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How Much Do Touchless Boat Covers Cost

Touchless Boat Covers From Norris Docks

The Convenience of Owning a Touchless Boat Cover!

Touchless Covers for your boat are unparalleled and superior to anything you’ve used in the past to cover your boat on Norris Lake, Tennessee! The Touchless Boat Covers are very different from the traditional custom cover that include mooring cover, canopy and awnings in that it is hands free. Just a simple touch of a button from the remote, allows you to quickly and smoothly cover your boat with maximum protection.

Norris Docks located in Caryville, TN not only offers the Touchless Covers for your boat on Norris Lake but also offer new docks and updates, boat lifts and service as well as PWC/Jetski lifts and ports. They also offer Rave Water Toys: trampolines, slides, climbing walls, logs and more! Norris Docks services all of East Tennessee. For more information about their products and services be sure to give them a call at 426-9615 or visit them online at! They would love to hear from you!

Be sure to check out the video below to learn more about Touchless Covers for your boat!

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The Swiftshield Boat Cover

Fully automated, this boat cover can operate independently of a boats lift or service system. It combines best protection with optimum convenience.Unparalleled and superior to any traditional custom cover, mooring cover, canopy, or awnings, our Automatic Boat Cover has been developed to fit just about every boat application.Simply press a transmitter button to pull your custom boat cover onto your boat, covering the sides and back of the boat. No more hassling with multiple covers or snaps. Not only is it effortless, it offers exceptional protection to your boat from sun fading, birds, critters and debris. Boating is now seconds away, as your boat will be uncovered and launched by the time you walk down the dock! You will use your boat more often, clean it less, and keep it looking new longer.

  • Swiftshield Automatic Boat Cover
  • Swiftshield Automatic Boat Cover

How To Make Your Own Boat Lift Cover

All of our custom-fit boat lift covers are made with our patented canopy, easy-to-use systems, and durable materials. Maintaining the condition of your boat has never been easier! Start by selecting from one of our models and our team will help you create a custom order specific to your needs, budget, and style.

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How Do You Measure For A Canopy Replacement

A standard gazebo canopy measures 10×20, with square canopies trending toward 10×10. When measuring to find a replacement, head to the front or back opening and measure the distance between the legs. Then move to the side and measure from the first leg to the last. This will give you width and length.

Best Diy Boat Cover Support System

Stingray 225SX, Worlds Fastest Luxury Boat, Goes to UAE ...

If you want a cover for your boat, you may also need a support system to hold it in place. Thats what this tutorial is about because in it, this YouTuber shows us how he built a frame to hold the cover for his Jon boat. The frame is made of PVC pipes, and the tarp itself cost only $20 so as you can imagine, the whole setup was extremely inexpensive. And if you want something similar, it should be easy enough to copy his plan at home.

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How Do You Protect A Boat From A Boat Lift Cable

To prevent abrasion on your boat lift cable, it is a great idea to apply penetrating oil to the surface of the cable at routine intervals. Penetrating oil ensures that the galvanized coating on the cable remains in stable condition. In addition, this product helps prevent the cable strands from rubbing together.

Diy: Small Boat Cover Frame Bound To Journal

This blog recounts a common problem that many boat owners probably recognize namely, water pooling inside the boat after snow or rain due to the cover sagging. The simple solution is to build a frame that allows the water to run off over the side and the included video teaches you how to make one.

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Boat Covers Anyone Why Get A Regular Boat Cover If You Can Get An Automatic One You Would Love To Use

Lets face it! A conventional boat cover is a pain. It is no fun dealing with straps and ties, having to climb on your boat and at the same time trying not to get burned by its hot surface. After a long day of boating, you are exhausted to deal with covering your vessel. It takes time and effort. At the end of the day, many boaters dont enjoy their boats as much because of the regular boat cover hassle. Well, not anymore. With our automatic boat covers, you can cover or uncover your boat within 30 seconds. All you have to do is press a remote control button. We carry the worlds only 2 automatic boat covers on the market today: The Touchless Cover and the SwiftShield Boat Cover.

How To Make A Powerboat Cover Sailrite

Easiest Boat Cover You’ll Ever Own – The Touchless Boat Cover

The homemade cover protecting the powerboat in the photo looks highly professional, and as the post promises, youll also find plenty of helpful tips, techniques and step-by-step instructions for making a snug version just like it for your boat. It even includes a video showing how to do it, making this a great resource for anyone interesting in making a DIY boat cover.

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The First Boat Cover You Would Love To Use

Imagine covering or uncovering your boat in seconds, and giving your boat complete protection from the elements and damaging UV rays. No more hassling with multiple covers and painful snaps. No more figuring out which is the front of the cover. With our automatic covers, you will use your boat more, enhance your boating experience, and your boat will stay new longer!

Swiftshield in Wind

  • Cover or uncover your boat in seconds with remote controlled electric or solar version. No more snaps or hassles.
  • Keep your hull from fading, with side and stern coverage. Can be used under a roof or canopy. Custom fit to your boat.
  • Universal design fits most boat lifts. Better security for the boats interior.

How Much Does The Easy Cover Cost

coversEasy Coversmany

. Furthermore, what’s a mooring cover?

Mooring Covers are designed to used while the boat is in the water, on the hoist or on the trailer. They are taller than a towing cover, made to take heavy rain storms without letting water puddle on the cover. Mooring covers can be used for storage, but not for towing.

Similarly, what is the best boat cover to buy? Best Boat Covers

  • MSC Heavy Duty 600D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover.
  • Seamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover.
  • Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover.
  • AmazonBasics Boat Cover for V-Hull Runabouts and Bass Boats.
  • PrimeShield Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover.
  • Also Know, do I need to cover my boat?

    Reality: Whenever a boat isn’t being used, it needs to be covered. If your boat will be stored inside, a good cover will help protect it from dust, mice, etc. If it will be stored outside, a quality cover will help protect it from inclement weather.

    What is a playpen cover for a pontoon?

    A playpen cover for a pontoon boat is designed to cover the boat when in water, in storage or on a trailer, but not while being towed. They are slightly different to mooring covers, as playpen covers don’t cover the front deck of the boat.

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    How Much Does A Boat Cover Cost

    3555 South Main Street

    Just like every dock needs a boat, every boat needs a cover. When youre on the hunt for a cover, there are a few different routes you can go. Deciding on that route will determine the cost, quality and craftsmanship of your cover. Lets take a look at a few of these choices.


    A Generic Box cover will usually run you between $50 and $150. These are the kind of covers that you find online, or at a big-box store like Walmart or Costco. These covers are designed to be mass produced. They fit any number of boats, and they use cheap, low-grade material. All of this means that these covers usually dont fit very well. Their lifespan is very low, usually lasting only about three seasons, at best. If money is tight and youre in a bind as winter approaches, these are a great option. In any other circumstance, though, these covers are just about a waste of money.

    Custom Shop Cover

    The thread choices may be the most important option in a cover. By using a good quality thread, a good portion of Boat Cover repairs will be eliminated. Unbounded thread will be the cheapest . Bonded Dacron, and PTFE are some other choices. The most important thing is to use the right thread for the right application, so make sure you are asking your fabricator what they intend to use to hold your cover together. Youll want to know, just in case something ever happens to it.

    Now, how you pick which fabricators to use is a whole different article.

    How To Make A Power Boat Cover

    Mastercraft X30 2002 Boats for Sale &  Yachts

    The written introduction to this video tutorial tells you it will teach you how to make a custom cover for your powerboat, and if thats what you need, its recommended watching. At well over an hour, its a long video, but that means it goes into plenty of detail to help ensure your project is successful and the cover you make is a perfect fit for your boat.

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    Four Convenient Boat Canopy Positions

    Our wireless remote-controlled key fob signals the Easy Cover to effortlessly transition to and from four different positions:

    • Cover position to protect your boat when it is docked and tucked away
    • Bimini position which shades the back half of the boat and leaves the front of the boat open for basking in the sun
    • Double Bimini position which covers the entire playpen and provides additional shade protection for you and your passengers or shields you from those quick summer pop-up rain showers and,
    • Bridge position which lowers the Easy Cover providing even more shade and allowing you to pass under many channel bridges.

    The key fob is a small, user-friendly remote control with a power button and four pre-programmed position buttons that allow you to select and move the Easy Cover to the desired position at will.

    Buying an Easy Cover for our Crest pontoon was money well spent! While other people at the lake are covering their boats because of weather, we are still on the lake enjoying our time with friends and family. It literally takes only seconds to put in the down position and after the rain, while the neighboring boats are waiting for their covers to dry, we just hit the button and we are back on the lake. Also, as a bonus, when we dock our boat, we can drop the top and get a better view of the lake. Thanks again, Mike A!

    Protect Your Investment Easy Cover Provides Protection From The Elements Helping To Maintain Resale Value

    You know better than anyone, a pontoon boat is a significant investment. The Easy Cover will protect your investment for years to come, which means longer life and a much higher resale value. By making it so easy to cover your pontoon, theres never a reason to leave your boat uncovered when youre not using it. Youll protect your interior from rain and the upholstery baking effects of the sun. The Easy Cover protects your pontoon, while affording you effortless and hassle-free convenience that will get you out on the water in seconds.

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    Make Your Own Winter Boat Cover

    Heres one more video from the same people who made the videos in #2 and #18 and just like those tutorials, this one is long and full of invaluable information. This upload is about making a winter boat cover, and if thats what youre interested in, youd do well to watch this video all the way through.

    Sunstream Introduces New Swiftshield Automatic Boat Covers Compatible With Most Boat Lifts

    Midwest Touchless Boat Covers

    Announcing Revolutionary Hassle-Free Automated Cover System for Boat Lifts

    Sunstream® Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality portable and installed boat lifts and hoists, announced today the launch of the SwiftShield Universal Automatic Boat Cover and the SwiftShield Piling Automatic Boat Cover . These two new configurations join the SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover for the Sunstream SunLift line of products to create a family of cover solutions for most boat lifts in todays marketplace.

    A breakthrough in boat protection, the ABC-U and ABC-P products greatly enhance the boating experience by automatically installing and removing a custom full mooring cover in seconds, offering unparalleled protection that including the sides and stern.

    A patented design, the keychain-remote-operated ABC-U and ABC-P systems actuate an arm with hydraulics and a spring-loaded roller and automatically deploys a tight fitting three-dimensional cover over a boat. The custom-fitted cover is stored on a roller when the boat is being used, consolidating space on board or on the dock, and eliminating the need to handle a dirty cover. When deployed, the cover is automatically unrolled and pulled over the boat.

    About Sunstream Corp:

    Sunstream Corporation, based in Seattle Washington, is the leading portable hydraulic boat lift and hoist manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1996, Sunstream has been recognized multiple times for their innovation and fast growth.

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    Engineering A Solution: Why The Easy Cover Is Perfect For Boaters Everywhere

    By wpeditor | on June 22, 2018

    If necessity is the mother of invention, convenience is her prettier equally maternal twin sister. When either necessity or convenience demands, invent a solution.

    Thats what Michigan native Bruce Jones did when he was tired of the endless hassles when covering and uncovering his pontoon boat. The inevitable wrestling matches with the mooring cover, trying to orient the cover, endless snapping and crawling inside to put up the poles. You will work up a good sweat under that mooring cover and the mosquitos will eat you alive. Fun? Nope!

    It all started after Jones and his wife purchased a summer cottage on Lake Somerset in Hillsdale County and, of course, a pontoon boat. They would take their prized pontoon out almost daily for the first few months. Jones often pondered why it was that so many people had boats but rarely used them. He thought, whats the point of living at the lake and owning a boat if youre not going boating? Isnt that what lake living is all about?

    About that time, Jones started to understand what was stopping people from enjoying the lake. It was the stupid mooring cover! The Mrs. would suggest a boat ride and Jones would visualize all the bookend hassles of uncovering and covering the pontoon had in store for him. Hed find an excuse not to go. Just like everybody else, hed turned into lakefront homeowner with a very expensive dock ornament: his own pontoon.

    Diy Canvas Repair Tips Boating Magazine

    If you already have an old boat canvas and dont want to spend the money on buying a new one, you can DIY one or you can DIY-repair the one you already have. The second option can save you both time and money and can also allow you to put off buying a new one for at least couple of years. Sound like something you might be interested in trying? Then give this post a read!

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    How To Make A Homemade Pontoon Boat Cover Support System

    This is another plan that teaches you how to make a boat cover frame, this time for a pontoon boat. As the blogger explains, theres nothing more frustrating than coming back to your boat and finding it full of water or even critters and this plan will show you how to prevent that from happening.

    How To Make A Boat Cover Boatsafecom

    25 blackfin deep v runabout

    As this post explains, providing your boat with a good-quality cover is important for protecting it, but since boats come in all shapes and sizes, it can be hard to find the right one for a reasonable price. The alternative is to make one yourself, and this blog post tells you all about how to do it, with details on the materials youll need as well as a step-by-step guide to completing the project. A well-written post and well worth a look.

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    Our Diy Boat Cover Adventures On The Club

    When it comes to looking at solutions for covering your boat for the colder part of the year, there are lots of possibilities to consider, but some of them can be extremely expensive. However, the answer these boat owners came up with set them back only around $200, which is a considerable saving compared to the $475+ per year for shrink wrap so their idea is one option that many people would do well to consider.

    About Automatic Boat Covers From Midwest Touchless Boat Covers

    Midwest Touchless Boat Covers is an Authorized Dealer of The Touchless Boat Cover for the Lake of the Ozarks and The Greater Kansas City Area.

    The Touchless Boat Cover systems are MANUFACTURED FOR BOATERS, DESIGNED BY BOATERS.

    Contact us to get a touchless boat cover estimate.

    A truly innovative product,The Touchless Boat Cover offers a convenient and attractive way to protect your boat from weathering, sun damage, and animals by replacing your boats old-fashioned cover with one that is state-of-the-art and remote controlled.

    The Touchless Boat Cover mounts to almost any boat lift system. Its galvanized heavy-duty steel frames provide a durable and long-lasting structure that has been tested in winds of up to 140 mph.

    The fabrics come in a variety of colors, as well as two-toned options, to match any boat or boathouse. And Marine-Grade means that theyre resistant to the elements and to fading.

    All of our boat covers are proudly Made In The USA. In fact, the covers are manufactured by qualified technicians at a facility in Orlando, FL. They maintain the highest standards of quality by making sure each cover meets exacting specifications before it leaves the facility.

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