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Where Can I Buy Boat Carpet

Factors To Consider When Buying An Boat Carpet

Best way to safely clean your boat carpet! LOOKS BRAND NEW

Now that you know the best products in the market today, you need to know what to consider before buying a boat carpet. What I gave you is a long list, and it probably doesnt include what your friends and family are suggesting. So, I took the liberty of naming the features that should affect your purchase decision.

UV Stability

When youre out fishing or cruising, your floors will be exposed to the unforgiving UV rays. Different materials give your flooring varying degrees of sun protection. They also vary in their ability to withstand sun rays.

Carpets made of rubber, vinyl, and PVS are all not UV-stable. They get easily damaged and color-faded when often exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. Not only that, but some materials also become too hot for your feet to handle, like rubber.

Resistance to Slipping

This feature only becomes more essential the more often you use your boat. Slip-resistance is a protective feature. The last thing you want is accidents due to wet surfaces, making slip-resistant carpets attractive options.

Resistance to Molds and Mildew

One of the reasons for buying a boat carpet is to extend your boats life and usability. This purpose is defeated by not finding a carpet that is resistant to molds and mildew. Rust and molds will eat up your boat if youre not careful.


Ease of Installation

Boat Carpet Replacement Made Easy offers a wide variety of marine carpet for boats, all of which is covered under a three year warranty! We offer 16 oz Cut Pile Boat Carpet , 16 oz Cut Pile Boat Carpet , 20 oz Cut Pile Deluxe Boat Carpet , 20 oz Cut Pile Deluxe Boat Carpet , Premium Textured Boat Carpet , Vinyl Marine Flooring, Bunk Carpet, and several boat carpet adhesives for installation. All of our marine grade rubber backed boat carpet is manufactured to handle the harshest marine environments, along with everyday wear and tear. Have your boat looking and feeling like new again for many seasons and years to come with new boat carpet from

How To Choose Marine Carpet From Bcf

Sea, salt, sun and sand, Raider carpet is a multi-purpose, hard-wearing flooring option available by the metre. With a long service life destined to last for years even under harsh elements, you can pick-up BCF’s range of marine carpet instore to suit your measurement or order online per metre via click and collect. Available in blue, slate or dark grey, you can transform your boat into a stylish and comfortable area to sit back and relax or drop a line.

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Boatcarpetsales Charcoal Bunk Carpet

This carpet is from the BoatCarpetSales that provides ample coverage for most boats because of its ideal measurements.

Whether you are a new or expert boater, the heavy-duty material of this carpet is sure to impress. I liked the material used, which is 100% PET polyester. Unlike other mats, this material is designed to fit on your boat trailer seamlessly, so it looks like it was initially there.

Also, this marine-grade carpet is non-allergenic by nature, making it a good option for boaters who are sensitive to chemicals. They can rest assured that their kids are safe when playing on the board, too.

Notably, the carpet also offers the essential must-haves of any boat carpet, is UV stabilized to minimize fading, and is resistant to mold or mildew. Thus, it provides long-lasting use that will spare boaters from having to seek replacement too soon.

Another unique spec is its thermal bond backing which contributes to its durability and helps with water retention. You can easily use the carpet in any season without worrying because it is also weather resistant.

  • Made from heavy-duty 100 % PET polyester
  • Designed to fit on your boat trailer seamlessly
  • Non-allergenic by nature, ideal for sensitive boaters
  • Resistant to fading, mold, and mildew
  • Has thermal bond backing for reduced water retention
  • Only available in a single charcoal color

Bass Boat Carpet And Aluminum Fishing Boat Carpet

Custom Length Boat Carpet Replacement Cuts by Boat Carpet ...

Our Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet and our Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet are your best choice for American made quality bass boat carpet and fishing boat carpet. These marine grade boat carpets are quality plush cut pile. They do not have loops, so fewer fishing hooks get stuck in your bass boat carpet or fishing boat carpet. Both have sturdy latex backing designed for glueing down, and are make of quality synthetic marine carpeting materials that resist mold, mildew, oil, gas and fading for long lasting beauty.

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Yuanjiasheng Eva Faux Teak Decking Sheet

If you are looking for an environmental-friendly carpet for your vessel, then the Yuanjiasheng EVA Faux Teak Decking Sheet is what you have been looking for all along. It is made of high-quality Ethylene-vinyl Acetate that is non-toxic to your vessel because it makes it resistant to grease, seawater, alkali, acid, or other chemicals corrosion. Maintaining the overall upkeep of your boat is never made easy, but thanks to Yuanjiasheng EVA Faux Teak Decking Sheet, it is as easy as ABC.

What makes this product a must-buy for you and me is that it comes with a variety of features. First of all, it is made with high tensile elongation but not to the point of tearing along with high-density material that makes it last longer. Plus, it has a self-adhesion, making it more convenient for installation. Furthermore, it has a non-slippery surface whether in dry or wet conditions. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it has a smooth, wood-like surface that upscales the aesthetic quality of your boat.

The Yuanjiasheng EVA Faux Teak Decking Sheet has a closed-cell structure that makes it resistant to water and moisture. It also provides a cushioning feel whenever someone accidentally trips or falls over. Plus, it doesnt give a strong odor that usually comes with carpets.

  • It is made of EVA that makes it non-toxic and resistant to corrosive chemicals, and it doesnt have an odd smell to it
  • It is pliable and soft
  • It is reasonably-priced

Replacement Bass Boat Carpet

  • Enter the number of feet needed in quantity box – 10 Foot Minimum

Affordable 16oz bass boat carpet is a good value and is used on many of today’s bass boats and fishing boats. The lightest weight of all the bass boat carpeting we offer it will dry quickly and is very easy to clean. However, it will mat down more quickly than our 20oz or 24oz carpet but it gets the job done and will look great.

  • Lightweight bass boat carpet drys quickly & looks good.
  • UV & mildew resistant synthetic carpet fibers.
  • 3 year replacement warranty.
  • Wraps tight lids and hatches easily.

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Carpet Binding/serging/wide Tape Binding


In addition to providing a wide range of floor coverings, Consumers Carpet does carpet binding on our premises. We will gladly bind any carpet at a very reasonable cost. We provide different styles of binding, wide tape for a beautiful modern look or narrow for a more traditional look surging also provided. Make use of your scrap or leftover carpeting by binding them for use as area rugs for high traffic areas, or for use elsewhere in your home or workshop. Carpet Binding Toronto, Carpet Binding Toronto, Carpet Binding Toronto. Carpet Edging Toronto, Carpet Edging Toronto.

Bring in your own carpet pieces or let us bind your new purchase.

What Is Marine Carpet

How to install boat carpet yourself & the best DIY kit to use.

Flame retardant, insect resistant and anti-static are just some of the benefits of using synthetic fibres. Marine carpet is also a cost-effective solution for boat flooring that can add value and character to any vessel. With stain shield fibres and a high water-resistance rating, you can simply hose it down after any messy fishing stains, while maintaining a professional finish with a modern and stylish look.

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Industrial Supply Hq Standard Cut Pile Marine Carpet

You can be assured of the durability of the Industrial Supply HQ Standard Cut Pile Boat/Marine Carpet because it is meticulously made from OEM materials with synthetic latex that are designed for aquatic environments. This has been carefully selected by highly and esteemed boat manufacturers to assure the durability of the product.

What makes this product worth considering is the fact that it is specifically made to last long in an aquatic environment. Therefore, for boat owners, this is definitely worth contemplating. Also, the carpet is resistant to mildew, gas, oil, fade, and stain now, thats a lot. Most importantly, the Industrial Supply HQ Standard Cut Pile Boat/Marine Carpet is easy to clean and easily dries out fast which makes this carpet ideal for boat use.

The Industrial Supply HQ Standard Cut Pile Boat/Marine Carpet comes in varying lengths and colors. It is made for glue-down installation. This carpet can also be used as raft carpet, dock carpet, bass boat carpet, pontoon carpet, fishing boat carpet, runabout carpet, or even on home improvements talking about versatility, now that is what Im talking about.

bass boat carpet, fishing boat carpet, runabout carpet or pontoon carpet

  • There is no return policy if your main issue is the color of the carpet
  • There are minor color variations

Snap In Boat Carpet Factory Original

Snap-in Boat Carpet by North American Waterway.

Hi Boaters,Rick Ostler here We now are offering Custom Fit Snap-in Carpets made for a perfect fit to your boat.

North American Waterway can provide you a beautifully designed and custom fit snap-in boat carpet that will distinguish your boat from the ordinary. We can offer you custom fit snap-in carpet for your Make. Model and Year of Boat from our large database of Boat Manufacturers.

If we do not have your boat model on pattern we can make Custom Fit Snap-in Carpet from your specifications.

Here are just a few of the Boats we have patterns for

Bayliner Boats | Doral Boats | Lund Boats Alumacraft Boats Triton Boats | Harbercraft Boats Legend Boats | Larson Boats | Glastron Boats Smokercraft Boats | Yamaha Boats | Seaswirl Boats Sylvan Boats | Trophy Boats | Maxum Boats Bryant Boats | Correct Craft Boats | Chaparral Boats Cobalt Boats | Crestliner Boats | Ebbtide Boats Four Winns Boats | Malibu Boats | Mastercraft Boats Palm Beach Boats | Regal Boats | Rinker Boats Sea Ray Boats | Skeeter Boats | Starcraft Boats Stingray Boats | Stratos Boats | Supra Boats Tige Boats | Tracker Boats | Crownline Boats Fisher Boats | Procraft Boats | Boston Whaler Boats Astro Boats | Bombardier Boats | Baja Boats Edgewater Boats | Mako Boats | Monterey Boats Moomba Boats | Nautic Star Boats | Scout Boats Sea-Doo Boats | Summit Boats | Tahoe Boats FinCraft Boats | Triumph Boats | AND MANY MORE!

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Tie Down Engineering Bunk Board Carpet

Tie-Down Engineering is one of the best options if you want to upgrade old carpets. It has impressive functionality and comes at an affordable price.

Unlike other carpets that require you to make multiple cuts to fit a larger surface, this boat lift bunk carpet is 11 by 12 feet long. Such width is wide enough for most purposes and sizes and ensures that your carpet fits into the bunks perfectly.

For new boaters, they will especially love the innovative backing that makes it easy to install. With this backing, installation is effortless and quick, even for first-timers. This backing is also effective in preventing slippage when loading and unloading the boat.

Compared to other carpets, I can say that this carpet is much more resistant to fraying. You can easily cut it into a custom size without worrying about destroying the edges. Such a fray-resistant feature also means that it will last longer.

Additionally, no matter the weather condition, the carpet protects your boat trailer. Other issues like mold are also covered with this all-weather carpet.

  • Larger width reduces the number of cuts required for installation
  • Features smart backing, which makes installation a breeze
  • Much more resistant to fraying compared to other products
  • Resists impacts due to drastic weather conditions
  • Stops issues like mold, mildew with its water-resistance qualities
  • Thinner than expected

Bascar 28 Oz Pontoon Boat Carpets

Snap In Boat Carpet Replacement Reviews &  Tips ...

Next on our list is the best pontoon boat carpeting in the market. The Pontoon Boat Carpet from BasCar comes in various lengths. Different colors are available so you can decide on the vibe and ambiance of your boat by picking the right one. The colors to choose from are sand, royal, burgundy, ocean, granite, and charcoal.

This carpet has a rubber back which makes it possible for you to glue down for easy installation. It also comes with some boat carpet kits like a carpet knife, extra blades, and boat carpet installation guides. With the added free tech advice, you have to love how convenient BasCar made the installation of their product for their customers.

This pontoon carpet is also a high-quality, marine-grade product engineered to live its life outdoors. You can use it not only on your boat but also on your patios for gatherings and activities that deserve beautiful carpeting. Its UV-stabled so you dont have to worry about its color fading.

I love that the carpet is made of synthetic material. The carpet is durable, resilient, and can handle a huge amount of foot traffic without breaking down. If your boat and some areas of your home are often used, this is the carpet you need to protect your floorings.

Another winning feature of this carpet is its resistance to stain, making it easy to clean. After using the carpet for months, soak it in warm water mixed with a non-abrasive soap or detergent, brush lightly, and you should be able to remove the stain.

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Boatcarpetsales Cutpile Boat Carpets

First on our list is a must-have product from Boat Carpet Sales. This boat carpet is marine-grade so its easily a candidate for the best marine carpet title. This product is already being purchased, tested, and loved by boat manufacturers who make pontoons, deck boats, and bass boats. That alone speaks volumes of this products quality.

I love the material and the major features of this product. Its made from polypropylene which means it doesnt wear easily, and when it does, it wears down nicely. This characteristic means the cut pile boat carpet can handle a lot of foot traffic, ideal for boats that are frequently used. Polypropylene also makes resilient carpets that are stain-resistant so it doesnt have to be cleaned very often.

Another one of its excellent features is its resistance to molds and mildew. This means it doesnt absorb water very much. This adds convenience to you because it means it doesnt need much cleaning. A good breeze and heat from the sun can dry the slightest water droplet on your carpet.

This product is also UV-stable so you can leave it exposed to the sun without the risk of the color fading. On top of all this, it has a rubber compound for an easy glue-down application. This rubber backed marine carpet is the total package.

Its not only good for boats. This carpet is made to be ideal for outdoor use . You can use it for any areas outside your home that needs carpeting for whatever reason, like your patio for relaxing afternoon get-togethers.

Better Marine Pontoon Boat Carpets

Better Marine Carpet offers a carpet that has great quality and performance to offer. Its marine-grade which means its meant to be on the boat. It can also withstand any weather conditions that sailors and anglers will likely experience on the sea. This carpet is UV-stabilized to protect its color from fading due to the brutal heat from the sun.

Its also resistant to water and moisture that comes from splashes so it can save you from unpleasant odors. This feature gives it the capacity to stand against disgusting molds, mildew, and foul odors coming from different particles trapped in moisture. On this note, this also means this carpet can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces like the bathroom, garage, basement, pool, patio, porch, etc. Its easy to clean and maintain.

The unique feature that I love about this outstanding surface protector is that its non-flammable and extremely flexible or pliable. These safety features should be taken advantage of. This carpet gives you a fighting chance against fires, especially if an accident happens. Its flexibility also means it doesnt tear apart easily even it gets stretched hard.

Its sturdy backing allows for an easy glue-down application that you can do yourself. However, this cannot be snapped-in. This carpet is good for bass fishing boats, pontoons, Bayliner boats, and deck boats.

  • Snap-in application does not apply
  • Tough oil stains can be hard to remove from this carpet

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Lancer Boat Trailer Carpet

Finding a high-quality universal bunk carpet can be challenging, but this boat trailer bunk carpet from Lancer meets the challenge. The budget-friendly reliable carpet is economical but still does the job.

One of the impressive features of this carpet is that it is resistant to ravelling. Unlike other boat carpets that begin to unravel upon installation, this carpet remains nice and flat over time. We can worry less about fraying when cutting.

Even if you are constantly loading your boat, this carpet will remain intact, thanks to the sturdy material. Your bunks are also saved from premature wear and tear because it can endure difficult marine environments.

Like other 24 bunk carpets, it is resistant to mold and mildew as it allows less water retention. Because of the rubber insulation, installation is easier since it prevents slippage.

Another thing I appreciate about this carpet by Lancer is its multiple colors available, including blue-black, burgundy, and midnight to match your boat aesthetics. Its fade-resisting qualities also mean your colors will stay vibrant even after extreme sun exposure.

  • Economical bunk carpet that offers basic functionality
  • Ravel and fray resistant and remain intact over time
  • Prevents mold because of little water retention
  • Available in attractive color options: blue-black, burgundy, and midnight
  • Not as thick as other marine carpets which might compromise durability

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