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Led Marine Lights For Boats

Obcursco 12 Led Boat Bow Navigation Light Kits

How to install Underwater LED Boat Lights | TH Marine.

Next on my list of lighting fixtures review is the Obcursco 12 LED Boat Navigation Lights. If you are searching for navigation lights that would perform even in low light settings, then, I do recommend this product. Why? Let me give you a sneak peek of what this lighting kit has to offer.

It works on 12v DC power and rated IP67 when it comes to waterproofing performance. What does this rating mean? The Obcursco can cope in any harsh weather condition including submersion in sea saltwater.

This lighting product is designed to provide the top-rated navigation light. Any boat owner will find this type of boat LED lighting fixture a good investment because it is a reliable source of light while on a boating exploration. You can depend on these LED lights to provide maximum visibility to the coast guards including other sea vessels without fear of collision.

The navigation lighting kit has many uses. It can be used for land and water. Others use it as running lights.

The material composition of these bow navigation lights is rated ABS quality, which means it is corrosion resistant and can deal with any physical impact. The LED lights are tightly sealed, preventing any liquid intrusion, making them 100% waterproof. Overall built depicts durability.

The product is easy to install. It comes with 3M double adhesive tapes. So, rest assured it will stick on any clean surface.

  • Installation instructions not included

What To Look For When Buying A Led Boat Light

Whether you plan to accessorize, replace or upgrade your boat, RV, aircraft, home or commercial space with LED lighting fixtures, finding the best lights can be quite overwhelming. For your convenience, I have come up with few things to consider that will help the selection process easy.

  • Quality of light

Over the years LED lights in general regardless of types and features have improved to suit the varying lighting requirements of customers. There are LED lights that produce clear white lighting while other models are known for delivering the brightest light at any angle. This quality of light produced by LED lights is referred to as lumens or amount of light that a particular brand of LED lights produces.

  • The Led light Beam Angle

Another important thing to consider before buying LED boat lights is the beam angle. Some LED lights produce powerful light that can be harmful to the eyes. If unsure on the extent of light that a potential brand of LED boat lights will produce as it points towards you or an angle, check reviews of previous buyers for guidance. Any form of lighting fixture that emits strong LED light is not good for the eyes.

  • Led Light Energy Consumption
  • The LED color temperature and rendering index

The color temperatures of LED lights come in various colors ranging from natural daylight, warm and cooler lights. Based on the customers personal taste and goal to change the ambiance of a setting the selections are broad including the LED lights rendering index.

Ledmo Upgraded Led Strip Lights

Ive never thought these LED strip lights would be so effective for my intention. I thought they were only suitable as decoration, but with their clean and bright light, theyre marvelous at functioning as marine interior lighting.

Two rolls of these strip lights give you a total length of 32.8 feet. So they can be utilized as led deck lights for boats. These lights give the deck a vibrant appearancea bit of purplish and bluish hues.

I was able to arrange them well on my deck as its fine to cut them without worrying about damage. I just followed the cutting marks between every three LED lights. Then I can connect the strip with other pieces of the strip light. Covering the whole deck with these lights is easy-peasy!

The strip lights easily stick on a clean and smooth surface so I cleaned up before placing them on my deck. Unfortunately, it wont stick to porous surfaces like wood. I used a mechanical fastener to ensure that the strip adheres well.

  • Can be cut and connected to another strip
  • Easily sticks on a clean and smooth surface
  • Doesnt easily turn hot
  • Has a long life span
  • Wont stick to a porous surface

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What Is A Led Boat Light And How Does It Work

A led boat light exceeds the capability of the traditional, incandescent light as its over ten times better than the latter. Its operation is entirely different with 150 lumens per watt. Its one solid, whole instrument without assembly or disassembly.

To light it up, the semiconductor does the job as the current is being supplied. The semiconductor is durable and it remains in the same condition while continuing to support the efficiency of the LED lights.

The flow of current for LEDs goes in one direction so these lights are called diodes. The P-N junction is where the light energy is released as the current passes through.

These lights will save you from experiencing battery drain as it only uses 10% to 20% of the energy used by incandescent lights. This amount of energy consumption means that it can last long. What makes them reliable is that they can still work even when exposed to low temperatures and vibrations.

The chemistry of the device is responsible for the color of the LED lights. Based on this factor, there are two types of LED lights. The ones with indium gallium nitride have white, blue, green, and ultraviolet colors.

The second type, which is composed of aluminum gallium indium phosphide, is yellow, orange, or red.

Types of LED boat lights

  • Anchor LED lights

Depending on your circumstances, these may be required by law. They are responsible for showing the exact location of a boat when stationed in a dock.

  • All-Round White LED Lights

Leaningtech White Spreader Led Deck Lights

12V DC Durable Marine Boat LED Light 2W Red Green White Plastic ...

Inclusive in this boat lighting fixture are two pieces of LED boat lights with a stainless steel component. The LEANINGTECH led marine deck lights to provide sufficient lighting, which makes them excellent lighting partner for different kinds of boats .

Since its hardware is made from stainless steel this LED light can also be mounted on large and heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks. This is why these lighting fixtures have multi applications, both for land and open water. So, if you are mostly on the road driving a truck or on open water off for a fishing trip this particular LED lighting is an excellent choice because it gives enough brightness on the left and right angles.

This lighting fixture boasts of having superb heat dissipation feature. What does this mean? It simply means you can rely on this lighting fixture not to overheat and provide longer hours of lighting, approximately 30,000 hours. Another application of this lighting product is for bow fishing. It can be easily installed at the tip of a bow and provide enough illumination even on muddy waters like the lake or river with its 18 watts LED light.

The aluminum shell covering of this LED light is corrosion resistant. It is also compatible both for 10 to 16 volts DC power including 12 volts DC.

  • No switch included in this product

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Shangyuan Marine Led Utility Strip Lights

If you prefer installing marine led strip lights for your boat, then, the Shangyuan Marine Led Utility Stripe Lights should be on top of your shopping list. What are the specs of this type of lighting fixture? Well, inclusive on this product is two pieces of LED bulbs. The material composition is made from PC lens with ABS housing.

The expected lifespan of the lights is approximately 50,000 hours with a flux of 120 lumens. This type of lighting fixture offers many applications both for land and open water. Among the uses include the lighting of a cockpit space, navigation, bow lights, step lights, golf cart lights as well as decorative lights. However, the common uses are generally on open water such as fishing, sailing, and kayaking.

As for installation, this lighting fixture is easy to install. Anyone can do it alone without the need of an expert. You just need to follow the two wires connection instruction .

If you are going to ask, Is this type of LED lighting energy efficient?. Yes, it has been proven to consume less power, does not overheat and provide lasting illumination.

What about warranty coverage? Well, this LED lighting offers a warranty coverage and applies only on replacement of damaged parts or defects.

  • No switch included in this product
  • The product is not waterproof rated

Workers Comp Spinal Fusion Settlement

LED Dock Light Features and Benefits. LED long life expectancy from LED Lighting. Available in Warm or Bright White, Amber, Blue, Green or Red. Low power usage. Zero Maintenance Corrosion Proof Design. Black or White Polycarbonate Caps. Marine grade Stainless Hardware. Our 3 light setup is much different than all the others, instead of dark spots between the lights our GEN 3 has been engineered to have complete even light throughout the 220 degree pattern. Check out our pictures and videos and see the difference before you buy! Shop now Pro Series Bowfishing LEDs Shop now Custom Duck BoatLights. Best LED Boat Light Reviews 1. Shangyuan Marine Led Strip Lights 2. Obcursco LED Boat Bow Navigation Light Kits 3. Partsam Anchor Transom Mount Navigation Lights 4.. Shop our extensive collection of marine LEDlights and other boat lighting products today. 10″ – SRX2-Series Single Row LEDLight Bar – Black Housing $299.85. 10″ Warm White Fishing Light Bar – 100W $189.95. 10″ XX-Series LEDLight Bar – Marine Black $297.95. 10″ XX-Series LEDLight Bar – Marine Black – 120° Scene Beam $279.95.

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Leaningtech Boat Marine Led Light

Another type of boat lighting that has caught my attention is the LEANINGTECH Boat Marine LED. What makes this product a standout? Whether you just need to accessorize your boat or need to replace existing lights the LEANINGTECH would make an excellent choice. Aside from its proven efficient waterproofing feature against harsh weather conditions such as strong winds or torrential rains this particular lighting is known for having various applications.

It is widely used as a boating accessory that you can reward your boat or any marine vessel. Apart from that, it is also used as a source of lighting for pontoon boats, sail boats, touring cars and speedboats. Other applications include bow light, running light and stern light.

With regards to its lighting performance I can say this product produces maximum brightness with its two light colors the red for the port side and green for starboard side. The LED light bulbs only draw low energy. This product has been recognized to be USCG compliant. This refers to meeting the required mile visibility of at least 2 nautical miles, especially at night.

  • The gauge of the wires is small

Seapon Pontoon Boat Light

Easy to install LED Light Strips | My Boat DIY

I was able to avoid paying for the installation of lights for our pontoon. I did it myself for less than an hour with this light. Its all worth it as I saved some money.

The bright light coming from it allows me to go night fishing. The blue light looks brilliant on my boats floor and underneath my pontoon. Its fine to place it on the parts that get contact with water as it is waterproof.

It can be used as interior light, under gunwale light, boat deck light, center console light, cockpit light, courtesy light, and many more.

Installation is easy as the entire strip has self-adhesive tape at its back. Screws and strip clips come with it too. You may also tie the lights on the deck. Drilling some small holes would help them affix on the floors.

With its 5m length and 1cm width, this is one of the most favorite marine led strip lights. The only flaw is being too long for my boat. What I did is cut the excess length as it can be done every 2 inches. It wont ruin the entire operation as mine continues to light up.

  • The length can sometimes be too long

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Shangyuan Marine Boat Lights

I love how versatile these products are as theyre not only a good source of light. They can also be decorative marine led interior lights. They provide adequate light that is easy on the eyes and not too bright. Their provision of night vision is suitable for fishing and duck hunting.

Installation is super easy with wires that are ten inches long. The black wire is negative and the white one is positive. Hook wires of the same color together. Run them to a fuse buss or use a 10-amp inline fuse. Each light needs 12 volts to work.

A quarter of an inch hole and two pieces of the screw will complete the installation. You get them for free together with foam tape bases. They should be installed on a flat surface and you can also add glue if you want the lights to have a secure hold. Despite not adding glue, everything went well for me.

Refrain from applying excessive torque when installing as it can crack the housing. Be careful to avoid any mishap. Its possible to place the lights in tight areas and compartments. They remain efficient in providing bright light and they look awesome as well.

There are different colors you can choose from. I find green great for my eyes. The other options are red, yellow, white, and blue. Every purchase gives you six strip lights.

  • The housing may crack if excessive torque is used for installation

Where To Install Your Light Kit

You have many options when it comes to choosing a location or locations on your boat for installing an LEDGlow Marine Light Kit. You can add incredible lighting effects in your deck, crows nest, cockpit, cabin, gunwales, under consoles, or behind panels, as well as numerous other areas. These flexible LED accent lights are not only fun and look great, but they have the added benefit of increased lighting which translates to increased visibility and safety while on your boat during evening hours!

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Strip And Under Gunnel Boat Lights

Under gunnel boat lights come in strips and are often made in aflexible form. Marine Sport Lighting produces a wide variety of high-qualitymarine LED light strips for boats and yachts. Our LED strips are IP67 ratedwhich means they can be used on the exterior and interior of your boat. MarineSport LED strip kits come in solid or multi-color options to cater to thestyle of your boat.

Weatherproof Accent Led Lights

4 X 2 LED Red/Green Marine Boat Navigation Lights 10

All of our marine accent lighting uses the highest quality 3Madhesive for maximum adhesion to many surface types for a durable hold. We use5050 LED diodes for a bright and crisp color presentation. Our accent lightsare a great way to add LED lighting in almost any area of the boat. Our accentlights are IP67, which means they can be heavily exposed to wet and moist environments,just not submersible.

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Single Color Versus Million Color Kits

Choosing whether to go with one of LEDGlows single color kits or million color LED boat lights kits is a simple matter of preference. Both LED accent strip light kits will bring a completely new element of sleek style and sophistication to your maritime vessel. Single color LED lights are ideal when you have a select color of choice, such as an LEDGlow red, blue, white, or green LED lighting kit. This one fixed color will radiate brilliantly through your entire kit. However, for someone who cant quite decide on a single color and are looking for variety in their LED strips, the Million Color Kit is the way to go. These LED glow strips provide you with a nearly unlimited set of color combinations so that you can routinely adjust the look and feel of your boats lighting patterns whenever you choose. So when youre looking for the best LED Marine Light Kit, you cant go wrong with either of LEDGlows slimline, cutting-edge neon glow lighting systems. Both will enhance your maritime travels in their own unique way.

Sam Utility Strip Light

The bright light coming from this is great for dark compartments. Thus, I use it as interior boat lighting and as a decoration too because of its nice looks. It is useful for interior cabinets and even in my daughters dollhouse. With its compact size, it has numerous functions.

You can use it on land vehicles too. In my case, it is now in my pontoon. I once used it for an ice fishing box and it didnt dismay me. With its endurance outdoors and in cold weather, it can withstand moisture.

You can get six pieces of diodes strip light which are four inches long and an inch wide. They work with 12 V and have white, clear lenses. Low amp can get them to work, which means longer battery life. Hence, they can last for a long time.

Aside from great illumination, versatility is another thing I like about this product. You can install it everywhere as it has a universal fit. I appreciate the black rubber gasket for mounting as it makes the lights stay in place. Two screws on both sides of the light are added for a secure hold on flat surfaces.

  • Long-lasting, thanks to its battery life
  • Black rubber gasket and screws for mounting
  • Gauge wires can be small

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