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What Kind Of Fishing Boat Should I Buy

Should I Buy A New Or Used Boat

Different types of popular boats for new boaters – WHICH BOAT TO BUY?

The pros and cons of buying new versus used boats is always a hot topic among boat buyers, sellers and traders. If youre on a tighter budget, buying a used boat is the obvious choice. Since much of the depreciation in value has already occurred, used boats actually hold their value better than new boats. Of course many used boats have not been maintained well and/or may have hidden issues, so it is important to be extra careful when buying a used boat. Working with a professional boat surveyor when buying a used boat can be vitally important. Remember to always check the engine compression of a used motor before purchasing.

Used boats can also be attractive when you have a particular model in mind, but the dealers are out of inventory, or the manufacturer has stopped making that model for some reason. In some cases, a beloved boat builder goes out of business, and the boats they have built in the past actually increase in value as they are harder to acquire.

When you buy a new boat, you know exactly what youre getting in terms of the condition of the vessel and you can even build the boat out and rig her up the way you want. You can choose the features and conveniences that fit your needs and leave out those features that you may not want. Also, new boats tend to be more reliable in general and usually come with warranties.

Have Fun On The Water

This guide simply wouldnt be complete without our order to have some fun on the water! Now that you know how to find and buy a fishing boat thats right for you, you can make an informed decision and get out and enjoy the earths beautiful, sunny waters.

We cant wait to see what you reel in.

Ready to dive into the world of boating and fishing? BOATIM is the perfect place to start. Take a look at BOATIMs marketplace to buy and sell all kinds of watercrafts today.

What Should I Look For When Buying A *new* Pontoon Boat

When buying a new boat, you will have more freedom to customize your boat and get exactly what you want.

When buying a new boat you can choose add on packages, features, or even pick your layout and seating arrangement.

In addition to size and type of pontoon boat, there are some other factors to look into when picking which one you want.

These factors can include:

  • Seating Configuration:Depending on how many people you have and what you will be doing, you should pick a seating arrangement that fits. You can choose a seating arrangement that maximizes seating, or add additional lounge areas, or even upgrade the captains chair.
  • How many Pontoons:Most pontoon boats have two tubes, but you can even get 3 tubes. Tri-toons can go faster with more stability. This allows them to be faster for water sports and other activities.
  • How Big of a Motor:Make sure you pick a motor with the proper power for the intended use for your boat. If you are going to participate in water sports you will need the proper power to do so. You also want to make sure that you do not overpower your boat.
  • Addition of a Bimini Top:Bimini tops are canvas tops that provide shade while out on the water. You will want to make sure you get a sufficient Bimini top. You should also try and use it before you purchase it to make sure it is not too difficult.
  • Comfort Amenities:You are also able to pick your amenities with a new boat. These can include cupholders, tables, privacy space, and other optional amenities.

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Lund Wc 16 Aluminum Skiff

With bench seating, an aluminum hull, tiller steering and no frills, the Lund WC 16 is about as simple a fishing boat as youll find. But when the budget is tight simple is a good thing, and the Lowe WC 16 starts at a mere $4,966. That leaves breathing room enough for a trailer and a 15 or 20 horse outboard. Added bonus: this model can hold more people than most in the class, with a maximum capacity of five persons. Editor’s Update: Since the publication of this article, the price of the WC 16 has increased by $144.

Visit Lund to learn more.

The Native Slayer Propel 13 is such an efficient fish-hunter that one of FishTalk’s own team members chose it.

Fitted With Navigation Equipment

What kind of boat should I buy?

There is some serious equipment out there on the market for finding that shoal of fish you want to get into, but there are plenty of simple and cost effective fish finders on the market which will do the job well enough. A fish finder integrated with a chart plotter is even better to ensure you can safely navigate to your perfect fishing spot, and return right back to that secret spot you’ve found…

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Do Pontoon Boats Hold Their Value

For both land and marine vehicles, the value depreciates shortly after purchase. While pontoon boats do not hold their value, you will still get value from using them.

Pontoon boats lose their value quite a bit in the first couple of years. After the first few years, the depreciation will slow down.

If you are buying a pontoon boat to make a profit, you will be disappointed because it is incredibly unlikely to sell for more than you purchased it for.

What you lack in profit, you will make up for in fun family activities and cherished memories.

We have done some extensive research into exactly how fast pontoon boats depreciate. Heres everything you should know about depreciation for pontoon boats

Buying Your First Fishing Boat What You Need To Know

Spend enough time fishing and, at some point, many of us will decide that we want a fishing boat its a given. You find yourself looking at boating magazines, doing online searches for articles on boat buying and reading classified ads, attending a boat show or two, and even occasionally drifting into daydream land I know because Ive been there.

Youre filled with excitement and now youre ready to put all those thoughts and feelings into action, and youre ready to start down the path to buying your first fishing boat. Whoaaathrottle your engine a little!

Owning a fishing boat or any watercraft, for that matter, is a wonderful experience that will hopefully bring you immense joy over the years. But something in your gut is telling you that youd better come back down to earth and make sound decisions, ones that take into consideration the many important aspects related to boat ownership.

Where do you plan on fishing your boat, the type of fish you are targeting, the number of people fishing with you, your boating skills, your budget, time and energy commitment to your investment, and ongoing operating/maintenance costs are just some of the things to which youll have to give some serious thought before you make your purchase.

Dont get me wrong, Im not trying to dissuade you from fulfilling your dream. Far from it, the goal of this guide is to pass on some sound advice to hopefully help you choose and purchase your first fishing boat with confidence.

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Which Type Of Boat Is Best For You Top 10 Choices For Boaters

Cruiser, bowrider, freshwater fishing, runabout, sailboat, saltwater fishing, speed boat, trawler, pontoon, or watersports boats which is right for you? Well help you make the best choice.

Whether youre a beginner boater whos still trying to figure out basic boat terminology or an old salt who stays in tune with the latest boat design trends, you probably know that choosing the ideal boat for you and your family is no simple endeavor. Different kinds of boats can be broken down into dozens of classes, but we have simplified most popular choice into our top 10 classes of boat.Read on to learn all about each of these boat types.

Inboard Motors Versus Outboard Motors

Pelican Bass Raider. Should I Buy this Boat? Best Budget Fishing Boat. Best Cheap Boats for Fishing

Which type of motor is best for your boat?

Now lets take a look at inboard motors versus outboard motors. For most trailerable-boat owners, outboard motors mounted on the transom seem to be a winner all around. Generally speaking outboards have higher top speeds, are easier to maintain and easier to fix overall. They come in either 2-stroke or 4-stroke versions.

However, if youre looking to do long-distance cruising or water sports, such as wake boarding or racing, you may want to consider boats with an inboard motor. These motors are enclosed within the hull and are often just modified automotive engines.

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Best Fishing Kayak By Size

Unlike gold bars and diamonds, when it comes to fishing kayaks, bigger is not always better. A kayaks length, width and weight play a crucial role in its performance. As a rule of thumb, a longer, narrower kayak will be faster than a short, wide boat. A boats length also affects tracking, or its ability to travel in a straight line.

Length will usually add weight, too, making the boat harder to carry to the water and propel to the fishing grounds. When choosing the size of the kayak, consider the size of the kayaker smaller, lighter and more maneuverable boats can be a better choice for a young or petite angler.

Best Down Imaging Sonar

Down imaging uses a transducer that emits a single extremely thin slice of high frequency sound waves to create a lifelike 3D appearance of whats below your boat. When stacked up and painted on your fish finder, these thin slices of sonar returns make it much clearer as to what is below the boat. What might look like a blob of something in standard sonar, is instantly revealed to be brush, rocks, fish, or other kinds of structure.

Each manufacturer has their own version of down imaging sonar Humminbirds Down Imaging, Lowrances DownScan, Garmins DownVü, and Raymarines Dragonfly. The imaging looks very similar on all the brands, so its really up to you to look closely at screenshots and specifications and decide what will work best for you. With imaging being more or less equal, look for the best and largest screen, as well as for the mapping capabilities that will meet your fishing style.

Down Imaging Fish Finder Reviews

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Where Will You Store The Boat

The last thing you want to think about is where you plan to store the boat. If you live in an apartment or gated community, you may not be permitted to store the vessel anywhere so youll run into an additional cost when you need to rent a dock.

If you have a small Jon boat you can typically store them at many lakes and state parks by leasing a space, but if you have a more substantial bass, bay, or pontoon boat you will need to rent space in a garage which could cost as much as $300 a month if you need indoor storage.

Now you should be able to make an informed decision about what type of boat is right for you based on your needs and capabilities. It always pays to do your research before getting in over your head. Take your time and make the right choice so you can enjoy your boat for years to come.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Fishing Boat

What kind of boat should I buy?

Welcome to the ultimate guide to buying a fishing boat! Weve put together the key information you need to help you find and buy a fishing boat thats right for you.

With the weather finally starting to warm up and summer just around the corner, its time to stop daydreaming and start the search for the perfect fishing boat. We already know that boating makes the perfect socially distanced outdoor activity. But add fishing into the mix, and youve got a competitive and sustainable outdoor sport to enjoy. At BOATIM, we put a premium on sustainability, and we encourage you also to read all about how to reduce your carbon footprint on the water.

So, whether youre a first-time boat buyer or a seasoned boater, weve got you covered with our ultimate guide to help you buy a fishing boat. And, weve included where you can look to find the perfect fishing boat for sale. Lets dive right in.

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Best Fishing Kayaks By Price

Looking at the price tag on some fishing kayaks can cause sticker shock. While a super yak featuring top-of-the-line accessories and propulsion can cost as much as a used car, there are great options at the other end of the price range, too. Limiting accessories and sacrificing some comfort can get you on the water for less than a few hundred dollars.

Just like purchasing a car, there are high-dollar premium models and budget-friendly utility vehicles, which means you can look for the best fishing kayak by price. Regardless of how much it costs, any kayak will catch fish.

What About Rod Markings

Alright, you now know what goes into choosing a fishing rod. But how do you actually know that the rod you just picked up is the type youre looking for? Well for one, almost all fishing poles have clear markings on them. These numbers and letters will tell you all you need to know about the rod youre looking at.

The first three or four numbers youll typically see are connected to the length of the rod. The type of action comes second, followed by the recommended line and lure weights. A common rod marking will look like this:

Spin MH 732 Line Wt 10-15 lb, Lure Wt ¼ ¾ oz

What this means is that youre looking at a medium heavy 7 3 spinning rod, that can handle lines of 1015 pounds and lures from ¼ to ¾ ounces. The number 2 after 73 signifies that this is a two-part rod.

Most manufacturers show their rod specs in this order, but not all. If youre buying your rod in a store, you can always ask the salesman to explain what each symbol means.

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Types Of Cruising Boats

Bowrider Boats: A type of runabout with a seating area in the bow, a V-hull, and typically used for day cruising. Riders tend to enjoy sitting in the bow because of the nice breeze it offers. With swim platforms off the stern, bowriders also allow for skiing.

Size: 16-35 feet

Pontoon Boats: These multi-hull watercrafts rely on pontoons, which resemble large tubes, to float. Theyre comfortable because of their wide decks and couch-like seating. And while primarily used for leisure trips, pontoons with large and powerful engines can be used to pull skiers.

Size: 16-30 feet

Sailboats: These vessels are partly or entirely set in motion by the wind. There are many different kinds of sailboats, which are distinguished by size, hull configuration, keel type, amount of sails and purpose.

Size: 7-70 feet

Trawler Boats: Recreational trawlers are well-suited for longer trips. These boats have a displacement hull, which makes them fuel-efficient as they use less horsepower, and they are spacious enough to accommodate sleeping and cooking.

Size: 26-50 feet

Cabin Cruiser Boats: These powerboats often have such amenities as a galley, bathroom and a sleeping area. Depending on size and engine configuration inboard or outboard cruisers are typically capable of handling choppy waters. Larger, inboard models require a greater level of skill to pilot.

Size: 24-75 feet

Finally: Enjoy Your New Boat Responsibly

Jon Boat vs Fishing Kayak Which Should You Buy

Owning a boat is a big responsibility you are responsible to keep those in your boat safe, as well as others on the water. You are responsible for making sure your boat is properly maintained and that it is always serviced properly and operating properly. You will pump money into it, and unless youre doing charters, you wont be getting any in return.

However, owning a boat is truly an amazing experience. Youll be able to explore so much that most people only dream about. The ocean is a magical place and there are many underwater treasures to explore, along with many fun activities and sports you can do on the water.

You can catch your dinner then go grill it on a private island with just you and your friends. These are the types of memories and days that you will always treasure because you are a boat owner. No amount of research will beat your experience out on the water. So buy your boat, go explore and experience all that boat life has to offer.

Editors Note: This article was originally published in June 2019 and was last updated in October 2021.

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What Is The Environment I Expect To Operate In

It would be foolhardy to daydream about perpetual sunny skies and calm seas when purchasing a boat. That’s easy enough to do in Florida, but it’s an entirely different matter in the Puget Sound, for instance. Inland lake boating is different than boating on the Great Lakes, which have sea conditions comparable to oceans. When you purchase a boat, take into consideration the size of the boat and its limitations in different environmental conditions.

What Size Motor Will I Need

Motor size is important for tournament fishing. Tournament fishing means that all anglers will start the tournament with their boats in the water and then allowed to take off to a spot of their choice. In this application, slow and steady does not win the race. You need to be fast and direct, and a fishing boat with a maximum recommended horsepower will be how to do that.

Make sure that you dont put a motor on a boat that is not equipped to handle it. The manufacturer of the boat will tell you the recommended maximum horsepower amount, so make sure you follow this. Boats are designed using different materials and aerodynamics that make them light, buoyant, and fast.

Pairing a light boat with a motor that is too strong can easily cause a disaster on the water, so make sure you always stay at the maximum recommended horsepower amount or less.

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