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How To Renew My Boat Registration

When You Get Your New Sticker

Renewing a Single Motorboat Registration in the Boat Oregon Store

Your licence plate is not valid if the validation sticker is not attached to it.

Keep your old licence plate sticker on until you get the new one.

As soon as you receive your new sticker, attach it to the upper right-hand corner of your rear licence plate or on the front plate for a commercial vehicle.

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How To Renew Boat And Personal Watercraft Registration Renewal


Renew your registration online.

Registered boat and personal watercraft owners will receive a registration renewal notice about 1 month before their current registration expires. To renew by mail, return the renewal notice using the self-addressed envelope along with a check payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the amount specified on the notice.

Note: Please write your registration number on the check.

In person

Registered boat and personal watercraft owners will receive a registration renewal notice about 1 month before their current registration expires. To renew in person, bring the following to any of our 5 registration offices:

Requirements For Boater Registration In Idaho

All boats with any kind of motor must meet the requirements to register a boat in ID, including boats with electric trolling motors that are ordinarily powered by non-motorized means. It is important to know that titling is required on boats with a permanently attached mode of propulsion and a model year of 2000 or newer.

Because you can only obtain an Idaho boat registration form in person, you must appear at your county assessors office or an authorized boat registration vendor and request registration within 15 days of your purchase date. Bring the following documentation:

  • The boats title or a bill of sale.
  • Your valid ID driver license, state-issued photo ID, a tax identification number or your Social Security card.
  • Hull identification number verification that meets U.S. Coast Guard standards.
  • Fee payment by cash, check, money order or credit card.

You may also obtain an Idaho boat registration form and complete the registration process at the IDPR office in Boise, if it is more convenient for you.

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Requirements For Boater Registration In New Jersey

New Jersey boat registration instructions state that boaters must have a title and a certificate of number, or registration, before using state waterways. Instructions also specify that vessels over 12 in length must obtain a boat title before receiving a certificate of number. A copy of the boat registration must be kept on board any time the vessel is operating.

The official New Jersey boat registration form is called the Application for Boat Registration and is only available at NJ MVC offices. Since your initial registration must happen at an MVC office, you can complete the form at your registration appointment. The requirements to register a boat in NJ differ based on the vessels size.

Note: If your boat is over 12 long, you simply need to provide the MVC with your completed application, fee payment, boat title and a photo ID card.

What do you need to register a boat in NJ that is under 12 long? is a question some boaters may ask themselves. You will need to appear in person at an MVC office with your fee payment, complete an application and provide the following documents:

  • At least one proof of ownership, such as a notarized bill of sale, a notarized statement of receipt from the seller, or an out-of-state certificate of ownership and registration card. If these are unavailable, provide a certificate of ownership by sworn affidavit, notarized.
  • Social Security card or proof of exemption
  • Valid NJ driver license

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Using A Pleasure Craft Licence

WA State Licensing

After you receive your Pleasure Craft Licence, you must use it as follows:

  • Carry the Pleasure Craft Licence on board the vessel at all times.
  • Display the number on both sides of your boatâs bow. The number must appear in block characters which are:
  • at least 7.5 centimetres high
  • in a colour that contrasts with the colour of the bow

There is a $250 fine if you are found operating a vessel without a licence.

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More Than Just Transferring Documentation

The above, of course, is how you can fill out this transfer documentation but its also how you can fill out all of the other forms at our site as well. Whether youre looking for more information about a vessel through historical research, or want to get a bareboat charter going, or anything else that vessel documentation could potentially help with, you can find all of the forms right here at our site.

Bill Of Sale For Boat

A Bill of Sale for a boat must have adequate information to positively link the BOS to the boat, similar to the example WRD BOS.

Owners of Georgia registered boats must notify the Department, in writing, of sale or transfer, theft or recovery, or destruction or abandonment of a boat within 15 days.

The following should be on the BOS:

  • GA or Other State Registration Number
  • HIN #
  • Hull Material
  • Sellers and Buyers Signature

It is a judgment call whether WRD believes the BOS received is adequate to link the vessel to the BOS in a reasonably sufficient manner, or whether other documents such as a transferred title, a manufacturers statement of origin, or other information supports the submitted BOS. A BOS does not have to be witnessed OR notarized, although this is acceptable.

If it is determined that a BOS is not available at all or is not adequate, the customer should obtain an adequate BOS. If a BOS cannot be obtained, the Affidavit of Vessel Ownership process may be completed.

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What Is A Hull Identification Number

The Hull Identification Number is a 12 or 14 character serial number that uniquely identifies a boat. The HIN is analogous to a VIN on a car. All boats manufactured or imported on or after November 1, 1972, must bear a HIN, and this HIN must be identified during the boat registration process. Vessels manufactured or imported before 1972 are EXEMPT because they often do not have a HIN.

The HIN is found on a metal or plastic plate, typically on the transom of the boat, usually on the right starboard side of the transom within two inches of the top of transom, gunwale, or hull/deck joint, whichever is lowest. On vessels without transoms, or impractical to use transoms, the HIN is usually affixed to the starboard outboard side of hull, aft, within one foot of the stern and within two inches of the top of the hull side, gunwale or hull/deck joint, whichever is lowest. On catamarans and pontoon boats with replaceable hulls, the HIN is usually affixed to the aft crossbeam, within one foot of the starboard hull attachment.

Tn Boat Registration Renewals & Replacements

How to Buy a Pennsylvania Fishing License, Launch Permit, and Renew a Boat Registration Online

Your Tennessee boat registration will be valid for 1 year, 2 years, OR 3 years, depending on what you choose. Before your registration expires, the TWRA will send you a renewal notification.

You can renew your vessel registration:

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Registering Your Boat In Ohio

Registrations are required for every recreational boat in Ohio, including powerboats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and inflatable boats. NOTE: Kiteboards, paddleboards, and belly boats do NOT have to be registered as boats in Ohio.

Boat registrations are good for three years and expire on March 1. There is no late fee for renewing after March 1.

What you need to get a boat registered depends on what type of boat it is. Generally you need proof of ownership, some detailed information on the boat, some detailed information on you , a drivers license or ID, and the registration fee.

Renewing a RegistrationBoat registrations come up for renewal every three years. We mail you a notice a few months before your registration expires. This is why it is important that you keep your mailing address updated with us.

  • You can renew an existing boat registration at any Boat Registration Agent if you bring your renewal notice with an ID and payment. Call ahead to make sure they are open and have decals available.
  • You can renew your existing boat registration online as long as you have a PIN and all information on the boat AND owner is up-to-date. NOTE: Online renewal begins January and ends October 31.

If you did not receive your renewal notice, or if you need to change your address with us, please contact the Division of Parks and Watercraft for assistance.

New Boats New boats can be registered in person at a Boat Registration Agent or at a Watercraft Office.

New Jersey Boater Registrations

What do you need to register a boat in New Jersey? is a frequent question many boaters may ask. The registration requirements are regulated by the New Jersey State Police . The NJSP works together with the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission agency to provide NJ vessel registration and create a safe boating environment for all New Jersey boaters.

All power vessels, regardless of length, must obtain registration and keep it valid through regular renewal. Continue reading the information below to learn how to register a boat in New Jersey and learn which boaters must have a boater safety education certificate or boater license before sitting in the captains seat.

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Registering Or Purchasing An Inherited Boat

When a person dies, title to their property, including any vessels they owned, becomes vested in another person. A formal legal process guides this action. Legal documents may be available to show who gained ownership of a vessel from the estate, or who has legal authority, such as an Executor or Administrator of an estate, to dispose of a vessel.

To transfer registration, the Department of Natural Resources must have a legal document reflecting the change in ownership of the vessel. We have past instances where we learn ownership of a vessel is in dispute. For example, someone may have sold a deceased’s vessel to a third party and others in the family or spouse claim the seller had no ownership claim to legally sell the vessel. Therefore, the person that sold the boat was not the owner and the buyer is unable to legally transfer registration.

Title Or Register Your Boat

How to renew driving license issued in other state?

You must register with LDWF all motorized vessels/watercraft, including sailboats 12 feet or longer, used in Louisiana waters. You much also register non-motorized houseboats.

You must title a boat or outboard motor that is financed or currently titled in another state when youre registering it in Louisiana, a homemade boat, or a boat that has an incorrect hull identification number.

How do I register my boat?

For motorized boats, complete a Boat Registration/Boat and Motor Title Application and submit it, along with original notarized documentation demonstrating boat ownership , any other documents required for the special cases listed below, and a check, cashiers check, or money order for applicable fees.

For non-motorized houseboats, complete and submit a Non-Motorized Houseboat Registration Application, along with the Affidavit of Ownership of a Non-Motorized Houseboat, and pictures of the houseboat.

Apply either in person at LDWF Headquarters at 2000 Quail Drive in Baton Rouge during normal business hours, 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, or by mail to:LDWF Attn: Boat Registration/Boat and Motor Title Application PO Box 14796

If you have not received your registration certificate and decals within 45 days of applying, please call .

How much does registration cost?

Motorized Boats

How do I renew my boat registration?


Renewal fees are the same as registration fees .

How do I transfer ownership of my boat?

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How To Transfer A Boat Registration In Ontario Bc And Other Locations

Are you in the process of selling your vessel and want to know how to transfer boat registration? Does it feel like the vessel transferring process is more challenging than it should be? We felt the same way. Indeed, thats one of the main reasons that we started the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. in the first place. As vessel owners ourselves, we felt that it was more difficult than it should be to register a vessel, to transfer it, and much more. So, we made a simpler, expedited process for vessel owners from all walks of life.

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Vessels From Private Sellers

In general, to register a vessel bought from a private seller in Tennessee, you’ll need to submit the following:

  • A completed boat registration application, available only at your local county clerk’s office.
  • After paying sales tax, the county clerk will stamp your application as proof.
  • The bill of sale, to include:
  • The boats’s make, model year, hull identification number, and building materials.
  • Signatures from the buyer AND seller.
  • Then, you can turn in the required items above:

    • By mail OR in person to the address on your application for boat registration.
    • Online by uploading your registration application on the TWRA’s registration system.

    NOTE: Certain TN counties may require additional items to register boats bought from private sellerscall your county clerk’s office to confirm you have all the required materials.

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    Who Can Use This Service

    The Boat Registration Renewal service is available to registrants who:

    • have previously registered their boat
    • live in or primarily dock their boat in a municipality that participates in this online service
    • and are required to pay excise tax

    To find out if your town or city is part of the program, please .

    Please note that boats registered by non-residents in Maine that are in Maine less than 75 days are not required to pay excise tax, and cannot use this application.

    At this time, boats owned by businesses cannot be renewed online.

    Renewing Your New Jersey Boat Registration

    Boat Licensing Renewal update

    You can easily renew boat registration online in NJ by using the MVCs online portal. If you are wondering how to renew your boat registration in New Jersey online, simply create an account and enter information from your registration renewal notice, then pay the fees with a credit card. The fastest way to get a renewal is to visit your local MVC branch office and apply in person.

    Some find the mail the most convenient way to obtain a boat registration renewal. You will know when to renew a boat registration in NJ when you receive a renewal notice approximately three months prior to the expiration date. Use the envelope included with the registration renewal notice when submitting your application.

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    Applying For Vessel Title For In

    A vessel not exempt from titling must be titled at the same time it is registered. To issue a Florida Certificate of Title for a new or used vessel purchased in or outside of Florida, the owner of the vessel must bring the appropriate titling fee and the following documents into a tax collector or license plate agent office:

    New vessel Manufacturers Certificate of Origin or its equivalent statement of builder, or if the vessel is purchased in a state that does not require an MCO, the proof of ownership is an executed dealers bill of sale. The proof of ownership must include a complete description of the vessel, including manufacturers name, year, type, hull material, propulsion, fuel, use of vessel, hull identification number and length.

    Used vessel currently titled in FL Florida title accurately completed for transfer to purchaser.

    Used vessel currently titled out of state Out-of-state title accurately completed for transfer to purchaser.

    Used vessel from a state that does not require title Current registration from that state and a bill of sale from the current registrant. Bill of sale must include complete description of the vessel including manufacturers name, year, type, hull material, propulsion, fuel, use of vessel, hull identification number and length.

    How To Transfer Boat Registration

    Before you transfer the registration, specifically the Certificate of Registration, theres something important you have to be certain about. Should there be a mortgage registered to your vessel, then you must make sure that its either transferred or discharged. Otherwise, you cant transfer the registration. To be clear, this isnt just for if youre transferring the vessels ownership Its also for if youre changing the ownership at all . Should that be taken care of, then you can find the form you need at our site.

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    Birthday Bonus For Georgia Boat Owners

    Starting July 2013, Georgia residents who have a boat registered with the state can fish on their birthday as part of their boat registration fee.

    Its a one-day bonus for the states some 300,000 resident boat owners. This offer from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources also covers use of some DNR shooting ranges, plus some other sporting privileges. To take advantage of it, boat owners just have to get outdoors.

    The birthday bonus is a one-day resident combination license that not only allows Georgians 16 and older who own a vessel and have a valid, current registration to fish , it covers many other recreational opportunities, including fishing at public fishing areas, accessing state lands where a Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass is otherwise required, hunting small game and feral hogs on private land, and using shooting ranges where a license is required.

    The license is good for the primary boat owners birthday during the three years the boat registration is valid.

    Boat owners must carry a Georgia ID, such as a drivers license, and their plastic vessel registration card to show proof of a valid vessel registration. Activities like mountain trout fishing and big-game and migratory bird hunting require additional paid licenses. Saltwater fishing requires an additional free permit.

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