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How To Get My Boat Licence

What Documents Can I Use As Valid Proof Of Ownership

How to obtain a Recreational Boat Licence

To establish proof of ownership, we accept documents that contain the following information:

  • name, address, and signature of previous owner
  • name and signature of new owner
  • description of the pleasure craft
  • hull serial number or compliance label number and
  • pleasure craft licence number .

Documents that we consider to be valid proof of ownership include the following:

  • bills of sale

Safety Rules For Boats

All boats, regardless of size, must carry lifejackets for everyone on board.

All passengers on board a boat or watercraft of less than 23 feet in length must wear a lifejacket .

If your passenger ship is licensed to carry more than 12 people, it mustpass an annual safety inspection carried out by the Department of Transport,Tourism and Sport.

Saving Money And Getting Experience

If youd like to save money on getting your captains license, there is a really fantastic way to do so.

Instead of taking a course, go ahead and get a job working for a licensed captain. The captain can teach you everything you need to know while paying you to learn.

On top of this, youll also get the hours of experience you need to get your license.

If you still feel you need extra help learning, you can always buy exam preparation software for as little as $100.00.

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Start With Your Pleasure Craft Operators Card

A Pleasure Craft Operators Card is your Transport Canada accredited proof of basic competency to operate a power-driven vessel of any size in Canada. It is also the first step in your journey to becoming a confident boater.

Boating Ontario also recommends additional training for anyone who plans to spend more than a few hours out boating.

You can get your PCOC by taking an in-person or online course and successfully completing the exam. The card is good for life and is enforceable. If youre out on the water, make sure you keep it handy as you can be pulled over and asked for it by law enforcement or volunteer officers.

If you are renting a boat for a short period of time, a PCOC is not required by Transport Canada although it is recommended. Rental companies are equipped with a TC safety checklist, which theyll walk customers through before heading out.

For more information on the Pleasure Craft Operators Card – check out Transport Canada’s FAQs.

To find a Transport Canada accredited course provider, .

Is Being A Captain The Right Move For Me

Applying for a Boating License

If you dont have a lot of experience on the water, you might be wondering if being a captain is right for you especially if youre young. For some reason, theres an assumption that all captains are salty old men with white beards, which just isnt true. Theres a wide range of ages within all levels of the merchant mariner industry both male and female. One great thing about having your captains license is that as long as youre professional and have the skills to back up your credentials, you can land some great jobs.

Questions? Contact a school advisor here.

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Getting A Boat Licence In Nsw

If you are going to be driving a boat that will travel at 10 knots or more then you will need to get a boat licence.

Getting your boat licence is a four step process, similar to getting your car drivers licence.

Study the boating safety manual

You can pick one up at your nearest NSW Maritime office or you can call them and ask them to post you one easy! NSW Maritime 13 12 36 then press 2 to speak to a customer service representative. Ask for the Boating License Handbook. Or, you can

Take the boating safety course

This can be done online at NSW Maritime or attend a seminar near you . Bookings are essential. An alternative to the NSW Maritime seminars are to take a Boating Safety Course conducted by a NSW Maritime accredited provider more information can be found on the Boat Courses Page

Take the licensing exam

Once you have completed the course, head to your nearest RTA or Maritime Centre to sit the exam – cost $28 for a boat licence and $43 for a PWC licence. Once you have successfully completed the exam you will be presented with a certificate of attainment. This is NOT your licence. It is just the slip that certifies your completion of the theory and exam.

Get your licence

You will need to take the Certificate of Attainment along with photo ID to your nearest Maritime authority to get your licence. Cost is $42 for one year or $100 for three years) Young adult and concession licences are also available.

How To Become A Boat Captain

To simplify, becoming a captain requires three things:

  • Boating Experience: The first step in becoming the captain of any vessel is to gain experience either on your own boat or as a crew member on someone elses. You dont have to be a paid crew member to count your sea time toward a credential, as long as youre aboard a registered vessel and the owner is willing to confirm your time. Either way, its best to accumulate crewing experience in your prospective industry before you get your license. For specific boats especially like fishing or parasailing most people start as a deckhand and work their way up. This way, you understand all operations of your vessel and are a better captain when the time comes.
  • Passing a USCG Exam: When working towards getting your captains license, youll need to pass a U.S. Coast Guard-approved exam. This is an important step in how to get your captains license. The exam requires careful studying and covers navigation, Rules of the Road, marlinspike seamanship, Deck General and more. The easiest way to pass the exam is by taking a USCG-approved captains license course. Maritime schools teach you specifically for the test and provide helpful resources and study tools.
  • Completing Certificates, Forms and Fees: After completing your class, youll submit an application package to the Coast Guard. It includes a medical examination, proof of drug screening enrollment and sea service forms, among other things.

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How To Obtain A Motor Boat Licence

A motor boat licence is required to operate a vessel 4hp or more .

  • Motor Boat Licences can only be obtained by completing a BoatSafe Practical Course with an Accredited Provider.
  • Fees apply
  • The motor boat licence is valid for a three year period . Licences all have a common expiry date. It is not a requirement to carry your licence when on the water in Tasmania but MAST by-laws stipulate that, if requested, the licence must be produced within 14 days.
  • Plastic licence cards are no longer automatically issued. If you would like to purchase a plastic card, complete the Application for Plastic Licence Card form and lodge at any Service Tasmania Service Centre together with evidence of identity and the current plastic licence card fee.
  • MAST has been advised by a number of hire companies both overseas and in Australia that producing a plastic licence card is not necessary when hiring a vessel.
  • A motor boat licence is for recreational boating only. You will need a Certificate of Competency to operate a vessel commercially.
  • You can check the validity of your licence through the online Licence Check
  • Please note that licences are valid for three years. All licences have a common expiry date of 30 June 2024. If you hold a current licence, a renewal will be forwarded to you prior to June 2024.
  • All answers are available in the MAST Safe Boating Handbook below.

    A Provisional Licence is available for children aged between 12 and 17 years of age.

    How The Typical Boating Safety Course Works

    How to Get Your Boating License in the USA | BOATsmart!

    Learning: Boating Safety

    To help you become a better informed and safer operator, each course is broken down into 6 easy-to-understand units that you can complete at your own pace.

    Course topics include safe vessel operation, etiquette, boating emergencies, and the legal requirements of boating.

    Assessment: Unit Quizzes

    As you go through the course, youll take a quiz at the end of each unit to determine how well youre understanding the boating safety topics.

    Each unit quiz requires a passing score before youre allowed to go on to the next unit. If you dont pass a unit quiz, dont worry. Youll just go back and study the unit and then try the quiz again.

    Mastery: Course Completion

    When you complete all units, youll then move on to the final steps in the certification process as mandated by your state or province. In most cases, the last step is a final exam that covers all the course material.

    After you have successfully completed all education, you will receive your permanent boater education card in the mail.

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    What If I Go Boating In Another Province

    The PCOC that you receive after taking the online Boat Canada Course from Boat Ed is national, making it the only card that you need to operate a pleasure craft in any Canadian province.

    If you go boating in the United States, the PCOC is recognized by the United States Coast Guard and the U.S. National Association of State Boating Law Administrators as meeting their education standards.

    Do I Need To Do Any Practical Assessment For The Pwc Licence

    No, there is no need to get out on the water on a Jet Ski as part of our course, as the RMS only requires theoretical knowledge.

    If you want to hone your skills or learn any advanced boating techniques, please feel free to look at our personalised custom boating lessons and get expert hands-on training today.

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    Why Should I Take My Boating Safety Course From Boat Ed

    Boat Ed is produced by Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC. Kalkomey is dedicated to providing print and online boating education courses for North American boaters in Canada and the United States. Boat Ed is the only boating safety education course and exam provider that develops online courses, eBooks, and print materials on behalf of government boating and boater safety agencies in North America.

    Boat & Jet Ski/pwc Licence Course In Sydney Nsw

    I pinned this because I want to get my boating license ...

    Doing this course with ABC Sydney qualifies you for a Boat & PWC Licence – which stands for Personal Water Craft, and allows you to ride a Jet Ski.

    This course gets you qualified for your combined Licence in a single day, and is essential for those intending to ride, buy or rent a Jet Ski.

    Get a shortcut straight to the water with everything you need – we include all the practical training, the theory face-to-face in the classroom, and the tests – all the hard stuff becomes easy with ABC!

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    How To Choose A License Tonnage

    The tonnage of license you receive is also dependant on boating experience.

    A 100-ton license requires 180 days aboard boats over 51 gross tons or 360 days aboard boats over 34 gross tons.

    A 50-ton license requires 180 days on boats over 26 gross tons if your service began after March 2014. If your sea service started before March 2014, you only need one day on a vessel over five gross tons. If you dont meet the requirements to make the 50-ton cutoff, youll receive a 25-ton license.

    Figure out the gross tonnage of the boats you crewed on by either contacting the vessel owners or calculating it yourself with the USCG guide to tonnage.

    Can A Junior Get A Boat & Jet Ski/pwc Licence

    So long as the junior is aged between 12-16, they can lodge their application form at the RMS and receive a combined Boat & PWC Licence.

    The RMS website states that a Boat & PWC Licence holder between 12 and 16 must not:

    • Drive at a speed greater than 20 knots
    • Drive in any race, display, regatta, exhibition or similar operation
    • Drive any vessel, other than a PWC, at a speed of 10 knots or more:
    • Without the holder of a general boat driving licence who is 16 years of age or older being present in the vessel, or
    • Between sunset and sunrise, or
    • While the vessel is towing anyone.
  • Drive a PWC between sunset and sunrise
  • Drive a PWC at a speed of 10 knots or more:
  • Without the holder of a PWC driving licence who is 16 years of age or older being present on the PWC, or
  • While the vessel is towing anyone.
  • If you’d like to read more about the restrictions please refer to the RMS.

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    How To Get A Marine Licence

    Once you have your Queensland marine licence, you don’t need to renew itit is valid for life.

    To get a Queensland marine licence, you must:

    When you enrol in a BoatSafe course, you must complete a medical fitness disclosure statement and give it to the BoatSafe training provider. If you are concerned about your medical fitness, tell your BoatSafe training provider who can give you information about processing marine licences with medical conditions.

    Once you successfully complete your BoatSafe course, the training provider will give you a statement of competency. You will need this as part of your application for a Queensland marine licence. Your statement of competency for completing the BoatSafe course is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

    What If I Dont Live In The United States But I Want To Learn Boating Safety

    How To Get Your Boating License in the USA in 3 MINUTES

    Boat Ed resources and educational materials have been developed in conjunction with boating safety experts and state boating safety agencies throughout the United States. State courses are recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and approved by both the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and the agency responsible for boating safety in that state.

    Boat Ed has also been accredited by Transport Canada to offer a boating safety course and administer tests for the issuance of the Pleasure Craft Operator Card , including replacement cards, for Canadian boaters. The Boat Canada course is offered nationwide and has been recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and NASBLA.

    All states, territories, and provinces will recognize boating education cards that meet NASBLA requirements and Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Cards that meet Transport Canadas requirements.

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    How Do I Complete A Declaration Under Oath

    You can complete the declaration under oath on the sample declaration form * provided. However, you can also complete these declarations on another sworn document, as long as the document contains enough information to demonstrate that you are legally entitled to license a specific pleasure craft.

    The declaration should include the following information:

    • The name and address of the new owner
    • the licence number of the pleasure craft
    • the make and model of the pleasure craft
    • the hull serial number
    • the hull material and colour
    • the propulsion type
    • the name of the previous owner
    • an explanation as to why you cannot produce proof of ownership or other documents
    • for an unlicensed pleasure craft, a statement that, to the best of your knowledge, the pleasure craft was not previously licensed
    • the date the original licence was issued
    • your signature as the new owner
    • the signature of a lawyer, notary, justice of the peace, or commissioner of oaths and
    • the printed name of the lawyer, notary, justice of the peace, or commissioner of oaths.

    NOTE: A lawyer, notary, justice of the peace, commissioner of oaths, or another person legally entitled to sign such documents in Canada must sign a declaration under oath. You may have to pay a fee to obtain the signature for a declaration under oath.

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    How To Get Your Captains License

    Last updated on Nov 30, 2021 | Blog

    If you enjoy working on the water and think you might want to get your captains license, hesitate no more its a great decision. Whether youre a deckhand looking for a promotion or you own a boat and want to start making some money, having your license opens up all kinds of opportunities within the merchant mariner world. USCG-approved maritime schools help you get your license and teach you skills to make you a better boater. Before you know it, youll be on your way to lucrative and exciting experiences.

    Throughout this article, well cover everything youll want to know about the Captains License:

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    An Enjoyable Boating Experience Begins With Taking A Course

    Boating is most enjoyable when youre well-trained and confident in your knowledge & skills. Depending on the type of boating you enjoy, and the level of difficulty you intend to embrace, there are many courses available from basic through advanced training to coastal navigation, anchoring, and docking.

    Registering Your Pleasure Craft

    How To Get A Bartending License In Texas / Where to Get My ...

    The Canadian Register of Vessels is a title system that keeps track of the owners of vessels. It contains information on each vessel such as ownership and vessel characteristics, e.g. tonnage, construction material and type. When you register, you receive an official number for your vessel, as well as a unique name. It also provides certain benefits, such as the right to fly the Canadian flag.

    If you intend to use your vessel as security for a marine mortgage, you are required to register your vessel.

    Registration is optional for all pleasure craft, regardless of tonnage and length, as per the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

    There are costs associated with registering. However, the registration is good for as long as you own the vessel. You must carry registration documents on board the vessel at all times, together with any other ownership documents, to help avoid delays clearing U.S. or Canada customs, or in case of a fine.

    Transport Canada provides this registration service. For frequently asked questions on registration, please visit the Vessel Registration Office Web site.

    Registering your small commercial vessel:

    If your vessel is no more than 15 gross tonnage, you may register it in either the Small Vessel Register or the Canadian Register of Vessels. If your vessel is more than 15 gross tonnage, or if you want to register a mortgage, you must register it in the Canadian Register of Vessels.

    Licensed vessels:

    • it is sold to someone else or, if it is not sold

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