying A Relaxing Day Of Fishing Your Boat Provides An Escape From The Daily Grind

Do I need boat insurance

With a Boat Owners policy from Wells Marine Insurance, you can cast your worries aside, and enjoy your time afloat knowing that you are properly insured. We offer many coverage options to keep you, your vessel, and its passengers safe.

We specialize in coverage for the following marine vessels:

  • Yachts

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North Carolina Boat Registration Fees

If you are asking, How much does it cost to register a boat in North Carolina? you should know that the fees are highly variable. Fees are calculated with consideration of various factors, including the vessels length, whether it is titled in NC or not, the length of the registration period and how it was purchased. There are also different cost factors set for vessels documented with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Boat registration fees in North Carolina begin at $35 for a vessel less than 14 in length with a non-title registration period of one year. The highest current boat registration cost in NC is $190, for a new vessel over 26 that is titled and registered for three years. The fee to obtain duplicate registration cards or decals is $8. You may call the NCWRC at 628-3773 or email Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to ask about the specific registration fees for your vessel.

Coverages Provided By Boatowner And Yacht Policies

Physical damage coverage typically allows for the repair or replacement of your boat if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, theft, lightning, vandalism, collision or windstorm . Covered items include the boat itself, inboard and outboard motors, the boats trailer, and may include some personal property kept aboard the boat. However, your personal effects are not covered. Some insurance companies offer separate coverage for fishing equipment, cell phones and computers that you use aboard the boat.

Your liability coverage will pay for bodily injury and property damage for which any covered individual becomes legally responsible. This coverage generally includes a provision to remove or destroy a wrecked or sunken vessel, if required by law. The boatowners and yacht insurance policies may also contain a life salvage provision, which will reimburse the costs incurred by others to save the lives of insureds involved in a boating accident.

This coverage pays for reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses due to a boating accident. The coverage is usually limited to $1,000 per person however, the limit may be increased for an additional premium.

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North Carolina Boater Safety Courses

The NC boaters safety course is always necessary for obtaining privileges for operating boats on state waterways. The convenient options for in-person or online classes give applicants freedom and flexibility. There are various benefits to either of these methods. Additionally, both options appeal to different styles of learning that are preferable to new drivers in the state.

The fees for attending boating schools vary throughout North Carolina. Some agencies may offer free courses, while others charge a fee to students. Going over all options available is helpful for residents to find the best course to fit their needs. However, drivers should keep in mind that a final examination is required for both class styles in order for driving privileges to be granted.

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Hereâs all you need to know about boat insurance ...

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Hull Number Correction Information

The U.S. Coast Guard has mandated that all registered vessels in the State of Tennessee provide a properly formatted Hull Identification Number to TWRA.

The Hull Identification Number is a 12 character serial number that uniquely identifies a boat and is formatted according to US Coast Guard standards. The HIN is similar to the VIN on a car. Vessels manufactured or imported before 1973 are EXEMPT because they often do not have a HIN. All boats manufactured or imported after 1972, must have a HIN, and this HIN must be identified during the boat registration process. HIN numbers are typically located:

  • On sport and fishing boats, they can be found on the back right outside corner.
  • On pontoons, they can be found on the right side of the frame above the pontoon, but below the deck.
  • On personal watercraft, they can be found under the seat as well as on the lip of the footrest.

If you are unable to locate the HIN number in any of these locations, photos of these areas of the vessel will be required.

Customers with an invalid HIN may renew their boats but within the next three years, our system may decline these renewals and any new owner applications in order to comply with the Agencys Coast Guard deadline.

It is imperative to correct these numbers in the system before that deadline.

What States Require Boat Insurance

As of right now, only two states have boat insurance lawsâArkansas and Utah. In Arkansas, all motorboats powered by engines of more than 50 horsepower, and all PWC, must be covered by a liability insurance policy. The policy must provide at least $50,000 of liability coverage, and it is illegal to operate the PWC without the required insurance.

In Utah, all motorboats and PWC are required to carry ownerâs or operatorâs liability insurance when operated on Utah waters. Motorboats equipped with engines less than 50 horsepower and airboats are exempt. It is illegal to operate a PWC on Utah waters without the required insurance.

Utahâs boat insurance policy requires the following minimum coverage limits per occurrence:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person.
  • $50,000 for total bodily injury if multiple people are hurt in the accident.
  • $15,000 for property damage.

There are some instances of states requiring insurance for boats used in some state parks or kept in some state-operated marinasâcheck with your state marine board or alternative governing agency to see if you are impacted.

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