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Boat Covers For Pontoon Boats

Leader Accessories Boat Seat Covers

How to Make a Pontoon Boat Cover

Leader Accessories Pontoon Lounge Seat Cover

The Leader Accessories boat seat covers are made from 600D heavy duty polyester fabric of marine grade. They are designed to protect your seats and console from fading and cracking. With the drawstring closure, they offer a secure and snug fit. They also can be fold down for easy storage. They are available in 4 styles.

Storm Pro Pontoon Cover

Storm Pro is an easy-to-trailer boat cover. It is made out of 100% polyester fabric and fits boats with the dimensions of 24L, beamwidth 102W. It is guaranteed not to shrink or stretch. Storm Pro Pontoon Cover is designed to provide extra durability and weather protection for the boat. It comes with an adjustable transom flap and elastic cord, which gives a tight fit. Furthermore, the integrated buckle system allows the cover to get easily trailered.


  • The dual air vents aid in reducing moisture.
  • It doesnt balloon when being trailered.


  • The price is not affordable.

Icover Pb6303 Pontoon Boat Cover

I have seen and used many pontoon boat covers with snaps over the years, but only a few can stand up to this products waterproof ability. Made with 300D PU marine grade polyester, this boat covers fabric does more than a good job in repelling water.

I left my boat outside when heavy rains started pouring. The heavy moisture pooled into the covers center area, which should be a relatively normal occurrence because of the heavy downpour. But, my surprise came when I opened the cover to see that the watercrafts internals were bone dry.

Aside from being waterproof, the 300D material is also tear and UV resistant. It grazed against some branches and twigs during travel, and the fabric remained relatively scratch-free.

Cleaning is also a breeze, seeing that all I needed was to brush debris off the fabric. A quick hosing is also necessary to maintain this material, albeit I dont have to do it often.

Theres also a heavy duty elastic cord sewn around this products hemline. With it, this cover provides a secure and snug fit on my pontoon boat. Installation is also quite easy and can be done with minimal effort. But, make sure to search for the tag that says FRONT. Otherwise, covering the boat with the fabric reversed can promote issues.

Once installed properly, this cover is quite roomy. The space it produces is large enough to allow room to make my boat into a temporary storage facility.

  • Comes with large storage bag, tie-down straps
  • Plastic buckles can be more durable

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North East Harbor Waterproof Pontoon Cover

This product is one of the best buys that I made among other covers. I got a waterproof pontoon boat cover with decent quality at a low price. Its just my luck when I picked it from the list of pontoon tarps. Nonetheless, it gives me relief as it keeps my pontoon boat safe. I thought at first that its a Yescom cover, but this one is much better.

I dont have to spend a lot on shrink-wrapping in winter because this is one of the efficient snap-on pontoon boat covers. I saved some bucks since this 600D polyester cover is simply awesome in protecting against the snow. In addition, its water-resistant and breathable. Still, its best to add a pole system under it to prevent water pooling and possible cuts on the cover.

It can also counter heavy rain and direct sunlight. Thats why my wife and I put it together on our 21-foot pontoon. Still, you should better not do it on a windy day as it may fumble. The stitches are well-made and the straps for this cover, in my case, have to go through under the trailer. So it sometimes depends on the boats design.

  • It may not be enough for pontoons that are 23 to 24 feet long

Can You Pull The Pontoon With The Snap

Pontoon Boat Covers

This is a question that has been asked many times to people who are not familiar with pontoon boats and the cover that goes over the boat.

The answer is yes, you can tow your pontoon boat with the Snap-on cover on. But you should ensure that the right size of cover and there are enough straps that will keep it secured.

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How Much Does A Snap

The price range for boat covers is quite wide because they vary in size and material There are some types of cover that cost more than others, but you can find a good deal if you shop around.

Prices range from $300 up to $1200, it all depends on your budget and preferences.

You can find the best price for your boat cover by comparing prices on different websites or by asking a local boater about their experience with different companies.

Pyle Pcvhp442 Universal Boat Storage Cover

What I look for in a cover is lasting protection which this pontoon cover offers. Finding it among the trailerable pontoon boat covers makes me feel fortunate. I can sail in different areas as I can drive my pontoon with it. To my delight, it has the necessary features like the strap system with an integrated buckle for trailering. These parts and the elastic edges are also intended for easy fitting.

This boat cover snugly fits on my 25-foot pontoon. Thus, I dont need to have an automatic pontoon boat cover because this one gives the much needed protection. Its also suitable for pontoons with a length of up to 28 feet. When it comes to safekeeping, you can turn it into its portable form to be placed inside the free storage bag.

Youll also find several D rings and a rope to tie around the cover. However, it could have been better if the rings are either made from galvanized metal or aluminum.

  • Maintains everything inside it dry
  • D rings could have been better if either made from galvanized metal or aluminum

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Other Important Factors To Consider

Aside from the essential factors listed above, consider thinking about these additional three things when buying pontoon boat covers:

  • Convenience

Some users, which might include you, might find installing and storing boat covers significant wastes of time. So, it should be in your best interest to find a model that reduces the amount of time needed for the setup and removal procedures.

A retractable pontoon boat cover would be an ideal choice in this regard. Its a system that can open and close within seconds, allowing you to spend more time having fun instead of toughing it out with the fabric.

  • Fit

Many boat owners make the mistake of focusing their attention on the cover while leaving their watercraft to the side. Hence, they find the horrible truth that their purchased pontoon covers do not fit their boats.

Avoid this mistake by taking your boats size into consideration as you shop for the cover. Consider the following factors to determine your crafts size:

  • If the boat fits two to six people, choose a pontoon cover between 18 to 20 ft.
  • If the boat fits six to ten people, choose a pontoon cover between 22 to 24 ft.
  • Boats that fit over ten people should consider using pontoon covers that are 24 ft. or larger.
  • Price

Finally, dont forget about the price of the product. In fact, the costs to purchase pontoon boat covers might be the ultimate determinant if youre going to proceed with the transaction or not.

What is a Pontoon Boat Cover?

How Does it Work?

Step : Unload The Boat

How to Install a Pontoon Boat Cover | National Covers

The first step that you should always take before putting your cover on is to get all the trash out of the boat. When trash starts to rot, it can cause mold to grow inside of your boat. It can also make the boat smell bad which is never fun to find when you uncover it for the next cruise.

Maybe worst of all, leaving trash from food and beverage items behind can attract unwanted pests. Raccoons love to make their nests in boat furniture which will be detrimental to your boating season. For those reasons, take the trash out of your boat before putting the cover on.

Youll also want to get any coolers, clothes, towels, and wet items off the boat. This stuff will get gross and smelly if it sits on the boat for too long. Its always best to get anything off the boat before putting the cover on. A covered boat sitting in the heat essentially turns into a greenhouse.

Thats why its so important to make sure anything left behind and the boat itself is clean and as dry as possible. Remember, the cover is water-resistant, not fully water-proof. So if theres anything that absolutely cannot get wet on board, take that off too.

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Icover Pontoon Boat Seat Covers

iCover is a very well known brand in the cover world. They make everything from BBQ covers to patio covers to all kinds of marine related covers. One of their excellent products is their pontoon boat folding seat cover. We really like it because it looks great with the contrasting piping, the fitted look, and they use heavy duty fabric and double stitching in all of their covers that really shows up in the quality of their products. If you can confirm that their seat cover fits one of your seats when it is folded over then the iCover folding pontoon boat seat cover is worth a serious look.

New Vortex Tan/beige Pontoon Boat Cover

Vortex pontoon boat covers are durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The New Vortex cover is no exception this tough 600D pontoon boat cover is able to fit pontoon boats ranging from 22 to 24 in length, and also supports a beam up to 102.

The New Vortex cover also has elastic added to the base of the cover to help it stretch over those unusual areas. Its made from a 600D material thats excellent for keeping water out of the boat, so no worrying about water seeping through the cover.

Are you searching for a durable towing cover that can withstand long trailer rides? The New Vortex cover comes with 12 straps that help keep the cover securely fastened to your pontoon boat, so you never have to worry about it flapping on the road. Its also durable enough to withstand storms and heavy wind without damaging.

The only downside to the New Vortex cover is its price. Its almost double the price of its Yescom counterpart. With that said, this cover comes with a five year warranty and is incredibly popular with many pontoon boaters.

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Motoos Heavy Duty Boat Cover

You can protect your boat by using this affordable cover for outdoor storage. 6ooD Oxford fabric with PVC coating establishes sun protection and waterproof surface. Thus, my pontoon boat remains undamaged under summer heat or heavy rain.

This cover is trustworthy in being protective as it doesnt give way to scratches and dust. Although it has faced various kinds of weather, it still looks nice. I must say that its at a competitive price for its excellent quality.

The recommended use of this product is for vessels with a length of 21 to 24 feet and beam up to 102 inches wide. A tight fit was achieved for my 24-foot pontoon because of the elastic hem sewed around the double-stitched seams.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • The pinholes on the underside

What Is The Best Material For Boat Covers

Custom Feature Pontoon Cover.JPG

Vinyl and polyester are the best materials for boat covers. Vinyl is simple yet cost-efficient and effective. Coated marine and laminated marine are the vinyl that is used for boat covers. They both can counter UV rays, water, mold, and mildew. However, the protection from laminated marine vinyl may not last long.

On the other hand, polyester is known to be hard against UV rays and exterior hazards. Canvas is also good as its rip and water resistant.

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Wflnhb Boat Cover Waterproof Trailerable

I like this cover for my pontoon for several reasons. First of all, I prefer cotton canvas, the material used in making this product. Secondly, the ultra-thick cotton lining is designed to block dirt, pollen, and stain from emerging. So with this layer of protection, I couldnt ask for more.

Rain may fall and the hot sun rises but my boat remains protected. I also witnessed how it survives the cold winter days. These things sum up its abilities in resisting possible damages from outdoor elements. Therefore, this cover is simply amazing!

I dont find any reason why I cant entrust the security of my pontoon to it. It stays unstirred even when a strong wind blows. The credit goes to its stretchy hem and double-stitched seams.

Furthermore, an ample amount of support is also given by its quick-release buckles and strap system. These parts pave the way to easy installation and detaching of cover as well. Thats why they can be called trailer straps when this cover participates in towing.

  • Can block dirt, pollen, and stain
  • Keeps my boat protected from outdoor elements
  • Cant be stirred by the wind
  • With buckles and straps for easy installation and towing
  • Doesnt shrink or stretch
  • Clips should be made better

Tips When Buying A Pontoon Boat Cover

Not all covers are created equally, nor are all pontoon boats. This means that buying a pontoon boat cover that works best for your boat will take a little bit of research and shopping around. After all, one of the main reasons that you want to buy an aftermarket pontoon boat cover is probably for convenience. Here are some tips to help you choose the best pontoon boat cover for your toon:

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Disadvantages Of Using Pontoon Boat Covers With Snaps

The only couple of disadvantages that may come with boat covers with the snaps that we can think of is:

  • If there is a snap receiving an unusual amount of stress then the fabric may end of ripping right at the snap and that is a little more difficult to repair than an actual snap.
  • If your boat doesnt already have the female end of the snap installed on the boat then you will have to install those through the boat and will have to place them at the exact correct location.
  • If a snap does break free in strong wind or especially while trailering your boat then the snap can cause some pretty serious paint damage if you dont stop and fix the problem right away. Many people actually recommend removing pontoon boat covers when trailering to prevent this potential issue but you really cant help when a strong wind comes through your area.

Advantages Of Pontoon Boat Seat Covers With Snaps

The Boat Guard Retractable Pontoon Boat Cover

Pontoon Boat Covers with Snaps are mostly used to cover a pontoon boat They are more secure and durable than covers without snaps. The snaps help with the assembly of the cover and also make it easier to remove when needed.

Lets take a look at more benefits they offer briefly before mentioning some of the best covers on the market.

  • It is easier to replace a snapped cover

This is a big advantage for pontoon covers with snaps because it is easier to replace a snapped cover. A Snap-on design allows for easy replacement of covers and easy placement on boats, even when you are not at home.

The snap design makes it easier to remove from a pontoon boat when needed by giving you an additional hand with this process.

This is an important consideration for boaters who want to make sure their boats covers are always in good condition and ready to use.

Pontoon Boat Covers with Snaps have many advantages over the traditional type of covers with snaps. Not only are they easier to replace, but they also provide more protection against the sun, rain, snow, pests, bugs, or any other damage that may happen to your boat.

  • They are more durable because the snaps provide extra support for the cover material

Pontoon covers with snaps are a popular choice because they are more durable than other types of covers and provide extra support for your boat, making them less likely to slip or fall off during usage.

  • They are more secure on a pontoon boat because of the snaps
  • Better coverage

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Silvercloud Pontoon Boat Covers

SilverCloud pontoon boat covers offer sleek and superior quality covers that are trailerable and designed to have superior strength for long lasting life. These covers will not shrink or stretch. They are made of water repellent, breathable material that offers unbeatable all-weather protection.


  • 100% genuine Sunbrella or Sunflair fabric
  • Solution-dyed for long-lasting color
  • UV and mildew resistant coating
  • Breathable fabric to prevent mold
  • Precision tailored with no raw edges
  • Reinforced front and rear stress points
  • Military grade sewn in shock cord for custom-like fit
  • 16 vibrant color options
  • UV and mildew resistant coating
  • Breathable fabric to prevent mold
  • Precision tailored with no raw edges
  • Reinforced front and rear stress points
  • Military grade sewn in shock cord for custom-like fit

Pontoon Covers: Shop By Style

Classic pontoon covers fit traditional pontoons with an enclosed playpen and a small deck area in front. Covers accommodate boats with or without windshields. Pontoon boat tops must be folded down in stored position.

Fulldeck pontoon covers fit pontoons with playpens covering the entire deck and suntanner pads in the rear. Covers accommodate boats with or without windshields. Pontoon boat tops must be folded down in stored position.

Sport pontoon covers fit pontoons with lower front rails, standard rear height, and little or no deck in front. Covers accommodate boats with or without windshields. Pontoon boat tops must be folded down in stored position.

Fishing pontoon covers fit pontoons with lower front and rear rails, along with little or no deck in front. Covers accommodate boats with or without windshields. Pontoon boat tops must be folded down in stored position.

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