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How Much Boat Storage Cost

The Cost Of Owning A Boat: Budgeting And Financial Planning

What is the Cost of Boat Ownership

Buying a boat is only part of the financial planning you need to do owning a boat requires a budget of its own.

Our Boat Buyers Guide will help you get through the initial steps of buying a boat, but once you take ownership of your pride and joy some budgeting and financial planning is in order. Boats require a constant cash infusion, for a range of expenses. In order to be prepared for the future, youll need to budget for:

  • Operating expenses
  • Upgrades and replacements
  • Depreciation

Hopefully these future boat owners, shopping at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, know that buying a boat is only the first step in financially planning for your future afloat.

How Much Does It Cost To Store A Boat

The type of boat storage you choose will have a large effect on the cost. For example, wet boat storage, like at a local marina, is typically more expensive than dry storage at a boat storage facility or dry stack storage. Other factors such as the size of your boat, indoor vs. outdoor, uncovered vs. covered and storage amenities will also influence the cost. In general, more protection and amenities will increase the cost, but also give you the best peace of mind if youre looking for the utmost protection.

Our Storage Building Amenities

We have two 40,000 sq ft boat storage buildings in Deerfield Beach that offer separate amenities. See below for details:

Amenities for Both Buildings

  • Open 7 days a week 8am-5pm
  • Rinse & Scrub from rubrail down upon return
  • Hoses & electric on all docks
  • Fuel dock with diesel & ethanol free fuel
  • 2 Hurricane Resistant Buildings
  • Fuel discount of 25 cents per gallon
  • Complimentary fueling by dock staff
  • Longer & wider docks
  • No fixed bridges accessing the Atlantic Ocean
  • Dockside Parking

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Optional Services & Pricing

*Must give 24 hour notice

Departure RV $35Check tire PSI to correct pressure, fill fresh water tanks, start refrigerator, clean windshield and mirrors

Departure Boat -$30Check tires, wipe down, and clean glassexterior w/duster

Test and Charge Battery $2072 hour notice

Trailer or Auto Tire Repair $70 + repair*Dismount and remount

Motor Home or Oversized Tire Repair Estimate

Battery Replacement Estimate

Electrical Site 20 Amp $25 per month

Electrical Site 30 Amp $35 per month

Electrical Site 50 Amp $45 per month

Upon Drop Off

  • Dump & back flush waste tank $35*if 24 HRS uses its own supply of chemicals
  • Exterior Wash with spot free rinse $3 per ft*RV from drip rail down / boats include trailer
  • Roof Wash $2 per ft*Alone or add it to exterior wash above
  • Housekeeping $48 per hr

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Pros Of Storing Boat At Indoor Self Storage Facility

How much does a free boat cost?
  • An indoor self-storage facility will be completely closed like a warehouse, and it gives more protection for the boat from sunlight, rains, snow, etc.
  • Most of the self-storage facilities will have CCTVs to keep an eye on your boat to avoid any thefts.
  • You can find self-storage facilities anywhere because they are many self-storage facilities in the country.

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Pros Of Storing Boat At Outdoor Self Storage Facility

  • Outdoor self-storage facilities are cheaper than storing the boat at a marina or dry-stacked storage.
  • Most of the self-storage facilities will have CCTVs to keep an eye on your boat to avoid any thefts.
  • You can find self-storage facilities anywhere because they are many self-storage facilities in the country.

Types Of Boat Storage Units

If you need to store your boat off-site, youll find many storage facilities near you that can accommodate you. There are pros and cons to each option mentioned below. Outdoor storage will save you money on storage, but indoor storage might save you on repair costs in the long run. Remember that not every facility will have every available size or option, so its best to call in advance.

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What Are The Extra Costs

Personal lockers can be set aside for those who want to lock up personal belongings such as electronics, life preservers, etc. Plan on spending $75 to $200 per year to reserve a personal locker.

Storage units may ask for a deposit that covers cleaning fees, setup, and locks. This, of course, will be refunded when the storage place is left just as clean and nice as it was when you found it.

If you do not have the equipment needed to get your boat to the storage facility, you may have to pay for boat transportation.

Some facilities can offer premium services such as winterizing your boat, detailing it, shrink wrapping and/or performing repairs.

Can I Park Multiple Vehicles In Rv And Boat Storage

How Much Did My Custom Pontoon Boat Cost?

No, our uncovered and covered parking spaces are designed for a single vehicle. So you cant park multiple vehicles in one RV or boat storage space. With the size of most boats and RVs, you wouldnt be able to fit anything else while preserving access.

But if you have multiple vehicles, you can rent multiple spots to store them assuming theres availability at your local Public Storage facility.

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Can You Put A Boat In A Storage Unit

In many cases, indoor boat storage means storing your boat in a large indoor facility that is shared by other boat storage customers. But depending on the location, you may find individual storage units large enough to accommodate your boat. Review our self-storage size guide to see what size units are commonly available at U-Haul locations and what items typically fit. Any indoor units that are capable of storing boats will be drive-up/outdoor access units, giving you easy access to your boat.

The Key Takeaways From The Post

On average, storing a boat costs around $10 to $20 per ft per month. But the price can vary from $5 to $50 per ft per month depending on some essential factors like the type of storage you want , duration , seasonality, and the location.

Before choosing a storage option for your boat, there are some important considerations to check prior. Like the Security , Access Hours , and Weather .

A garage is an ideal place to store a boat. This will protect it from the elements and keep it at a relatively stable temperature. However, if you dont have a garage, you can find accommodation at a reasonable price at indoor or outdoor self-storage facilities, dry-stacked storage, and at a marina.

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Cons Of Storing Boat At Home

  • Storing the boat outside at home may require extra care or maintenance for the boat, such as covering the boat properly to prevent any damages from rain or snow or sunlight and theft as well.
  • If the boat is kept for a long time on a trailer without using it, the trailer needs to be appropriately maintained to prevent any problems, such as a flat tire.
  • And you need to trailer the boat to the lake or sea to use it. Whereas storing the boat at the marina or dry-stacked doesnt require trailering, they will keep it in the water if the storage is close to the waters.

Without a trailer, the boat needs to be placed on blocks , which is difficult to do than others. To know more about that, check this article on How To Store A Boat Without A Trailer?

Why Settle For One Boat When You Can Have A Whole Fleet

How much does a free boat cost?

As a Gulfstream Boat Club member, youll have access to more than twenty boats, in many sizes and models, seven days a week. That means that with one purchase you can have a variety of experiences. One of our experienced captains can take you and your friends on a fishing excursion. We supply the fishing gear if you need it. Or a captain can take you out on the Intracoastal for a cruise to brunch at a dockside restaurantperfect for Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, or other holidays which require keeping lots of family members happy and busy! Ask yourself: What is the cost of owning a boatplus another five or six?

Or, if you are comfortable at the helm, take out one of our center console, dual console, deck, or pontoon boats yourself. Gulfstream Boat Club can recommend outings both south and north of our Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Hypoluxo locations. How about a trip to Peanut Island, where you can dock, tour the island, or just take a swim? Or motor south to Lake Boca, where theres plenty to do and see. Each member of GBC receives their own custom-designed map of the area, which highlights boating and fishing sites you wont want to miss.

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Storage For All Boat Classes

Some states have class designations for boat lengths. No matter how long your boat is or what the clearance height is while trailered, theres a General Steel boat storage solution to suit you.

Class A boats are determined to be less than 16 feet in length at their longest dimension.

For these boats, a 20 x 20 enclosed steel building will provide enough space to protect the boat as well as a moderate amount of boating gear.

Class 1 boats measure 16 feet to less than 26 feet. A Class 1 boat can easily be safely and securely sheltered with a 40 x 40 or 30 x 40 enclosed steel building.

Class 2 boats measure between 26 feet and 40 feet. These are typically houseboats, pontoons, or sailboats.

For Class 2 boats, a 40 x 40 or larger enclosed steel building is ideal.

Class 3 boats range in lengths between 40 feet and 65 feet. For boats in the Class 3 size category, a General Steel building measuring 40 x 80 or larger is suitable.

Winter Storage Rules And Dates

  • In/Out service will conclude for the season at the end of the day on Sunday, Sept.20. We will begin receiving winter storage boats and staging in/out boats for pick up. On Sept. 21st, we will staff Mon-Sat from 8-5 through Oct. 31. We will have Sunday hours 10a-5p through Oct. 4. Our gas dock will run parallel hours.
  • In/Out boats not staying for winter storage must be removed from racks by Sept. 27 or storage fees will automatically be incurred and the boat will become inaccessible as we move storage boats into the building.
  • If requesting to be staged outside before being put away in the fall or after winter storage in the spring, staging fees will be incurred.
  • In/Out service will resume Friday, May 14, 2021. All storage rack boats must be removed no later than May 12. All boats staged or stored outside, must be off the parking lot no later than May 20.

Summer storage fees will be applied after May 20.

Floor Boats Winter Storage Contract

Rack Boats Winter Storage Contract

Service Request Quote

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Types Of Neighbor Storage Units

Neighbor offers both traditional self storage facility units and peer-to-peer storage spaces.

Residential storage spaces include sheds, garages, RV pads, basements, bedrooms, parking spaces, closets and other extra space while commercial spaces include warehouses and empty offices. This storage can be 50% cheaper than a traditional Detroit self storage unit.

When renting storage through Neighbor, you’ll get our $25,000 Renter Guarantee , liability protection with our strict Terms of Service, automatic billing, Customer Success specialists and more.

Why Use Boat Storage

How Much Does it Cost to Own a 33′ Wooden Boat in Maine

Of course, the biggest reason to use boat storage is to free up space on your property and ensure that your boat is kept in good condition ready for each boating season.

When shopping around, you will find that boat storage unit are not particularly expensive if you do not store the vessel at a marina. Marina storage tends to be extremely pricey.

Regular boat storage units not located at the marina are quite affordable in comparison.

They are also positioned conveniently close to the ocean, bays, lakes, and rivers. This means that you will not have to haul your boat a long way . Simply arrive on the day you wish to launch, collect your boat and head to your chosen spot, which is probably already nearby.

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The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Boat Storage

As the names suggest, the distinction between indoor boat storage and outdoor boat storage is whether or not your boat is kept under cover.

Indoor boat storage, for instance, means your boat is typically kept in a garage, hanger or covered lot. The advantages of this are clear in terms of protection from natural elements and prying criminals. Indoor boat storage is best suited for boat owners that, for the most part, use their boat seasonally. Well get into why this is a bit later on.

Outdoor boat storage typically comes in the form of a driveway, open-air lot, or in a marina. This is the ideal option for boating enthusiasts who use their boats on a regular basis, while less attractive for boat owners who arent able to do maintenance on their boats frequently. Again, well touch on this more below.

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How Much Does Boat Storage Cost

If you do not have space and facilities to keep your boat at home or on your own private property, you will need to think about renting storage space.

And your storage space might need to change in summer and winter, depending on where you live and what type of facilities the storage companies have to offer.

How Much Does Boat Storage Cost?Average boat storage rates for inside storage without a trailer is approximately $ 8.25 per square foot, with a rate of approximately $ 7.25 per square foot for a boat with a trailer. Outdoor storage rates are approximately $ 7.50 per linear foot with a trailer.

Of course, these rates are just approximations and are based on early storage booking rates.

The rates can vary quite drastically from one storage facility to the next. These rates are expected to be particularly more expensive if you only secure your storage spot late.

Lets take a look at some examples of some most common types of boat storage options available and what most boat storage facilities include in the cost.

  • Last Word
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    How Much Does Dry Storage Cost

    1. What do pay per foot ? 2. What amentities does the marina offer ?View Full ProfileRe: How Much Do You Pay for Dry Storage?For all those who have their boats dry stored:1. What do pay per foot ? 2. What amentities does the marina offer ?FYI – I’m trying to compare dry storage facilities from around the US and what they charge and the type of amentities they offer.I dry store mine year round and pay $9.95/ft. The marina is like a “yacht club” in that it has member parties, in water short term docks, a large pool, member discounts on dining, gas, etc. View Full Profile

    How Can I Save Money

    How Much Does Boat Storage Cost?

    With any storage services, consider talking with at least three units in your area. You are going to find that each will all offer something different and the prices will be all over the place. You just need to decide which feature they offer is the most important for your boat and your location.

    The more money you pay up front, the more you are going to be able to save. If you have the cash available, consider paying up to six months ahead of time to save upwards of 25%.

    Options such as purchasing a locker are unnecessary. You can take your electronics and personal property home with you instead of paying to leave it there. Saving money on the little things can greatly cut your costs.

    Some storage facilities will offer a discount if you pay your storage fees up front for six to 12 months at a time.

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    Reasons Why Living In An Rv Is Better Than Living In A

    Because we have no place to store or boat at our house , we pay to have our boat stored at the marina. Boat trailer insurance is a specialized type of vehicle insurance policy that applies to trailers specially built to transport a boat safely from a home to a lake, river or ocean.

    5 reasons you should rent an rv rent rv buying an rv. $0 taxes & fees:

    9 main jet ski costs you should consider before you buy. Average boat storage rates for inside storage without a trailer is approximately $ 8.25 per square foot, with a rate of.

    Attractive 5th wheel 2017 forest river silverback 29ik. Be sure to choose the correct boat trailer for transport.

    Check out this 19 ford e350 on outdoorsy recreational. Because our boat stays in the water throughout the summer , there is a lot of marine growth (barnacles, seaweed,.

    College moving uhaul trailers for students trailer. Because we have no place to store or boat at our house , we pay to have our boat.

    How much do car wraps cost car wrap wraps outdoor. Boat trailer insurance is a specialized type of vehicle insurance policy that applies to trailers specially built to transport.

    How much do rv repairs cost in 2020 rv repair repair. Boat trailers for rent can usually be found through marine sales and supply companies as well as local boating sales companies.

    How much does an rvpark cost per night rv parks rv rv. But if youre asking how much does a boat cost? youll factor in mooring fees and storage, fuel, insurance, licensing.

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