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How To Get Mold Out Of Vinyl Boat Seats

How To Protect Your Boats Seats While Parked:

How to clean vinyl boat seats: Even severe mold.

Maintenance is important to keeping your boat seats looking great, but it is not the only thing that you should be doing.

When you are not using the boat, you should cover your boat for its own protection. This will prevent all kinds of dirt and damage to your boat.

If you do not want to cover the entire boat, which can be a pain at times, you could look into boat seat covers.

When looking for boat seat covers make sure that you find some that are breathable to prevent mildew. You will also want to be sure your covers are made with a fabric that blocks UV rays.

Formula Using White Vinegar To Remove Mildew From Canvas

For generations, people have been using white vinegar as a cleaner around the house. If you are a boat owner, vinegar can be a helpful product to use to clean your boat too.

Vinegar has many uses. One of the most helpful is using vinegar;to remove mildew from your boat. If you do not want to use bleach to clean your boat canvas, white vinegar is a good alternative to try.

Mix up a solution that is 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. The brand of vinegar does not matter, I buy the cheapest gallon of vinegar I can find.

The Vinegar Formula:
50% White Vinegar50% Water

You can also use 100% white vinegar and forgo the water. I have been known to put the vinegar in a pump sprayer and soak down the canvas. I let is sit for up to an hour and I try to keep it wet the whole time.

If it starts to dry, I will mist it with a garden hose to help keep the vinegar wet and on the mildew stains. After it sits for that long, I use a soft scrub brush the agitate the canvas until the mildew comes off. Then I blast it with a ton of freshwater.

Things That You Need To Get Rid Of Mildew On Vinyl Boat Seats

There are different types of boats, but most manufacturers choose vinyl for the seats. Its because this material is tough enough to withstand wet conditions. As you know, boats are always exposed to water and other strains that are related to it.

Cleaning and getting rid of mildew on vinyl boat seats can be done manually. But you have to collect things that help you achieve a desirable result. They dont cost much; so, what youll have to spend a lot is your time and effort on cleaning.

  • Mold and mildew remover
  • A soft brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Magic eraser

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Store Your Boat Properly

Storing your boat in a humid garage invites moisture to sit on your upholstery. Inspect your storage space and check its humidity levels. If theres too much moisture in the air, then you defeat the purpose of drying your seats down in the first place. If your area is just naturally humid, you can try setting up a dehumidifier or even just a few buckets of charcoal to absorb extra moisture in the air.

Mold Cleaning Product Warning

Interior Boat Detailing

Bleach-based cleaning products are some of the most popular options when it comes to getting rid of mold from boats. Not only is bleach an effective cleaning product, it is also extremely affordable. Unfortunately, bleach deteriorates the stitching on marine vinyl. The detrimental effects are even more noticeable when you combine bleach and sunlight. Mixing bleach and sunlight will cause the threads that bind vinyl seat cushions to weaken and eventually disintegrate. For this reason experts recommend using a mixture of bleach and water exclusively for smaller mold jobs.

If you have extensive mold growth on your boat’s vinyl exteriors, then you might consider using a more expensive cleaning product specially designed for the marine market. Doing so will eliminate bleaching concerns. However, before you buy a mold-killing product make sure to read the fine print. Some vinyl cleaners are automotive formulas repackaged for use on boats. However, they do not include special ultraviolet blocking ingredients that boat owners should be using to protect marine vinyl.

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Formula Using Borax To Remove Mildew From Canvas

To remove mildew using the Borax formula, mix 1/2 cup of borax with 2 cups of water. I prefer to use warm water, but use what you have. Use a soft scrub brush that will not damage the fabric.

Gently scrub the borax formula into the canvas and loosen up the mildew. Allow the formula to soak into the canvas so it can get deep into the fibers.

Then after the solution soaks on the canvas for at least15 minutes or longer, rinse the canvas thoroughly to remove all of the borax solution. If the mildew is still present is may require a second treatment to fully remove the mildew.

The Borax Formula:
1/2 Cup Borax2 Cups Water

Ongoing Boat Seat Cleaning Maintenance

Periodic cleaning throughout a month of heavy use with lots of boating activities is a wise option to ensure superior cleaning, removal of water spots and other general stain removal.Using alcohol wipes is a simple but effective way of cleaning the seats as part of ongoing maintenance.

If the seats have been damaged and cracked from excessive use and exposure to sea water and hot sun, a vinyl seat repair kit is an inexpensive solution.

You can restore faded vinyl boat seats with a vinyl paint restorer. This will ensure the seats look great on an ongoing basis.

SummaryDuring regular boat use, clean the seats at least once a month and use protective spray for protection against sun.

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Bleach On Vinyl Aye Or Nay

It cant be denied that bleach is a powerful cleaner. Among other things, you can also use it to wipe away mold and mildew. However, you must know that some parts of your boat will negatively react, specifically, the vinyl. You may wonder why.

Bleach tends to take away the vinyls oil which is vital for the materials longevity and water resistance. This substance can also destroy the stitching that holds the seats together. After bleach is applied, youll just find them disintegrating.

Nothing lasts forever, so is vinyl. But you can still work on prolonging its lifespan. One thing that you can do is not use bleach.

You always have the prerogative to find safe cleaning options like CLR Mildew Bleach-free Stain Remover, Moldex Biodegradable Mildew Remover, and IOSSO Mildew Stain Remover.

They are free of bleach or chlorine as they are carefully formulated. You can check the ingredients to ensure that the cleaner wont be destructive on the vinyl seats.

Dont Create Additional Work For Yourself

Removing mold from vinyl boat seats.

Many people start out by cleaning their boat seats with a low-grade, low-intensity cleaner such as dish detergent solution to see if that does the job. Unless your problem is very minor, you may as well skip this step. If your mildew or mold problem is serious enough to cause odor, theres a good chance its already deep-set in your boat seats. Youre going to need a cleaner with a little more heft to make quick work of it.

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How To Clean Pontoon Seats:

Cleaning seats on a pontoon is very similar to the methods listed above. Since pontoon seats are likely made from the same marine-vinyl material, you would use the same methods.

The only real difference to cleaning pontoon seats is that there are often more, and they might be styled differently.

When cleaning fold-up pontoon seats, you will want to make sure that you get the sides and even underneath. This is an area that can often be forgotten or neglected and that can cause difficulty when cleaning them later or even damage to the seats.

The underside of folding seats is often the most susceptible to mildew because of the atmosphere underneath the seats that do not see as much sun.

You also will want to make sure you properly care for any other seat types such as sun loungers, captains chairs, and other seat types.

Marine 31 Mildew Remover

Getting rid of mold stains from vinyl boat seats can be strenuous without a strict boat care routine and the right cleaning agent. Fortunately, this option can be your best friend. The Marine 31 Mildew Remover is a powerful and versatile agent that takes away mildew stains at the right time and price.

If youre reading this post, we can safely assume that you have tried a variety of house cleaning products and ended with unsatisfying results. If so, you can rely on a Marine 31 model, one of the most trusted brands for cleaners, waxes, and polishes for marine vehicles.

Formulated for marine use, this model alternative eliminates stains on boat seats, cushions, fiberglass, and others. Outstandingly, it is easy to use as a spray that you can carry anywhere and anytime. Its powerful cleaning technology dissolves mildew with effortless progress.

Let me also go through the packaging. While it is similar to most sprays, its black containers create a sleek and sophisticated look, making it stand out among other products on shelves. It may not be a relevant aspect but it makes cleaning cooler. Who knew mildew cleaners could look this good?

If youre quite satisfied with the results of this item, you can get a hand of this in gallons. Users can save more by purchasing it in a bigger quantity. It will especially helpful when cleaning boats that have been extremely stained or dirtied. Having leftovers wont be a problem because it will be useful anytime and anywhere.

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How To Remove Mildew From Boat Seats

by Andres Aguero | Jun 5, 2021 | Trailer Valet |

Having a boat is incredible because you can enjoy numerous fun adventures on the open sea. However, having a boat also requires constant maintenance and care because they are constantly exposed to harsh natural elements like salt water, sun rays, rain, hot weather, cold weather, wind, and so on. For the boat to be in the best condition possible, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. One of the things you absolutely need to know is how to remove mildew from boat seats.;

Our boat seats are very susceptible to mildew and mold which can build up over time and become an issue. You can take some measures to prevent mildew from forming like wiping down our seats after you use them to take the moisture out or cover our seats with a mildew-resistant material but water can escape our sight and penetrate even the most resistant material over time.;

Cleaning Sticky White Vinyl Boat Seats

Cleaning Marine Vinyl Upholstery

You dont want to sit on slimy, sticky seats for sure. The thought of it can make someone feel disgusted. Therefore, your seats will be useless in this state. It may seem threatening, but it only takes vinegar and cloth to make the stickiness disappear.

You have to soak the cloth in white vinegar. Wipe it on the sticky parts. If it persists, you can dab lubricating oil on the affected surface. The final step is using the cloth to remove the residue.

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Tips For Reupholstering Seats

The process of how to reupholster boat seats isn’t something that most boaters are aware of. So it can feel pretty daunting to tackle such a major repair on your watercraft, but anyone can reupholster seats with the right attitude. But to make sure you’ve minimized the margin of error as much as possible, here are a few extra tips to help you get the job done:

Proven Ways To Remove Mildew From A Boat

If you own a boat you know what a chore it can be to remove mildew from canvas and other surfaces like vinyl.

On my boat, I get a lot of mildew on the vinyl seat bolsters even though they sit outside in the sun. For this reason, I have tried a few different methods for cleaning mildew from boat canvas and vinyl.

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Boaters Edge Be1922 Mildew Stain Remover

This is convincingly one of the best mold and mildew stain removers. It is formulated with buffered bleach technology, which will not harm threads or stitches, making it perfect for use on .

I was skeptical of using this product at first because of its smell. Although not intense, it still made me uncomfortable when exposed. Thus, I always make sure to wear protective equipment while using this product. Additionally, working in a well-ventilated space is my preference to get rid of fumes quickly.

However, I noticed that some stubborn mold and mildew stains remained after the first application. So, I had to reapply the stain remover and did some light scrubbing with soft bristles before rinsing. You may also experience multiple applications and light scrubbing when you use this product, especially for severe mold and mildew stains.

Still, I consider this product as a fast-acting solution for removing mold from boat seats. Why? It is because almost 95% of the molds and mildews on my boat seats were washed off with only one application.

Furthermore, this product is easy to use and apply. Simply spray the formula on the surface and let it dwell for a few minutes. One thing I noticed while letting it rest is how yellowish my boat seats turned, which is the mold and mildews reaction from being lifted off the seats by the stain remover.

  • Stubborn mold and mildew stains require multiple applications

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Boat Seats

How To Boat/Marine: Easy clean mold mildew from vinyl boat seats & interior

As we mentioned above its best to use warm soapy water and scrub it with a plastic bristle brush. You can also use marine vinyl cleaner that is made specifically to clean seats. This is recommended because you dont want harsh cleaners and scrubbing to take off the outer protective layer of he vinyl.

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How To Clean Mildew: A Stepwise Procedure

No matter which vinyl material you choose for your boat seats, the above two factors would remain beyond your control.

Mildew is a recurring thing which you might face twice in the summer, depending upon the humidity and temperature.

How to get rid of this fungus, keeping in view the low-cost budget and on-the-spot results?

Lets dive in the much-awaited steps to clean your vinyl boat seats.

Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

The Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is the answer to my question of how to clean white vinyl boat seats. This product works like magic as it not only whitens but also removes mold and mildew stains on my boat seats. It served its purpose well without incurring any damage.

This products notable feature is its special bleach buffered formula, perfect for marine vinyl upholstery applications. I used this product for boat mold removal, and it didnt disappoint. Its fast-acting formula lifted the molds from my boat seats in less than half an hour.

Needless to say, removing mildew stains on boat seats without heavy scrubbing is made simple with this product. It is easy to use as it comes in a spray bottle. All you have to do is spray it on the stained surface, wait until it absorbs, and wash it off with water.

One of my boats suffers from severe mold and mildew, which I have not been able to solve by any other stain removers. It always took me long hours of scrubbing until I discovered this product. It saved my time and effort as it worked amazingly.

  • Worked better than diluted bleach
  • With bleach-and-chlorine-like smell
  • Requires reapplying of marine sealant

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How To Protect Your Boat Seats From Uv Rays:

Besides cleaning your boat seats, you will want to make sure you follow other methods to protect them. In addition to damage from a lack of cleaning, boat seats are also highly susceptible to the suns UV rays.

UV rays can cause your seats to fade, crack, or peel over time. This can look unattractive and even be highly uncomfortable to sit on.

It is highly recommended that you cover your boat while not in use to protect from the sun and other damaging factors.

This is not possible while your boat is in use. To help protect your boat from the sun while it is in use you should consider a few options.

One thing that you can do to protect your boat from sun damage is to install a bimini top. This will help keep the sun off a large portion of your seats and will provide shade for your passengers while out on the water.

You can also apply a UV protectant to help protect your sun-exposed seats from damage or fading.

This product should be reapplied about every month or so depending on how often you use your vessel.

Why Clean Your Boat Seats

Any suggestions for restoring vinyl boat seats? Regular ...

Even though boat seats are designed to hold up against the environmental conditions they encounter, you will still want to make sure you are keeping them cleaned and well maintained.

The most obvious reason you would want to clean your boat seats is so that you and your passengers will want to sit on them without the fear of getting dirty,

It can be highly unappealing to sit on a boat seat that has stains, mildew, or even bird droppings on it so you will want to maintain cleanliness at all times.

You also will want to maintain cleanliness for your boat seats to protect them and their integrity.

Without regular cleanings and care, they will accumulate dirt and mildew that can cause damage to overtime.

To protect your seats and preserve your investment long term, you will want to clean your seats regularly as well as taking steps to guard them against the harmful UV rays that come from the sun.

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