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How To Get Rid Of Old Boat Motor

Option : Give It Away

Getting an old outboard motor STARTED – Part 4 – Fuel

The final option to make your old boat disappear is to give it away to someone on Facebook or Craigslist.

There are mechanically-inclined people who will take your old boat off your hands for absolutely free! Even if it has a blown motor or damaged hull, they will take it and fix it. Other times, these individuals will strip the boat for parts.

One downside to this is many of these people want the title to the boat, so they can resell it. In addition, the trailer will need to be in roadworthy shape so they can tow the boat home.

A major risk to giving your boat away without transferring the title is if they strip the boat of valuables and dump the hull somewhere. Technically it is still your boat, so you will be responsible for getting rid of it still.

Going Over Your Options Where Is The Title

First things first, we need to know what your situation is. Addressing what kind of situation you are in will dictate how you get rid of your boat.

Things like, how important is it to get rid of? Where is it? Is the boat in your yard causing you frustration, or is it at a storage facility costing you money? What kind of boat is it? Fiberglass, aluminum?

All of these things are important to consider. Aluminum boats are easy to recycle, where fiberglass boats have to be sent to the dump.

What kind of shape is the boat in? Is the hull in decent shape, or does the engine run? If the hull is decent and the engine runs, you probably arent to the point of trashing the boat and taking a total loss on it.

What does the trailer look like? Will it make 10 feet and the axle fall off or is it road worthy?

Beginning with this type of assessment is going to really put your situation in perspective so you will know where to begin in order to dispose of the boat properly. Possibly even getting some cash out of it and just getting rid of it!

One other thing that you want to think about, is that infamous title! The big question, where is that title? Is the title in your name? Is it a clean title?

Replace Drain Screw O

  • Pull the old O-rings from the drain screws and place new ones around the screw. This will ensure a good seal.
  • Attach a pump handle to a quart of .
  • The other end of the pump will thread into the lower drain port.
  • Pump the new oil into the lower end until you see oil coming out of the upper drain port.

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Where To Get Rid Of Your Boat:

Now that you have decided to get rid of your boat, you might be wondering where you should get rid of it.

Places where boating is more common often have more options. This is commonly near oceans and towns that have high amounts of water traffic.

Florida and California are two common places where people seek to get rid of their used junk boats.

What To Expect As Payment

How to Get Rid of an Old Boat and Old Boat Motors

The amount of money your junk boat is worth depends on thecurrent metal prices and several other factors. You can expect to get anywherefrom $50 to $500, depending on the make, model, age, condition, size, and more.If your boat has a motor that still runs, you can expect to make more than ifyou are just recycling a hull. Fortunately, most scrap metal recycling companiesoffer free estimates, so you can make a decision as your own pace.

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Fresh Air Is Your Friend

Since you pin pointed the source of the diesel smell youll want to open up the entire boat to let it breathe. Fresh air and ventilation are your best friends here. If you recall from the chapter on boat mold, stagnate air is molds best friend. So let there be air!

Go through the entire boat open up the bilge/engine room, cabin, portholes and hatches to allow air to fully circulate throughout the boat.

Ok great, the boat is open and youre ready to move on.

What Happens To Old Fiberglass Boats

As you can see from my guide, theres no one correct answer, with multiple options. Its certainly a big problem though, as it has been estimated that around 40 million boats are coming towards the end of their lives.

The issue is that there is no one correct procedure for disposing of them, and no one organisation has taken responsibility to come up a standard disposal or recycling program in the United States.

Most old fiberglass boats are cut up into pieces and then placed into landfill, but this is not a sustainable strategy as you can imagine.

There needs to be an industry-wide initiative developed for the proper disposal and recycling of old fiberglass boats, but as yet, there is nothing planned.

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Now That I Have All My Supplies How Do I Remove The Graphics

  • Using a hair dryer or a heat gun, heat the vinyl until it becomes soft and pliable.
  • Using a vinyl chipper/scraper or your finger, lift a corner of the vinyl and pull up while maintaining heat on that area.
  • Repeat step 2 until all of the vinyl has been removed from the area.
  • Use a solvent to remove any remaining adhesive. If you do not have adhesive remover, acetone works well for this, but only if you are familiar with it and feel comfortable using it.
  • *The graphic will be destroyed in the removal process and cannot be re-used.

    What Does One Do If They Have Found An Abandoned Boat

    How To Remove A Outboard Motor From A Boat

    First, determine who needs to know. This is dependent on whether the boat is causing a threat to public safety, the environment or navigation. In order to determine the correct reporting path for the abandoned boat or wreck. Follow these tips from Transport Canada.

    How does one know when their boat has reached the end of life?

    Your boat has reached its end of life when:

    • the essential repairs to keep your boat operational exceed the monetary or emotional value of the boat.
    • It is no longer seaworthy.
    • It can no longer safely be operated.

    How much does boat disposal cost?

    The cost of boat disposal can vary greatly depending on a number of factors

    • Size
    • Composition
    • Method of intake charge

    We would recommend contacting one or two local businesses that offer boat disposal services and ask for an estimate. Make sure to consider all steps in the process of disposal .

    Can all or part of my boat be recycled or sold?

    Some parts of a boat can be repurposed: engines, propane tanks, electronics, and metal hulls, etc. These would be removed as part of the disposal process and can be recycled, sold or disposed of appropriately. Wood and fiberglass hulls are not currently recyclable.

    Will someone transport my boat for me?

    Yes, we have included in our business listing boat transportation services available to move your boat to its final resting site.

    What is the most environmentally responsible way of disposing of a boat?

    Within the letter, please include:

    Please submit the letter by:

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    Examples From Across The Pond

    Coastal Europe has challenges similar to Rhode Island’s, with limited amounts of high-premium land and thousands of end-of-life fiberglass boats. Norway, a country with a long coastline and thousands of decommissioned boats, is challenged by the fiberglass problem. The Norwegian recycling company Veolia, along with SINTEF Materials and Chemistry and other regional partners, developed a chemical process to separate a boat’s polyester and fiberglass, allowing both parts to be reused.

    Some European governments are considering limitations and bans on landfills and dumps. Germany has restrictions against disposal of composite waste in its landfills. In 2018, France enacted an eco-tax for the disposal of end-of-life boats to stem France’s rising costs of dismantling and recycling them. As of 2018, China, once the consumer of the world’s trash, is no longer accepting U.S. recyclable waste.

    I Can Still See A Shadow From The Old Name Now What

    If the graphics haven’t been on the boat for very long, sun exposure will decrease the “shadowing” that you see. However, if the graphics have been on the boat for ~5+ years , the petroleum from the vinyl’s adhesive and the petroleum from the gel coat can fuse together, swelling the gel coat in the areas under the graphics. The best way to decrease/potentially eliminate the raised gel coat is to wet sand and buff the area to give a flatter surface. If this is not a process you feel comfortable completing yourself, we can recommend a boat detailer to you.

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    We Do The Work While You Sit Back And Relax

    • We also pick up heavy items! We do it all Furniture Removal, piano removal, washer & dryer removal, appliance removal, hot tub removal and much more! Removing and disposing heavy, bulky items can be an extremely difficult task best left to the professionals. So, you dont have to go through the ordeal. Just sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.
    • Need anything to be demolished? NOT a problem!! We also provide demolition services to assist your needs. Our Junk Rats will professionally and efficiently service your demolition needs, we offer kitchen demolition, shed demolition, garage demolition, deck demolition, above ground pool removal and more! Just give us a call & well gladly assist you.
    • In need of an estate clean out or any other cleanout service? Our friendly team members will perform the work with respect when youre going through a very difficult and emotional time. We donate up to 70% of the items we remove, so it is less trash into the landfill and someone else in need will be happy to receive our donation. Youre only required to pay for the space your items take up on the truck no hourly rates, additional labor costs, or disposal fee-its all included in your flat-rate price!

    Massachusetts Junk Removal

    How To Get Rid Of A Boat And Trailer

    Boat Removal &  Junk Boat Disposal Services

    While it’s sad to think about, the day will come eventually: that old boat won’t be water worthy anymore. Or you won’t have used it often enough that all it’s doing is collecting rust. For many owners, when you want to upgrade, selling off your vessel is preferred, but what do you do with an old boat that isn’t in good enough condition anymore? What about the trailer you used to tote it around?

    Getting rid of something as big as a boat can seem tricky, but there are multiple outlets if you know where to go. Read on to see your potential options for correctly disposing of your old boat or trailer.

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    How To Get Rid Of Your Boat:

    Boats, like anything else, have a lifespan that will one day run out. If your boat has run out its lifespan, this likely means that the boat is not worth the cost of upkeep, storage, and has a low monetary value.

    At this point, you would consider junking your boat.

    There are options that are available to you when you are in the process of junking an old boat. These options will depend on location and the age and condition of your boat.

    How Boat Motor Salvage Yards Operate

    Boat Motor salvages run like a local business. There sales model is a bit like a thrift shop. They take in boat motors from various sources and rebuild them or sell them as individual parts. In my experience these places always warehouse style salvages, meaning you dont walk around a lot like an auto salvage. These are designed more like parts stores, except the parts are used. Some salvages are actually in disguise and are labeled as boat repair shops. While that is true, they fix boats, they sell and deal in used parts.

    These places get marine engines will come from various sources. Sometimes the owners buy junked engines online and other times they will deal with a boat scrap yard. Some of the motor salvages have deals in place with the marine salvages to get their engines, rebuild them, and then resell them with a warranty.

    When they get a salvaged engine they will first drain it of all the fluids. Then they will see what pieces are salvageable. Typically motor parts that are the most expensive tend to be the ones that degenerate the fastest with corrosion or rust. So they will pay particular attention to these parts first. Next they will inventory the parts, tag them, and put them in a warehouse and/or sell them online.

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    Repurposing An Old Boat

    The hull or some parts of your boat can begin a DIY project. This is a way of repurposing a boat. Its fun to apply your creativity to something that most people would think is useless.

    For example, a wooden boat can turn into pieces of furniture ,such as a sofa, shelf, table, and bench. It can also be made into a garden bed and decorative lighting. Some even turn it into an open bar. Just clean the inside of the hull and load it with different drinks and ice.

    Salvage Yards That Buy Boats And Yachts

    How to Clean Boat and Get Rid of Water stains (Less than $2)- Barkeepers Friend

    Getting rid of a junk boat can be a headache. Many people abandon boats, because of the sheer expense to dismantle them. There are also less laws around abandon boats as compared to abandon cars. This is where selling your boat to salvage is a good option.

    Before selling your boat or yacht to a place that buys junk boats, there are some things you need to know. First you should consider the cost of repairs. Get an estimate to see if the damage to repair it is worth paying for. It might be worth repairing and reselling independently.

    If you decide to sell it make sure you remove all your personal belongings from the cabin and any compartments, You need to cancel the insurance and the registration and you will need the title to transfer full ownership to the scrap yard. Its important to cancel the registration yourself, some boat yards will send you an administrative bill for canceling your registration on your behalf. If you dony pay the bill they will report you to a credit agency. This is what the boat junkyard near me does and they mean business.

    Before you call a boat junk yard you should know the value of your vessel even if its wrecked. You can use the Kelly Blue Book for Boats to assess it. Knowing the value will help you negotiate a reasonable price for the boat. Its imperative that you are honest in describing the vessel and what is wrong with it. You may be asked to provide pictures and proof.

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    The Easiest Old Boat Removal Option

    If you have tried these 3 options or decided they are not worth the time or risk, A+ Enterprises is here for you. We are Eastern Pennsylvanias largest and most reputable boat removal service.

    Our company takes care of your boat from start to finish. Regardless of the condition of your boat or trailer, we have a solution to remove it and properly dispose of it for you.

    If your boat is untowable, we have rollback rucks to haul the boat and trailer on to safely get it back to our processing facility. From there, we will remove any recyclable materials from the boat. Finally, your boat hull will be demolished and properly disposed of in a landfill.

    This is much better for the environment than letting your old boat sit around leaking oil and collecting water.

    Fishing Boat Upgrades: New Outboard Engines

    When I was a kid and we went Chesapeake Bay fishing, there was always this moment of anticipation as Captain Dad stepped onto the boat, inserted the key into the ignition, and gave it a twist. Would the boat start this morning, or would our day of fishing fall victim to the scourge of mechanical failure? Back then in the 70s, every trip was a toss-up. It wasnt until much later in life that I discovered the joys of running a boat with modern outboards. Theyre reliable, smooth and quiet, smell-free, and when you turn that key you virtually always know whats going to happen.

    A fresh outboard engine can give an old boat new life.

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    Boat Scrap Yards Near Me Wrap Up

    The yard by you may operate slightly different than what I have detailed above, they operate on a local level so there is a lot of variance between companies. You should always be careful when dealing with salvage yards for boats. There are plenty of companies out there so you if you cant get what you want from one, simply call another,

    Boat salvage yards help the environment by recycling. They provide a great service to redistribute parts that were considered junk back out into the public for use. Imagine how much junk would be around if boat junk yards didnt exist. This is what I have learned from the boat junkyards near me.

    Do Scrap Yards Or Dumps Take Boats

    Clinton J

    It is possible that your local scrap yard or dump will take the boat, but there is are a few things you should be aware of. If they can you likely have to pay a fee for disposing of it and that fee may be dependent on the size and weight of your boat. You will want to call ahead to find out if they can it. Many of these places have hazardous waste restrictions and may not be an option for you.

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