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What Is The Best Pontoon Boat To Buy

Seating Configuration And Capacity

What Pontoon Boat to Buy

Depending on your pontoons intended function, the seating capacity will vary greatly. There is a special plate on the sides of pontoons that indicate the seating capacity and recommended weight, and you can check inside the deck to see the seating configuration. Be careful not to exceed the weight limit, or you could be sleeping with the fishes.

How Long Do Pontoon Boats Last

One of the many reasons why pontoon boats are popular is because they tend to have a longer lifespan than other motorboats. The top pontoon boats last on average about 10 to 20 years. They are easy to maintain and are typically less expensive to insure. Of course, the lifespan of any pontoon boat depends on the brand, its material, and construction, maintenance, where it is used(saltwater or freshwater, and how often you use it.

Time To Get That Pontoon Boat

Its not hard to find a reliable place with pontoon boats for sale in Michigan. All you have to do is keep these few pointers close by to help you find the right boat for you and your family. Remember, a good pontoon boat is a huge investment and could set you up for hours of fun and enjoyment.

  • Powersports

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Mercury Is A Recognizable Brand With Years Of Solid Reputation Backing Up Its Name And Has Several Different Power Ratings Of Outboard Motors For All Your Needs

What are the best pontoon boat brands. Youll notice that pontoon boat construction changes drastically between boat brands, and there are some that obviously pay more attention to quality and aesthetics with their ultra posh pontoon boat designs. The m shaped ones are the best as they provide for a more reliable boat. Some pontoon boats use through bolting instead of screwed on rails and decks, offering better durability and resilience than the latter.

The pontoon boat buyers guide. These brands compete with others by making their boats faster, expansive, and more comfortable. To help narrow down your choices, weve picked the most popular and reputable brands for you to choose from.

Bennington, based in elkhart, in, manufactures standard and custom luxury pontoon boats.the company offers five series of pontoon boats, including sports and fishing boats, with various levels of features from 16 to 30 feet long. The rails and deck of the boat can either be screwed in or bolted through. Now that youve gone through our list of the best pontoon boats money can buy , go deeper into the subject with our guidelines to choosing the right pontoon boat for your needs.

Best pontoon boat motor brands. Bennington s168 8 narrow beam cruiser pontoon boat. Producing boats for 60+ years and counting, harris favors sophistication, quality, comfort, and lavishness.


Any pontoon can float. See what makes Bennington fly.Full

Ratings & Reviews Of The Best Pontoons& Worst

The Top 10 Best Pontoon Boats to Buy in 2020

Over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to gets hands on experience with some of the best pontoon boats on the market, old and new. These are my pontoon boat reviews / ratings, all of which are written from my personal experience when testing them out on the lakes and rivers across the United States or where I have collated video reviews which I think give a far better idea on what to expect before you buy.

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How Do I Choose A Small Pontoon Boat

In order to choose a small pontoon boat, it’s essential to determine the size that suits your needs. There’s the narrow, compact, and mini pontoon boat sizes. Each kind fits best for different people. As a general guideline:

  • Narrow: For navigating narrow lakes and rivers.
  • Compact: A budget luxury option for families and fishing.
  • Mini: A small 1-2 or 3-4 person raft for fishing and cruising.

Buy a pontoon boat that matches what you’re able to tow. Even with a lighter boat, this is an important factor that some people somewhat neglect. If your vehicle can’t properly tow your boat, it will cause serious engine, transmission, and braking issues. You can read the guide on pontoon boat weights to better understand how to do this.

Choose a pontoon boat that’s well made so it lasts. Most manufacturers designing boats include a warranty along with purchase. If buying used, be sure to inspect each element of the boat so that there isn’t anything wrong with it. Overall, most pontoon boats are built strong and last for many years.

Below is a checklist of things to look for when choosing a small pontoon boat:

  • Ensure you choose the right size boat.
  • Buy a boat that your vehicle can tow.
  • Choose a pontoon boat that is well made.

Sea Eagle 285 Frameless

Image from

The Sea Eagle 285 frameless pontoon boat is a one person portable inflatable fishing boat that gives you the most space for your money. It is only 9 feet long by 4 feet wide, and weighs 59 pounds, yet with a 3 hp outboard it can run at speeds of up to 5 to 7 mph and only has a draft of 4 inches. It takes five minutes to assemble and inflate, so it is incredibly portable and can be stowed in the truck of a car when not in use. The floorboards are wood, which provide stability and plenty of standing room for casting, as well as a pedestal swivel seat that turns 360 degrees allowing for reeling in that trophy fish.

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Sunchaser Geneva Cruise 20 Crs

Most pontoon boats have oodles of seating, but that comes at the cost of deck space. If youd like to have some open deck in addition to the couches and loungers, the Geneva Cruise 20 CRS is likely to catch your eye.

This model features facing couches forward and a big L-lounge with dinette aft to port, but the starboard side is kept wide-open aft of the helm chair. That means youll have plenty of elbow room as you get the tow toys ready for fun, or climb back aboard after a dip in the lake. Added bonus: add the third tube and this boat can take 200-horsepower, seriously amping-up performance and speed.

Visit SunChaser to learn more.

Bennington 24 R Bowrider Swingback

Should I Buy a #Tri-Toon or a #Pontoon: Which is Best? – Pontoon Boat Dealer with Pontoons for Sale

Being a brand thats mostly known for its commitment to details when it comes to the production of pontoon boats, Bennington continues to produce some of the industry-best pontoon boats. The 2021 24ft Bowrider is a reinvented model with more features that are perfect for several water activities, including watersport. The boat features the new V-Hull performance package that leaves you with more in-floor storage space. With the engine, there are several different options but we love the Yamaha package with 150hp. This strongly powers the boat to function more effectively. With a maximum capacity of 15, theres just enough room to take everyone on board for that family weekend getaway! The MSRP for this boat starts at $95,803 USD.

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The Top 10 Best Pontoon Boats To Buy In 2021

So, it looks like winter is already packing its bags and baggage, and were fast approaching that season when the boats come out to play and complement the abundance of sun and great weather for outdoor activities like angling, or just chilling and bonding with family and friends on the water.

Pontoon boats have become very popular in the last couple of years and that has caused an increase in demand. Pontoon boats are flattish highly functional watercraft that rely on floats to remain buoyant, and they come fitted with all sorts of accommodations like expansive lounge areas, stand-up bars, and sun pads. Nowadays, pontoon boats are made to give that experience one would normally get in yachts, and although these boats cant wholly play the roles of yachts, they sometimes offer that enjoyable feeling only a yacht can provide. Some of the features theyre packed with have made them perhaps the most popular boat type in the market. Versatility is one of the things people appreciate the most about these boats. It doesnt matter if youre fishing, hanging out with friends or just need some alone time to yourself on the waters, you can always get a pontoon boat that best matches your needs.

Below is our list of the top 10 best pontoon boats for the money in 2021.

Tips For Used Pontoon Or Tritoon Buyers:

If buying a used boat, considering who will handle your service needs is an important decision.

If doing yourself, where will you get the parts necessary?

If you are not comfortable doing all of the mechanical work, is there a service provider you can trust that has expertise working on the brand pontoon and more importantly the brand of motor?

It may seem like a small detail but in my experience considering these factors before making a buying decision will ensure a more enjoyable and longer time as a pontoon boater.

So, youve found out all the ways to save to get the most for your money on your pontoon or tri-toon, now here are some thoughts on add-ons or upgrades you may want to consider.

Options to Consider

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Premier Pontoon 220 Cast

Image from

The Premier 220 Cast-Away is an excellent choice for a pontoon boat equipped solely for fishing. It has a composite fish station located aft, as well as two fishing chairs for the ultimate comfort while waiting for that fish to bite. It has a bait prep station overtop of a built in live well centrally located on the pontoon. There are built-in rod holders and tackle trays, to keep everything conveniently located.

There is an additional live well at the helm, as well as a sink and fish finder included. The Premier is 22.5 feet long built on two 25 foot pontoons, with an outboard capacity of 115 horse power , making this an ideal and convenient fishing platform for any angler.

Common Features Available In Pontoon Boat Models

The 10 Best Pontoon Boats to Buy in 2019

Pontoon boats are known for their ability to hold a large number of people up to 15 people in some models. Pontoon boat seating is all about comfort. Typically pontoon boat seats run the length of both sides of the boat, making optimal use of the space. A variety of pontoon boat accessories can also be added to customize the deck layout and use of the space.

The wide open deck space of a pontoon boat makes fishing from any angle very easy. The ability to take the boat in nearly any depth of water makes it a great choice for fisherman. There are also some models designed exclusively as fishing pontoon boats or bass pontoon boats.

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What Mil Marine Grade Vinyl Is Best For Pontoon Boats

What Mil Marine Grade Vinyl is Best for Pontoon boats? Marideck 80 Mil Boat Flooring is considered the best marine grade vinyl for pontoon best. The high quality marine grade vinyl for pontoon boats doubles as a durable and beautiful product every pontoon boat owner should consider. So, what Mil Marine Grade Vinyl is best for pontoon boats? In this article, I have analyzed and reviewed the best Mil Marine Grade Vinyl for pontoon boats. Kindly go through the review article and you will find a product that suits all your needs. Letâs see what the market has to offer in the 10 best mil marine grade vinyl for pontoon boats.

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Evaluating The Best Pontoon Boat Brands And Manufacturers

There are pontoon boats to fit every budget from economy to luxury models. Boat manufacturers carry multiple brands to cater to the variety of needs on the market. Be sure to compare objectively when deciding to buy a pontoon boat.

For example, pontoon boats with outboard engines will be cheap and more economical, but will lack power on the water. A stern drive engine will increase the cost, but will offer speed and power for skiing and tubing with a pontoon boat. Decide how the pontoon boat will be used on the water and let the intended usage guide the final buying decision for the best pontoon boat brand.

Many pontoon boats offer boaters an affordable way to get into boating with their first boat purchase. Marine lenders can offer very attractive boat loan financing with payments that can make owning a pontoon boat very similar in owning a second car.

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What Are The Best Pontoon Boat Brands

There are important things to consider when buying a pontoon boat and one of these is the pontoon boat brand. Nowadays, there are so many pontoon boat manufacturers, but there are a few that stand out from the rest.

In Case youre wondering who they are, weve listed the top pontoon boat brands on the market today. Check out why they remained on top all these years.

Wait For The Last Day

Pontoon Boat Show ! Watch this before you Buy ! (Knoxville,Tennesse)

The last day of a boat show is typically the time when dealers pull out all the big guns to make a sale. Buyers also tend to feel more impressionable, imbued with the idea that this is their last chance to snag a deal. Typically, the last day of a boat show is when sellers roll out every trick in the book, including a variety of add-ons and upgrades to encourage buyers to finally say yes.

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What Size Deck Should You Get

Keeping it simple, the deck provides usable space on the boat. However, your chosen deck size will also determine your tube dimension size as well. Coinciding, tube and deck size should be considered based on the types of water youll be on and the number of people youll be transporting. You should discuss tube size and whether youll need two or three tubes with your Premier Boating representative.

Why Are Pontoon Boats So Popular

The significant upsides of the pontoon boat design are a very shallow draft, low wetted area and a very stable, flat ride.

The fastest recorded pontoon boatTooned In, a South Bay 925CR with twin 330hp Promax engines, achieved an average speed over a mile of 114mph back in 2013.

The luxury end of this segment has a number of manufacturers vying to create the perfect pontoon boat for its customers.

With prices ranging from just over $30,000 to north of $400,000, the level of performance and luxury can be tailored to suit any budget.

There are options for fishing, water sports, lounging at anchor and of course long-distance cruising the 5,500-mile Great Loop from Florida to the Great Lakes and back has been completed on pontoon boats on more than one occasion.

Outboard power is the dominant option when it comes to pontoon boats

More focused examples of the breed include the fishing-orientated pontoon boats from the likes of Ranger and Sun Tracker.

These feature live bait wells, dedicated rod and tackle storage, electric trolling motors and ground anchors, providing the perfect boat for sneaking into shallow and hard to access fishing holes.

Even watersports enthusiasts are turning to pontoon boats. With very little wake and small turning circles, the pontoon boat makes an excellent and easy choice for everything except wakesurfing.

Easy-access sterns make pontoon boats ideal for watersports

Pontoon boats can be deceptively quick

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Pontoon Boat Brands To Avoid

Are there any pontoon boat brands to avoid? There are no current pontoon boat brands I would avoid. Anything built in the last few decades has passed relevant safety ratings because they were built with the highest standards.

However, some believe that anything built by Genmar Marine, an association of boat makers, is suspect. Whats the reason? They say many boat makers associated with Genmar Marine are not solvent anymore.

So when it comes to pontoon boat brands to avoid, I dont advise any specific brand. However, use caution if you are considering a pontoon boat made by Genmar Marine, as they are in debt and have had quite a few negative reviews in the past. They also are not too reliable for support if needed.

Things To Consider When Buying A Pontoon Boat:

The 10 Best Pontoon Boats to Buy in 2019

Things to consider before buying a pontoon

  • The first and foremost thing you have to consider while buying a pontoon boat is your budget. You have also to arrange your finance source or use a boat loan calculator.
  • Secondly, you have to focus on the kind of lifestyle you will spend on the pontoon boat. Are you going to buy it only to relax or are you going to board it for some water sports or thrilling activities? It is important that you make your requirements clear while buying a new pontoon boat.
  • You have also to discuss the amount of speed you require with the dealer to ensure that you dont regret your purchase in future.
  • The location where you will be using the pontoon boat will also play a crucial role in the purchase.
  • You have also to select the right size based on the number of people and furniture you will be bringing on board.
  • You have to also select the pontoon depending on the number of tubes underneath the deck, as it will affect the speed.
  • You can also go for upgrades and add-ons like storing cabinets for fishing rods, bowfishing bows and other necessary stuff.

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