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What Type Of Battery Do I Need For My Boat

Battery Tips For Best Performance

What kind of Batteries do I need for my Boat? Marine batteries explained!

No matter what kind of battery chemistry you choose, follow these recommendations to get the best performance:

  • Stay with one battery chemistry . Each battery type requires specific charging voltages. Mixing battery types can result in under- or over-charging. This may mean replacing all batteries on board at the same time.
  • Never mix old batteries with new ones in the same bank. While it seems like this would increase your overall capacity, old batteries tend to pull down the new ones to their deteriorated level.
  • Regulate charge voltages based on battery temperature and acceptance to maximize battery life and reduce charge time. Ensure that your charging system is capable of delivering sufficient amperage to charge battery banks efficiently. This generally means an alternator with an output that is 25% to 40% the capacity of your entire battery bank.
  • Keep batteries clean, cool and dry.
  • Check terminal connectors regularly to avoid loss of conductivity.
  • Add distilled water to flooded lead acid batteries when needed. Keep them charged. Leaving them in a discharged state for any length of time will damage them and lower their capacity.
  • Clean corrosion with a paste of baking soda and water.

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Types Of Marine Battery

Choosing the right type of marine battery is going to be crucial for your boats performance, and when it comes to picking the right type, you also have to consider the chemistry of the power cell. Before you choose the battery for your boat, you have to keep in mind that the battery will handle two things starting your boats engine and running all of its electrical load. Being aware of this aspect will make sure that the battery you are going to purchase will have the capability to provide every power that you need for your boat.

  • Smaller boats that need enough power for both starting their engine and running their electrical loads from a stand-alone battery.
  • They are also suitable for sailboats with two interchangeable batteries for powering electrical loads.
  • Dual purpose batteries can a be a good replacement battery for boats that need enough power for their electrical load and starting their engine compared to starting batteries.

Those are the different types of batteries that you can choose from. You have to keep in mind that selecting the right type of battery is going to be crucial for your boats performance. Now you have to learn about the different types of battery chemistry to make sure that you are going to pick the best suitable battery for your needs.

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Electric Outboard Motors Are Not Trolling Motors

Before we get into depth, lets make it clear that here we are talking about electric outboard motors. Not trolling motors or electric start combustion outboards.

Unlike the trolling motors that can only go at slow trolling speed, true electric outboard motors can provide much higher power: They are designed to be used as the primary power source.

Even small electric outboards, for example, the popular 3hp electric outboard motor, would be enough to power boats weighing up to 1.5 tons including dinghy boats, inflatables, and small sailboats, at a speed of 5 knots.

If you have no idea which one to choose between electric outboard motor and trolling motor , check out our previous post for a detailed comparison.

What Type Of Battery Is Needed For Powering Trailer Winch And Way To Charge It

What Size Battery Do I Need For My Boat?


I am considering the BDW15020 winch or one with similar capacity for my flatbed trailer.The winch I have full specs for lists 240 peak amps, a line speed of 6.9ft/min and has a 43foot cable.Im assuming Id need to use AT LEAST a 25AHr battery based on 240 peak amps, a line speed of 6.9ft/min and 43foot of line = 0.104hr of use per pull? I see that some small powersports batteries example – the Duracell AFM model DTX30LA shown at fall in this range at around 26AHr and 400CCA. Can I use a small battery of this type – or do I need to use a full-size automotive battery?What options do I have for wiring this battery into my trailers 7-pin to make sure it stays charged?

asked by: Jason S

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What Size Battery Do I Need For My Boat

Finding the right size battery for your boat can be a pain. Because just like clothes, boat batteries arent one size fits all. Theres a massive variety of boats out therethat require different battery sizes kayaks, bass boats, pontoons, center console, sail boats, and many others.

That brings us to our next point its important to choose your battery size carefully. Why? Because not every boat is the same, and neither are every boaters needs.The point of boat batteries is to optimize your boats performance, keep a trolling motor running smoothly, and power gadgets like your GPS or fish finder. Choose the right size battery for your boat, and you wont damage your valuable equipment or run out of power.

What Is Special About A Marine Battery For A Boat

Your car batterys job is to provide enough power to turn over, or start, your engine when it is cold. To do this, the battery needs to deliver a lot of amperage for just a few seconds. After the engine starts, the alternator takes over to power all of the electronics in your car and recharge the battery.

Boat batteries often have different demands on them. Your boat motor still needs a battery to start it, but there may be many other power needs that the battery will supply. In smaller, day-use boats, your marine battery must also power the lights, gauges, pumps, and other electronics. On the other hand, fishing boats and live-aboard vessels may require multiple battery types to run household systems or electric motors.

There are three general types of marine batteries to consider: Starting boat batteries, deep-cycle marine batteries, and multi-purpose boat batteries.

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Electric Outboard Motor Weight

The electric outboard motor and battery weight could be a concern, especially for the elderly. Boating is enjoyable, but lugging the heavy batteries over boggy ground to get to a boat in remote areas is definitely not tempting.

If you are looking for a portable electric outboard motor, consider the one with a built-in battery. The electric outboard motor with battery is easy to transport and could save you a lot of trouble.

Some electric outboard motor batteries can even float in the water so there is no need to worry about dropping it while installing the outboard.

Looking for a higher power electric outboard motor?

It will need standalone batteries to power the electric outboard. If you are going this way, wed recommend looking at the E-Series LiFePO4 battery range.

The E-series electric outboard motor batteries offer a modular system from 2kWh to 144kWh. They are very affordable marine-grade batteries with a long lifespan.

What Size Charger Do I Need

What Batteries should I buy for my RV, Caravan, Boat or 4WD?

If youre cruising or anchored out, and arent plugged in except intermittently, you will want enough capacity to recharge in the time you have available, if possible. You need enough juice to replace the power consumed by all the DC loads, as above, plus an average charge rate equaling the amp hours required divided by the hours available. Maximum amperage that batteries can accept during the Bulk Phase of the charging cycle vary depending on battery chemistry: flooded batteries can accept a charge rate of up to 25 percent of C gel batteries have a higher acceptance rate of as much as 30 percent AGM batteries accept the highest charging amps, as much as 40 percent of C.

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Understanding The Ah Rating Of Batteries

Next up we need to know what this Ah rating actually means. Almost every article you will read on the Internet gets this wrong. They will tell you something like a 100 Ah battery can power a 5amp appliance for 20 hours, a 10 amp appliance for 10 hours and a 20 amp appliance for 5 hours.

In other words just take the Ah rating of the battery, divide it by the current the appliance draws and, bingo, you know how long it will last.

This is a common misunderstanding that is repeated over and over all across the web even though it is untrue. However it endures because the real calculations are much more complex.

If you want to dive into the detail it is here, otherwise you are better off using a Peukerts Law calculator. From this we can tell that a 100Ah battery will last:

Trolling Motor Thrust
20 hours

Now beware! Peukerts Law assumes:

  • The battery is brand new and in excellent condition batteries lose their ability to fully recharge gradually as they get older so you will get less run time.
  • A temperature of 77F both hotter and colder temperatures will reduce the performance of a lead acid battery.
  • Changing either of these can make a big difference as to how long your battery will last so you should always add in a large margin. For example if you think a 75Ah battery will be just enough for your trolling needs then purchase a 100Ah battery so you can be confident that in all temperatures, and as it gets older, it will perform.

    Cranking Or Starting Batteries

    These are designed specifically to start your main engine. They are made with thinner and more numerous lead plates inside, allowing for more surface area and thereby providing the quick and massive amounts of energy required for tough starting jobs. While the motor is running, the alternator inside will easily and quickly replenish the used energy.

    If your boat is powered by a newer model outboard with sophisticated computers, pumps and sensors, you definitely want to make certain you have enough starting power. It’s a good idea to check your owner’s manual for the recommended MCA rating before shopping for a battery always choose one with a rating equal to or greater than the recommended value.

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    What Is A Conventional Wet Cell Battery

    Wet cell or flooded batteries are the oldest type of rechargeable boat battery in use today. This chemical type is popular because it is cheap to buy and maintain. A wet cell battery will contain an electrolyte liquid in an unsealed container. Whereas AGM and Gel cell batteries, arent open or contain liquid.

    What You Need To Know About Boat Batteries

    What Size Battery Do I Need For My Boat?

    Usually, by the end of October, many of the lakes have turned over for the winter. Morning steam rising from the water indicates that the heat energy stored in the lake from the long hours of summer daylight is beginning to return once again to the atmosphere as the water begins its annual slumber and ultimate renewal.

    There is perhaps still a little time left for one final outing, but most if not all of you have taken your boats out of the water and gotten them cleaned out, winterized and ready for next springs trek back to your favorite fishing spots. You take very good care of your boats, motors, poles, reels and other gear inside the boat. But have you really taken the time to look after one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have on board your batteries?

    Most of us take our boat batteries for granted, in much the same manner as we do our car batteries. I used to do that. In fact, I had a car that sat in the warmth of the garage all winter. I thought that an occasional blast from a charger would be enough to do the trick. Boy, was I wrong. And the result was a new battery about every other year until, after a lecture from my mechanic, I got a little bit smarter about batteries.

    Although I have found that the subject of batteries and battery maintenance to be a multi-faceted subject that encompasses many different topics, I am going to limit my discussion to a few of the most important basics. I want to briefly discuss:

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    Cautions About Life Expectancy:

    Most average battery life expectancies are shorter these days due to increased energy demands onboard. Heres a sad fact only 27% of batteries sold today reach the 48-month mark. Whats worse is that sulfation build-up is the reason for 80% of all battery failures. Therere many causes of sulfation, such as:

    Cons Of Wet Cell Batteries:

    Unsealed Wet cell batteries have gases venting out of them they arent sealed. Any non-sealed flooded batteries carry the risk of spillage. With the fluid being hazardous to skin, you need to be extra careful around these batteries. Spillage can cause both corrosion and damage to a boat.

    Vents on the battery need to be open, including the battery box that holds the batteries. Unsealed battery boxes need their own maintenance. You will need to buy and carry special safety gear in the event of an onboard battery leak or spill.

    Vertical orientation only Wet Cell boat batteries have fluid inside an unsealed container. So to prevent spillage these batteries should be in a vertical position. If installed in a horizontal position the fluid will leak out and damage the boat. This can create headaches for some boat owners because space comes at a premium.

    Hands on maintenance required This type of boat battery needs water top ups. One part of electrolyte fluid is water, but dont use ordinary water. You should only use distilled water to refill. To refill you need to choose the right time after charging the battery to full.

    As well, you need to consider the right amount of distilled water. Ensure the fluid covers the plates when filling. If you dont, expect the batterys performance and longevity to suffer.

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    How To Choose The Best Marine Battery Vs Deep Cycle Marine Battery: Whats The Difference How To Choose A Deep Cycle Marine Battery For Your Boat

    If you are a boating enthusiast, getting the best marine battery is a must. A Marine Battery can be the best source of power storage and backup and can run the various appliances onboard. For the best recreation and fishing experience, having the right marine battery is essential. When youre thinking of buying a deep cycle marine battery for your, boat, motor home or 4WD, its important to do your research. 12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries are a big investment and appropriate time must be spent ensuring that you make the right choice in terms of quality and design.

    But with so many different types of marine batteries on the market, delving into the world of deep cycle batteries can get confusing. Weve covered the differences between gel, flooded cell and lithium batteries in our free deep cycle battery eBook but what about marine starting batteries? While Marine Batteries share many similarities with their deep cycle counterparts, the design and function of the two batteries are fundamentally different.

    How Do I Know When My Boat Battery Is Bad

    Choosing a Battery Charger for a Boat

    Theres a lot that goes into testing the overall health of a battery. Simply checking the voltage is not enough. Theres much to consider including the specific gravity of all of the cells, internal resistance, sulfation, etc.

    The easiest and most fool proof way is to buy a rugged load tester for your battery. You can enter in the specs that are on your batterys sticker, and the tester will perform a full scan of the current capabilities of your battery in relation to those specifications. It will then tell you the current state of health of your battery.

    This load tester on Amazon is completely affordable and is suited for marine batteries.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser thatsupports HTML5 video

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    Determine The Needs Of Your Boat

    If you are trying to find the right suitable power cell for your boat, you first have to determine the entire electrical load of your boat and the current that it needs to start its engine. As we mentioned above, your marine battery will have to handle two tasks. Starting your boats engine and running its entire electrical grid. If you have an estimated value of these two things, then you will have an idea of what kind of battery you need to handle these two crucial tasks.

    What About Trolling Motors

    If you have a trolling motor on your boat, you will require usually two to three deep-cycle batteries to power it. Unlike gasoline-powered engines, trolling motors run on stored battery power.

    To keep your boat running throughout your adventure on the water, you need to buy those deep-cycle batteries with a large enough storage capacity.

    And have the trolling motor wired up separately on its own circuit.

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    Bps Agm Deep Cycle Battery

    Bass Pros line of AGM batteries gives you outstanding vibration resistance and impact protection, something you may come to need in your boat batteries. These deep cycle batteries are hybrids like the Optima in that they can work well to run your boats trolling motor and electronics, and it can work well as your starter battery for your boat motor, as well. These batteries retail for $179.99 to $249.99 depending on the size you need to fit your boat. They have excellent cold cranking amperage, and being from Bass Pro, you know its going to work. They have a great warranty that goes along with the battery, too, which is something you dont hear much of when it comes to batteries.

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