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What Is The Average Cost For Boat Storage

Pros Of Storing Boat At Dry Stacked Storage

The Boating Guy – What are the costs of boat ownership?
  • Dry-stacked storages are safer than marinas because, at the marina, you store the boat in water, and barnacles or corrosions may form on the boat hull, or bad weather can cause any damage to the boat.
  • People working at the dry-stacked storage will keep the boat in the water if you call them in advance, and they will remove the boat from the water. Meaning they will take care of the boat entirely by keeping the boat in the water and taking the boat out of the water.
  • In dry-stacked storage, they will secure the boat properly using CCTV or some surveillance to avoid theft.

Difference Between Wet Slips Vs Dry Storage

While dry storage for boats is any storage option where the vessel isnt left to stand in the water, wet slip storage is when you park a boat directly in the water. A slip is actually the space between walkways at the marina. Wet slips are highly trafficked and well lit areas. They may be secured by video surveillance or other security, but this varies between marina facilities. The main benefit of wet slip storage is convenience if you want to use your boat, its already in the water ready to sail, no towing required to get it into the water. Afterwards, you can then park it back in the slip at the marina when youre done. The biggest downside to wet slip storage is the price. The cost for such a convenience isnt cheap. Typically, you have to pay a docking fee to reserve a wet slip, which can easily reach over $1,000 a year depending on the size and whats available. If you live in warm climates and are out on the boat a lot, the fee may be worth it.

Where To Store A Boat

People with a lot of land can store their boat directly on their property. Before you do this, make sure your town doesnt have any regulations against it. Also, pick a spot that is away from any trees. Even if you keep your boat covered, the influx of leaves and debris can be detrimental to your boat in the long term.

Some other inexpensive boat storage options include:

  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Barn

However, if you have a boat longer than the length of a car or truck, youll likely need to look elsewhere for storage. Depending on where you live, some boats can be kept in the water year-round. However, if you dont plan on using your boat for a length of time, consider storing the boat on land.

Businesses that usually offer boat storage:

  • Self-storage facilities

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Why Settle For One Boat When You Can Have A Whole Fleet

As a Gulfstream Boat Club member, youll have access to more than twenty boats, in many sizes and models, seven days a week. That means that with one purchase you can have a variety of experiences. One of our experienced captains can take you and your friends on a fishing excursion. We supply the fishing gear if you need it. Or a captain can take you out on the Intracoastal for a cruise to brunch at a dockside restaurantperfect for Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, or other holidays which require keeping lots of family members happy and busy! Ask yourself: What is the cost of owning a boatplus another five or six?

Or, if you are comfortable at the helm, take out one of our center console, dual console, deck, or pontoon boats yourself. Gulfstream Boat Club can recommend outings both south and north of our Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Hypoluxo locations. How about a trip to Peanut Island, where you can dock, tour the island, or just take a swim? Or motor south to Lake Boca, where theres plenty to do and see. Each member of GBC receives their own custom-designed map of the area, which highlights boating and fishing sites you wont want to miss.

Types Of Boat Storage Units

How Much How Does It Cost To Own A Boat

If you need to store your boat off-site, youll find many storage facilities near you that can accommodate you. There are pros and cons to each option mentioned below. Outdoor storage will save you money on storage, but indoor storage might save you on repair costs in the long run. Remember that not every facility will have every available size or option, so its best to call in advance.

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Types Of Dry Boat Storage

At some marinas, dry boat storage means lifting your boat out of the water onto a rack. The boat stays close to the water or in a warehouse. Sometimes, these warehouses are even heated. However, this kind of storage is mostly found at the coasts especially in warmer areas like California, Texas, or Florida. You may although also find dry rack storage in places like Chicago or popular boating areas like Lake Tahoe.

If youre like most boat owners, a trailer is a close companion to your boat. You take the away from the lake or ocean and find storage somewhere inland. This is especially true for boat owners in the Midwest and Mountain West. Long winters make west slip storage impractical and unnecessary. Plus, youll never take out the boat in the middle of January.

Even storage on a trailer can have some different options. Many boats are shrink wrapped to keep out dirt, water, and animals. Theres also the question whether to store the boat outside or indoors in a garage or storage facility. Of course, these different storage methods have different costs.

Boat Safety Equipment And Accessories:

Youll not only need safety gear , but youll most likely want a stereo, lighting, watersports towing equipment, etc., to fully enjoy your boat. The South Florida sun is as strong as it gets and its effects are magnified when out on the water. You should thinking about wearing not only sunscreen but hats, sunglasses, and sun-safe clothing.

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Cons Of Storing Boat At Indoor Self Storage Facility

  • If the indoor self-storage facilities arent located near the marina, you might need to rent or borrow a trailer to take your boat from the indoor self-storage facility to the lake or shore.
  • Storing the boat at indoor self-storage facilities is expensive in many places and depends on the time .
  • Some indoor self-storage facilities may be too small, height and length-wise, for your boat and trailer.

Pros Of Storing Boat At Outdoor Self Storage Facility

An in Depth Look at the Cost to Owning an Offshore Boat
  • Outdoor self-storage facilities are cheaper than storing the boat at a marina or dry-stacked storage.
  • Most of the self-storage facilities will have CCTVs to keep an eye on your boat to avoid any thefts.
  • You can find self-storage facilities anywhere because they are many self-storage facilities in the country.

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Storage Unit Size For A Houseboat

A small houseboat will fit into a 20×40 space, but you will need a specialty storage space if you have a large boat. Since most storage units are approximately eight feet tall, it’s important to remember to take your boat’s height into consideration. When it comes to storing your houseboat, the most common methods are dry lift storage and enclosed storage. Be sure to properly block and stabilize your boat.

Choose A Boat Storage Option That Fits Your Budget And Needs

Did you know that the average cost of storing a boat could be anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand? The cost depends on the type of boat you have. The key is to choose a storage option that best fits your budget, as well as your needs.

One of the biggest mistakes boat owners make is waiting until the last minute to secure their vessels winter storage. If you live in an area where boating is extremely popular, it can be challenging to find winter storage. Unless you have enough space on your property to accommodate your vessel when the temperatures start to drop, you should start taking steps to store your boat before winter sets in.

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Cost Of Building Storage Units

Storage units do not incur as large of a cost as some other kinds of buildings because they normally do not require climate-controlled interiors. However, more advanced units with full climate control can be more expensive.

When it comes to a storage unit, there are main categories of expenses to look at:

  • Land $353,925
  • Financials Costs $100,000

Total $3,500,000

We will take a look at each of these categories of expenses and give some estimates for costs as well as factors that can influence those costs.

Why Should You Store Your Boat

Boat Storage

Even if you have space in your driveway to store a boat, its best for the longevity of your boat to store it. Depending on the size of your boat, keeping it at home may not even be an option. Zoning laws and HOA rules may prohibit the storage of a recreational vehicle anywhere on your property.

The biggest advantage of boat storage is protecting it from damage and theft. When you store your boat at a secure location, you have the benefit of security systems you may not be able to afford at home.

Using a trusted storage company also helps protect your vessel from damage. Not only does this help maintain the appearance and performance of your boat but also helps it retain its value over time. Youve made an important investment and youll want to keep it looking and running like new for a long time.

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Whats The Average Cost To Store A Boat

Not every boat owner has the luxury of living right on the water. Most folks who own a boat have to find somewhere away from home to store their vessels. When boating weather arrives the last thing youll want to do is spend all that lovely weather making repairs due to improper storage. There are many costs to owning a boat, so its a good idea to know what to expect to pay when looking for a storage option. How much does it cost to store a boat?

Here are some things to consider along with a breakdown of costs.

Upfront Costs & Annual Maintenance

Before you buy, you’ll want to consider the upfront purchase costs. The first step is figuring out how you want to spend your time on the water and what type of boat you want to buy. You might want a fishing boat, or a bowrider for family fun. Perhaps a cabin cruiser that could house your family overnight for extended trips, or a specialty craft like a pontoon boat for family parties or a ski/wake boat for watersports.

Our Boat Finder Tool can help you identify the boat style thats right for you by selecting your preferred activities, number of passengers and more criteria for your ideal boat. Then, be sure to learn more about the initial purchase costs in our comprehensive guide on Boat Values and Prices: Negotiating Your Purchase.

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Metal Vs Brick/cinderblock Buildings

Nowadays, the vast majority of storage units use standardized metal frames that you can erect fairly simply. Often, these kinds of frames can serve as an alternative to traditional construction. The average cost for metal buildings like these is approximately $80,000 for a 10×20 unit long section.

Given that the average storage unit facility has 526 units, that comes out to around $250,000 in costs for metal frame buildings. These kinds of metal storage unit frames can be much cheaper but they do not come with any special kind of climate control. In order to get climate control, you will likely have to build a separate building.

Generally speaking, most storage units nowadays are not made out of brick or cinder blocks anymore. These kinds of materials are just not very cost-effective for storage anymore. So if you are going the route of building a new unit, we would highly recommend sticking with metal construction.

What Rv And Boat Storage Options Does Public Storage Offer

True Cost Of Owning A Boat

We offer both covered and uncovered parking in sizes up to 35 feet. Not every Public Storage facility has each boat and RV storage option and may not offer this type of storage at all.

Check with your nearest Public Storage location for their RV and boat storage options and availability. You can visit a property to measure the height of the canopy for covered RV and boat parking to make sure your vehicle can fit underneath.

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Cost Of Owning A Boat = Commitment Of Time And Money

Owning a boat is a huge commitment of time and money, especially for a busy family. Kids activities might make it difficult to use your own boat every weekend. Gulfstream Boat Club makes it easy to enjoy a boat when its convenient for you. All of our boats are expertly maintained, and have life jackets, stereos, depth finders, and up-to-date electronics. No need to stop for fuelwell fill er up. And we have an online reservation system that allows you to book boats anytime.

At Outdoor Self Storage Facility $5 To $20 Per Ft Per Month

On average, storing a boat in an outdoor self-storage facility costs $10/ft per month. But the price can vary from as low as $5/ft per month to as high as $20/ft per month or more depending on the length of the boat, seasonality, and the location.

The outdoor self-storage facility is cheaper compared to an indoor self-storage facility. And it also gives less protection for your boat. So, if you live in an area where the weather is fairly mild throughout the year, outdoor self-storage is an affordable option.

However, if it is not located near the lake or shore, that makes it a less convenient option for boaters because they need to go near the storage first and then trailer the boat from the storage to the lake or shore, double work.

You need to store a boat on the trailer, or blocking is needed to store the boat at these outdoor self-storage facilities. There is one more category in this storage category, which is covered outdoor storage. This stays between the indoor and outdoor storage in terms of cost and protection.

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Cons Of Storing Boat At The Marina

  • Most marinas charge by the foot. Length OverAll is the boats total length, including the dingy or any other attached at the back , increasing the boats length and cost.
  • Storing the boat at a marina might be expensive in some places and depends on the season and the place.
  • Bad weather and sunlight can damage the boat if it is not placed in a covered slip.
  • Keeping the boat for a long time in the waters can cause many problems such as growth, barnacle, blisters, etc. So, it requires additional maintenance such as bottom paint and barrier coat to prevent barnacles or algae or corrosion on the boat hull.
  • You cant ensure the security of your boat. There is a high chance of boat damage due to bad weather or while docking.

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Use Neighbor For Dry Boat Storage

How Much to Winterize A Boat? (Average Cost)

A solution to all the hurdles that come with the stress of finding boat storage that meets all your needs is to store your boat with Neighbor. Storing with Neighbor means your boat stays at someone elses home in the community. If you dont have the space at your own home or dont want to frustrate your wife parking it next to her roses, storing with Neighbor is a better option.

Another benefit to storing your boat with Neighbor is the convenience to find a space that works for you. Maybe you dont need covered storage, or maybe you want a place that will let you come and go with easy access. No matter what youre looking for, youre sure to find something secure, convenient, and affordable to store your boat through Neighbor.

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Other Boat Storage Considerations & Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing the vessel for storage is an important process. By taking the appropriate measures before storage, you can more easily ensure your boat or yacht is as close to seaworthy as possible upon your return.

Make sure the boat is washed thoroughly before storing the boat. Remove any perishables from the boat. Drain the bilge, and discuss with the marina personnel if there are any restrictions pertaining to how much fuel is left in the tanks .

For boaters up north, winterizing is a topic that commands more attention than we will give it in this article, but its worth mentioning at a high level. When the boating season winds down up north, there are crucial considerations such as whether to remove your boat from the water, winterizing the vessel and its various systems and finally where to store the boat. For some, this means indoor, climate-controlled storage . For others, it means going through a full process to protect the boat being stored outside. Shrink wrapping, winterizing the engine, taking care of the fuel and battery systems and more are all considerations that must be made. If youre a new boat owner, its best to lean on a professional to ensure your boat is properly cared for as you approach the winter season.

The following are frequently asked questions regarding boat and yacht storage:

Can you bring an outside crew to clean or work on the boat?

If you have a boat in high and dry storage, how long does it take to launch?

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