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How To Charter Your Boat

Are There Additional Expenses Beyond The Charter Rate

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Additional expenses depend on the type of contract used MYBA and AYCA are the most common. The charter rate generally only covers the hire of the yacht and the crew and the owners insurance. Everything else is extra, including provisions and fuel. To cover expenses, an Advance Provisioning Allowance is collected upfront and forwarded to the captain who is accountable for expenditures. The captain will present a detailed summary of expenditures at the end of your charter. Any unspent APA funds are refunded to you. Depending on the destination, other expenses might include taxes, VAT and delivery/redelivery fees. Ask your charter broker to confirm the expenses that will be associated with your charter.

PRO-TIP: Advanced provisioning allowance expenses generally run 25 to 30% of the charter fee.

Set Up Your Own Boat Charter Service

In some ways, this is similar to the peer to peer option above in that you are renting out your boat. The difference is with chartering services, you will always be the captain onboard.

Whether you’re a sailor, a keen fisher or just love boating, this can be a great option to earn some extra money. You can set up a simple route in your local area to show people around by boat.

Generally, the big bottleneck in how much money you make with a charter service is location. The beach resort towns and cities around the globe will make the most money simply because there are more people around to charter boats.

The benefit of setting up your own boat charter service is you collect 100% of payment from renters, unlike with peer to peer where you’ll give up a fixed sum.

The downside is trying to get customers this way can be a little harder to do.

And as a reminder, please ensure you meet the legal boating requirements to offer charters including insurance and proper boating license to do this.

This Leads Us To The Last Consideration Of Your License Where Will You Run Charters

This comes into play because the USCG offers Inland, Great Lakes, and Near Coastal license, If you will simply be doing sailing or fishing trips within US bays and rivers then the Inland is fine, but if you plan on crossing the demarcation line at the mouths of rivers and bays then you need a Near Coastal license. The USCG has made up the Inland license because we have so many navigable rivers and bays, but it is not recognized in foreign countries. So, if you want to run foreign charters, from say Florida to the Bahamas or the US Virgin Islands to the British Virgin Islands, you must have your Masters Near Coastal License. In addition, when traveling outside the U.S. you have to have your Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping endorsement. This is an international convention to ensure all mariners sailing internationally, meet the minimum standard of training regardless of their country of citizenship. Besides STCW Basic Training, there are many specialized certificates needed for different types of vessels and roles on a vessel, so check the requirements to determine what all you need.

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To Charter Or Not To Charter

The pros and cons of chartering your yacht can be complex, as they will be unique to your situation, location, and style of boat you own. After weighing the pros and cons, only you can say for certain whether or not chartering your yacht makes sense for you and your situation. If youre on the fence, dont hesitate to interview several charter companies to find the right fit.

If you have any questions about chartering your yacht, or about yacht ownership in general, wed love to hear from you simply contact us with any questions you might have.

We can also help you find the perfect boat that would also be suitable for chartering. See what boats we have for sale at our sales dock right now. At Van Isle Marina, our brokers are here to help you navigate the world of luxury yachting.

Pros Of Chartering Your Yacht

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Offsets the Costs of Owning a Boat

While chartering your yacht wont be a huge income generator, a successful chartering season will likely bring in enough to cover dockage, routine maintenance, and insurance fees. This works out to be a 30 to 70% reduction in operating expenses, which can make a significant difference. If youve been on the fence about buying a luxury motor yacht due to your budget, there are two main things you can do to mitigate the cost of boat ownership:

  • Find an older boat or yacht to renovate or
  • Charter your motor yacht through a reputable yacht charterer.

Chartering is considerably less work than renovating an old boat, and comes with added perks such as:

Gentle Use is a Good Thing

Boats benefit from getting a little bit of exercise out on the water. Although it sounds counterintuitive, a yacht that doesnt get used much tends to have more issues than one that is used routinely. The reason is because fuel lingering in tanks isnt good, and the boat doesnt get much air circulation when its sealed up in storage. On the other hand, when you have your yacht in a charter program, it typically means nothing will seize up or mold out on you.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance Routine

Sharing is Caring

Tax Advantages

If you work closely with an accountant, you might be able to write off some expenses as business expenses associated with chartering, or otherwise receive tax benefits.

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A Charter Management Company That Works For You

A quick Google search for Miami yacht charters results in an overwhelming number of boat charter companies As an owner, its tough to find a charter management program that aligns with your expectations. Most companies offer a fixed service thats not always in your favor. Beeyond Boats noticed this problem and stepped in to offer a tailored charter program for owners.

Beeyond Boats is not a one-size-fits-all type of company. They accommodate owners on an individual basis with a goal to mold the charter service for whats best for both the boat owner and the clients. If youre an owner who wants to be hands-off in the chartering process with the option to use your boat on certain days, Beeyond Boats can accommodate. If youd rather be more involved in the charter process, you have that option as well. Beeyond Boats offers day charters or term charters depending on the owners preference, then prices the yacht accordingly.

Some owners want us to handle everything from locating the crew, pricing the charters, managing the charter calendar, choosing the best marina for their vessel, assisting with incorporating the company, and more, said CEO and Co-Founder of Beeyond Boats, Zev Kanter. Others want to handle 90% of it and just want us to manage their charter calendar and bring the demand to the yacht to make money. We are open to both types of relationships.

Beeyond Boats accommodates yacht rentals in Miami , Bahamas, and Florida Keys.

Chartering Out Your Personal Yacht To Offset Ownership Costs

One of the greatest benefits of chartering your yacht is making some money from your investment when youre not using it. Its a simple way to offset the cost of something that would otherwise sit and cost money. It also gives you more to work with as far as keeping the yacht up to date.

Keep in mind, the service and maintenance of a yacht is expensive but also a primary factor in whether or not your yacht will continue to retain value or even exceed value. Since routine refittings and redesigns are often unavoidable and cost up to 10 percent of your yachts value each year, this option offers you the added benefit of maximizing profits as well as your enjoyment each time you decide to set sail on another vacation.

Yacht charter management is a strategy to not only maintain your yacht, but also pay less in the long run when it comes to costs of docking, maintenance, insurance, and other operating expenses for your yacht.

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Is Charter Ownership Right For Me

In deciding whether charter ownership is right for you, ask yourself three questions:

  • Am I paying income tax on taxable wages or salary from my work or business?
  • Do I have a limited amount of time to use my yacht?
  • Am I willing to allow qualified people to charter my yacht when Im not using it?
  • If the answer to these questions is yes or maybe, then charter ownership is something you should consider. The reality is that most people use their yacht once a month, on average, leaving the balance of the month available for charter. Besides, if the yacht is paying for itself, it relieves the pressure some people feel to be constantly using it because of the cost. This actually lends to the enjoyment of the yacht when they do use it.

    Professional Maintenance And Support


    Placing your yacht in charter also is an excellent way to ensure that it will receive professional maintenance, service and care. Yachts in a charter fleet typically are washed weekly and cleaned inside and out after each charter. Routine maintenance is performed on a regularly scheduled basis and damage promptly repaired. For you, as the yacht owner, it means that you can spend your time sailing your yacht and not doing cleaning, maintenance and repairs.Your charter management company will require that every charter customer demonstrate that they are qualified to operate the yacht being chartered in order to minimize the potential for any damage. Damage caused by a charter customer, up to the amount of the insurance deductible, is paid for by the damage deposit they make up front when chartering the yacht.

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    What Is Yacht Charter

    Maybe you are looking for a family vacation in the Caribbean. Perhaps youre dreaming of an island-hopping adventure. Regardless of the type of holiday, youll want a safe and secure environment to enjoy time with family and friends. A superyacht charter means doing things your way with your timetable, bespoke itinerary and favorite past-times in absolute luxury. On board a superyacht charter you will experience an unsurpassed level of service and comfort in your most desired setting.

    Are The Crew Always On Duty

    Depending on the size of the yacht, the crew are always available to guests throughout the charter. From preparing midnight snacks to whipping up your favorite cocktails, they are on hand. The crew can be as present or as removed as you would like. They work in shifts, so different crew will be available at different times of the day and night.

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    The Excess 15 Is The Perfect Boat To Charter In Miami

    A new boat is ideal for a charter program because its more marketable, operates more bookings, and earns more revenue. The Excess brand, specifically the new Excess 15, is the perfect catamaran for sailing in South Florida and the Caribbean. She features aft helm stations that create a more integrated social experience for the crew and guests, smoother steering, and outstanding visibility on all points of sail.

    The Excess 15 has a massive cockpit with a retractable sunshade that provides flexibility for comfort in all conditions. She boasts a contemporary interior thats bright and open with high-quality materials and a sophisticated look. This 48-foot performance catamaran offers space, luxury, and comfort, which upgrades the sailing experience for owners and charter guests.

    Charter management in South Florida is an ideal solution for an absentee owner . The boat will be professionally managed and maintained while the owner is away yet available and ready to enjoy upon return when using a charter management company like Beeyond Boats. Consider placing your new boat into Beeyond Boats charter program. Contact a Denison yacht broker to schedule a showing of a new boat and learn more about how to own a private yacht charter.

    Write A Business Plan

    Destin Charter Boat

    Suspecting that you can run a successful charter boat business isnt the same as actually running one successfully. To make sure that your suspicions are reasonably accurate, youll need to draw up a business plan.

    Your business plan should include things like all of the expenses that are involved with running a charter boat business and how much youll need to charge per hour in order to offset those expenses and claim a profit. Youll also want to survey other boat businesses in the area to determine what theyre charging, how much business theyre doing and what you can reasonably expect.

    Do not skip creating a business plan as you launch your venture. A little bit of homework can save you a whole lot of money and heartache down the line.

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    Our Skippered Charter Fleet On San Francisco Bay

    If youre wanting to own a boat in the San Francisco Bay area, but the time you have to use the yacht is keeping you from moving ahead, our Skippered Charter Fleet is the perfect solution. You can have a personal yacht locally and while youre not suing it, it is making money in our skippered charter fleet.

    Our fleet is used for day charters only and always with a vetted and US Coast Guard licensed captain. Your boat will have substantially less wear and tear than placing it in a traditional bareboat charter program. As part of your fleet benefits, your boat gets regular maintenance, cleanings and higher charter rates than a bareboat program.

    Job Roles And Responsibilities

    Chief Executive Officer

    • He will oversee all other executives and staff within the resort.
    • Charged with meeting with board of directors and other executives to determine if company is in accordance with goals and policies.
    • Tasked with directing the resorts financial goals, objectives, and budgets.
    • Responsible for implicating the resorts guidelines on a day-to-day basis.
    • In charge of developing and implementing strategies and set the overall direction of a certain area of the resort.
    • Charged with providing visionary and strategic leadership for the resort.
    • Will make sure the members of the Board of Directors have the information necessary to perform their fiduciary duties and other governance responsibilities.
    • Will provide adequate and timely information to the Board to enable it to effectively execute its oversight role.

    Lodging Manager

    Boat Captain

    Boat Deckhand

    Maintenance Staff

    • Give responses to all visitors in an effective and prompt manner.
    • Keep all mechanical areas in a neat and orderly condition.
    • Carry out inspection on public areas on a daily basis in case of problems arising unexpectedly.
    • Offer maintenance and repairs to public areas, guestrooms and administrators office buildings.
    • Work together with the front office manager and housekeeper, and connects with the manager to discuss any aspect of operations which will involve the maintenance department.
    • Engage in flexible work schedules to be able to perform well during emergencies.

    Store clerk/front office manager

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    Rent Your Boat Out To Make Money

    There are lots of ways to make money from a boat and this is one of the most profitable options.

    You will find peer to peer boat renting websites where you can list your boat for free and rent it out.

    The benefit of this option is you get full control over the price you charge and the people you allow to rent your boat. You can also choose between you being the captain of the boat or the renter.

    The choice is yours!

    During the peak summer months, you can earn a nice income. However, please keep in mind this will depend on your location.

    Obviously, Florida will be busier than some other states.

    You can rent your boat out on platforms like Getmyboat, ClickandBoat etc. Some of the top boat owners are making $150,000+ a year from chartering their boat.

    You can read our how to rent out your boat guide for more details on how to do this and start earning.

    But don’t be amazed by that number as realistically most people won’t make that much but there is nothing stopping you from making a few extra thousand dollars a month doing this.

    To get an idea of how much you can rent your boat out at, check out our cost to rent a boat article for an idea on prices.

    Please also take into account that these platforms will take a fee of every rental booked through their site usually between 15 – 35% depending on the site.

    An important note to mention is to ensure you are aware of boat insurance requirements for renting out your vessel.

    A Captains Guide To Making Money With Your Boat


    June 4, 2020 By InTheBite Editor

    Youve heard them. You must have After all, there are just so many How do you wind up with a little money in the fishing business? Start with a lot BOAT bust out another thousand. If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably cant afford it.

    The ability of boats to eat money is legendary. It has spawned jokes, t-shirts, and bumper stickers of all kind. Rather than being simply fairy tales made up out of thin air, these sayings reflect a level of truth boats can certainly be expensive.

    There are, however, a select group of individuals who are able to consistently use their boats to generate income. The following is a look at several strategies used successfully by boat owners to make money with their boats.

    With apologies to the owner/operator of the charter program, this view looks into a few less commonly practiced scenarios for boat-driven money-making.

    Placing your boat in a popular tourist destination is a great first stepfor chartering your vessel.

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