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How Much Do Boat Rentals Cost

Los Angeles Most Popular Experiences

True Cost Of Owning A Boat

Los Angeles can be a good place for fishing. Here are three of the most popular places to fish in Los Angeles.Fishing Straight from the BoatApart from Rodeo Drive and Hollywoods bright lights, Los Angeles offers plenty of attractive fishing locations just off the shore. You can easily reach these attractions on a day trip if you arrange a boat rental in Los Angeles.Catalina IslandIf you arrange your boat rental in Los Angeles, it will only take you four hours to reach Catalina Island from Long Beach. This is a great place for nature lovers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You can pack hiking gear, explore the many trails on the island, and watch for whales, dolphins, and crayfish in the private coves.Channel Islands National Park and National Marine SanctuaryThe Channel Islands National Park and National Marine Sanctuary off the coast are some of the worlds richest marine habitats for whale watching and marine wildlife sightings. Many whales, like humpback whales, blue whales, orcas, and gray whales, can sometimes be seen.

Frequently asked questions

How much is it to rent a boat in Los Angeles?

The cost to rent a boat in Los Angeles starts at $89 per hour, depending on the amount of time that you would like to use the boat. The cost to rent a yacht starts at $900 and the cost to rent a sailboat starts at $700.

How much is it to rent a yacht for a day in California?
What do I need to rent a boat in California?
How much does it cost to rent a yacht for an hour?

Appearing On Below Deck Might Save You Some Money

Those looking to appear on Below Deck might get a discount as, according to The Forward Cabin, charter guests who feature only pay around $11,000 each for the privilege, and that includes airfare, hotels, and more. The charters are shorter, however, clocking in at just a few days each according to Worldwide Boat.

It’s still a massive discount considering the show’s own Kate Chastain told ET, “Generally a boat that size, 150 foot this one’s 160, Valor but around that price range, for seven days, is around $150,000. But that does not include airfare, fuel, food, wine, docking, tip. So, I would say for a boat like Valor, for a week vacation, it would be around a quarter of a million dollars.”

If you’re more interested in owning rather than renting a yacht, be forewarned Denison Yachting advises it’ll cost around $4.75 million annually for a 180-foot vessel, including around $400,00 for fuel, $350,000 for dockage, $240,000 for vessel insurance, $1 million for maintenance and repairs, and $1.4 million for crew salaries.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season : Superyacht Talisman Maiton

Premiering in 2018, season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean saw familiar and new faces head to the sublime cruising grounds of Italy. This time, the crew treated their discerning guests to a world of luxury on board the 54m/178ft motor yacht TALISMAN MAITON.

Built in 2006 and refit to an exacting standard in 2016, the yacht boasts a range of exciting features that make her particularly appropriate for the waters of the Amalfi Coast. Indeed, her entertainment options range from a stunning selection of water toys to a sundeck Jacuzzi and a refreshingly modern interior.


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Below Deck Sailing Yacht

This is the first time the Below Deck franchise has branched away from multi-million motor yachts, and the sailing vessel component of the latest spin-off series is expected to add even more drama and excitement.

This is partly due to the fact that the design of luxury sailing yachts creates far more confined crew areas than we are used to seeing on the original Below Deck. Sailing yachts generally feature smaller galleys, compact stew stations and cramped crew quarters which are in closer proximity to the guests living areas, putting crew under increased pressure to deliver their signature silver service.

In addition, deck crew are placed in a far more demanding role, with sailing yachts requiring increased accuracy and precision to safely maneuver and plenty of deck duties taking place in the midst of guest areas.

From 195,000/week

Hull And Motor Insurance

How Much Do Luxury Yacht Charters Cost?

The rental boats which are owned by your business are an integral part of your operations. In their day-to-day activities at sea, they may get damaged or damage other vessels and other third parties. The direct losses from repairing or replacing your boat, as well as the indirect ones like the lawsuits, may be phenomenal. Hull and motor insurance protects your boat, engine, and equipment from lightning strikes, explosion, electrical damage, theft of the entire vessel, and collisions.

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Below Deck Season : Superyacht Barents

The first season of Below Deck premiered on 1 July 2013 after being announced in April 2012. Chartering around the Caribbean, the starring superyacht was named HONOR for the show but chartered under the name CUOR DI LEONE which translates to Lion Heart in Italian. She now goes by the name BARENTS.

Built by Italian shipyard Benetti in 1999, the luxury yacht can accommodate up to 12 charter guests, and features luxury amenities for guests to enjoy including state-of-the-art TVs and a sundeck Jacuzzi.

Following the show, superyacht BARENTS was sold for around $15 million and her new owner commissioned a major refit. A great deal of money was spent on updating her interior with a classic-modern style of design as well as on brand new exterior furniture and entertainment systems.


Cuddy Cabin Boats Rental Prices

Cuddy Cabin Boats are generally slower and smaller than Cabin Cruisers, but this also makes them a little cheaper. Who needs all that speed, anyway?

These family-friendly boats are great for small groups of people looking to get away from the water.

Theyre generally used for swimming, coasting along the shore, or tanning in the sunshine. I like to bring a book, myself.

Cuddy Cabin boats can be as low as $150.00 an hour or $400.00 a day for the basic models. For higher-end models, you can expect around $250.00 an hour to as high as $800.00 a day.

The range on Cuddy Cabin boats is much less varied than Catamarans, and they are not required to be rented by the day.

This makes them a great, family-friendly boat to take out on the water for any small occasion.

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Slip Costs In Other Locations

  • Slip costs in the Mediterranean are on average higher since it is a very popular and crowded area.
  • Slip costs in the UK are on average slightly higher.
  • Greece annual fees are between $75 – $175/ft per year
  • Croatia annual fees are between $160 – $350/ft per year
  • Italy annual fees are between $100 – $440/ft per year, averaging at $4,500 for a 32′ yacht.
  • France annual fees are between $50 – $450/ft per year, averaging at $4,500 for a 32′ yacht.

The Mediterranean can be a lot more expensive because of how popular it is. Especially the French and Italian Rivieras and Croatia are expensive areas.

The more you go east, the cheaper it gets .

However, some countries, like Greece for example, have a lot of anchorages and cheap or free moorings. Not a lot of marinas there. So if you plan on going there on holiday, you should be okay.

The world’s most expensive marinas are in Monaco: a slip there costs you anywhere between $9,000 – $43,500 per month. Wait, it gets even crazier: during the Grand Prix, rates increase to $17,750 – $100,000 per month!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season : Superyacht Parsifal Iii

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran yacht in the Caribbean for a day?

Making her return following a successful inaugural season in Corfu, iconic superyacht PARSIFAL III is rejoined by Captain Glenn Shephard and a new crew in season two of the Below Deck spin-off. Showcasing timeless interiors by Remi Tessier, Parsifal III is an award-winning high-performance sailing yacht with captivating Perini Navi style.

Season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was filmed along the beautiful coast of Croatia, which is adorned with over 700 islands. Many of these islands are uninhabited, making them perfect for idyllic escapes.


SailingJacuzzi DeckSalon Seating

This stunning sailing yacht is the perfect candidate for season 1 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Her highly luxurious interiors and stand-out selection of amenities are balanced by high-performance sailing capacities, which come courtesy of renowned shipyard Perini Navi.

Filming of season one of Below Deck Sailing Vessel took place around the beautiful islands of Greece. This East Mediterranean destination is peppered with an incredible variety of islands, and this season was shot around Corfu.


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The Apa Amount To Be Added On Top Of The Yacht Charter Rate

The yacht charter base price just generally covers the rental of the vessel with her crew. This is where the APA comes in, an Advance Provisioning Allowance to pay for provisions, special customers requests, fuel etc. The APA is a standard system, like an onboard box, managed on your behalf by the Captain. Your crew uses this money to buy any product of your choice, or pay for taxis, port fees, communication fees etc.

All the APA expenses are charged at cost. This is transparent budget management, and all the receipts can be provided upon request. During the cruise, at intervals and at the end, the Captain presents a detailed breakdown of all the expenses. On the last day, the remaining unused funds are reimbursed in full to the clients.

APA is an important part of the total cost of your charter. It usually represents between 20% to 30% of the yacht charter base price. Since APA is payable in advance, at the time of booking, it is just an estimation. One basic rule: If youre uncertain, estimate on the high side. Better safe than sorry!

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Taxes And Value Added Tax

Most boats whether all-inclusive or Plus Expenses will not include local taxes or a Value Added Tax into their charter rate. The charterer will be responsible for paying those taxes. Taxes range significantly by destination heres a look at some of yachtings most popular destinations:

  • The Bahamas Tax: 4%
  • BVI Tax: between $6 and $16 per person per day, depending on the flag of the boat
  • Croatia VAT: 13%
  • Turkey NO VAT

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What You Can Get For $1 Million Plus

Savannah is a 274-foot hybrid yacht that can accommodate 12 guests and 24 crew members. The boat has six cabins and four large decks with an underwater viewing lounge, gym, spa and a 30-foot long swimming pool with DJ booth. It was named Motor Yacht of the Year at the 2016 World Superyacht Awards.

The yacht cruises in the French Riviera, Monaco, Corsica and Sardinia in the summer, and in Australia and New Zealand in the winter.

How Much Does A Boat Rental Cost

Boat Yacht Rental: How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Yacht

Renting a boat can be a great option for those who are vacationing or just want to hit the water for a day or two.

As we all know, owning a boat can be pretty expensive, and thankfully, there are marinas across the globe that allow you to rent a boat for the day or two.

The costs of renting a boat will depend on the time of year, geographical location, the type of boat that you are looking to rent and long you want to rent it for.

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Pontoon Boats Rental Prices

Pontoon Boats are a personal favorite of mine. My family and I have an old Manitou from the early 2000s that is still going today!

Pontoons are spacious, comfortable, relaxing, and full of possibilities! Pull an inner tube, go fishing, cut through the waves or float gently on top of them. The Pontoon Boat is your best friend!

Because Pontoon Boats have such a varying level of luxury and possibilities to spend the day, their prices range wildly.

In the United States midwest, Pontoon boats are usually pretty common and generally simple, so youll be safe at a lower price. Daily rentals for Pontoon Boats in the Midwest can range from $150.00 to $500.00, while an hourly price range is $120.00 $230.00.

In tropical, coastal areas like Miami, however, youll find extremely luxurious Pontoons with LED lighting, sound systems, mini-bars and come with names like Avalon or Excalibur.

These Pontoon boats start at $500.00 a day and go up from there. Hourly, youre looking at around $150.00-$300.00.

While it would be fun to sail away on something named Excalibur, I think my Midwestern tastes will stick to a nice-and-easy Manitou.

What Is Included In A Luxury Yacht Rental Price

The base price of a yacht charter given is usually the weekly rate. It accounts for 60% to 80% of the final price and refers to the cost of the yacht itself, its insurance, all its equipment and toys, the crew salary and service during the whole charter.

Most often, the more spacious, luxurious, prestigious the yacht is, the higher the price. Yet, several other factors can significantly impact yacht charter rates.

Here is an overview for an in-depth look at yacht rental costs.

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Below Deck Mediterranean Season : Superyacht Lady Michelle

Jacuzzi View

Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean premiered in June 2021 and saw a new vessel, motor yacht LADY MICHELLE take center stage. It also saw the return of Captain Sandy and Bosun Malia, plus a brand new crew.

A floating paradise that turns heads on the water, this heavenly Benetti vessel comfortably accommodates 12 guests across 6 sumptuous staterooms. She also has the capacity for up to 12 crew members. Superyacht LADY MICHELLE boasts an open-air cinema, a split-level owner’s suite and an impressive array of water toys.

This season takes the crew to one of the most idyllic cruising grounds in the East Mediterranean: Croatia. Abounding with serene golden beaches, crystalline waters and gorgeous coves to explore, it’s one of the most popular yacht charter destinations.


Below Deck Mediterranean Season : Superyacht The Wellesley


Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean premiered in summer 2020. The show was shot on board the motor yacht THE WELLESLEY, and the superyacht was given the alias THE WELLINGTON over the course of filming.

The yacht has an elegant 1920’s theme, with a chic club lounge complete with bespoke humidor. She features plenty of marble accents and ample alfresco deck areas, as well as a jacuzzi with innovative spill pool features.

The yachties set course for Spain for this season, cruising around the azure waters of the Balearic Islands. The homeport was Port Adriano on the island of Mallorca.


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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Boat In Florida

The cost to charter a boat in Florida varies and it depends on a few factors. Such as the duration of the rental, age, and model of the boat, the type of boat, number of guests allowed, whether it’s high or low season, and if extra services are requested. So when looking for your next boat rental, take these factors into consideration and find the best boat that suits all of your needs!

  • Motorboat rentals start as low as $250/day, but prices may range from $450/day to $4,000/day.
  • If you want to set sail, the average cost for a sailboat rental ranges from $600/day to $1,000 day.
  • The average cost of a pontoon boat rental ranges from $250/day to $700/day.
  • The average price for a catamaran charter in Florida starts at$875/day and can cost up to $3,500/day for 12 people.
  • A luxury yacht rental in Florida starts at $4,500/day and may cost up to $15,000/day. Captain, crew, and other services may be additional costs.

Since you are interested in a boat rental in Florida, check out our fleet in these local destinations:

Deck Boats Rental Prices

While the general style of this boat is a little different than what you may be used to, the end result is something fun and relaxing!

These boats are great for hourly rental! Unlike Catamarans and Canal boats, these boats are the perfect day-trip boat, without lacking in necessities. You can have plenty of space, plenty of watersports, and safe swimming.

Hourly rates for Deck boats range from $140.00 $600.00 depending on how new or luxurious the boat is. For example, a 2019 model is going to cost upwards of $400.00, while a simple 2000s boat with everything you need can be $140.00 $300.00 an hour.

For daily prices, youll expect prices upwards of $650.00 a day and as high as $2,500.00 for a full week. As a reminder, these boats are not meant to be slept on unless youre a camp-and-boat type of person.

If you arent, these are great to dock in a tropical marina while you spend time at the hotel, then get up early again to do it all over.

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No Boating Experience Necessary

Geist Marina offers quality, comfortable pontoons that anyone over 25 year of age can reserve if they have a valid photo ID. Each of our 14 pontoons seat 10 or 12 people, depending upon availability at the time of booking.

Boats depart at 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am, 10:30am, or in the evenings at 6:30pm or 7:00pm. Availability on weekends and holidays can be limited, so be sure to reserve your boat in advance!

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