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Where To Buy Pontoon Boat Seats

Constructed For Comfort Durability & Longevity

What Pontoon Boat to Buy

Quality workmanship and unsurpassed comfort are the foundation upon which every piece of Lippert Aftermarket Furniture is built. Equally impressive is the high level of functionality this furniture offers.

With more than 35 years of experience building marine furniture for leading OEM pontoon boat manufacturers and blue water builders, our skillful engineering, R& D and design labs have developed two series of OEM quality furniture for the aftermarket customer.

The Black Label Helm Seating offers ultimate luxury at the helm or pilot house with the highest quality Ultra Leather® premium, soft touch, marine grade vinyl, and high comfort, durable multiple density foam packs. Available in low, mid and high back options with and without flip up bolsters. Lippert’s Platinum Series replacement pontoon furniture is stylish, comfortable and constructed for durability, strength and a long life span in the harsh marine environment. With seventeen items and two monochromatic, neutral fabric options, we have the seating solutions to suit your boating needs.


Rotationally-molded, marine grade polyethylene frame, designed to resist warping with thicker poly, added support and unique molding lines


Large dry storage area under hinged seats, livewell ready compartments, channels built into the bases assist with drainage


Multiple foam densities provide support and comfort. Furniture depths and heights are sized for comfort onboard.

Corrosion Resistance

Vinyl & Foam

Replacing Pontoon Furniture & Seats

Measure for Pontoon Seats & Furniture

Replacing used pontoon furniture is a great way to make your pontoon boat look brand new & modern. To order the correct pontoon seats, it is important to measure your available pontoon space properly. Once you determine your seating layout dimensions you can easily select the right sized seats.

Follow the checklist below to determine your dimensions. Fill in the boxes with your pontoon’s measurements and print as a quick reference when selecting your new seats.

Measurement Checklist

A. Measure distance between Port and Starboard rails.

B. Measure distance between rear rail and side gate.

C. Measure distance between front rail and side gate.

NOTE: Measure inside of rails and account for rail support braces.

Pontoon Boat Seats & Furniture – How To Choose The Right Boat Seats.

Planning your pontoon boat furniture layout doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ve created every possible pontoon furniture set and seat kit available using our DeckMate® pontoon seats. Below is a brief description of the very first pontoon boat seats used by pontoon boat manufacturers and descriptions of each of the pontoon seats for sale online at Pontoon Stuff®.

Replacing Your Pontoon Furniture & Seats.

Pontoon Boats – From pontoon barges to luxury pontoon boats with fully upholstered furniture and seats.

Types Of Pontoon Boat Seats

  • 28″ Pontoon Boat Seats
  • Pontoon Boat Seat Lounge Ends
  • 7″ Pontoon Seat Arm
  • Flip Flop Pontoon Boat Seat
  • Pontoon Bucket Seat

How To Choose A Seat Brand For Your Pontoon

When choosing a brand, I personally want to answer these questions:

  • What material is the seat made of?
  • How is durable is the fabric?
  • How much comfort does the seat offer?
  • How resistant is the seat to water and UV damage?
  • Whats the cost and how long is the warranty?

Like with most boating equipment, I want to know if I am getting the most bang for my buck in terms of durability and quality in comparison to cost.

I want to feel like I can trust the brand I purchase and be proud of my decisionand show off my new pontoon boat seats to my friends and family.

With all this in mind, I am reviewing five popular pontoon seat brands:

  • Wise Deluxe Pontoon Boat Seats
  • Lippert Components Pontoon Boat Seats
  • PontoonStuff Premiere Seats
  • Toonmate Deluxe Pontoon Furniture
  • Everything Pontoon Premium Pontoon Boat Seats

Ill be answering the questions above and looking at the overall quality of each product.

To keep things consistent and actually compare apples to apples, Ill be comparing the bench seats of each brand.

Okay, lets get started!

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Final Thoughts On Pontoon Seats

There you have it, five of the best pontoon boat seat brands and recommended items.

As I say with pretty much everything boat-related, be sure to make your own list of questions and focus on whats important to you before choosing your seat brand.

That being said, the information here should get you pointed in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best pontoon seat for you.

Youll occasionally spot items from less-well-known brands of boat furniture, such as Millennium Marine or Shoreline Marine. There tend to be fewer options from these brands, but this happens for two reasons.

For one, youll find cheaper brands with discount furniture. The other kind of small provider is high quality but small scale, such as a small, family-run American boating company. In this case, the prices shouldnt be lower than those of the big brands.

Remember to always read product reviews, as they can be a great way to learn about the product by people who have purchased and used it themselves, helping you decide what about the seat is important to you.

Black Label Helm Seating

Pontoon Boat Seats (PFG84)

Lippert Components proudly introduces our range of helm/ pilothouse seats. Constructed for performance, comfort and longevity in the marine environment with corrosion-resistant, e-coated steel frame and stainless hardware. Designed for comfort with multiple density foam packs, headrests, the ability to recline and self-leveling arms. Ultra Leather®, premium, soft touch vinyl that also resists UV rays, mold and mildew, mesh pockets and dynamic stitch lines provide modern styling, aesthetically pleasing design. Low, Mid and High Back seats, Mid and High back models with and without bolster. Available in three colors .

Black Label Low Back Helm Seat

*Pedestals and associated hardware not included. Seats only

Black Label Mid Back Helm Seat

*Pedestals and associated hardware not included. Seats only

Black Label High Back Helm Seat

*Pedestals and associated hardware not included. Seats onlyMid Back Helm Seat with BolsterHigh Back Helm Seat with Bolster


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In The Hot Seat: 5 Top Pontoon Seat Brands Reviewed And Compared

Pontoon boat seats are one of the most importantyet also expensiveparts of your pontoon boat.

Maybe its time to replace your pontoon boat seats completely.

Maybe youre in the market for a brand new pontoon boat, and youre wondering which brand of seat will serve you best.

With so many different brands and price points out there, its tough to know where to begin!

Having done my own research on this topic, Im going to highlight and compare five of the top pontoon boat seat brands.

Ill help you decide which pontoon seats are the best for you.

Premium Boat Lounge Seats

  • 65″ overall length of back to back seats with open.
  • 18.5″ overall width of boat seat cushions.

  • 15″ seated high with 10″ tall plastic seat base.

  • 44″ overall length of boat seats when upright.

  • Aluminum framework w/ leg support the boat seats when extended.

  • Back to back lounge boat seats open from one side.

  • Store life jackets & gear under the your boat seat cushions.

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Boats More Fun For You And Your Family

At we help you to have more fun on the water. For over 22 years we have served both recreational boaters and marine businesses. We offer the lowest prices on over 150,000 OEM and aftermarket boat parts and accessories with the largest selection of quality items found anywhere. We also continually offer discounts and blow-out specials. Be sure to check out our daily, weekly, and monthly deals such as our MONTHLY IBOATS MOST WANTED LIST, so you can take advantage of these major discounts on top-quality items.

Pontoonstuff Premiere Pontoon Seats

DeckMate Classic 38″ Pontoon Boat Seats & Furniture

PontoonStuff is both the seller and the manufacturer, which cuts out the middleman, allowing you to deal with the company directly if you have questions or concerns.

The website features great videos of their products and highlighted features, leaving the guesswork out of buying online.

Recommended Seat: View on PontoonStuff

This seat scores high on my durability and comfort scales, with its elaborate stitching and plush, pillowed look. Its made of 30-oz, marine-grade vinyl and coated to a level that goes above and beyond industry standards for UV and mold resistance.

A feature I personally love is that the base of the seat has what are called drain channels, and the manufacturer claim is that this increases the life of your pontoon flooring by allowing the water to escape your deck instead of being trapped in left to soak in your carpet or decking.

I love the idea of this feature because the brand is considering other parts of your pontoon and not just its manufacturing business, so big bonus points from me for this!

This seat will run you over $800, which tends to be on the higher end of price points Ive seen but it comes with a three-year transferable warranty .

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The Pontoon Boat Buyers Guide

Now that youve gone through our list of the best pontoon boats money can buy , go deeper into the subject with our guidelines to choosing the right pontoon boat for your needs.

Remember that pontoon boats are also generally easy to maintain, but they require some rinsing down the right kind of boat paint at least every other season.

Wise Deluxe Pontoon Boat Seats

I particularly like how this company has been in the business of selling pontoon boat seats for several decades, showing me reliability in its brand longevity.

Or Recliners: Left Lean Back Recliner + Right Lean Back Recliner

This pontoon boat seat brand offers the above bench seat in the $500 to $600 range, making it very comparable to the Toonmate seat listed below.

This seat frame is made of plastic to prevent wood rotting or metal corrosion and is made with 28-oz, marine-grade vinyl, and is also coated to prevent UV and mildew.

It scores high on my comfort scale, with a seating depth of 17 1/4 . It also has a decent warranty with three years on upholstery and five years on the frame .

One downside is that this particular model, in comparison to the Toonmate, doesnt have cup holders, a feature I love and use all the time. Cup holders arent in everyones must haves, though. So if the lack of beverage support isnt a deal breaker for you, I would definitely recommend this brand of pontoon boat seat. Of course, you can always spend a bit more to add cup holders onto any Wise seating unit .

The best thing about Wise is that theyve got so many of their pontoon seats and seat accessories for sale on Amazon, which makes it both affordable and convenientand the free shipping for Prime members can save a lot of dough when it comes to ordering these bigger, heavier items online.

Wise Deluxe pontoon seats currently available on Amazon:

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Improve The Comfort & Value Of Any Craft With New Boat Seats

Today’s bass boat seats aren’t just designed to look good, but are designed to keep anglers comfortable during a full day or night of fishing. Wholesale Marine offers a full line of bass seating, from economy style to deluxe high back back seats. For fun in the sun, or if you are heading out on a serious fishing adventure, know that Wise Boat Seats will maximize your comfort and allow for a quality boating excursion. Choose from Wise bucket, helm, lounge, or bass boat bench seats and appreciate their value for years to come. Modernize your boats look with a seating layout, with perhaps one bucket and one lounge seat.

Protect your investment with Taylor Made seat covers, available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. In addition to replacement seating, we also carry seat pedestals, steps, and footrests to compliment your new seats. Garelick foot rests are available in vinyl, teak, polymer, and oak and include mounting brackets.

Wholesale Marine offers the lowest prices on replacement boat seats, chairs, and furniture. Be sure to ask about our Captains Club Rewards Program for additional discounts! If you have a question or wish to place an order, just call us at 388-2628, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

Replacement Seats/ Skins Where To Purchase

Pontoon Boat Seats (PG1564)

CLAYC said:I just priced a set of replacement seats for my ’01 Triton TR20. OMG! cut off your leg and send them your first born! Dealer told me $650 ea for driver and passenger seat, $450 for slide-in middle step seat…. That’s just crazy. Priced them two years ago, $450 for all 3 and $300 ish for skins…. Can anyone advise where I can purchase replacements or skins? or who manufactures them for Triton? Has to be a better deal out there than $1750Thanks,

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Enjoy The Water Comfortably Using Pontoon Boat Seating

Pontoon boat seats can give you the smooth sailing you want during any trip out on the water. You’ll find a nice range of new and used pontoon boat seats on eBay at affordable prices that work for your budget. Getting to know a bit about the types of seats you can get for your pontoon boat and their features will help you select the models that fit your needs or preferences.

Versions of pontoon boat seats on eBay

You can find a few kinds of pontoon boat seats for sale on eBay that might work for your craft. Here is just a selection of the types of seats you will discover:

  • Singles – You can get single seats meant for one occupant that you can install in individual brackets on your pontoon boat. These seats have backrests and are available in various colors or designs to match your tastes.
  • Benches – If you want to arrange a seating area that can host several people at once conveniently, you may wish to purchase new or used pontoon seats that come in bench form.
  • Side seats – You can also purchase individual side pads or seats for the benches on your pontoon boat. You can choose from boat seats for both the left and right sides of the bench.

How do you find features for pontoon seats on eBay?

You can select some of the common features you might like to have in your pontoon boat seats. Here is just a sample of some of the basic features you can find on some of the models you see:

Selecting the right materials for your pontoon seats

Lippert Components Pontoon Boat Seats

With their humble beginnings starting just after WWII as a small metal fabrication shop run by one man, Gary Lippert, and evolving into a large industrial components manufacturer, Lippert doesnt just manufacture pontoon boats or marine accessories, they specialize in wide range of components for all different types of recreational vehicles.

I love the evolution of their unique history and that theyve been in business for almost six decadesthey know their stuff!

Recommended Seat:

You can view this brand and a range of bench seat sizes and options by following the link above.

These bench seats range between $400 to $600, depending on seat size, and are all marine-grade vinyl with a stainless steel frame.

My favorite feature of this particular seat above is that it has a livewell-ready compartment built into the base with proper drainage. This means that a livewell for fishing purposes can easily be installed .

It also has an awesome seat depth of 26, allowing for a super comfortable seat when cruising! This seat comes with a three-year warranty, less than its competitors.

Not all bench models come with cup holders, so make sure you look into which model you are purchasing carefully if theyre big on your list.

This is another brand that can be found on Amazon. Heres a taste of whats currently available:

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Toonmate Deluxe Pontoon Furniture

The main reason I selected this brand was for its awesome warranty. It may be cheaper but the manufacturer offers three years on the upholstery and six years on the frame, leading me to believe that Toonmate stands behind the quality of its products.

Customer reviews have also listed that installation of this brand is relatively easy, which can also help you save on the cost of hiring someone to install it for you. Always a plus, in my opinion!

Recommended Seat: View on Overtons

Priced at $300 to $400, the selected seat Ive recommended is on the cheaper side, but still looks to be a decent option for serious tooners.

Its made with marine-grade vinyl and high-density polyurethane foam .

The brand claims the seat is resistant to mold and fabric damage due to cracking and its hardware is stainless steel and corrosion-resistant.

Everything Pontoon Premium Pontoon Boat Seats

Learn How to Buy a Used Triple Toon Pontoon Boat

This is my top brand because it answers all of my questions favorably while still being cost efficient .

When I went searching for a cheaper brand, I was surprised to find one that not only had all the standard features I was looking for, but also exceeded my expectations in having some of the features the pricier seat brands had.

Recommended Seat: View on

This brand is by far the most cost-effective seat at a little over $400, and I think its a fabulous option, given its lower price point.

Like its PontoonStuff competitor, it too has a mechanism that allows water to drain off the pontoon boat, eliminating mold and carpet or deck damage.

It also uses wedge cushions, which divert water off the seating to prevent pooling on the marine-grade vinyl, helping eliminate mold and rot . Its frame is also made of plastic and comes with a lifetime warranty, something I was blown away by and scores huge points on my durability scale.

The vinyl has the industry standard three-year warranty.

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