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How Much Is Carefree Boat Club Membership

Are Yacht Clubs Worth It

Carefree Boat Club of Wisconsin and Chicago

Are yacht clubs worth it? When you find the right fit, yacht clubs are worth the investment of both time and money. In addition to racing and cruising, when you join a yacht club, you can enjoy the camaraderie of experienced yacht owners who can help get you started on your new adventures.

Disadvantages To Joining A Boat Club

Boat club memberships can be very appealing due to their fixed costs and the freedom of potentially walking away if you lose interest. But, there are also a couple of disadvantages to consider.

For instance, the money you spend on your membership dues doesnt get you any closer to owning your own boat. So, if youre an experienced boater, you have your heart set on ownership, and you can afford to pay for it, you might want to skip a club membership and just buy a boat. Just make sure you carefully consider the totality of the financial implications of owning a boat.

Another potential negative with a club membership is that you may end up unable to get the exact boat you want on a given day. There will be a schedule with other members vying for opportunities to cruise, so there is a bit of give and take.

Carefree Boat Club Membership Overview

A membership offers unlimited usage of all boats, which, depending on the location, range from 23 to 29 feet long. Most fleets include water sport boats, fishing boats, pontoons and sailboats, with most being less than three years old, but again, fleet choices will greatly depend on the location you sign up at. According to the club, there is no limit to how many times you can boat its truly unlimited, and again, depending on the exact geographical location, boats will be available year round.

All members receive free, unlimited training with a USCG certified captain, which includes navigating, docking, anchoring and safety strategies. The average training session can last up to five hours.

The company covers the insurance, boat purchase, slip fees, maintenance, repairs, taxes, towing, coverage, and winterization.

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Can You Share A Carefree Boat Club Membership

Some clubs do not allow this, but some do. Carefree Boat Club, one of the largest in the country, allows you to share a membership with someone else. In this type of situation, you can split the fee fifty-fifty with your friend or family member! This includes the initiation fee, monthly membership fee, and the online reservation system fee.

Speak To A Membership Executive For Local Market Information

Carefree Boat Club Membership Cost

The membership executive in each local market knows all the available membership plans and associated costs, and will happily answer all your questions.

We understand that people are often reluctant to speak with a sales professional, but Freedom Boat Clubs membership executives are here to help you decide if a boat club is right for you or not. They can guide you through all the options, and explain the costs and benefits of each.

If the pricing or the membership plan doesnt suit your lifestyle, needs or budget, thats OK! The membership executive is just there to answer all of your questions, so you can make the best decision for you.

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Learn More About Boating And Socialize

Even if you want to buy your own boat in the near future, you still need to learn how to operate one. All boat clubs today offer boating lessons. You will learn the rules of boating, how to steer, and everything you need to know about boat stewardship.

After learning how to boat, you can go ahead and rent or buy your boat and steer it. There is so much you need to learn and a boat club can teach you that and allow you to start boating without the high initial investment.

Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost

The Freedom Boat Club is a dream for many people who may not have the opportunity or financial freedom of owning their own boat. The club offers an unforgettable boating experience, with many options to choose from and minimal hassle in terms of maintenance costs when compared with buying and owning your own boat.

The Freedom Boat Club not only provides a place for people to rent boats but also offers the opportunity of having fun in an escape from everyday life. The club owners believe that boating should be more than just a nuisance, because it can provide relaxation and help create memories with friends and family members alike.

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But What About Renting

Renting is a common alternative to owning a boat especially if you are the type of boater that doesnt plan on using the boat very often. For some this is perfectly fine. However, you need to realize a couple of things. 1) the cost of only a day of boat rental, is pretty close to what an entire month of Carefree Boat Club membership costs. If you think you would use a boat more than once a month then that is pretty silly. 2) a very serious aspect of rental that is often overlooked the liability of any damage to the boat, or to other people or property FROM the boat, falls squarely on the renter. You are 100% at risk for any liability in the event of an accident. With Carefree Boat Club, all members are covered under the membership insurance policy.

How Do Boat Clubs Work

Carefree Boat Club on News 6

Boat clubs allow members to access a boat from their fleet after paying a monthly fee. A member can reserve a boat for a specific day and time and the club will ensure they have that boat for their boating needs. The club takes care of boats maintenance and insurance, and they also teach members how to boat.

If you do not have the money to buy and maintain a boat, boat club memberships allow you inexpensive access to a boat. This comes in handy for new boaters who are not sure whether boating is the right hobby for them. Before you buy a boat that you may only use a few times every year, try joining a boat club.

If you are new to boating, the boat club offers training to start you off with boating. There are several other perks that may come with a boat club membership, including slides and skis among other water toys.

You do not have to boat alone when you can join other boaters at the club and make new friends. The gatherings can be a great place to learn more about boating and make a few new friends.

How many boats do you have access to? If you join a small boat club serving a community by the lake, you will have access to only a few boats. However, if you join an Oceanside club serving tourists and larger communities, you will have access to several boats.

The Freedom Boat Club is one of the oldest boat clubs, and they have a variety of boats, including cruisers, bow riders, deck boats, and fishing boats. Such a club doesnt restrict the boat you take out each time.

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Why Join A Boat Club

Purchasing a boat club membership grants you access to a fleet of vessels you may be able to take out, depending on your level of skill and availability. Youll also be joining a social club where everyone there shares your love of the boating lifestyle.

In places like Florida, where watersports are the centerpiece of many social events, your membership fees open the door to a whole world that you might not see if youre trying to access the waterways on your own.

Plus, some clubs offer perks like free towing in case of breakdowns, unlimited training, safe anchoring at marinas in other locations, and even free access to water toys like pontoon boats and paddleboards.

Consider if you have a family member visiting who wants to rent a kayak. Instead of searching for a loaner, your boat club might have one you can borrow as part of your membership. There are lots of perks associated with a boat club membership.

How Boat Clubs Work

Dont think of this option as a boat rental club, nor as a boat share club, nor as a peer-to-peer service. Renting, sharing, and peer-to-peer are each a bit different. In this case, the way it works is the boat club itself owns and maintains a fleet of various types and sizes of boats. You pay a membership fee and monthly dues to join the club. Then the entire fleet is available to youcruisers, bowriders, fishing boats, sailboats, and more.

You can choose a center console and catch some dinner one day and then take the kids out on a watersports boat for some wakeboarding the next, so the experience is really an entire family boat club experience no matter what sort of boating one family member or another likes the most. Plus, most boat clubs maintain some form of reservation service or website so you can choose whichever boat youd like to use on a specific day, ahead of time.

Find out more about other alternatives to boat ownership, includingâ¦

Carefree Boat Club | Freedom Boat Club | SailTime | Boatsetter | Your Boat Club | Get My Boat

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See The Differences For Yourself

Many people still find themselves torn between the two boat clubs. Each has its own advantages that might appeal to some people more than others.

If you find that you are still conflicted about which boat club is right for you, it might help you to see the differences for yourself.

Look up the location that is closest to your home and take a trip to see the fleet itself and talk with employees. This can also help you to get the most accurate pricing on a membership that suits your schedule and sailing needs.

Both companies have been well-established for quite some time.

While you can hardly go wrong with either one, this comparison might help you to make a better decision for your vacation, summer sailing plans, and even your wallet.

Why Does The Cost Of The One

The Big Picture: Own vs Member

The cost of the one-time membership fee is based upon local market conditions, and those can vary widely.

Just as a 2000-square foot house in Seattle, WA or San Francisco, CA would cost significantly more than the same house in Sarasota, FL or Clemson, SC, marina costs can differ vastly from market to market.

If an FBC franchise is operating in a popular boating destination, the marina operator can command top dollar. The franchise owner is competing for limited slip space against other entities, including boat owners or other commercial interests. The more a marina charges for slip fees, dock and office space, etc., the more costly it is for the FBC franchise owner to operate the business. This means that the one-time entry fee is generally higher in larger metropolitan markets.

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Freedom Boat Club Details

While paying the monthly fee, a member will have unlimited access to boating at his/her homeport location, plus four outgoings anytime throughout the year at any location. You can make an appointment 6 months in advance and have a maximum of four active reservations at a time.

Boat sizes at the Freedom Boat Club vary between 16 and 24 feet and include deck boats, kayaks, floats, pontoons, skiffs, sailboats, and bow rides, but options vary by location. Most of them are newer than three years.

You dont have to worry about cleaning, maintaining, or storing the boats as the club will do all this work on its fleet.

As a member of this club, you will be offered a two-hour training class in order to learn how to operate different boats.

It is important to know that a two million dollar insurance policy along with a $3,000 deductible is included. However, this may vary from location to location.

The opportunity to meet other members is one of many perks that come with being part of a club. The monthly dock parties are where you can find all sorts of people.

How Do I Join Freedom Boat Club

Joining a boat club is as simple as providing your details and then paying for the one-time fee and the monthly membership fee. If you travel a lot, you need a boat club with boats in different places around the country so that you can use your membership to the fullest.

Freedom Boat Club requires you to choose your location, give your name, and then continue to pay a one-time payment and a monthly membership fee. The one-time payment varies based on several factors and so does the monthly payment.

How much is Freedom Boat Club a month? The Freedom Boat Club one-time payment is about $5,000 . From there, you will pay a monthly fee of between $300 and $700.

It may sound like you are paying a lot to be a member, but this is more than 60% cheaper than owning your boat. Once you pay that amount, you never have to deal with boat storage, wrapping, maintenance, and towing.

The entry fee varies based on the market situation. The entry fee is also different in different locations as the market varies from one market to the next. If the boats are in a popular boating destination, you may have to pay a higher entry fee.

The boat club pays higher marina charges, including slip fees and office space than they would in other locations. If you live in a large metropolitan market, be ready to pay a higher fee.

Once you pay the needed fees, you will have unlimited access to a boat. You can book as many times as you need. However, you have to reserve a boat in time.

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How Much Does A Carefree Boat Club Membership Cost

The cost to become a member of the Carefree Boat Club will depend on the type of membership you sign up for and at what location. You can become an active member with a one-time initiation fee that will cost from $3,500 to $5,500, followed by monthly dues which would be around $350 per month.

For an even more affordable option, some lower-tiered memberships can be as little as $175 a month. These memberships are the perfect solution for those who only want to use their boat on weekdays and dont need full membership privileges like unlimited boating days or access to all boats in inventory.

You might also like our articles about the cost of a boat dock, an airboat, or to repair a fiberglass boat.

The company says that costs will depend on location, local cost of living, and fleet. They also say that the membership options and availability will also influence the final cost.

A boating magazine once featured a couple from Maryland. The article said the two people paid $315 per month for boat storage, plus fuel costs at one of four different waterways they had access to in that area.

According to someone on RipoffReport, membership to the club costs $3,500 and another monthly fee of $350. One Yelp review from a Washington D.C.-based member claimed that their final cost was just under $2,000 for joining fees plus an additional expenditure of around $385 per month in order to stay active within the club.

Freedom Boat Club Vs Carefree Boat Club

Tampa Boat Club | Carefree Boat Club

If you have any familiarity with boat clubs, chances are that you have already encountered the two most-popular boat clubs.

In this article, we compare the Freedom boat club and the Carefree boat club to see how they stack up!

Here are some numbers and facts to consider:

Carefree Boat Club

Heres what you need to know!

Before you decide which boat club is the right fit for you, make sure you understand what each one has to offer.

You might just find that one is a far better fit for your individual needs and desires.

These two companies feature locations at marinas across the United States and Canada. They each boast a unique set of attributes that sets them apart from one another, but they also share some important similarities.

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How Can I Save Money

Depending on your location, you may be able to find a Groupon-like deal for first-time customers. It doesnt hurt to look before applying.

Many members, from what we read online, were able to negotiate their initiation fee and monthly dues. If you feel the price is too high, dont be afraid to ask for a lower rate.

The club does reward members who commit for more than one year. If you know you want to stay as a member for longer than 12 months, then it may be wise to commit for up to five years, for instance.

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Intro To Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club is one of the most well-known boat clubs on the market. While it started in Florida, it now has over 275 locations throughout the US, Canada, and France.

Members can use their memberships at each of the locations, which is excellent for those who want to travel. Membership rates vary between sites, but the startup fee is usually around $5,000. The good news is you only pay this once, so its best to keep your membership as long as possible in order to get the best value for your investment. Regular monthly dues usually fall between $200-$800, depending on the location of your home marina.

Aside from a great boat club experience, Freedom Boat Club members also benefit from complementary safety courses. Licensed captains also provide unlimited one-on-one training, so you know how to handle any situation on the water.

Freedom Boat Club maintains a high boat-to-member ratio at each marina and provides a variety of vessels to choose from. The boats available at each marina vary but include the most popular models, from bowriders to center consoles, and more.

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