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Do It Yourself Boat Wraps

What Marine Paints Are Used To Protect Boats

How to shrink wrap a boat by yourself – the easy and affordable way

There are a variety of paints that may be required to protect the different parts of a boat. Which marine paints you decide to use will depend mainly on which part of the boat you are aiming to protect and which environment that part of the boat is exposed to. The different types of marine paint include:

  • Antifouling Paints Antifouling paints are used to protect your boat from biofouling agents such as barnacles, weeds, and slime which will build up on your hull over time.
  • Topcoat Paint This paint is used as an additional layer on the hull, deck, interior and bilge to deliver durable, safe solutions that will stand the test of time. This includes durability in extreme weather, gloss retention and UV resistance.
  • Varnishes This is designed to protect timber/wood against moisture, alcohol spills, detergents and other harsh elements. This tough, flexible and long-lasting coating also expands and contracts with changing weather conditions.
  • Primers Primers are the first complete coat of paint used which helps seal and protect bare surfaces above and below the waterline. It is used to fill imperfections and form a smooth layer for the additional coats of paint that are later added to the surface.
  • We Searched The World For Exclusiveinternationally Acclaimed Award Winning Marine Artists Each With Their Own Unique Style To Create Boat Wraps That Will Transform Your Boat Into A Stunning Floating Piece Of Art


    Hook, Line and sinker 2020

    Hook, Line and Sinker 2019 boat wrap for the Haines Tri Hunter restoration

    Kraken, Octopus Boat Wrap – Bribe Island, Queensland

    Before and after application of the Kraken, Octopus Boat Wrap

    Reef Fish Boat Wrap – Hervery Bay, Queensland

    Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Threadfin Salmon wrap – Maryborough, Queensland

    Barramundi Tribal Boat Wrap – Queensland

    Edgewater 320cc Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Tuna boat wrap for Deep Blue Boats – Gold Coast, Queensland

    3 of the 4 boats we wrapped onsite in Vanuatu for Ocean Blue Fishing

    We only use Avery MPI1105RS vinyl with a Avery DOL6460 over laminate for our printed boat wraps, the best on the market.

    The following are some examples of layouts to choose from as well as completed boat wraps. We can design a boat wrap to suit you using any of the species we have already covered in our apparel range, you are not restricted to these samples. I guarantee you will find our prices extremely competitive and in a unique style that will make your boat a real head turner. I think you will agree that the art we use is pretty special.

    Don’t forget to check out these links to see all of our wrap style

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    Want a quote?, please fill out these few questions and we will email you a quote

    “Fish and Boat Magazine” boat wrap designed and installed by Fishwreck.

    Spearfishing Boat Wrap, Bundaberg, Queensland

    Design Your Own Boat Wrap

    It all starts with creating a quick mock-up layout of the design that you would like for your vehicle via the Custom-Car-Wraps website designer. The program is very straight forward and allows you to upload images as well as apply color schemes to create a basic layout of how you would like your design. Once the design is completed we will receive a copy of the design and it will be passed along to our professional design team to be recreated and scaled appropriately to fit your vehicle. With this state of the art technology it allows us to cut the design time in half to get your boat precisely designed to meet your style with the quickest turnaround time. Click the button below to get started designing your own boat graphics now!

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    D Rendering Of Your Boat Wrap Design Is Now Possible

    Weve invested in a three dimensional rendering program that can show your boat wrap design from all angles. This capability helps you visualize what your watercraft vinyl wrap will look like when completed. We have a variety of designs that are ready to customize and print

    All of these designs can be printed and shipped to you anywhere in the US:

    Diy Or Use Your Local Boat Wrap Installer

    Do It Yourself Vinyl Boat Wrap : 7 Reasons to Apply a ...

    At Marine Skins, we print and ship DIY Boat Wrap Kits ready for you to install.

    Located in sunny Brisbane, Australia, we have access to many beaches and estuaries, making boating and fishing a way of life for us. We want to share our love of the water and fishing with you, and help personalise your boat with the unique and attractive boat wraps we offer.

    Our DIY boat wrap kits come with: your choice of printed wrap for both the port and starboard sides of your boat free registration stickers to place where you like on top of the wrap a free Marine Skins brag mat and a specialist tool kit which youll need when applying your new vinyl boat wrap.

    We offer free shipping for all of our wraps Worldwide.

    Our digital artists create designs that are exclusive to Marine Skins, and are constantly uploading new artwork. So you will not find our designs for sale anywhere else.

    We print on quality Avery Dennison wrap film that is easy to apply and hard wearing. When applying your wrap, you have two options:

    Option 1: Apply your wrap yourself. You can refer to our Installation Guide to see just how easy it is to apply your wrap. You can apply it by yourself or make the process easier and fun by inviting a mate over to help over a few cold ones!

    Option 2:Hire a local installer. If youre not confident in applying the film yourself or are time poor, you can engage a local wrap installer.

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    Preparing A Boat For Wrap

    Getting a boat ready to be vinyl wrapped can be labor intensive if there is hull damage or a lot of decals to be removed. Removing stickers can be a pain. Sometimes when you use a heat gun to warm the sticker, the glue will sometimes stay behind.

    If you are left with glue residue on the boat, you could use a chemical to remove it. The problem is, this can take a long time depending on the type of adhesive that was used. There is another option. The 3M Stripe Off Wheel and arbor, with part number 07498.

    This is a 4 rubber wheel and a matching arbor to put into your drill. The rubber is like an eraser type of compound and really strips the decals right off quite easily and cleanly. I removed the decals off my boat with a lot of labor and a heat gun. I got the 3M wheel to remove the leftover adhesive.

    I wouldnt go through this again. I should have just used the 3M Stripe Off Wheel from the beginning. It would have saved me a ton of time. You can remove stickers from virtually anything, so its a great tool to keep around.

    As far as scratches and gouges in the hull, you will want to repair them so that the surface is nice and even. Any significant scratch may show through your vinyl wrap. You can always test the area by applying a small piece of your vinyl over the scratch to see if it shows. Once you know the results, just peel off the vinyl.

    How Do The Pros Wrap Boats

    Like anything, a professional job requires the right tools and training.

    • Specialty tools: Boat wrapping needs a specialized set of scissions, scalpels and adhesion tools for proper, thorough application.
    • Precision: Only careful attention to detail makes for a finished wrap with minimal bubbles and wrinkles. It takes a steady hand and a skilled eye to get it just right.
    • Professional training: Boat wrapping isnt something you just pick up in a few days the pros train with masters who have years of experience and learn the subtle techniques before wrapping themselves. Even small wraps can take a day and multiple pairs of skilled hands.
    • Multiple stages of application: Each section of an application requires a unique solution and careful planning so that everything fits just right.

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    Can I Wrap My Boat Myself

    Some people who wish to apply a simple, non-graphic wrap will sometimes attempt the job themselves, but its better not to. It takes years of experience to master this specialized skill and letting a professional help you will result in a better finished product.

    While doing it yourself may be enticing to some, these people usually either end up having to wrap their boat again, or the wrap doesnt last as long. DIY boat wrap jobs just dont have the same professional finish. We stand behind our workmanship, and our wraps come with a three-year warranty, as long as the wrap is applied to an original, factory paint job.

    Speedpro For Boat Wraps

    Shrink Wrapping a Boat DIY

    Were proud to stand behind our products because theyre made to last. We only use premium, outdoor-durable, UV-resistant material and ink on high-quality media.

    Allow us to earn your loyalty with unmatched professionalism and service fast turnarounds and your design exactly how you want it. Find a studio near you to talk to a friendly representative about boat wraps today.

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    Anyone Ever Diy Vinyl Boat Wrap

    Boating How-To�s : The Kerno Memorial Forum35 PostsAnyone ever DIY Vinyl boat wrap.126 Posts35 Posts193 Posts1,638 Posts35 PostsWPBTH338 Posts14 Posts1,638 PostsAll StarAll StarGatorwrapsGatorprints18 Posts338 PostsEvolved327 PostsEvolved

    Does Paint Look Better

    Some people worry that a vinyl wrap will look cheesy or not as good as a painted boat, but that isnt the case. Vinyl wraps look just as good, if not better than paint jobs. Also, if you dont keep up with your maintenance on a paint coat, it will start to show signs of wear much faster than a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are easier to keep looking factory new.

    Getting a boat wrap used to mean you couldnt get the shine that some owners like, but with advancements in materials and printing, vinyl wraps look just as good as a freshly waxed and polished gel coat.

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    For Detailed Install Instructions Please View Our How


    Remember: Keep calm and don’t panic! Our wraps are easy to lift and reposition as you go. Having a friend help you makes it even easier!

    Why You Need To Wrap Your Boat Or Water Craft


    Compared to custom paint jobs which can be time consuming and expensive, boat wraps are a cost-effective solution for boating enthusiasts and commercial fishermen alike. Paint protection film for water crafts offers easy installation, is completely removable, and can be custom designed, incorporating any colours, logos, images, patterns, or sign messaging imaginable.

    All boat wraps are coated in a special UV protection layer to help protect the boat from harsh reflections and sun damage, allowing your custom wrap to remain vibrant for years to come. The best materials for boat wrapping, including 3M and Avery cast vinyl products, require little to no maintenance and can easily be patched in the event of a tear.

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    How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Boat

    Once a design is decided upon and manufactured, boats under 12 meters in size can usually be wrapped within 1 day by a team of our trained boat wrap professionals. No matter what your watercraft is, whether its a small boat or tinny or a large boat, a cruise ship, a jet ski or a house boat, we can customise a wrap for you. We can wrap anything from a recreational fishermans hobby boat to large commercial boats, for example in 2015 we updated the signs on The New Spirit of Tasmania. We have experience wrapping all types of watercraft.

    Color Change Boat Wraps

    Solid color boat wraps are as the name implies. A solid color from the bow to the stern of the watercraft to change the color. Typically, the hull is wrapped from the waterline up to the rub rail. We can also install above the rub rail and do a full deck wrap. There is no design time in this process. Just because a vinyl wrap is a solid color, doesnt mean it has to be boring. We offer a wide variety of finishes and textures that can be installed on boats. Some of these include:

    • Carbon fiber vinyl
    • Color shifting vinyl
    • Sparkle metallic vinyl

    We can also mix and match colors and techniques to create a boat wrap that is truly unique.

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    What Are Boat Wraps

    Boat wraps are graphic films that are ready to be adhered to the exterior of any boat, including aluminum boats and fibreglass boats, without causing damage to the underlying paint. This type of wrap is specifically designed to add an extra layer of protection, preventing the boats paint from being dinged or scratched by debris on the water. Whether you are looking for boat wrap design ideas or are wanting more information about boat graphic wrap costs, the experienced team from Wrap Guys are always ready to answer all of your questions, as well as to ensure that your 3M vinyl wrap sign installation is completed with the highest attention to detail.

    Types Of Wraps For Motorboats

    How To DIY Boat Wrap Hollow Chrome: Disco King Dorado Vivvid Vinyl

    If you are looking to add some style while you are out on the water, then a boat motor wrap is the way to do it. From vinyl stickers to a full coverage boat motor wrap you can easily customise and add a touch of flare to your boat. Here are some ideas as to how you might use boat motor wraps to enhance the look of your boat.

    This boat has been coated in System X Ceramic Protection

    • Boat rego stickers

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    How To Wrap A Boat

    Step 1.

    Remove the wrap from shipping box and unroll to separate wrap for each side of the boat then reroll the wrap making sure to start with the front and having the image on the inside as you roll. When completely rolled up you should be able to see the print that will start at the rear of the boat. Use masking tape to keep rolled and write on the masking tape the corresponding side for later reference.

    Step 2.

    Remove all existing Stickers and residual glue from your boat.

    Step 3.

    Wash the boat with a PH neutral wash. DO NOT use a wash that contains wax or similar product.

    Step 4.

    With boat in a shaded and clean area, thoroughly dry the sides and any areas that can allow water to drip or run to the sides. Pay particular attention to the anchor well making sure it is dry and clean to reduce risk of water leaking from port hole.

    Step 5.

    FOLLOW MANUFACTURERS SAFETY GUIDE. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SUITABLE VENTILATION.Wipe down sides with a wax and grease remover and rag/cloth. As each manufacturer uses different ingredients you will need to confirm the suitability for the substrate surface you will be applying it to. Remember to change rags/cloth as they become contaminated with dirt.

    Step 6.

    FOLLOW MANUFACTURERS SAFETY GUIDE. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SUITABLE VENTILATION.For this step it is best to use lint free microfiber cloths. Wipe down the boat sides with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Wipe alcohol on with one cloth and off with another.

    Step 7.

    Step 8.

    Step 9.

    Step 10.

    Step 11.

    Step 12.

    Where Can You Wrap My Boat

    If you are located near Melbourne, boat wraps are usually installed at our factory in Mulgrave, which is easily accessibly off the Eastlink and Monash freeways. We have qualified and professional installers in Brisbane, North QLD, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, South Australia, NT, Darwin, Tasmania, and NSW.

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    Customize Protect & Enhance Your Boat

    Vinyl Wraps offer boat owners the ability to preserve and customize their watercraft. Boat wraps are a great alternative to paint as they are more affordable, customizable and easily removable.A Vinyl wrap can be used for many different types of interior and exterior detailing, giving any boat the visual pop it needs to be seen. This detailing includes vinyl stripes, textured accents, or even stylized lettering. All of these are important options for you to consider as you think about the design of your boat wrap. In any case, well help tailor the design you choose to any type of marine vessel. Further, we only use the best vinyl materials available, including 3M & Avery Vinyl Films.

    Boat wraps & graphics are pushing the industry forward.

    Looking for the unique design thats sure to turn heads? Whether you need an eye-catching logo for a advertising campaign, a company brand or design, or even just a simple new color, were here for you. With vinyl wrapping, we put you in the design chair and give you full access to our design team to ensure your boat looks exactly how you want it to. Over the years, has become skilled at talking with customers and helping them find a design that fits their needs. Well help fit the design to any boat to give you the boat of your dreams.

    How Long Will My Boat Wrap Last


    We guarantee your laminated boat wrap will not noticeably fade due to UV conditions in line with 3Ms warranty. Form A Sign only use the industry leading industry vinyl films and laminates to ensure your wrap longevity. We use 3M 180MC with 3M 8518 overlaminate. Your boat hull is professionally cleaned, and prepared with 3M Primer 94 Edge sealer to maximize adhesion of your wrap. With good maintenance and correct cleaning, your quality 3M wrap will last for many years.

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