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Where To Buy Vinyl For Boat Seats

Upholstery With No Sewing

Best Boat Vinyl Cleaner – How to remove mildew from boat seats?

If sewing is too scary, you could try doing a design that allows for only stapling. This usually works best on the boats side panels because they dont generally have very thick foam to go over. When you dont want to sew a seam for your cushion corners, youll have to put folds in your vinyl at the corners.

This can be done and it actually doesnt look too bad. I am good with this for side panels, but on boat seat cushions, it does have an issue besides the obvious lower quality look. If your seat foam is 4 thick, you have two separate pieces of vinyl sitting against each other down that 4 crease.

Since you dont join two different vinyls with a seam on the top of the seat, there is nothing stopping food and dirt from going down in the seat between the two vinyls when only stapled at the bottom.

I will make a video showing this technique and place it here, but for now I am putting in another video to give you a rough idea of this staple method. This is just a short video, but this person has other videos showing bigger panels where he cuts the original vinyl for removal.

Dont do that! It just makes you work harder and the job looks worse in the end. Use each vinyl panel as a separate pattern to trace onto your new vinyl. It saves you from having to figure out the size and shape needed to make the project look right.

What To Look For When Buying A Marine Upholstery Fabric

Now that were done with our cabin product reviews, the next thing you want to consider is to decide which among the ten products you should choose. I do understand that all of them seem pretty attractive as they all have their own list of really cool features and designs. However, it is best to use several criteria so that you wont be overwhelmed with the choices.

If you have decided to buy upholstery for jon boat seats, here are some factors you want to consider first:

  • Material

The first thing that you may want to take into consideration when buying marine fabric for boats is its material. There are various materials that marine upholstery can be made of. However, the most common ones are vinyl, acrylic, and mesh.

Personally, I prefer vinyl since it is durable, flexible, and long-lasting. Vinyl also happens to be the most common type that you can find in the market. You may also try other fabric, but I personally suggest marine vinyl upholstery fabric. It is for this reason why all of the products that I have listed are made of vinyl fabric.

  • Grade

The next thing to look out for is the grade of the material. As a general rule, there are commercial-grade, marine-grade, and lightweight materials. Commercial-grade materials are around 1/8 inches thick and feel like foam while marine-grade materials are specially used for boats.

  • Water Resistance
  • Weatherproof

Vinyl Sold By The Yard

Match custom seat cushions on your pontoon boat to your new seats with our 32oz marine grade seat vinyl.

  • Seat vinyl is sold by the yard – enter the number of yards needed.
  • 32 oz expanded back marine grade vinyl is a perfect combination of performance and style.
  • 54″ wide vinyl is sold by the running yard.
  • UV and abrasion resistant marine vinyl exceeds industry standards.
  • Exceeds all marine standards for antimicrobial and mildew resistance.
  • We treat all of our marine vinyl with additional antimicrobial chemicals to resist the growth of mold and mildew.

Orders over $100 is FREE! Place an order by 4pm EST and we’ll ship it the same day! For additional shipping information, please click here. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your product, you may request a return for any unused and undamaged merchandise up to 30 days after date of delivery for a complete refund . For more information about returns, please click here.

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Color: As the picture show Size: inter-mixable repair colors: 4.5Ã 3.6cm grain paper: 8 Ã 8cm spatulas: 8.9 Ã 1.3cm Make approximately 20~30 Small Repairs! Using tips: 1. Clean damage spot with non-soapy cleaner 2. Apply fillers compound to damaged area 3. Mix colors for the right shade and apply desired color compound in small thin coats. 4. Cover with grain paper. 5. Allow to dry, peel off grain paper. Be sure to use the practice piece of vinyl include in your kit before repairing your furniture. Package Included: 7 jars of inter-mixable repair colors 5 Ã grain paper

Crestliner Boat Parts & Accessories

How to Clean Vinyl Boat Seats

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Best Boat Seat Cleaner: 8 Ways To Spruce Up Vinyl Leather Or Canvas

We take a look at 8 of the best boat seat cleaner products on the market, suitable for use on vinyl, canvas or leather upholstery

So, youve spent the winter polishing your hull, brightening your brightwork and restoring the gleam to your handrails. Now back in the water, the engine room has been spruced up and the cabins given a spring clean.

Its time to sit back and bask in the reflected glow of your handiwork until, that is, you realise the seat youre about to park yourself upon is looking a bit grubby and needs a good clean too.

Exactly how you clean your boat seats, and what cleaner you use, will depend on the material from which they are constructed. While many boats will commonly have seat fabric described as marine grade vinyl, plenty of other options such as canvas, leather and leatherette also exist, not to mention specialist products like Sunbrella. Be sure to use the product which is right for your seats.

Of course, the best way to look after the seats on your boat is to not let them get dirty in the first place. Although marine grade vinyl will have been treated with mould, mildew and UV resistant chemicals, it still needs regular care if the effects of time, sun and salt water are to be kept at bay.

Another point to bear in mind is that vinyl is porous so if anything gets spilt on your seats mop it up right away, otherwise it will be too late.

Removing Mildew On Vinyl Seats Using Household Products

If you have some time to spare, you can DIY remove mildew on vinyl seats using household products. You need to be patient and put effort rather than just buying a mildew remover.

As long as you know the tricks, you can remove mildew on your vinyl seats with some DIY solutions. Making it on your own will ensure a non-toxic formula. The best part is that you dont have to spend more since you can find the ingredients inside your house.

Things that can help you:

White vinegar, liquid soap, club soda, and warm water

These ingredients are safe for vinyl and other sensitive surfaces. To create a solution out of them, you just commence with mix and match.

When you have white vinyl seats, make a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar. This combination will also help you restore the color and shine of the vinyl.

The exact ratio can be applied with warm water and liquid soap. Spraying them on the vinyl can break mildew and stain. Club soda can be added to these two mixtures or you may use it all alone to combine with water.

The mixture that is half club soda and half water is usually for stubborn mildew. When you make this, youll end up with a paste-like substance. You may use it on colored seats and let it stay for a while before scrubbing.

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Directions For How To Clean Boat Vinyl:

  • Wet the surface. Wet the vinyl surface with clean water.
  • Apply cleaner. Spray Simple Green Marine All-Purpose Boat Cleaner on surface, and scrub with a soft-bristle brush. Do not let product dry on surface.
  • Rinse. Damp-wipe or rinse clean. Repeat if needed.
  • Dry. Allow to dry fully before using or storing.
  • & ast Biodegradable formula: This formula decomposes into elements found in nature within six months after disposal into a typical sanitary sewer or septic system.


    One: Inspect The Vinyl Closely

    Cleaning Dirty Boat Seats, Marine 31 Mildew Remover, How To Clean Vinyl Seats

    When you clean your boat, make sure to include an additional step of inspecting the vinyl boat seating. Why bother? Because a small tear in the seam of your vinyl can grow into something much more difficult to deal with if you leave it alone.

    Give the vinyl more than a quick once-over. Press into the vinyl to make sure that you dont expose any holes or perforations along the lining of the vinyl itself. This inspection should reveal if there is an issue you need to repair or replace.

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    Bleach On Vinyl Aye Or Nay

    It cant be denied that bleach is a powerful cleaner. Among other things, you can also use it to wipe away mold and mildew. However, you must know that some parts of your boat will negatively react, specifically, the vinyl. You may wonder why.

    Bleach tends to take away the vinyls oil which is vital for the materials longevity and water resistance. This substance can also destroy the stitching that holds the seats together. After bleach is applied, youll just find them disintegrating.

    Nothing lasts forever, so is vinyl. But you can still work on prolonging its lifespan. One thing that you can do is not use bleach.

    You always have the prerogative to find safe cleaning options like CLR Mildew Bleach-free Stain Remover, Moldex Biodegradable Mildew Remover, and IOSSO Mildew Stain Remover.

    They are free of bleach or chlorine as they are carefully formulated. You can check the ingredients to ensure that the cleaner wont be destructive on the vinyl seats.

    Mail Order Custom Boat Seat Covers

    So there is another option to taking all your boat seats to a professional upholstery shop, or doing the DYI thing. It is removing your old boat seat vinyl and mailing it out to a shop like CopyCat Upholstery so they can make exact replicas.

    If you want to mix things up a bit, you can discuss a new design for your boats interior. So you could give very specific design instructions, or tell them a theme idea and let them design based on your theme idea.

    First thing you want to do is to take good photos of each section of your boats interior. You want to be sure you are getting multiple views, so the upholstery shop can get a good perspective of how each piece matches up to the next. You also want these for yourself so you can reassemble everything correctly when you get your new vinyl covers back.

    Basically, you would dismantle your boat interior, and remove the vinyl covers off each piece. You would mark each piece to indicate its location in the boat. The best way to do this is to number each piece on a picture of the boat interior. Then mark each vinyl cover with its corresponding number to the picture.

    You can get a quote right on their website. Simply fill out the form and add a picture of each piece you want done. You will need a rough measurement of each piece as well. Here is their short video explaining what to expect from their process from beginning to end.

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    Other Important Factors To Consider

    While the guide above can help you narrow your choices for the best marine vinyl fabric, its always better to know more about the product so that you can fully tailor the criteria to fit your needs. In order to do so, you must first understand what the product is, how it works, and its types.

    What is a Marine Upholstery Fabric?

    Basically, marine upholstery fabric is the fabric used for covering up various parts and furniture found in your boat. This type of fabric can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. For indoors, it can be used for wall coverings, seat covers, as well as a boat cushion fabric and protection for benches. For outdoor applications, it can be used for the pilot chair, outdoor sofas, and cockpit benches.

    How Does It Work?

    A marine upholstery fabric basically works as the entire material that covers the boat furniture or wall covering. The marine upholstery encompasses not just the fabric itself but also the padding that would protect the furniture. Basically, the entire upholstery acts as a thick covering to keep the boat furniture in good condition.

    What are the Different Types of Marine Upholstery Fabrics?

    As mentioned above, the three most common types are acrylic, vinyl, and mesh. Well go over them in detail one by one.

    Since mesh is made of a string pattern, it also comes in many different patterns. Though its not totally waterproof, the advantage is that its quick-drying and water-resistant.

    Why Do You Need a Marine Upholstery Fabric?

    How To Prevent Mildew From Developing On Vinyl Seats

    Fold Down Seats  Wise Seats

    To make things easier for you every time you clean the vinyl seats on your boat, you better learn how to prevent mildew from growing. You have to agree with the saying, Prevention is better than cure. Here are some things that you have to do:

    • Always wipe the seat after sailing. Although you cant see any wet sections, it wont hurt if you let the towel go through the seams and cracks. Mildew forms because of moisture, so you have to keep the seats dry as much as possible.
    • You still have to look out for mildew even though your boat is in storage. Choose a cover that ensures the safety of the interior, including the vinyl seats. You may also check the boat from time to time.

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    Hire A Professional Upholstery Shop

    If you have a really nice boat and want the seats to look just as nice as your boat, then you ultimately are going to want a professional upholstery shop to do the work. I have reupholstered several boat seats in the past. These were for boats with a value under approximately $8,000.

    When it comes to really nice boats, I would rather pay a professional that does upholstery every day, so I know the seats will be perfect. Not only is their expertise in upholstery better than mine, their equipment for doing the job is much better as well.

    As an example, I just took 7 boat seats and a 5 x 5 sun deck up to Custom Home Style Upholstery in Bayview Wisconsin. This is after shopping around several upholstery shops. Some were far more expensive, and some were not qualified to do the level of work I wanted done.

    As a side note, I was not provided any discount for owning None of the shops I approached gave any discount to their quotes and were not made aware of my website ownership. After contracting Custom Home Style Upholstery to do the work, I then told them about it. I am not receiving any compensation for the mention of their business. I mention them because they are fair priced and good at what they do, which provides value to my readers.

    In the below video, youll see the exact scope of work that was done for a total price of $1,140.00 .

    Vinyl Boat Seat Repair Guide

    You want your boat to look new. You take care of the hull, the engine, and the carpeting. But when your seats have rough spots on them, it can feel like all that hard work has gone out the window. How can you repair your vinyl seats quickly and easily to update the look of your boat and protecting the seats for a long time? Heres a quick and easy vinyl boat seat repair guide!

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    How To Clean Boat Vinyl

    What You Need

    Caring for boat vinyl is easy to do, provided you’re committed to regular maintenance. Marine-grade vinyl is popular for boat seating cushions, as well as boat upholstery, headliners and hull liners due to its waterproof nature. But they’re susceptible to sunscreen, food, dirt and mold stains, which are not only unsightly, but can have a deteriorating effect on the surface of the vinyl.

    You should take care to avoid leaving any vinyl exposed for long periods in direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and cracking. Vinyl is a porous material, similar to leather, which can become clogged and grimy.

    When cleaning on your boat, avoid using bleach, as it can deteriorate the stitching on marine vinyl. You should also avoid alcohol-based cleaners, which can cause dryness and cracking. Additionally, you should never clean your boat in direct sunlight, to avoid streaking and possible material damage.

    To clean and deodorize your vinyl upholstery and boat seats, use a non-abrasive cleaner that won’t damage the surface or clog the vinyl pores. Simple Green Marine All-Purpose Cleaner is biodegradable*, so it’s safer for the environment than harsh chemical cleaners.

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