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What Is The Best Electric Boat Winch

Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch

Best Electric Boat Anchorâ Winch in 2020 â Exclusive, Cheap & Safe!

as of October 19, 2021 5:30 am


  • Easy to Operate: Allows you to automatically raise and lower your anchor with easy-to-use buttons Provides simple, smooth operation with excellent holding power
  • High-Efficiency Motor: The high-efficiency, 12-volt DC, all-steel gear motor uses less battery power than other brands
  • Maximum Anchor Capacity: 35 lb.
  • Includes: 100-feet of 3/16-inch pre-wound braided anchor rope, separate or integrated anchor roller, circuit breaker, sealed membrane UP/DOWN switch, marine-grade battery wire, assembly hardware and instructions
  • Note: Anchor not included

Best Electric Boat Winch Reviews

Hauling a boat onto a trailer is not for the faint of heart! Even with a smaller fishing boat, turning that hand crank over and over can really take it out of you. And a larger boat like a big sloop or catamaran can be downright dangerous to attempt without help.

But there is a simple tool that can make trailering your boat much, much easier: an electric boat winch.

Sometimes the hassle of launching a big boat can really limit how much you enjoy your investment. Keeping a quality electric boat winch on hand can reduce the hassle of launching and trailering your boat, and allow you to take advantage of the time you have for recreation.

After a day on the water chasing bass, sailing, or water skiing, getting back to the launch site and knowing your boat will slide onto your trailer with ease is super convenient.

There are a wide variety of electric winches that are used for boat trailers. Many of the same units are also used for applications in ATVs and vehicle recovery. With that said, there are significant differences from one electric winch to the next, and its well worth considering the options before making a quick purchase.

Boat winches specifically designed for mounting to boat trailers are somewhat smaller units, and are usually used for recreational fishing boats or sport boats designed for watersports. Larger sailboats and power cruisers are going to require a larger electric winch unit that provides significantly more pulling power.

Fulton Xlt Electric Boat Trailer Winch #500621

Stock# 5020664Fulton XLT Powered Winches are loaded with premium features. Designed with 3-position guide so the strap comes out straight. The rugged strap includes a 360-degree swiveling hook to prevent strap from twisting.Includes mounting hardware and backed by Fulton’s 5 Year Limited Warranty. While the manufacturer shows higher ratings, we suggest this winch be used for most boats up to 26′ in length or up to 9,500 lbs.

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Line Types And Thicknesses

Lines are crucial for boat winch.

Steel cables are the strongest, but nylon and synthetic also have their benefits. Nylon is lighter weight so it’s a popular choice as an anchor line or for mooring boats offshore.

Synthetic rope can be stronger than steel when they’re made from Kevlar fibers , which makes them a good option if you need to pull in heavy objects like jet skis or barges with your boat winch.

Nylon straps work great not small models of winches.

Line thicknesses depend on how much pulling power will be needed:

  • less-powerful boat winches usually use 0.75mm rope
  • more powerful boat winches use thicker ropes of up to 12mm.

Landworks Electric Portable Winch Hoist Crane Lift Brushless Motor Li

5 Best Electric Winch For Boat Trailer Reviews Of 2020


  • PROFESSIONAL SPECS – This Portable Winch is a DC 48V 550W 12A All-Electric System. Max Weight Load Capacity for- Pulling: 1000LBS / 455kgs. Vertical Lift: 20Ft, at a Max Speed of 5.5Ft per minute. Integrated 2-Speed Clutch for Forward & Reverse Applications.
  • POWERFUL DESIGN – Our Brushless Motor utilizes Steel planetary gears. Includes 20’Ft / 6m of High-Strength Aerospace-Grade Galvanized Steel & wear-resistant Hooks on both sides. Our Dynamic Friction Brake System has a Working Capacity of 3,000 lbs. Rolling 2,500 lbs. Marine 1,000 lbs. Pulling/Vertical Lift & Max boat weight: 2,500 lbs.
  • EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY – Fast charge times & versatile climate viability, high load power outputs, long cycle & shelf life. Li-Ions have a spill-proof safe design. One 2 Amp Hour Li-Ion & Charger are included. 4 Amp Hour Li-Ion available for purchase.
  • SAFE & PROPER USE – Utilize the Locking Knob & Emergency Shut Off Safety Switch as needed. Eye & hand protection recommended.
  • LANDWORKS – The Prime Outdoor Choice – Partner with us & join millions worldwide who empower their everyday lives, by using our cutting edge equipment & supreme advanced technology, to Conquer any task or obstacle. Arise & gain Dominance over your ‘sphere of influence’ by starting here.

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Pactrade Marine Boat Pontoon Electric Anchor Winch 100 Ft Rope Freshwater For Anchor Up To 30lbs 1

as of October 19, 2021 5:30 am


  • Anchoring made simple – Power up / Power down
  • Lowers anchor smoothly and quietly. Includes 100 ft pre-wound of braided anchor line with 700 lb. break strength.
  • 14-gauge marine-grade battery wire, assembly hardware and instructions. Powerful 12v gear motor uses less battery power compared to other brands. It is designed for mushroom & river anchors
  • Winch Dimension : 19.5” x 9.75” x 5.75”
  • Item Number: PDSA0409

The Best Boat Trailer Winches: A Buying Guide

A boat winch is a clever tool that is used to pull your boat onto a trailer. They do this by using either a hand-cranked or motor-driven mechanism that uses a series of gears to wind your hauling wire around a drum while keeping tension on the object being pulled.

A winch can be used for a wide range of applications, but when it comes to a boat trailer winch, its specifically designed for hauling your boat onto a trailer, and nothing more. Once your boat is up on the trailer, it needs to be secured with trailer straps and a safety chain. Once again: the winch is only for getting your boat to where it needs to be!

Its an essential tool and every boater with a trailer should have one. But which one do you need? Which one is right for your boat or your needs? Heres all you need to know.

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How To Use Your Boat Trailer Winch

Unloading into the water and loading your boat back onto the trailer with an electric trailer winch is most importantly safe, easy and a simple one man job if you follow the below steps.

Loading Your Boat with an Electric Winch

  • Make sure the trailer winch is connected to the power source, including the corded remote control if you are using one.
  • When you are ready to load the boat back onto your trailer, you will need to back the trailer into the water lining up the trailer with the boat.
  • To freespool cable out of the winch, you now need to release the clutch on the electric winch.
  • Spool out enough cable to reach the boat and attach the winch hook to the bow eye of the boat.
  • Apply the clutch to set the brake.
  • You will bring the boat up onto the rollers by powering in the cable.
  • Once the boat is on, you will then need to use separate tie downs to secure the vessel and make sure that it does not slip off.
  • Do not make the mistake of thinking that the winch will hold it in place. You do this and you may come home with an empty trailer.

    The Video Below Demonstrates Loading A Boat With An Electric Winch

    Unloading Your Boat with an Electric Winch

  • Make sure the trailer winch is connected to the power source, including the corded remote control if you are using one.
  • Attach the winch hook to the bow eye on your boat.
  • Remove any boat tie downs which you have used to secure the boat to the trailer.
  • Release the clutch on the electric winch.
  • Apply the clutch to set the brake
  • Minn Kota 1810141 Pontoon Deckhand Electric Anchor Winch 40 Lb Anchor Capacity

    The 5 Best Boat Trailer Winches In 2021


    • Get precision boat placement and the ability to stay on the fish as long as you want
    • 20 to 40 lb anchor capacity
    • Pre-spooled with 100 feet of 800 lb test nylon rope
    • Included universal davit can be mounted at base of DeckHand or in remote position on boat deck Stows anchor horizontally to eliminate anchor swing
    • Includes quick release bracket , corded remote , quick connect plug

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    Kabocho 13000lbs / 5909kg Electric Winch Kit 12 Volts Electric Winch For Suv Truck Atv Utv With Wireless Remote And Corded Control Recovery


    • : 13000lbs Electric Winch, It has strong pulling force. No Matter what kind of conditions such as mud or water, you can use the electric winch to pull the car out. It is an indispensable assistant in your life and saves your time.
    • : It can be used normally when the vehicle is flameout, especially in areas with a lot of water. It can realize multi-position installation and rapid displacement.
    • : Application for towing vehicle,like boats, trailers, trucks, ATV, UTV etc.
    • : Electric Winch Kit is very easy to install, no need for complex tools. All necessary parts will be included like shown in the picture
    • : To ensure that you choose a winch with enough power for your truck or SUV, use this easy formula: gross vehicle weight x 1.5 = minimum winch size.

    Landworks Electric Towing Winch Hoist Portable Cordless 1000 Lbs 1/2 Ton Max Weight Brushless Motor Li


    • PROFESSIONAL SPECS – This Portable Winch is a DC 48V 550W 12A All-Electric System Max Weight Load Capacity for Pulling: 1000LBS / 455kgs Vertical Lift: 20 Feet, at a Max Speed of 5.5Ft per minute Integrated 2-Speed Clutch for Forward and Reverse Applications
    • POWERFUL DESIGN – Our Brushless Motor utilizes Steel planetary gears Includes 20′ Feet / 6m of High-Strength Polyethelyne and wear-resistant Hooks on both sides Our Dynamic Friction Brake System has a Working Capacity of 3,000 lbs Rolling 2,500 lbs Marine 1,000 lbs Pulling/Vertical Lift and Max boat weight: 2,500 lbs
    • EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY – Fast charge times and versatile climate viability, high load power outputs, long cycle and shelf life Li-Ions have a spill-proof safe design One 2 Amp Hour Li-Ion and Charger are included 4 Amp Hour Li-Ion available for purchase
    • SAFE and PROPER USE – Utilize the Locking Knob and Emergency Shut Off Safety Switch as needed Eye and hand protection recommended

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    Boat Trailer Winch Buying Guide

    In order to safely launch or load a boat onto a trailer, you will require a boat trailer winch. They are available as a manual hand driven winch or a more desirable electric winch that will run from a 12 volt electrical power supply.

    When it comes to choosing the correct trailer winch for your boat, its important that you consider the weight. You will want to ensure that the pulling capacity exceeds the weight of your boat otherwise you will be causing stress upon the mechanics and strap. It would also be unsafe to use at the winch may possibly break at any point.

    To help you make an informed buying decision regarding boat winches, we have produced the below buying guide.

    Powerwinch 912 Boat Trailer Winch

    Best Electric Boat Anchor Winches of 2020  Ultimate Guide ...


    Powerwinchs electric trailer winch is certainly powerful. It has a whopping weight capacity of 11500 lbs made especially for those large boats. Operating it is very user-friendly too. Theres an included 40 feet cable, and the winch can pull the line with a fast speed of 8 feet/minute. If you want to increase the pulling strength, you can install a block or pulley. Its quite an expensive option compared to other winches on the list, but if youre using it for a large boat, then its going to give you the power you need. Theres also a warranty for one year to give you more peace of mind.

    Notable Features You Need To Know About:

    • Block or pulley adds more pulling power
    • Included 40 feet cable

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    Shoreline Marine Trailer Winch 1200lb

    Our rating: 8 / 10

    • Includes a latex line where the wire hook connects to the rope
    • Up to 4.5 times pulling force than similar winches

    This shoreline marine winch is the perfect trailer winch for anyone out there that just needs a versatile, lightweight, and smooth working winch that is easy to use.

    If youve ever installed a winch before, youll know that its not the easiest thing to install on your own. This winch was made with the average consumer in mind.

    This winch has an incredible amount of pulling power which weighs 1200 lbs of pulling. That amount of power is enough to easily pull up more than 1/6 of a ton.

    Best Manual Boat Trailer Winch #: Fulton F2 Two

    For years, one trailer winch was the same as another. With plenty of elbow grease a handle, gears, and a strap, you were good to go. But not anymore. Fulton has revolutionized the trailer winch with a two-speed manual winch like no other.

    This winch is a fully enclosed, dual-drum design that takes the hard work out of moving heavy boats. With a capacity of 3200 pounds, it can handle far more than many users can move manually.

    However, thanks to the two-speed easy-shift feature, a turn of the dial will have that boat moving in no time. When in low gear, large loads can be easily moved with far less effort.

    The one-piece aluminum handle is rust-resistant and can be adjusted to one of four lengths between six and nine inches. The handle can also be set up for either left- or right-handed use. Also, a 20-foot strap and all the necessary mounting equipment are included.

    If you need a heavy-duty manual winch that takes the effort out of moving even a large boat, the Fulton F2 should be at the top of your list.


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    Five Oceans Electric Marine Trailer Recovery Winch

    The Five Oceans Electric Marine Trailer Recovery Winch

    The Five Oceans winch offers 2000 pounds of pulling power, which allows you to haul in a boat that weighs up to 5000 pounds. That is less than the two previous units, but still enough to pull in an 18 foot boat. It is also a little slower pulling in at 6 feet per minute. But that is a small price to pay in exchange for letting an electric motor do all the work. The unit has a free spooling option to make for quick hookup, and comes with a handy corded remote switch something missing from our top two choices. And the unit adds a manual emergency crank handle, just in case.

    Five Oceans has a good reputation online, and 80% of the reviews were either 4-star or 5-star. The most common phrase in those reviews is does the job well, which is really what you are looking for in an electric boat winch. And one of the best features is the low price of the Five Oceans winch. If you are looking for a winch for a smaller boat this item is hard to pass up.

    No products found.

    Rugcel 12000lb Waterproof Electric Synthetic Rope Winch With Hawse Fairlead Wired Handle And 2 Wireless Remote

    Sherpa Grunter Boat Trailer Winch


    • Special designed for atv, utv, car, boat, trucks, jeeps, modified vehicles and multi purpose utility trailers
    • 6.6hp 12v series wound motor and three-stage planetary gear system with free spooling clutch.86′ Length 3/8″ Diameter Nlyon rope
    • Waterproof and sandproof, state-of-the-art 500AMP SolenoidãUnique clutch brake system, excellent control
    • Please confirm the fit of mounting plate before purchase: outline size : 20.8″X 6.7″ X 10″
    • Our electrical components covered by the 1 year warranty,Please read the instruction carefully. The winch can cause short circuits if wiring is wrong. If you have any problems, please feel free to consult with us.

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    Megaflint Reversible Electric Boat Trailer Winch


    This is another electric winch on our list thats also a good budget choice. The pulling capacity is rated at 2000 lbs while the rolling capacity is up to 6000 lbs. It was designed to operate with less noise, so it wont be as noisy as other winches. The included steel cable is 30 feet long. For user-convenience, the winch comes with a remote control. Its not exactly one of the fastest winches on the list, but its a strong and reliable choice. Youll have to connect it to a 12V car battery.

    Notable Features You Need To Know About:

    • Operation is less noisy

    Pactrade Marine Pontoon Electric Anchor Windlass Salt Water

    It is wise to search for an electric boat anchor winch for sale that is specifically designed for saltwater application. This comes with an extra corrosion protection feature and is excellent at powering up and down the anchor with the aid of an anti-reverse internal clutch that is intended to inhibit free spooling.

    Apart from these, it is equipped with a bulky 10-gauge battery wire that comes with tin plating. And, since this is marine-grade, it has the capability to provide protection against rugged environmental elements. It is built with 12-V gear motors that are quite efficient and do not utilize more battery power.

    This unit is furnished with a separate roller davit, braided anchor rope that is already pre-wound and a trace that offers more convenience. This is meant to help improve any fishing experience. The cover is built with power up and down operation button that is user-friendly for novices.

    • Not ideal for full-size type of vessel
    • A remote switch goes on and off in up position

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