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How To Rent Out Your Boat

What Are The Restrictions To Renting A Boat

Making Money Renting my Boat!! Boatsetter.

If youre going to be boating in an area you are unfamiliar with. You might be worried about the restrictions associated with renting a boat. These can vary widely depending on geography.

Alaska has no requirements, while other states and Canadian provinces have their own specific set of requirements. You should take the time to research the local requirements for driving a boat in your specific state or area you are going to.

These restrictions can be very relaxed, though. For example, in Pennsylvania, the only requirement for piloting a boat over 25 horsepower is that you must be at least 12 years of age. No operators license is required to drive the boat!

Of course, you must complete a quick boaters safety course in some places. Before the company hands over the keys to the boat. This course can often be completed right there on-spot when you rent the boat. Or it can even be done online months ahead of time!

Boat Rental App Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a good owner on the platform?

  • Stay responsive Renters are likely to complete a booking within 24 hours of their first message so keep those notifications on or activate the Instant Book feature to make sure you never miss a trip.
  • Keep pricing competitive Look to boats similar to yours in your area, to make sure youre offering the rate renters cant pass up.
  • Update calendars often Plan on using the boat yourself for the weekend? Mark your calendar unavailable when youre not looking to rent to others you can also make date specific pricing in the feature!

What are the fees and when do I get paid?

  • Boatsetter takes a 20% commission where you will keep 80% of your earnings fee goes to both business & insurance costs.
  • All payments are processed through Stripe and will be distributed via direct deposit within 2 business days of a concluded trip.

What is needed to list on a boat rental app?

  • 30 minutes of your time to sit down and create your boats profile for your boat
  • At least 5 high-quality photos of every angle of your boat. The more detailed photos you provide, the faster your listing can be approved
  • A minimum of a recreational or personal boating insurance Like your normal Geico policy
  • What is provided through GEICO Marine insurance coverage?

Where do I operate Rentals?

What do I need to know before I begin?

What are the renter requirements?

Right Now Its A Rich White Mans Sport

Hall hopes to open the waters to a whole new class of boaters. People either think its too expensive or they dont know how to boat, but we want to lower the barriers and get it on the short list of things to do on the weekend. Right now its a rich white mans sport. We want to make boating kind of non-eliteby tapping a younger, more diverse demographic.

Boatbound is trying to forge an Ahoy Culture in part by taking hints from Lyfts pink mustaches and fist-bumps. When you rent, everyone gets caps with the Boatbound logo. Its about saying Ahoy! and waving, telling the story of the boat and how it was named.

A few companies, including Fun2Rent and Incrediblue, have already dipped their toes in the space, and since Boatbound joined AngelList last month, Hall says clones are already popping up. What sets Boatbound apart, though, is what Hall calls a first-of-its-kind product with Lloyds. He implies boats listed elsewhere wouldnt be as well-protected.

Typically a boat owners insurance is void if they take money for a rental. We had to put together a program that would act as the primary insurer of boats. Hall mentioned it took the rise of Airbnb and some pushing by some high-influence individuals , to get Lloyds to agree to the plan. While different boats and renters would cost more or less to insure, at least at first Boatbound is just absorbing the fees.

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The Two Yamaha Jet Boats Perdomo Owns Generate Roughly $30000 Combined Each Month

For each of the two boats, monthly costs include $1,500 for fuel, $6,000 for captains’ salaries, $800 for marina slips, and $1,500 for maintenance. Insurance for his two boats runs him about $4,000 per year.

Perdomo estimates he’ll gross around $2 million from charters this year. Business from GetMyBoat makes up roughly 70% of his income today, supplemented by bookings on his website and word-of-mouth referrals.

Renting A Boat To Live On Or Hiring Out Your Own Boat

How To Rent Out Your Boat

If you’re thinking about living on a rented out boat there are a few checks to carry out before moving in. So if you’re thinking of hiring out your own boat read on.

City life afloat in a boat

If you go to inspect a possible boat, make sure its displaying a valid navigation authority licence for boats on our waterways, a square licence should be in the window facing outwards. This will have the letters SL clearly marked in the centre if the boat is licensed for static letting and the letters SDHH if it is licensed for holiday hire.

From 12 June 2017 boat owners are able to apply for a static letting licence for static boats that’ll cover all types of boat rental, including long-term renting, Airbnb-style short breaks, and overnight stays. The boat owner will need to have a permanent mooring and should talk to their local planning authority to see if planning permission is needed. The price will be the same as for the current self-drive holiday hire licence.

The static letting licence has more rigorous requirements to make sure that both the boat is safe and that potential renters are fully briefed before spending a night on board. Boat owners will need to have: proof of adequate insurance a non-private Boat Safety Scheme certificate conforming to hire boat safety standards a detailed handover document including emergency procedures and contact numbers a landlord Gas Safety Certificate and written permission from their mooring provider.

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Pecks Marina Lansdowne Ontario

Pecks Marina, under new management, is located in a scenic sheltered harbour, in the heart of the Thousand Islands, between Gananoque and west of the Ivy Lea Bridge. Whether you’re looking for a cruising base or a quiet place to get away for a few days, you can’t beat Peck’s Marina. If visiting the area, consider renting a boat at Pecks to take in the incredible scenery of the St. Lawrence and 1000 Islands. You can also stop in for a delicious meal, spend a few days fishing and stay in their motel minutes away from a golf course, casino and campground. Peck’s has a brand new fleet of 24 foot pontoon boats that can carry up to 12 passengers.

Gilbert Marine Brockville Ontario

A little further east up the St. Lawrence River is Gilbert Marine. The crystal clear waters and the 25 City Island Parks of the 1000 Islands make it the ideal place for houseboating, camping, fishing, cruising or waterskiing. Available by the day, week or month are a range of boats from Canoes and Kayaks to aluminum fishing boats to a 20 foot Pontoon or the 200hp Thundercraft Cuddy.

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Costs Of Renting Out Your Boat

In case you are skimming through the article, we’ve created a summary of the cost of renting out your boat.

Peer To Peer Boat Rental Sites = 735% of charter value

Craigslist = $5 for advertisement

Boat Rental Insurance = Varies Massively

Boat Cleaning Cost = $50$200 if hiring someone

Please keep in mind the insurance price will vary massively as stated. Things like size of boat, cost of boat, condition, captain license etc will cause this price to change massively

For more information on insurance, you can check out our boat rental insurance guide.

So there you have it. Plenty of different options available to get yourself started renting out your boat.

As a reminder, make sure you’re fully aware of the insurance requirements before ever offering your boat to rent. The easiest option is to list your boat on the websites mentioned above as you’ll have some extra protection against fraud.

As most people know, Craigslist is like the wild west sometimes so if you choose this method, do your due diligence on who you allow onboard.

And it’s strongly recommended when using Craigslist to not rent your boat without having you onboard too as the captain as you might not have your boat anymore!

If you want to make more money from renting out your boat, you can read our increasing the value of your boat guide. While it’s aimed at selling the boat, there are some tips you can apply to your boat to get a higher rental amount too.

Renting Out Your Own Boat

Renting a Boat: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are a boat owner, you could also consider renting out your boat to renters. This cuts out the marina or rental company so you want to make sure you take the proper precautions.

Renting out your property while it is not in use is an increasingly popular idea. People rent out rooms, homes, and even their vehicles now. The market is now out there for you to rent out your boat.

Some things to keep in mind when renting your boat out to others include:

  • Working with a person to person company. Make sure if you do this, you are prepared for the company to take a cut of your profits.
  • Vetting your renters by asking them anything you want to know.
  • Make sure you know what is average to charge. You dont want to be undercharging your boat and be selling yourself short.
  • Make sure you check for damage. Like a rental company, you would benefit from taking notice of what the boat looks like before and after so you can know if there was any damage.
  • Consider a contract or deposit for your renters.
  • Know that as your boat ages, you will make less money renting it out with increased use, high engine hours, and wear and tear.

Renting out your boat can be a great way to make money when you are not using it. This can help offset the cost of maintenance, slip fees, and other necessary expenses.

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Speedboats As The Name Implies Are Extremely Fast And Fun For Cruising Around And Getting There Quick

Ski and wake boats are capable of pulling skiers, wake-boarders, tubes, or kneeboarders behind them.

However, if you have the cash and you just want to laze around on the water in luxury, you can rent a yacht. The modern comforts, such as air conditioners, heaters, TVs, bathrooms, and power generators.

They are all available on these mobile resorts, and they will make you forget all about your worries! So you can truly enjoy the calming environment of the seas.

Everything from a simple kayak to a multiple-deck luxury yacht is available for rent. It all depends on your budget and the experience you want. If you feel confused about which type of boat to rent out, talk to the rental providers. They are usually happy to help you pick the right choice.

Special Partnership Coverage Rates

$500.00/boat standard liability coverage + $2.00 per $100.00 in boat value coverage.

Example If you own a 16 boat with a 25 hp motor valued at $7,500, your annual rental coverage costs would be:

$500 + $375 ] = $875.00 + HST

NOTE: Ontario Boat Company will deduct the insurance coverage charges from your first rental meaning there will be zero up-front costs to boat owners who choose to take advantage of this special program.

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Sometimes The Course Must Be Completed By All Passengers

Even if youre hiring a chartered boat with a designated captain.

You should pay close attention when the rental company is sharing safety and piloting information. Make sure you know where important supplies like the first aid kit and life jackets are. Everyone on board should keep a life jacket on at all times, even when the local laws dont require it.

The rental company will also usually inform you about the USCG Rules of the Water. As well as any other local laws and restrictions you need to be aware of.

However, if the topic has not come up, you should specifically ask them to inform you. Everyone on board must do their part to ensure the safety of everyone else. Make sure to follow these laws throughout your time on the water.

Once the boat keys are handed over to you. You are legally and financially responsible for returning the boat in essentially the same condition. Everyone who rents a boat wants to have fun out on the water. You should make sure you do so responsibly.

Remember, drinking and driving are every bit as dangerous on the water as it is on the road.

What Boat Renters Should Consider

3 Simple Ways to Rent Out Your Boat

As someone looking to rent a boat, here are some simple things to consider before renting out a vessel.

Where Can I Go?

When you plan to take out a boat, you should ask the owner are there any restrictions on where you can travel. If renting in the United States for example, the majority of boat owners will only allow you to travel on American waters.

There may also be restrictions on how far off the coast you can travel but this can easily be cleared up by simply asking the boat owner directly.

Usually the restrictions are to keep within 12 miles of the coast but this can vary.

What happens If I Damage The Boat?

This is another important question to ask the boat owner. Will the insurance company cover any damages to the boat or are you liable as the renter?

It’s important to be clear on this before heading out on the boat.

Does The Boat Owners Insurance Policy Cover Renters?

Seems obvious but it’s really important to ensure the boat owner has the correct insurance policy to keep you as the renter protected.

It’s also best to get this in writing too

Are There Any Scenarios Where I Might Not Be Covered?

As a renter, you should be crystal clear on how you might not be covered so as to avoid scenarios like that. The boat owner will provide you with the specifics of this and if they don’t, you can simply move onto another boat to rent.

What Exactly Is Covered In The Rental Insurance Policy?

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Rent My Dock How To Rent Out Your Dock For Income

Did you know that 90% of boat docks go unused every day in the United States. Most homeowners are paying a yearly property tax for something they dont regularly use. What if there was a way to rent your private boat dock and make great income without all the hassle. Now there is, welcome to Dock Skipper, the peer-to-peer platform for listing and renting boat docks.

How does it work? Rent out your boat dock in four easy steps:

How To List Your Boat

Boat owners looking to let others enjoy the boating experience and make a little extra money can join the boat rental community by registering with Boatsetter.

To do so, first youll need to head to their homepage In the top right hand corner, you should see an option to List Your Boat.

The process starts with some simple questions about your boat. Theyll ask for the make, model, and year of the boat. Theyll also ask whether its a sailboat or an outboard motor boat.

Once youve provided that information, its time to make an account. You can do so by providing your name and contact information, or create an account directly through Facebook or Google.

Now that youve created your account, its time to make your listing. Theyll want you to provide some photos and any information a renter may want. You can set boat rules, describe amenities, offer captain services, or add whatever you think will make your listing enticing.

This is also your chance to highlight what makes your boats area great and describe the fun activities people can enjoy on the boat. If you offer boat captain services, you can describe day trips, island destinations, picnics, water activities, and more. At that point, youre not just offering a boat, youre offering an experience to potential renters. They may be willing to pay quite a bit more for access to those fun activities.

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Before Buying This Yacht Dolman Owned A Boat For The Better Part Of Two Decades

This, combined with his background as a yacht skipper and a stint as a sailing instructor, means it is particularly meaningful for him to see clients find the same happiness in sailing that he has long felt.

“It’s actually quite enjoyable to be able to set that up,” Dolman said, noting that he loves interacting with clients and helping them see “a different side to things” out on the water.

Important Tips When Renting A Boat

How to Rent Out Houseboats on Airbnb (EP 298)

If you dont have a boat, but you want to experience a fun-filled day out on the water, renting a boat might be exactly what you need.

Renting a boat is a great way to get the enjoyment out of the boat without all the care, upkeep, and cost that comes with owning a boat.

If you do not want to buy a boat and incur all the work and cost that comes with it, you can still rent a boat for you and your group to enjoy a sunny day out on the water.

Before you rent a boat, there are a few things you should know so I have compiled a list of tips for anyone considering renting a boat.

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