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What Is The Best Center Console Boat

Small Center Console Boats

Florida Sportsman Best Boat – Keeping it Simple, 18 to 22 foot Center Cosoles

There are small center console boats on the market that are so affordable that you wont have to worry about saving up every month to afford them. If you are looking for a small boating option that still offers all of the amenities of larger boats, you want to consider one of these smaller vessels located within the head compartment of the vessel.

Most of these boats have enough space for a couple of adults to comfortably sit together and enjoy the water. These boats also offer enough storage for the equipment and items you would like to bring along with you on your trip.

Set A Budget And Stick To It

While it is certainly fun to window-shop and look at luxury boats that are way out of your price range, dont bite off more than you can chew. Introspect and figure out what you can realistically afford to spend on a DC.

Ensure that you also factor in the recurring costs associated with its maintenance. These include boat insurance, marina fees if youre docking it at a slip, repairs and maintenance, storage, etc.

Then, based on your projections, consider if it makes sense to buy a shiny new boat thats fresh-off-the-factory or go with a used dual console thats in great shape.

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Best Center Console Boats Under $50k

The best boats for those on a budget

Buying a center console boat is a big investment. For many of the selections which are available, the price tag can quickly reach into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. And while the features and the design of these brands do justify such a cost, for many, the reality is that they are just too expensive for the intended use . For those who wish to purchase some of the best center console boats, but require a lower demanded capital on the investment, these center consoles are worthy of consideration.

Tide Water 210

Although the boat is only 2010, it can hold up to 7 passengers easily. The bow of the vessel has bar style seating, a front facing seat. Across the transom you have a bar seat. These two areas provide most of the seating, leaving the captains chair for the remaining two.

Because the boat needs to have a duality to the design, the 210 LXF, as it is commonly referred, can be used as both a cruise vessel and as a fishing boat. It is not a tournament vessel as it only has strategic placement of rod holders on the gunwale and 4 rocket rod holders, but for the day offshore fishing adventure it is more than adequate.

The Tide Water 210 is equipped with a single Yamaha 210 outboard engine and is priced starting at around 30k, depending upon the packaging and features selected.

Cobia 22

Power for the Sailfish is a single outboard motor. Pricing starts at $45,998

Mako 214 CC

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Weaver 41 Center Console

In the world of custom-built multimillion-dollar sportfishing boats, cold-molded construction dominates the game. Building with Okoume ply sheathed in fiberglass and Kevlar results in a lighter boat that runs faster, handles the seas better, and absorbs more sound and vibration to provide a better experience out on the water. Since the build process is so labor-intensive, however, very few center consoles are built with cold-molded construction. One new model that breaks the mold, so to speak, is the Weaver 41 Center Console.

See Weaver Boatworks boats for sale on Boat Trader now.

Weaver 41 Center Console. Image credit: Weaver Console

Which of these hot new center consoles will be your next ride? That call is entirely up to you. But if you want one of the latest and greatest boats hitting the water in 2021, all six of these models make the grade.

Are Center Console Boats Good For Lakes

Best Center Console Fishing Boats

Center console boats for lakes are made to fit into small lakes as well as large lakes. They are made smaller so they will fit in smaller lakes and can hold a lot of people. They usually come with an enclosed console and a lot of storage room for storage. The larger boats have a larger dual console and have more storage space.

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Rod And Tackle Stowage

Give this variable more or less importance depending on where and how you travel. For trailer-boaters who may park in a fast food joint or a hotel lot with some regularity, locking rod boxes are a must-have. On smaller boats onboard tackle stowage can save you from lugging a big tacklebox to and from the boat before every trip. And for boats that get left in a marina, both will be quite advantageous.

Best Center Console Boats Unbiased Review

Saltwater Center Console boats have become extremely popular in recent years. Part of the reason is that manufacturers have started offering more family friendly features such as bow cushions and sunpads, additional bench or fold down jump seats in the stern, and an enclosed head and cabin/berth on larger models. Plus, outboard motors have gotten better and easier to operate with the advent of joystick piloting. They are not just hard core fishing machines any more.

With so many brands to choose from, finding the best center console boat for your needs can be quite a challenge. To help you with your search, surveyed 126 current boat owners to find out which brands they would most likely purchase if shopping for a new boat.

But, before we get into the results, lets first distinguish two major classes of saltwater center console boats. Inshore boats include flats boats and bay boats for use in shallower and calmer waters such as around the Florida keys, coastal bays, intercostal areas or the entire Gulf Coast region. Offshore boats, on the other hand, tend to be larger and have a deeper hull and more freeboard to provide a safer and more comfortable ride in an ocean setting. We will examine the favored boats in each of these two classes.

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Ft To 30ft Center Consoles For Rough Water

This is the size range that starts getting much more comfortable. Options starting opening up much more from here. For rough seas, I recommend at least making the jump from sub-25ft to 25ft-30ft.

Blackfin 272

I love Blackfins. They are basically bombproof with all of the creature comforts you could ask for in a center console fishing boat.

The Blackfin 272 carries on the time-honored Blackfin tradition of beastly boats. This thing is a machine and it performs and performs. Youll beat the snot out of yourself long before the 272 is ready to quit.

The 272 is also beautiful. Its sleek all over with a fit and finish to match. From the hull to the console to the badges, its hard not to fall in love at first sight when you see one of these roll up.

Regulator 28

Told you Regulator would be back! Like the earlier Regulator 23 entry, the Regulator 28 is a beast in tough conditions. Its just bigger and better.

Regulators 26 is considered to be one of the greatest center consoles of all time, but the 28 still manages to go one further. The Reg 28 is a monster for its size. Its heavy, but it handles fast and efficient. It also has a huge console for its class and a flush deck. So much room for activities.

True to Regulator form, fit and finish is awesome. The 28s hull is top-tier with some of the best stringers ever made.

You can ask almost any industry professional- this is one of the best center consoles ever made. Full stop.

Sea Vee 290

Alternative: Robolo 2020 R160

Florida Sportsman Best Boat – 26′ Center Consoles


The Robolo 2020 R160 has plenty of action-packed features that have changed the game for boating. The size is perfect for skilled anglers and beginners.

It is made with high-quality, durable Kevlar construction and stainless-steel hardware. The foam padding is luxurious, and top-tier vinyl has been installed to ensure long-term use.


The boat can get tossed around when there are a lot ofwaves. It is better for a calm water body like lakes instead of seas or oceans.

Extra Features

The Robolo is known for its roominess, which makes it easier to fish to your hearts content. The sizable platform in the front has non-skid Diamond Lustre installed to ensure sure footing.

The insulated locker acts are the perfect storage for your catch or icy drinks. The boat comes in many colors, which you can choose according to your personal aesthetic.

Buying Advice

This is the best center console boat for people who want asmall vessel that can take you for great fishing or cruising trips. But, youhave to make sure that you are careful on open waters since the boat has atendency to bounce back a bit.

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The Best Centre Console Boats

Nothing says dedicated fishing boat quite like a centre console. The all-round 360° fishing space. The wide fishing deck. The total lack of comforts that will ensure your family stays away, with only the most hardened anglers joining your crazy fishing adventures…

Centre console boats are notoriously unfriendly if your interest in boating doesnt involve fishing, right? Well, thats what some people think, anyway.

Actually, one of the factors to contribute to the growing popularity of centre console boats is the huge variety of craft on offer. From compact estuary tinnies to big American offshore fibreglass fishing boats, youd be surprised at how many wonderful examples are available in Australia right now. And would you believe many of these new boats are perfectly suitable for family outings. Here are 10 of the best centre console boats available right now through established networks in Australia.

Nauticstar 32 Xs Offshore

LOA: 32 / Beam: 106 / Weight: 8,500 lbs. / Power: 300-hp Yamaha F300 4-strokes / Price: $212,774

Built in Armory, Mississippi, the 32 XS Offshore is NauticStars biggest model since it started building boats in 2002. The 32 XS has offshore fishing features along with comforts for friends and family. On the short options list is a pair of 300-, 350- or 425-hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboards, or a single 425-hp Yamaha XF425. Those hefty stallions ride on the 32 XS deep-V hull, which has a 23-degree transom deadrise for coping with the snotty stuff offshore. Construction is 100 percent composite with no wood, and theres a vinylester barrier coat. The hull carries a lifetime warranty. For anglers, there is a galley and tackle prep area with a sink, freshwater mixer, pullout refrigerator and stowage drawers. Underfoot are fish lockers, while a livewell and rod holders pepper the transom and gunwales. The port-side dive door is standard. The cockpit has flip-down seating, and when that seating is stowed, roominess abounds. Folks not involved with fishing will likely spend a lot of time in the bow, which has a U-shaped lounge and a two-person chaise forward of the console. Under the console is an enclosed head with a sink and a freshwater mixer that can be used as a shower.

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What Is The Best Boat For The Money

10 Great Boats Under $20,000

  • Tracker Grizzly 1648 SC. If a no-frills aluminum boat package is what youre looking for, Trackers Grizzly 1648 SC is a supremely affordable option.
  • Mako Pro Skiff 15 CC.
  • Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX.
  • Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX.
  • Sea-Doo FISH PRO.
  • Tracker Pro Team 175 TXW.
  • What Is Center Console Boats

    10 of the best centre console boats

    These boats are practical to use, but when sailing, they are eye-catching.

    Often abbreviated as CC, the Centre console is a type of single-decked open hull boat. Some models have a cabin these are usually situated in the bow and carry small sleeping berths. Within and on the deck of the larger vessels of the Centre console, small berths can also be found.

    A benefit of this type of boat, especially in fishing, on the move, and at rest, is that individuals can easily walk around the boat from stern to bow, which helps in different activities by avoiding obstacles that may be encountered with other boat designs.

    For both onshore and offshore anglers alike, Centre console boats are a popular approach. The helm on these vessels is ideally positioned in the middle of the boat, leaving on either side an open passageway, as well as open bow and stern decks at the front and rear of the vessel, making the days catch easy to cast and reel.

    Usually, the hull architecture is designed to withstand rough seas, making it a perfect ocean fishing boat.

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    Are Boats Worth Buying

    Boats are a good investment if you dont overshoot your budget. If you research your options and go for a vessel that you can afford, nothing trumps the joy of spending time on the water. However, a boat can definitely also be a bad investment. A rule of thumb is to only buy a boat you can afford to pay for in cash.

    Sport Starting Price: $22995

    The 177 Sport is a versatile fishing boat that can be used in rivers, lakes, intertidal areas, and bays. It runs with ease on both inshore and offshore waters, giving you access to virtually any type of fishing. It also has a flared bow, which helps deflect spray so you and your passengers have a comfortable ride.

    This boat has standard features that include sports seats, an aerated console bait well, and vertical rod holders, giving you more enjoyment and a wonderful value.

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    Simple And Manageable Maintenance

    Despite the fact that center consoles come in a number of sizes, they are generally smaller vessels. This is a major advantage in terms of maintenance. To avoid oils and pollutants from collecting on the hull, vessels must be washed and scrubbed after each trip out on the sea.

    The more frequently you clean your ships, the cleaner it will be.) Most reliable center console boats are a reasonable compromise since they have smaller hulls that are easier to manage over time.

    The Best Small Center Console Boat For Every Budget

    Florida Sportsman Best Boat – 20′ to 23′ Center Consoles

    The best small center console boats can be the perfect vehicle for open waters.

    They have become really popular since they have all sorts of benefits. They come in a huge range of boats that are perfect for fishing retreats and fun day-outs.

    The best value center console boat is simply a steering station on top of a console in the middle of a boat. It has an open deck that can be great to stand on and experience the refreshing spray on your face.

    You can sit anywhere on the boat since the center console gives you enough room to maneuver around the boat. The design of the boat is usually pretty versatile and has high functionality.

    A lot of people think of center consoleboats when it comes to fishing, especially. This is because such boats provideyou with plenty of room to cast your rods. You can even take large parties foryour next fishing trip without any issue.

    If you want to buy a new center console boat, here are the best small center console boats for every budget.

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    Mechcos Soft Black Leather Car Center Console Knee Leg Elbow Cushion Pad

    • Please Note: To protect the car interior, it is non-marking adhesive.
    • Wide Application: Install the car leg rest pillow on both driver and passenger side of center console as a leg pad, put it on car doors to rest your elbow, or on the armrest of door as a hand rest.
    • Save You in Long Drives: Comfortable car knee cushion pillow softly presses your knee and elbow, ends the days of resting against the side plastic of center console and brings you a better travel.
    • Harmless Installation: With upgraded non-marking adhesive, firm, no trace, no damage to your car, it can be placed at the desired height for optimum comfort & effectiveness, easy & convenient to use.
    • Wear-resistant and Durable: Made with genuine leather and sponge, breathable and not stuffy, our arm rest is very durable and wear-resistant and the texture is clear and delicate.

    The Ultimate Boats For Fishing Families

    Center console boats were once very much a south Florida thing, but over the years theyve found all-new admirers all across the country. With their exceptional versatility, their ability to handle rough water with ease and their low maintenance requirements, its little surprise that were seeing more of these boats on the water every year.

    While boat builders continue stretching the limits by building bigger and bigger center console models some now in the 65-foot class for most families the traditional boat under 30 feet still represents the best value while still cradling them in opulent luxury. Here are a half-dozen of the best center console boats made today, offering something for everyone.

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    Sportsman Open 232 Center Console

    If you want the biggest affordable center console possible, the Sportsman Open 232 Center Console will be a boat you need to check out. Starting at a hair over $54,000 and 455.68 per month its getting close to our budget cap, but at 229 long and 86 wide with a 18-degree V-hull and a 103-gallon fuel capacity, this is also one of the most competent big-water boats in the mix.

    Its a center console youll feel comfortable running through the inlet and into the open ocean on days when the weather allows, will handle bays and protected waterways any day of the week, and itll put just about every species of sportfish you wish to chase within your reach.

    Visit Sportsman Boats to learn more.

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