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How To Get Mold Stains Off Boat Seats

Dont Create Additional Work For Yourself

How To Boat/Marine: Easy clean mold mildew from vinyl boat seats & interior

Many people start out by cleaning their boat seats with a low-grade, low-intensity cleaner such as dish detergent solution to see if that does the job. Unless your problem is very minor, you may as well skip this step. If your mildew or mold problem is serious enough to cause odor, theres a good chance its already deep-set in your boat seats. Youre going to need a cleaner with a little more heft to make quick work of it.

Applying The Protectant Spray

Finishing up, I recommend adding a thin layer of protectant spray. As the name suggests, it will ensure the seats are well-protected against new stains and UV rays. This is a preventative formula that aims at helping the vinyl last longer. If youre on a tight budget, just skip this part. A bottle will only cost you $10-15, though.

M 09067 Mildew Stain Remover

Ive been using the 3M 09067 Mildew Stain Remover for almost a year now, and I never regretted the day I bought this product. My old pontoon boats vinyl has serious mildew stains. Luckily, I found this mildew stain remover before it got worse.

One of its notable features is a bleach-based formula. Contrary to what others say, in my experience, it works more effectively than any other homemade and diluted bleach. It is designed to deeply penetrate the affected surface, leading to the fast removal of dark mildew stains.

Additionally, it is quick to use and apply. With its spray bottle, you can pull the trigger and directly apply it to the damaged area. Once it has been sprayed, you can let it sit for at least five minutes before gently scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. Make sure to wash it off with clean water to avoid any bleach residue.

Upon using this product, I can say that it is suitable for marine upholstery, vinyl, and seat cushions. Ive used this product on all of the above surfaces, and it worked excellently.

  • Intense bleach smell
  • Suns heat may affect its efficacy

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Needed Equipment And Products To Remove Mildew From Boat Seats

Depending on the material of your boat seats you may need different products and materials but most seat cushions and boat seats are made with vinyl. Vinyl is a material that can withstand a lot of exposure to sun and water and it wont get damaged easily as other materials, which is why most boat manufacturers use it for the interior. However, it is still susceptible to mildew and as a boat owner, you will need to get the right equipment and products to get rid of the mildew from your vinyl seats. The products we recommend are affordable and wont cost you a fortune. The things youll need to remove mildew stains are:

  • Soft brush
  • UV and Marine protective spray
  • Microfiber cloth

Get Rid Of Mildew Stains With Ammonia

Effective ways of removing mold and mildew stains from ...

Ammonia is good at removing mildew, but it can harm vinyl, so proceed with caution and make sure to dilute your solution. This method uses ammonia diluted in water, not the concentrated version, which makes it relatively safer to use. In this technique, ammonia speeds up mildew removal by lifting it off your vinyl.

Here are the steps to remove mildew stains of vinyl surfaces using ammonia:

  • Using a soft-bristled brush, scrape off dry mildew stains off the vinyl boats seats.
  • Make a solution using a tablespoon of ammonia for every ¼ cup of distilled water. Mix well.
  • Scrub the vinyl with the solution using a non-abrasive brush.
  • Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove mildew debris and excess solution from your vinyl.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • When using ammonia, you must be extremely cautious because this chemical can be harmful when mishandled. Wear protective gloves and glasses. If you are concerned about it damaging your seats, do an inconspicuous spot test, or try one of the other methods instead.

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    Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

    The Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is the answer to my question of how to clean white vinyl boat seats. This product works like magic as it not only whitens but also removes mold and mildew stains on my boat seats. It served its purpose well without incurring any damage.

    This products notable feature is its special bleach buffered formula, perfect for marine vinyl upholstery applications. I used this product for boat mold removal, and it didnt disappoint. Its fast-acting formula lifted the molds from my boat seats in less than half an hour.

    Needless to say, removing mildew stains on boat seats without heavy scrubbing is made simple with this product. It is easy to use as it comes in a spray bottle. All you have to do is spray it on the stained surface, wait until it absorbs, and wash it off with water.

    One of my boats suffers from severe mold and mildew, which I have not been able to solve by any other stain removers. It always took me long hours of scrubbing until I discovered this product. It saved my time and effort as it worked amazingly.

    • Worked better than diluted bleach
    • With bleach-and-chlorine-like smell
    • Requires reapplying of marine sealant

    Formula Using Borax To Remove Mildew From Canvas

    To remove mildew using the Borax formula, mix 1/2 cup of borax with 2 cups of water. I prefer to use warm water, but use what you have. Use a soft scrub brush that will not damage the fabric.

    Gently scrub the borax formula into the canvas and loosen up the mildew. Allow the formula to soak into the canvas so it can get deep into the fibers.

    Then after the solution soaks on the canvas for at least15 minutes or longer, rinse the canvas thoroughly to remove all of the borax solution. If the mildew is still present is may require a second treatment to fully remove the mildew.

    The Borax Formula:
    1/2 Cup Borax2 Cups Water

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    How To Protect Your Boats Seats While Parked:

    Maintenance is important to keeping your boat seats looking great, but it is not the only thing that you should be doing.

    When you are not using the boat, you should cover your boat for its own protection. This will prevent all kinds of dirt and damage to your boat.

    If you do not want to cover the entire boat, which can be a pain at times, you could look into boat seat covers.

    When looking for boat seat covers make sure that you find some that are breathable to prevent mildew. You will also want to be sure your covers are made with a fabric that blocks UV rays.

    Protecting Your Boat Seats From Uv And Dirt

    Removing mold from vinyl boat seats.

    Its easy to be happy and just quit after getting your nasty, moldy boat seats clean. The problem with being satisfied here, is that theyll get dirty very quickly again and be difficult to clean all over again.

    After getting the results you were hoping for on you boats interior, you need to take another very important step. You need to apply some vinyl boat seat protectant/conditioner.

    The conditioner will do a few things for you:

    • It helps keep your boat vinyl pliable. Untreated vinyl will eventually dry out and crack.
    • A boat vinyl conditioner will also protect from UV light, which will sunburn and also dry out your boat seats.
    • It will also have a protective coating that is guarding against dirt and stains. If conditioned regularly, cleaning your boat seats will take nothing more than a damp cloth to wipe them clean.

    So again, youll only have the one time deep cleaning to get it like new. From that point on, its all about just doing a little light cleaning and conditioning.

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    Removing Pink Stain From Boat Upholstery

    Pinking on marine vinyl upholstery is often caused by the bacterium Streptoverticillium reticulum. Removing it is possible with a new product called PinkAway

    Even after publishing a short item on the cause of pink stains on white vinyl boat seats and cushions, the frequency of this phenomenon escaped me. Turns out, says Gestalt Scientifics David Kraft, its an epidemic along the East Coast and possibly elsewhere. The cause, as we reported in this column in PBB No. 170 , is a bacterium called Streptoverticillium reticulum, which is often found in soil and rotting vegetables. Seems it also likes the insides of boat cushions, and maybe a lot of other places on board where its presence is not visible. Anyway, you cant clean the pink stain, so we quoted a consultant to APV Engineered Coatings that the best way to deal with S. reticulum is prevention, such as applying one of APVs Vynguard Weldable PVDF topcoats.

    Of course, this doesnt help with already pinked seats. According to Kraft, its costing boat manufacturers and dealers thousands and thousands of dollars in warranty claims. Gestalt Scientific was formed to find a way to remove the pink stain, and a group of PhDs in biochemistry, physics, and engineering was gathered to solve the problem. The result is PinkAway, available as a Home Solution and a somewhat different product for commercial use.

    Apply The Mold Remover

    The first thing you need to remove mildew from boat seats is the bleach-free mold and mildew stain remover. Next, spray it on the seats, making sure you use it in all gaps of the seat because mildew tends to form there too. When you are sure you sprayed the entire area, let it sit for at least 5 minutes. If the stains you are trying to remove are very stubborn, you can leave the stain remover to soak the seats longer. The soaking time will make the mold and mildew stains from vinyl boat seats break down and become much easier to clean.

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    How To Get Stains Off Your Boat Seats:

    Stains are also highly unattractive on your boat seats. These can be hard to get off and the longer they go untouched, the harder they can be to remove.

    In addition to the vinegar, bleach, or mineral oil methods listed above, there are other techniques you can use to clean stains off your boat seats.

    Other methods for removing stains from your boat seats can include alcohol wipes, magic erasers, or even specially designed marine-vinyl cleaners.

    Removing Mildew From Boat Seats In 5 Steps

    Black spots on boat seat.. (plastic? how to clean)

    Your boat is an expensive investment which you take great care of. But its the vinyl seating that is most at risk, particularly on open deck boats where water can lead to mold and mildew developing, leaving nasty black and sometimes orange stains.

    Mildew will develop very quickly, particularly if you dont wipe the seats down after a day of fishing or entertaining on the water sometimes its the last thing that you have time to do.

    The cleaning products you need:

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    Preventing Mold And Mildew From Growing

    Once youve effectively cleaned your boat seat, you face another question: how do you prevent this infestation from happening again? Mold and mildew tend to grow when the conditions are ripe. Be on the lookout for the following:

    • Plenty of moisture or humidity in the air. Mold and mildew thrive on moisture. If your boat is stored near lakes, rivers, and oceans, this is often a given.
    • Warm weather. Your boat tends to be outdoors longer in the warm weather, leading to the promotion of mildew growth.
    • Quick drops in temperature. Condensation that forms due to temperature swings can create a friendly environment for mold on your boat seats.

    The simplest solution for each of these situations is to stow your boat away in a dry place and never use it. That, of course, is unrealistic. So apply some protectant to your boat seating instead. We

    Alternative Boat Seat Cleaning Options

    When looking to clean boat seats, there are other options available:

    • Hire an interior boat cleaning company: A boat cleaning company will come and clean the seats for you. This service costs $150 on average.
    • Hire a professional to clean the seats: Find a professional on thumbtack or Craigslist to wash and clean out the vinyl seats.

    These options are best for those that want to outsource the cleaning work.

    SummaryHire a professional cleaning company or individual if you prefer to outsource the cleaning.

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    Can You Use Clr On Boat Seats

    Yes, you can use CLR Mold & Mildew Clear on boat seats. Ive used this product on one of my boats seat cushions to remove rigid molds and mildews after 10 minutes of resting, all molds and mildews came off the seat cushions neatly.

    Although it works perfectly, it may not work on other marine vinyl upholstery. However, one of my friends told me that it worked excellently on his vinyl boat seats. He followed the products instructions and lightly scrubbed his boat seats with a magic eraser.

    You can try it on any vinyl surface, but dont expect too much. If you plan to clean your vinyl boat seats with CLR, I suggest using the CLR 8541813620 Mold and Mildew Stain Remover. It is formulated to work well on marine vinyl upholstery.

    How Do You Get Stains Out Of White Fabric Chairs

    Best Boat Vinyl Cleaner – How to remove mildew from boat seats?

    It is important to treat the stain immediately excess should be blotted with a dry cloth, the stain should then be dabbed with white vinegar and water, blotted dry and treated with a mixture of water and liquid detergent to follow. Finally, the stain should be dabbed with cold water and blotted dry.

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    G Mold Mildew And Stain Remover

    The stains coming from mildew and mold on boat seats are difficult to remove if you use just a regular stain remover. However, when you select a product like the 3G Stain Remover, you will have an easier time to not only remove but completely eradicate the fungi.

    During the testing of this product, I was impressed with the fragrance that this stain remover emits. It smells like mint when being used and it will make the surface and the surroundings refresh after the application.

    I am also impressed with its versatility in cleaning different types of surfaces. This stain remover has been proven to work effectively on boat seats and golf carts. Furthermore, this can also be used on other surfaces such as tiles, tubs, shower curtains, concrete, furniture, and many more.

    For those people who is too lazy to clean stains, this product might work for them. This is easy to use and all you have to do is apply to the targeted area then see the stains being remove effectively. The application is so easy that it provides convenience to the cleaner.

    In terms of effectivity, I was totally surprised at how effective this product is after just a few seconds of contact with the stains. Its fast-acting formulation enables this product to remove and eradicate the stains by penetration the surface the source of the stain.

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    What Can I Do To Keep Seagulls From Pooping On My Bimini Top

    Seagulls are your worst enemy, aside from mildew and mold. Cleaning their waste can be disgusting, but there are a lot of methods that can be easily done to prevent seagulls from pestering your Bimini. This can save you a lot of time to wash as well as it can prolong the life of your boat covering. Try to set up parallel wirings on top of your boat. This will stop seagulls from coming to your vessel as they love to sit high. You can also have a net installed to keep them from coming anywhere close.

    Is Bleach Too Harsh On Vinyl Boat Seats

    Removing Mold and Mildew from Vinyl Boat Seats

    Repeated use of bleach can be hard on the stitching and vinyl, but in the video, were not using a bleach product repeatedly. We are using it once. Like I said there are other options for cleaning severe mold from boat seats, but those products are harsh as well.

    Your goal is to make your boat seats clean again. After you clean a section, you need to wipe it with a fresh wet cloth a few times to dilute out any remaining cleaning solution. Then move on to cleaning the next section.

    Once you have your boat interior looking like you want it, you need to treat it with some boat vinyl conditioner. This will coat the vinyl and the treads that you hit with your cleaning product and help counteract the properties of the cleaner, to an extent.

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    Formula Using White Vinegar To Remove Mildew From Canvas

    For generations, people have been using white vinegar as a cleaner around the house. If you are a boat owner, vinegar can be a helpful product to use to clean your boat too.

    Vinegar has many uses. One of the most helpful is using vinegar to remove mildew from your boat. If you do not want to use bleach to clean your boat canvas, white vinegar is a good alternative to try.

    Mix up a solution that is 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. The brand of vinegar does not matter, I buy the cheapest gallon of vinegar I can find.

    The Vinegar Formula:
    50% White Vinegar50% Water

    You can also use 100% white vinegar and forgo the water. I have been known to put the vinegar in a pump sprayer and soak down the canvas. I let is sit for up to an hour and I try to keep it wet the whole time.

    If it starts to dry, I will mist it with a garden hose to help keep the vinegar wet and on the mildew stains. After it sits for that long, I use a soft scrub brush the agitate the canvas until the mildew comes off. Then I blast it with a ton of freshwater.

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