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What Size Winch Strap For Boat

Goldenrod Dutton Lainson Dl2500a Hand Winch

How to Install a boat trailer winch strap (Atlantic winch)

The Dutton-Lainson DL2500A is a solid boat winch. In fact, its a great manual winch for a wide range of horizontal pulling activities. It has a large pulling capacity which makes it ideal for larger boats. In terms of value, this product is very well priced and offer big performance for a relatively small price tag.

Goldenrods DL2500A is made from high grade components, including zinc plated Tuffplate. The result is a super strong and sturdy device that can resist the elements, competently haul heavy loads, and wont wear out in a hurry. It features a 9-1/2 quick attach handle with a comfortable ergonomic grip, which allows for fast and smooth operation, with well-engineered gears for the ultimate pulling power.

The gearing relies on a sophisticated dual drive shaft system which can engage high and low speed cranking, allowing for less effort to be used to pull heavier loads. The first gear ratio is 17.3:1, and the second higher gear ratio is 5.4:1. Theres also a freewheel function for easy line removing and strap changes.

Each kit ships with a clamp kit to help install cables onto the winch drum, but no straps are included. Mounting hardware also isnt included. What is included, however, is a comprehensive 5 year limited warranty. Also, for those who prefer to invest in American products, this boat trailer winch is officially made in the U.S.A.

Importance Of Quality Tie Down Straps

As we already mentioned, these straps are of grave importance when you need to move your boat on a trailer. When youre traveling on a bumpy road, it is easy to lose control of the trailer and vessel. If nothing is holding the boat firmly on the trailer, youre risking it slipping off, falling, and breaking in the middle of the road.

Here are the two essential things to consider for your tie-down straps:

  • Break strength. We mentioned this already, but it is crucial to keeping your craft safe and sound on its trailer. Just like boats, straps are not equal and have different thicknesses, lengths, and endurance. When choosing the right ones, you need to buy belts with break strength more substantial than the weight of the trailer or boat.
  • Points of contact. When tying down your boat onto the trailer, you need to make sure there are at least three points of contact. These are the two sides of the stern and one point in the bow.

Winches With Power Out Capability

We like polyester winch straps like this one from Boat Buckle because it doesnt scrape the bow of our boat or hurt our crews hands.

If you have a large and heavy boat, you may need more control when launching, especially on a steep ramp. An electric winch with power-out is your option. Instead of free-spooling with gravity controlling your descent, a winch with this feature uses the motor in reverse for a more controlled launch. TRACs winches work this way. You can loosen the clutch to allow free-spooling, or power the boat out with the clutch tightened. Powerwinch makes a Model 915 with power in/power-out.

Electric winches generally have a manual retrieve feature, a simple hand crank, in case of electrical or mechanical failure.

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Winches With A Full Spool Of Cable Are Weak

Winches are rated with one wrap on the drum.

What’s that mean?

A winch is most powerful when it has a single wrap of steel cable or synthetic rope on the drum. This means that if your winch anchor is close and you have a lot of winch line on the drum, your winch is actually weaker – sometimes much weaker.

At the first wrap of winch cable, your winch can pull with it’s max strength. However with each additional wrap, you lose about 10% of the pulling capacity.

8,000 lb Winch Pulling Capacity Lost with Extra Cable on the Drum

Layers of winch line

What does this mean when you’re on the trail?

With a winch drum full of cable, you’ll lose 40% your winch’s rated pulling power! Solve this by pulling out most of your cable if you can when you need to winch. Use winch anchors that are far away.

This is where lightweight synthetic winch rope shines.

With Winches Bigger Is Always Better

2500LBS Hand Winch Synthetic Strap 2

Heavily packed or equipped rigs should get a winch that’s the next size up.

Even though 1.5X is the industry standard, you can still pick a different size winch. If you travel extremely light, you could get a smaller winch . But you can never go wrong with a bigger winch. When you’re completely high-centered on rocks in a canyon in the 100 degree desert, do you think you’re going to say, “Gee, I wish my winch was smaller”? Of course not.

A bigger winch is less likely to stall, less likely to overheat, needs less cool down time, and has more power when you need it most.


A lot of people seriously overload their 4x4s, even beyond the GVWR. If you’re that guy that brings everything on a wheeling trip, you should seriously consider a winch that’s the next size up.

With winches, bigger is always better.

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Shoreline Marine Winch Strap With Hook

Are you looking for a winch strap with hook thats reliable to use yet it wont force you to spend much? Then, this product can be the right pick for your requirements. Unlike other similar options, this is not that complicated to utilize and it works just as expected.

The strap comes with a sewed loop on the inside end and this is especially intended to be linked to the winch bottom of the drum. It is equipped with solidly plated hook and the utility hook already comes pre-fastened with spring loaded safety flap.

Please be guided that it is essential to ensure that the strap remains flat or it would appear like a mess. This is a very smart option to consider since it could precisely fit almost all common trailer winches. It is not easy to modify too, so even beginners can find it as user-friendly.

  • Hook clip seems cheaply built
  • Does not come with a bolt

Winch Capacity On Trailer

View Full ProfileView Full ProfileView Full ProfileView Full ProfilelaythewoodThanks, i’m just frustrated with this trailer company. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for far too long. I am no trailer expert and I thought they were. There is an issue with tongue weight right now because the bow support bar has slipped back alittle because they didnt use three of the U bolts to hold it in place. Add it to the list of things that has gone wrong I have literally already full on cussed them out 3 times already and they keep telling me to bring it back to be fixed. I am ready to ask for my money back and just leave the trailer. I never even thought to look at the capacity of the winch because it seemed fine, however, I think I am entitled to the proper size winch rated for the capacity of the trailer that I paid for. For example, what if down the road my boat is dead in the water and I need to get it on the trailer? I would hope to have a winch capable of pulling it up there once if the need arise. Maybe I am wrong, thats why I asked the question.

  • Somewhere in the middle of Michigan
  • Posts:


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Botepon Marine Boat Trailer Winch Strap

If undeniable and tested durability is what you seek from a boat winch strap, you would be satisfied with the Botepon Marine boat trailer winch strap. It is so tough that the manufacturers are confident enough to give you 2 years of warranty upon purchase.

What sets the Botepon Marine winch strap from other winch straps is its amazing tensile strength. It can withstand up to 4500 lbs before showing signs of breakage. And it has a working capacity of 2600 lbs. It is an ideal replacement for either manual or electric winch straps.

It comes with a hook that is specifically engineered to weather seawater, harsh conditions, and corrosion due to UV rays and rusting.

The greatest drawback this product has is its price. If you truly value toughness, be prepared to pay a little extra bucks.

What Are Boat Tie Down Straps And Why Do You Need Them

etrailer | BoatBuckle Boat Winch Strap with Hook Review

When you need to relocate any type of cargo, you need to secure it well. Your boat is the type of load that must be firmly fastened, so you can safely transport it. Heres where tie-down straps come in. We know that some boat trailers offer a non-slippery surface that doesnt allow your boat to slip away and fall. However, thats not enough when the trailer hits a bump, or you stop abruptly.

Tie-down belts are designed to keep a light object to a heavier one. In other words, they hold your vessel safely on its trailer. The number of belts you need depends on the weight and size of your boat. Also, that means you should use straps with a break strength that exceeds the weight of your vessel. To put it in numbers, if your craft weighs about 3,000 lbs and the trailer about 1,500 lbs, you must use tie-down straps that can endure at least 1,500 pounds. However, you can always choose harnesses with greater break strength.

So, whether you need to transport your boat thousands of miles or only a dozen miles, you need to invest in good tie-down straps. There are various models and designs, which is great because everyone can find what they need. On the other hand, it can be overwhelming to go through all of the types, models, brands, and decide which ones suit your needs. Luckily, we are here to provide you with reviews on a range of marine products and accessories, and to help you out, so keep reading.

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Shoreline Marine Boat Winch Strap

If you are searching for affordable winch straps for boat trailers, this is one option to consider. It is from a reliable brand, which is already a compelling reason to pick it over others. The manufacturer has almost three decades of experience in the market for boating accessories.

More than being affordable, I commend this winch strap because of its premier construction. The polyester webbing is impressive. It is a semi-water-resistant material and does not stretch as much as nylon while preventing mold and mildew. This is important since winch straps often get wet. Plus, this winch also features rip and tear-resistant.

Speaking of its construction, it is also a good thing that it has a plated hook. With its heavy-duty construction, it resists rust and corrosion, making it ideal even for marine environments. The hook has a spring-loaded safety flap. It easily opens when pushed and stays closed to secure whatever I connect into it.

It is also worth noting that this strap is fully adjustable. I can customize it depending on my needs. While the length is 20 feet, I can easily personalize such if I need it shorter to suit a specific application.

  • Premium polyester construction for long-term functionality
  • Resists the formation of mold and mildew
  • Plated hook with spring-loaded flap
  • Has a low load capacity

Cable Redirections Sap Power

Fairleads and snatch blocks generate friction and resistance and reduce the pulling power of the winch.

But don’t get confused with snatch blocks:

Snatch blocks will nearly double the amount that your winch can pull. We say “nearly” because using it in a double line pull results in a 10% power loss overall. What this really means is that when someone says that “A snatch block can double your line pull,” it’s not really an accurate statement .

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Fulton Ws20hd0600 Trailer Winch Strap With Hook

This boat trailer winch strap and hook is really a very budget-friendly option that makes it the perfect pick for anyone who is short on budget. It is good to know that you wont be forced to spend lavishly on a good quality strap for your winch and yet it could satisfy your expectations.

Basically, this strap is certainly heavier but it could give you more peace of mind on the slope. Moreover, the winch reel is nearly full with thicker strap nevertheless, you wont have issues winding it all in.

If you are going to observe it closely, youll see that the hook is bigger and it is slightly more complex to latch on to the bow eye even so, this would not bring about any troubles loading the vessel.

  • Strap material becomes brittle over time
  • Hook end comes with very little stitching

What To Look For When Buying A Boat Winch Strap

600LBS Hand Winch Synthetic Strap 2 Way Manual Car Boat ...

The replacement winch strap for a vessel trailer that youre purchasing needs to be appropriate for your vessel in terms of capacity.

When looking for the right winch strap for you, following factors must be highly mulled over:

  • Is it durable enough to make loading and unloading the vessel a less exhausting task to deal with?
  • Is it manufactured with super sturdy metal materials that can shield it from extreme sunlight exposure, sea water environment, corrosion, rust and other potentially dangerous elements present in the environment?
  • Is it easy to set up? Are the installation procedures straightforward to adhere to?
  • Is it safe and reliable to use?
  • Is it made with incredibly durable nylon or polyester material that could help reel the vessel with much ease and convenience?

Not to mention, it is crucial to get a high quality straps to tie the winch and secure it. Always keep in mind that when buying a strap, opt for the one that is resistant to sea water and is sturdy enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

To help extend the lifespan of your winch strap, make sure to unroll and let it dry once it gets drenched in order to ward off rotting or the emergence of mold.

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Selecting A Trailer Winch

Trailer winches let you pull your boat onto the trailer while its on an inclined launching ramp. Winches are mounted on a dedicated winch stand on the trailer tongue, on the support for the bow stop or on the trailers hitch ball using an adapter plate. A reel or spool holds 2050 feet of cable, rope or webbing, and has a snap at the bitter end. With the snap clipped onto the bow eye of the boat, the winch operator can either crank the boat onto the trailer or allow the boat to slide backwards into the water at a controlled rate.

Trailer Winch 2000lb Edc Coated Black Dual Drive Winch

This product is a wise investment that wont leave you feeling wasted. The gears are built with high carbon steel and it comes with zinc plating finish that can considerably assist in preventing corrosion to guarantee long years of satisfying service. This can adapt well for free spool or ratchet.

The hook and strap comes with exceptional fit and its dual gear feature makes this winch a more practical choice to consider. It enables smooth sailing cranking and it is dependable at hooking in ordered to lower and lift objects without any trouble.

  • A little costly than other similar options
  • There has been some paint issues reported

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Curt 29007 Winch Strap

If you have a Curt hand winch that requires a new strap, this is a great product! It has universal compatibility. The strap has a load limit of 1,333 pounds. On the other hand, the breaking strength is 4,000 pounds. From hoisting to lifting, this is a handy winch strap. The best thing is that it is one of the most affordable models in this buying guide.

The high weight capacity of this strap is because of its durable construction. It is made of non-stretch nylon. This means that even if it pulls a heavy load, the material remains rigid. This performance is unlike others that easily bounce. Even the spring-loaded hook is durable. It has a reliable latch that ensures security. The hook is also zinc-plated for rust and corrosion resistance.

Ease of use is another reason why I am recommending this boat trailer winch strap and hook. There is already a looped end where I will insert the bolt. More so, the other end already has a hook and there is a convenient latch for effortless connection to the eyebolt of my boat. It fits ¾-inch hooks or anything smaller.

  • Easy to hook up on any boat
  • Does not come with a new bolt

Trailer Winch Safety Tips

How to convert winch from synthetic rope to a boat strap
  • Trailer winches are not tiedowns. To prevent mishaps, use dedicated bow, gunwale and stern tiedowns to secure your boat on the trailer. For large boats add a safety chain to the bow eye.
  • Make sure you have secure footing and proper leverage when using manual winches. Slips and falls by winch operators and injuries from winch handles that kick back are common boat ramp accidents.
  • To avoid chafe on the winch line, be sure it doesnt rub against any sharp edges on the winch stand or trailer. If frayed or worn spots appear, replace the winch line immediately with a new rope, strap or cable of the proper type, size and strength. Cable life can be extended by frequently lubricating it with wire rope lubricant so the strands of cable slide by each other with less friction. Lubricating your winch cable will also reduce the number of snags and frays in the cable.
  • If you are using an electric winch, keep your tow vehicles engine running while you are winching to reduce the drain on your battery. Weve heard too many stories about boaters not having enough juice left in their battery to start the truck after winching a heavy boat onto the trailer. Also, be sure your parking brake is set, and consider keeping someone at the wheel, in case the tow vehicle begins to slide down the ramp.

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