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Freedom Boat Club Membership For Sale 2021

A Sound Future Investment

Freedom Boat Club hits record memberships in 2021 amid COVID-19

Youll never hear anyone say this about a buying a boat, but investing in Carefree Boat Club is truly a sound investment. As the club grows, the more its value increases. When you join at your local lake, you will also enjoy membership privileges at any of the clubs 50+ other locations. So theres a big benefit in choosing a club that has branches at locations to which youd like to visit. One trend we are seeing more and more of is club members planning their vacations around other boat club locations. Simply click on one of the pricing guide download links, and we will send you our detailed guide to Carefree Boat Club Cost.

Are you a member of carefree boat club? Let us know what your experience has been like in the comments.

Boat Club Offers Fee For Fleet

Freedom Boat Club has franchises in Maine

The Freedom Boat Club has gotten more Mainers out on the water this season than ever before.

We saw a significant increase in members last year and into this continuing year, said Steve Arnold, owner of the Freedom Boat Clubs Maine franchise. COVID was a big push for people to get outside and reconnect with their families. Boating was the perfect thing for that.

Buying into Freedom Boat Club means access to the fleet of boats that are shared among its members. Started in Sarasota, Fla., in 2009, FBC now operates across the world and is considered the single largest marine franchise in the U.S.

Youre allowing more people to get access to the water by joining Freedom

Steve Arnold has worked for, and owned, marinas for a long time. He purchased the Yarmouth Boat Yard in 2004 and in 2013 bought the Moose Landing Marina in Naples.

When Arnold decided to purchase FBCs Maine franchise in 2017, he made the boat sharing service available at his own marinas as well as expanding to additional locations in Portland, South Portland, and Boothbay Harbor.

The whole sharing aspect really resonated with me, said Arnold. Youre allowing more people to get access to the water by joining Freedom versus just coming into the marina and requesting a slip.A slip is like a single parking spot for a boat at a marina. Arnold explained that theres not much turnover for slips, so marinas get crowded fast.

The Port & Starboard Option: Our Newly Designed Boating Plan

  • Higher Accessibility Rates & Lower Prices just in time for Summer. We’ve created two boating groups to alleviate accessibility issues and cut down on wait times while also providing a higher quality product for our members. Group Port can make a planned reservation on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays while group Starboard can make planned reservations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

  • Members get 6 Planned reservations on any day regardless of boating plan

  • Usage at any of our 31+ locations across the Greater Tampa Bay area along with the choice of over 550 vessels

  • Unlimited ‘Day Of‘ boating. You can still take a boat out on ANY day, just call your desired dock or book online

  • Access to a fleet of exclusive Luxury vessels

  • 4 Rolling reservations.

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Fluctuations On The Local Market

The boat club fee also depends on fluctuations on the local market, meaning the membership is typically more expensive in metropolitan market areas. The price range is constantly between $4,000 to $5,000, with slight differences depending on this particular factor.

The local market fluctuations affect docking and slip fees, license fees, and office space prices. Therefore, the boat membership costs are always related to these expenses. In other words, you can expect that prices will be higher when Freedom boat club needs to pay higher stationary fees.

Freedom Boat Club Cost: Membership Plans & Prices

2021 Grady White Freedom 235

Boating Made Simple this is the very motto of Freedom Boat Clubs. Through North America and now almost everywhere, FBC is a well-known name among boat lovers and connoisseurs. If youre someone who loves spending excursions out on the water, FBC can entertain you with all the perks in the world.

The Freedom Boat Club cost, however, is anything but cheap. The one-time entry fee itself will cost you about $5000. And if you choose to opt for membership plans instead, you can expect to spend around $300-$700 every month. The range varies depending on the region and extremities of the selected plan.

Dont get all spooked out just yet knowing about the prices right away. Compared to the amount and quality of services and facilities that they provide, the money is more than worth it.

Plus, such luxurious habits are an acquired taste, theres no doubt about that. If you know what youre doing, FBCs the best place to spend your hard-earned money. And lets face it, owning boats come with so many different maintenance, repair and storage costs. If you really think about it, renting a boat for 300 bucks a month is nothing compared to that.

Well discuss in detail why its more beneficial to rent boats from FBC if you dont own any water vehicles. In todays article, were going to double down on the general and extracurricular costs/fees of renting boats from FBC.

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    How Do I Join Freedom Boat Club

    Joining a boat club is as simple as providing your details and then paying for the one-time fee and the monthly membership fee. If you travel a lot, you need a boat club with boats in different places around the country so that you can use your membership to the fullest.

    Freedom Boat Club requires you to choose your location, give your name, and then continue to pay a one-time payment and a monthly membership fee. The one-time payment varies based on several factors and so does the monthly payment.

    How much is Freedom Boat Club a month? The Freedom Boat Club one-time payment is about $5,000 . From there, you will pay a monthly fee of between $300 and $700.

    It may sound like you are paying a lot to be a member, but this is more than 60% cheaper than owning your boat. Once you pay that amount, you never have to deal with boat storage, wrapping, maintenance, and towing.

    The entry fee varies based on the market situation. The entry fee is also different in different locations as the market varies from one market to the next. If the boats are in a popular boating destination, you may have to pay a higher entry fee.

    The boat club pays higher marina charges, including slip fees and office space than they would in other locations. If you live in a large metropolitan market, be ready to pay a higher fee.

    Once you pay the needed fees, you will have unlimited access to a boat. You can book as many times as you need. However, you have to reserve a boat in time.

    Freedom Boat Club Overview

    The monthly fee will entitle a member to unlimited boating at their home port location and four outings a year at any of the 80+ locations throughout the world. A member may have up to four active reservations at a time and can book as far out as six months in advance.

    Freedom Boat Club boats range from 16 to 24 feet, including flats, skiffs, deck boats, pontoons, bow rides, sailboats, and kayaks, with almost all boats younger than three years old. All options will vary from location to location.

    The club will clean, maintain, store and do all of the prep work on its fleet so you dont have to.

    The membership will also include a two-hour training class to learn how to operate the various boats in the fleet.

    According to members, a two million dollar insurance policy along with a $2,500 deductible is included as well, but this may vary from location to location.

    Aside from the boats, clubs will hold a dock party at least once a month, offering a member the opportunity to meet other members of the club.

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    How The Club Works

    Members of the Freedom Boat Club pay a one-time sign-on fee, plus a monthly fee of $369, or $269 if you just want to use boats on weekdays.

    The Free Press is unable to publish the sign-on fee due to the club’s corporate policy, but you can reach out to your local club for more pricing information.

    Once you’re a member, you reserve a boat and it’s yours from sunrise to sunset, Dobreff said. You can bring guests, water skis, tubes and whatever else you want. For all intents and purposes, the boat is yours, he said.

    Each membership comes with mandatory training by club captains, and each boat is fully stocked with life jackets. Boat club employees clean the boats, dock them and repair them. Members can utilize the boat club at every location internationally.


    The only extra cost members pay for is fuel. At the Harrison Township location, there’s a gas dock at the end of the river for boaters to fill up their tanks. At the other Lake St. Clair locations, the club tracks your usage, fills it up for you and charges your credit card. The boat club uses regular gas, so the price varies as it might when you fill up a car tank. Things like cruising speed and the type of boat impact the tank size.

    Members can rent out boats as frequently or infrequently as they want, Dobreff said, and a lot of prospective members worry there won’t be enough boats to go around.

    Freedom Boat Club Accelerates Northeast Expansion Acquires Connecticut Franchise Operation And Territory

    Freedom Boat Club, 10a

    VENICE, Fla., Oct. 18, 2021 — Freedom Boat Club, a division of Brunswick Corporation , announced today that it has acquired its Freedom Boat Club of Connecticut franchise operation and territory from the current owners. The acquisition includes all current Connecticut-based locations, as well as the rights to expand and build new club locations in the territory. Currently, there are seven Freedom Boat Club locations across the Connecticut coastline from Stamford to Mystic, with plans for continued expansion ahead of the 2022 boating season.

    Freedom Boat Club entered the Connecticut market in 2016 and has been very successful in attracting new boaters to its shared-access participation model under the leadership of marine industry veterans, Richard Cromwell and Peter DeVilbiss. Membership at the Connecticut club locations has consistently grown at a double-digit percentage annual rate over the past six years, a testament to the owners and staff, all of whom are intended to be retained during the transition.

    Brunswick Corporation and Freedom Boat Club have both been fantastic partners to us over the years and were thrilled to see their continued success in the market, said Richard Cromwell. As long-time participants in the marine industry, we know our members will be in great hands under Freedoms leadership and look forward to seeing many of our members on the water during the 2022 boating season.


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    Our Members Bill Of Rights

    We operate according to an established Members Bill of Rights, which is given to all new members, and clearly communicates what you should expect as a member of Freedom Boat Club.

    We highly encourage you to read it for yourself. for more information.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Freedom Boat Club. We hope you found this article helpful! Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, and to treat our members in the same manner as we would want to be treated.

    Freedom Boat Club has been in business since 1989, and is the oldest and largest boat club in the world. With more than 15,000 members and a 93% annual retention rate, we strive to provide superior boating experiences for our members, helping to create memories to last a lifetime!

    The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Freedom Boat Club Membership

    There are plenty of wonderful benefits or advantages of having a Freedom Boat Club membership, such as:

    • Unlimited access to the Home Club fleet of more than 1,600 different boats, all offering different amenities and gear
    • Ability to boat in more than 150 locations across 30 states, including Florida, and Canada
    • Access to free, unlimited boating guidelines and training classes
    • Perks of choosing among multiple membership plans or even customizing your own plan
    • The ability to book boats via a user-friendly online reservation platform

    However, the disadvantages of Freedom Boat Club membership generally involve the high costs associated with a one-time entry fee and expensive monthly dues. In addition, if you have already learned all about boating practices and how to stay safe when in a boat on the water, you may also find it bothersome that youre required to attend a basic training class at one of their club locations.

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    After Entering Boat Club Market Earlier This Year Brunswick Acquires Freedom Boat Club

    In May, Brunswick Corporation acquired Freedom Boat Club, the largest boat club operator in the country with close to 200 locations and 20,000 members. The Freedom Boat Club fleet of 2,200 boats operates across 30 states, Canada and Europe. Brunswick had already entered into the market, launching its in-house boat club solution, Onboard, in Fall 2018.

    Brunswicks primary business is boat and engine manufacturing, in addition to the largest global parts and accessories portfolio in the marine industry. It produces 15 boat brands and many engines, parts and accessories. In addition to its physical product, Brunswicks Business Acceleration division houses the Boating Services Network, which provides a variety of financial services to help facilitate boat sales in addition to now housing shared access business models like Freedom.

    We have on our wall our people are our product, said Cecil Cohn, president of Boating Services at Brunswick. Cohn has spent his career at Brunswick, most recently as president of Crestliner, before moving to his current position in 2016.

    With the goal of growing its boating services, Brunswick started looking at boat clubs and other boat services. The whole shared access concept the boat club model, daily boat rentals, peer-to-peer and fractional ownership all of those are great ways to grow boating participation, Cohn said.

    Wed like to explore the rental space, but dont know exactly where it will take us yet, Cohn said.


    What Is Not Include In The Freedom Boat Club Membership Fee

    2021 Grady White Freedom 215

    There are many perks for becoming a Freedom Boat Club member. However, there is one thing that is not covered by any Freedom Boat Club plan. It is the fuel.

    Freedom Boat clubs make use of fuel flow meters. When you check out from the dock, a fuel flow meter is initiated. This will then be reviewed upon return to determine the amount of fuel consumed. This means that FBC only charges you for the fuel used during your outing.

    Several Freedom Boat Club franchises also offer optional programs. These programs may include special insurance coverage. They can also include towing provisions.

    At the dock, someone will assist you with boarding, check-in, dock departure, and returns. Freedom Boat Club has a dedicated professional dock staff for all members. They will also assist you when it comes to loading and unloading your gear.

    Members can tip them for their service. While tipping is fully done at the members discretion, FBC nonetheless encourages members to tip them.

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    Why Does Monthly Membership Plans Vary

    The reasons are the same to vary the monthly membershipplans with pricing and options. Thats why some clubs are located in some warmclimate zones offer unlimited year-long boating.

    Also, they entail operations, staffing, maintenance, andongoing service for the whole year. These all require extra money and all ofthese make your boating experience more expensive.

    But, there is some seasonal boat business operating clubsdue to the rough weather conditions out there. When it comes to the off-seasonmonths of the business, you should pay the monthly fee to store, maintain, andwinterizing the boat.

    You might be worried to pay for the offseason. No worry, youcan choose membership with pre-selected months. Many boat clubs come with theoffer of 3 and 6-month based seasonal membership. It could be a great optionfor you if youre looking for reducing the monthly cost.

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    What If I Need Some Education

    New boaters may be a little hesitant to sign up for a membership, even if they feel like the water is calling to them.

    It can be extremely nerve-wracking to try to learn everything necessary to sail successfully and safely.

    While some of the smaller clubs offer little more than a short video, both Carefree Boat Club and Freedom Boat Club offer more extensive education.

    Freedom Boat Club is proud to offer unlimited one-on-one training with the United States Coast Guard licensed captains. You will learn everything in a classroom setting before transferring to an actual boat on the water.

    Class topics include:

    • Advanced courses

    If you need a refresher, you are free to sign up for an additional session.

    It may take you more than one or two brief lessons to feel completely competent and confident in the open water, so be patient with yourself.

    Similarly, Carefree Boat Club also offers training. You will receive a training manual, one classroom session, and a hands-on class with the dockmaster.

    Members learn Carefree Boat Club processes, general navigation, docking, and safety protocols.

    Most of the topics covered in these classes will be equivalent to those taught at Freedom Boat Club.

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    Unlimited Access To Their Boats

    As a member, you can reserve any available boat for their fleet without limitations. You can also secure any vessel for a certain period through an online reservation system.

    This way, you can ensure four boats in advance, according to your plans. However, you can immediately book another boat after using one.

    According to the membership plan you choose, the club doesnt have any restrictions on the number of boats you reserve throughout the year. Plus, you can use the desired vessel at any time of the day.

    Thanks to cooperation with a few reputable boat manufacturers, the club always offers new and attractive boat models.

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