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Boat Rentals On Lake Martin

Wrapping Up The Guide To Boating Lake Martin

Boat Rental at Anchor Bay Marina on Lake Martin

Weve covered what to see, do, and eat on Lake Martin. We highlighted marinas and boat rentals and included boat ramps, and named bodies of water on the map. Theres one more important thing to mention.

Alabama Power and Russell Lands own the majority of the shoreline on Lake Martin. They have an active shoreline management program that addresses the health and wellness of the lake. If theres an emergency, call the authorities, but if theres just something a little off, contact the shoreline management program.

Individuals with boats and other water-related equipment and facilities should always be alert to changing conditions on Alabama Power reservoirs and be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect their property. One of the things to pay attention to is the planned water level drop in the winter. Some years, this begins on September 1. Other times its extended until mid-October. The lake is usually at its summer levels by the end of April. The winter water drop is around 10, so everything from navigation to access is different in the winter.

Disclosure: A big thank you to the Lake Martin Tourism Association for hosting us and setting up a fantastic itinerary! For more travel inspiration check out their and accounts.

As always, the views and opinions expressed are entirely our own, and we only recommend brands and destinations that we 100% stand behind.

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Boating Lake Martin Alabama

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Welcome to our guide to boating Lake Martin, Alabama. We hope that you know how to operate a boat and navigate without hitting things because this guide will not help you with that. What you will find are the best things to do on Lake Martin, as well as points of interest, marinas, boat ramps, restaurants, and places to stay on the lake. We put these all together in easy-to-read lists and an interactive map so you can make the most of your time boating Lake Martin.

  • Wrapping up the Guide to Boating Lake Martin
  • Peanut Point Lake Martin

    While Lake Martin seems to be the playground for the real housewives of Birmingham, other people are working for peanuts. The Dunhams have been boiling up hundreds of pounds of peanuts for boaters at Peanut Point since 1988.

    What started as a side hustle is now a Lake Martin landmark. Come for this traditional Southern dish, but be careful of the shallow water on the way in.

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    Childrens Harbor Lake Martin

    Theres undoubtedly a wealthy feel to properties on Lake Martin. Some people say money is the root of all evil. Of course, given that, you can also prove that girls are evil, and 2 + 2 = 5 for large values of 2. The real proof is what you do with your money. Jim Scott put in beautiful gardens. Childrens Harbor takes philanthropy to the next level.

    They have provided unique services to seriously ill children and their families for over 30 years and provide accessible, state-of-the-art camp facilities at no cost. Its one of the most beautiful locations on the lake, inside and out, especially their iconic lighthouse. Its also home to the cabin where Hank Williams wrote Kaw-Liga that you could rent for a unique Lake Martin experience.

    Covering Clewiston Okeechobee City Belle Glade Moore Haven

    Renting a Boat on Lake Martin

    Roland Martins Lake Okeechobee Boat Rentals is located on the shores of Lake Okeechobee in South Central Florida. Our Bass Fishing Guides and Boat Rentals are second to none and continuously set industry standards for excellence.

    If you are coming to Central Florida or South Florida and want to experience some great Bass Fishing, but do not want to hire one of our guides and do not want to bring your own boat then we have what you need.

    Roland Martin Marina and Resort offers boat rentals on Lake Okeechobee for you and your fishing friends.

    You can select from one of three options for a day of fishing excitement with the whole family.

    • 14 foot V-bottom rental fishing boats
    • Rent one of our Pontoon Boats
    • 18.6 ft Stratos bass boats

    Lake Okeechobee Bass Boat Rental

    We have a Stratos 186XT Fiberglass boat, Fully equipped.

    **Each of our Boat Rentals on Lake Okeechobee includes your first tank of gas at no additional charge.**

    Our Lake Okeechobee rental boats are clean and very safe and come with all the proper safety gear for day on the Big O.

    We are located in Clewiston on the shores of Lake Okeechobee, this area of the lake is the most popular area simply because of all the fishing options you have on this side of the lake.

    The rim canal, islands and the many grassy bays offer some great fishing year around. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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    Things To Do On Lake Martin

    Lake Martin is a large lake with over 800 miles of shoreline, 41,000 acres of water, and over 40 named islands. The lake spans over three counties in Alabama: Tallapoosa, Elmore, and Coosa. You could spend all summer exploring the lake, but well make it easy for you with our list of.The best things do on Lake Martin:

    • Jump off Chimney Rock
    • Stop by Peanut Point

    Boating & Water Sports

    Imagine your perfect day out on the water: the sun shining down, warming your skin, the wind blowing through your hair, your kids and grandkids laughing on inner tubes behind the boat…These are the kinds of experiences you can expect at Lake Martin. Russell Marine has everything you need for fun on the lake, including four premier marinas, wet-slip and dry-stack storage, and all the gear and accessories to make it great.

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    Renting A Boat On Lake Martin

    When it comes to hitting the water, there are countless ways to spend your day on Lake Martin. But what if you dont have access to a boat? Bringing your own watercraft is not always an option, so here is a list of hassle-free places to rent one on the lake!

    Russell Marine

    257 8635Four Locations, Listed Below

    Russell Marine has four marinas located on Lake Martin, making it a convenient choice no matter where you are staying on the lake. They offer both pontoons and deck boats, both of which are serviced by their professional marine service technicians so you can always hit the water in your rental with confidence!

    You can also boost your rental with a variety of add-on accessories including: riding tubes with rope, wakeboards, combo skis, kayaks, paddleboards, wake surfboards, and ZUP boards.

    329 0845Alexander City, AL

    Whether you are looking to get some fishing in or just enjoy a day on the lake with the family, the Wind Creek State Park Marina has you covered. They offer a variety of vessels to fit your needs, including Flat Bottom Jon boats, Bass boats, small pontoons, and large party pontoons with many of the vessel options being pet friendly.

    All rentals come complete with life jackets, a throw, and paddles as needed so you can just hop on in and enjoy the fun!

    You can also find paddleboats, kayaks, and canoes for rent at the park. These items are located at the Creem at the Creek outdoor restaurant.

    Lakeside Marina

    825-9286Two Locations, Listed Below


    Blue Creek Boat Rentals

    Future is uncertain for Lake Martin boat launch

    Cruise Lake Martin or fish for your favorite catch – knowing youâll stay safe and dry aboard a first-in-class pontoon built with a patented hull equipped to handle those larger outboard motors for superior performance. Your boat rental will include a standard power bimini and plenty of spacious seating for your guests to enjoy. Book your Barletta boat rental with your friends at Blue Creek Boat Rentals today.

    • 7280 Alabama 49 Dock 1
    • Dadeville, AL 36853

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    About Freedom Boat Club

    Welcome to Freedom Boat Club Boating Made Simple! Established in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida, we are the largest members-only boat club in the world. Members enjoy unlimited boating within their Home Club as well as reciprocal access across hundreds of locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. And with a diverse fleet of boats available, well have the right boat to match your desired adventure.

    So, join the Club and grab your friends, your family, your fishing buddy, or your work colleagues and come explore the open waters with Freedom Boat Club!

    Independently owned and operated by Nautical Options, LLC

    We Take Care of It All…Including the Boats

    Pay a 1x Entry Fee and Monthly Dues

    Just pay a one-time entry fee and select one of our membership plans. Your local Club will have a variety of plans to match your recreational boating needs.

    Get Unlimited Training from Licensed Captains

    Your safety is our No. 1 concern. So we give all our members unlimited training with certified captains. And if you wish to boat in a new location, theyll show you the waterways.

    Take Any Boat Out as Often as You Wish

    Interactive Lake Martin Boating Map

    Are you looking for the GPS points for Chimney Rock? Goat Island? Pirate Island and more? Theyre on our boating map. Whats more, we put the exact point that is interesting, like where you jump at Chimney Rock and where the goats are on Goat Island .

    In fact, heres our dirty little secret. You can click around this map and not have to read the rest of the guide. Youll miss out on our pictures that way, but you can load this boating map onto your phone as youre on the lake and see everything for yourself.

    Be warned it took us a full day on the water with our Lake Martin boat tour to see all these points of interest, and we certainly didnt go to every marina, but weve already established that youre a skilled boat captain, so you know how far you can go in a day and how to get there safely, so this map is for inspiration, not navigation. Youll want to use a nautical chart for that. If you dont see the Lake Martin boating map below, be sure to hit refresh on your browser .

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    Jim Scott Gardens Lake Martin

    Jim Scott is a retired attorney who bought some lakefront property and started living la vida lake-a. He kept acquiring adjacent lots for his kids and putting in whimsical gardens, like if Alice in Wonderland wandered into a Japanese garden. The results are the Jim Scott Gardens on Lake Martin.

    Garden clubs and private events bring thousands of people through the gardens every year, but you can get a pretty good view from the water without a reservation or invitation.

    Kayak & Canoe Rentals

    Pontoon Boat Rental Lake Martin

    We offer Kayak and Canoe rentals at Lake Martin for fishing or to just enjoy the beautiful view of the Lake Martin Swamps & Bayous. We will supply life vests and paddles. We offer Kayak and Canoe rentals at Lake Martin for fishing or just to go out and enjoy the beautiful view of the Lake Martin Swamps and Bayous. Thank you!

    We supply life vests and paddles. Please keep the boats clean, if boats are not kept cleaned upon return, there will be a $10 cleaning fee added per boat.

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    Goat Island Lake Martin

    Goat Island Lake Martin is technically Billy Goat Island. If you look for Goat Island Alabama on Google Maps, it will return a point on Lake Mitchell and stories about how there arent actually goats on goat island. Have no fear there are plenty of goats on the Lake Martin Goat Island, at least during the summer months. However, if we want to keep it that way, people need to be responsible. You can bring your kids and even treats for the goats, but leave your dogs at home or at least on the boat.

    In May of 2021, a dog attacked Rosie, one of the resident goats. It bit her face and chest and chased her into the water. She would have drowned, except a couple of good Samaritans jumped in and saved her. Rosie required a vet visit and lots of care, but she appears to be on the mend, but its a lesson that people need to be responsible for everybody in their boats.

    If youre not a jerk and want to visit the goats on Goat Island, they hang out at a shelter on the southwest side of Billy Goat Island, which is near the Lake Martin Dam. If you are a jerk, try Lake Mitchell, I hear they have goats there.

    Hosted By Debi Smith And Ray Smith

    About Debi Smith and Ray Smith

    My wife and I have raised 4 daughters. Over the last 30 years. We as a family retired after 30 years in a small town to Lake Martin in Alabama. Took our 401ks and built a yogurt shop on the site of an old marina. Amazing 30 years to save it. Feels like in 30 days to spent it. Oh well, the American dream. Retire in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Oh, and I get free yogurt. Its good to be married to the boss. Come enjoy our lake from our point of view. You will make it a regular vacation spot. We started our adventure by building a small cabin. To live in personally while working on our new marina home. Now its time to for us to share this Lake by renting this small cabin. Offering a connoisseur experience. Person by person.

    Why Debi Smith and Ray Smith chose Tallapoosa County

    Location, location, location. This cabin is only 5 miles from a dollar general and only 9.5 miles from Alexander City. There are cabins on lake Martin. That would take 30 to 45 minutes to just get to a store. We are located next to Willow Point. Very close to everything.

    What makes this Cabin unique


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    Restaurants On Lake Martin

    Nothing says lake life like eating on the water. We found a selection of restaurants on Lake Martin to make your nautical nutrition dreams come true.

    • Kowaliga Restaurant Southern comfort food with a view
    • SpringHouse / Catherines Market Technically not waterfront, but if you call from the docks, theyll send a golf cart down so you can experience fine dining at Lake Martin.
    • Chuckwallas Pizza The name says it all .
    • The Landing at Parker Creek Bring your beard game for outdoor dining in a seating area made from old shipping containers with craft beer on tap. Oh, they also have tiny homes, in case youre wondering. Now, if only they had farm-to-table herbs from a pallet garden.
    • Creem at the Creek Boat-in ice cream at Wind Creek State Park
    • Shipwreck Sams Boat-in ice cream and frozen yogurt at Smiths Marina
    • Bluffs Daiquiri Bar Boat-in bars make as much sense as drive-through liquor stores. I guess your captain can be the designated driver.

    Lake Martin Boat Rentals

    Boat Ramps in the Real Island Area of Lake Martin, Alabama

    If youre 21 or older and have a valid boaters license, you could be hitting the water with Lake Martin boat rentals. Most marinas have half-day and full-day options, and many will rent a tube as well. Youll mostly find pontoon boats, but there are a few bass boats, ski boats, and Jon boats available. Just click and pick the options that work best for you. We made sure that each link goes directly to the boat rental page to make it easy for you.

    • Wind Creek State Park Marina A marina specializing in boat rentals in the state park.
    • Lakeside Marina Offering a large selection of quality watercraft rentals, including pontoon and ski boats, at two locations.
    • Harbor Pointe Marina Rent a pontoon boat here and add on a tow tube.

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    Paradise Bed And Breakfast On Lake Martin

    One of the blessings and curses of Lake Martin is that there arent any lakefront hotels. You could get a VRBO, like the 8-bedroom Health South House or the Creekside Lodge with on-premise docks, but we loved our stay at the Paradise Bed and Breakfast on Lake Martin. They have their own dock, and youll get to use their kayaks and a paddle boat too. Plus, for an additional fee, theyll arrange a sunset cruise with wine and cheese.

    Nothing is better than picking up a Lake Martin Pizza on the way in and eating it as you watch the sunset. We also loved watching the sunrise over the water and enjoying our super host, Kathys signature, smoked pork breakfast. Nothing that is, except for their comfortable bedrooms, complete with stunning lake views.

    Everything Alabama Has To Offer In One Easy Place

    Whether youâre planning a weekend of golf or a seven-day beach getaway for the entire family, our Alabama Vacation & Events Guide as well as other brochures will help you find the perfect mix of activities, attractions and accommodations.

    Fill out your information below to receive a printed guide and Alabama state highway map in the mail. Note: Currently we only send mail inside the United States. All fields are required unless otherwise specified.

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    Chimney Rock On Lake Martin

    Chimney Rock on Lake Martin is perhaps the most famous and notorious thing to do on the lake. Its a summer-long party jumping off the rocks and parking boats in the bay. Although, interestingly enough, youre technically jumping off Acapulco Rocks but dont worry because put our GPS points right to where the jumps are. You have a couple of choices, like the shorter Chicken Rock, but be sure you know where to land before you jump. There have been accidents and fatalities jumping at Chimney Rock, so be careful. Heres the skinny about Chimney Rock on Lake Martin:

    • Where is Chimney Rock in Alabama? Youd think this would be straight forward, but its easy to get confused. Theres a GPS point for Chimney Rock Island, but the actual jump is off Acapulco Rock. Theres also a trail called the Chimney Rock Trail that lets you see the island, but it doesnt lead you to the jump. Long story short, its on Lake Martin, right about here.
    • How high is Chimney Rock? About 50-60 depending on where you jump and if the lake is lowered for the winter.
    • How deep is it at Chimney Rock Lake Martin? Where our boat was parked, it was about 80 deep. However, there are rock outcroppings off the cliff, so be careful where you leap.

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