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Are You Required To Have Boat Insurance In Texas

Texas Boat Insurance & Texas Yacht Insurance

A Complete Guide to Boat Insurance | Watercraft Coverage 101

According to information from the U.S. Coast Guard, property damage to boats has been increasing. Many states now require boats to be insured. If you have your boat on a loan or use a marina, you will probably also be required to insure your boat. If you are not required to insure your boat, it is important you still consider purchasing boat insurance.

Texas boat insurance works similar to the insurance for your car, and can protect in the same way. But, since boats have different features than your car, you will want to make sure you have all the coverages you need and any savings that may lower your premium.

Insurance coverages you will want for your boat:

  • Liability

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Ah, the Lone Star State. There’s nothing quite like boating in Texas, whether it be on one of its many lakes and rivers, or along the Gulf Coast. NBOA Marine Insurance, a leader in boat and yacht insurance, would like to remind you that when buying Texas boat insurance, remember that Texas is a unique state and exposed to many different perils, such as hurricane wind damage, hail, flooding, sun damage, submerged objects in rivers, and more.

Here are some features to Texas boat insurance to keep in mind:

Rv Insurance Options In Texas

When exploring RV insurance, some coverage options are likely to mimic your auto insurance, while others are specific to your RV. Lets look at some RV insurance options.

  • Collision coverage to pay for damages if your RV is involved in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect your RV from non-collision perils like theft, fire, vandalism, storms, and many more.
  • Liability coverage to pay for bodily injury and property damage to third parties.
  • Personal injury protection covers medical expenses, final expenses, and partial loss of income for you and your passengers following an accident.
  • Vacation liability to protect you when your RV is parked on a campsite.
  • Full-timers cover if you reside in your RV full-time.

If you love your RV, contact Collum Insurance Group LLC to make sure you are covered. You can also visit our Richardson, TX offices to speak to our agents in person.

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Do I Need Boat Or Jet Ski Insurance And Other Faqs

The weathers finally heating up after a long and drawn-out winter and most everybody is in the mood to celebrate that fact. If you have a boat, chances are that means youre getting her out of storage and hitting the lake, the bay, or even the ocean. That makes this spring the perfect time to discuss boating, jet ski, and other watercraft insurance.

The most common question we hear from boaters is: Do I need boat or jet ski insurance? While you dont legally need it, you DEFINITELY SHOULD have boat insurance. Were not just saying that because Unruh Insurance is an insurance agency, but because Unruh Insurance is owned by two boaters, Kent and Curt Unruh, both of whom have comprehensive boat insurance.

Kent Unruh keeps his boat at Raystown Lake, while Curt Unruh prefers taking his boat out on the Indian River every spring and summer. This makes Unruh Insurance double-qualified to answer all of your boat insurance questions.

Find out why you need boat or jet ski insurance as well as get the answers to your boat insurance FAQs.

Tips For Reducing Risks As Boat Renter

Boat Insurance Explained

A simple solution to all of this is to hire a boat captain with the boat you rent. This means you don’t have to worry about meeting some standards to actually be able to charter the boat.

Most peer to peer platforms provide options to add a captain for a fee and if you have no experience with boating, this is something to consider for sure.

Other things you can do to reduce risk is:

  • Inspect the boat before renting it
  • Take a simple boating course
  • Know the passengers you are bringing onboard with you. (this applies in particular to party boats where you may not know everyone onboard directly.
  • Read reviews from other boat renters

These are just some of the ideas to help reduce your risk and have a great day on the waters.

So there you have it…

The above information are simple tips to ensure both the boat owner and boat renter are protected in the event of an accident occurring.

Staying protected and compliant with all regulatory bodies is very important. Again, as a reminder, if in doubt, simply contact your insurance provider if you are a boat owner or ask the boat owner directly if you are a boat renter.

And keep everything in writing, either through email or through online platforms to help avoid any confusion either boat owner or renter may have.

And most importantly have a great time on the water!

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Towing Is Risky Business

If you’re towing any kind of trailer, you also need to be sure to understand how to hook it up properly. “As long as the item became unhitched while your vehicle was in motion, your car insurance should extend to the accident in caused,” says Gusner, but she recommends talking to your insurance agent to make sure your general liability coverage extends to your trailer.

Each year, motorists are killed when trailers come lose and go hurtling down the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly 400 people were killed in traffic accidents involving a passenger vehicle towing a trailer in 2012. The number includes both people killed when trailers came unattached, as well as other accidents involving trailers.

Between 2002 and 2012, more than 4,500 people were killed in wrecks involving trailers, with more than 500 killed in 2005 alone.

Before you hit the road, NHTSA recommends checking the tow rating of your vehicle to see the size, maximum load weight and maximum tongue weight , of the trailer you plan to tow.

You also need to be sure to have the proper hitching and braking systems, along with wiring for lights and turn signals.

You should check the laws in your state and city to see if you need any special permits, licenses or equipment for the trailer you’re towing before you head out on the road. And if you’re traveling to another state, check that state’s requirements as well.

Why Are Northern States Typically Less Expensive Than Southern States

Boat insurance rates are generally more affordable if you live in a state with no coastline, and many coastal states are in the southern part of the United States. Along the coast, you’ll usually find bigger and more expensive boats used in the oceans and on the Gulf of Mexico. The Great Lakes states tend to fall in the low-cost category because boat lengths tend to be smaller, with many boaters taking advantage of inland lakes and rivers. The length of the boating season also has a big impact on the cost of boat insurance. Many northern states have shorter boating seasons and lower policy costs than southern states where the boating season is generally much longer.

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How Much Boat Insurance Do I Need

Beyond any state legislation or binding agreements with your lender or marina, the answer to this question may come down to your individual tolerance for risk. As discussed in earlier questions, some states do have minimum requirements for liability insurance coverage. Check with your state government to see whether you are required to meet a coverage threshold. The amount of boat insurance you may need depends on a number of factors, including the boatâs value, motor size, and age. Like other vehicles, high-performance boats will likely command a higher level of coverage to compensate for the amount of damage they are able to inflict.

Is Boat Insurance Required In Texas

boat insurance | Is boat insurance worth it | boat insurance colorado | boat damage from raccoon

No, Texas does not have a law that requires boaters to carry minimum levels of boat insurance. That being said, it is very strongly recommended that you do not own a boat without boat insurance. The purpose of boat insurance is to protect you financially from the challenges that come with owning a boat. Boat Insurance can help with injuries that occur on the boat or harm that can happen from the off-season. Boat safety and prevention is the most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of an accident, but they do happen. With the right boat insurance coverage, you can rest assured youre protected in any event when it matters most.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Insurance

What is the average boat insurance cost?

Never guess what an insurance policy might cost. The average cost to insure a boat depends on the type of boat you want to insure and how much coverage you need. Additionally, your credit and loss history can factor into the price. The best way to get an accurate quote is to reach out to us for a quote. Quotes take just a few minutes and we can run you through several great companies.

Does boat insurance cover mechanical issues?

No, boat insurance will not cover mechanical issues such as a blown motor. However, if the mechanical issue is a result of a covered loss such as a collision with another boat then there likely would be coverage for the mechanical failure that resulted from the covered loss. *All coverage situations are subject to claims verification and no information here is suggesting coverage would exist.

Is boat insurance required?

Some states do not require boat insurance, but if you are operating a boat in open waters without it, youre putting yourself at financial risk. If you have a loan on your boat or if you moored your boat in a marina, then the lienholder or marina may require you to carry insurance.

More coverage is available. Our agents will go over all coverages with you so you can make an informed decision about what coverages are right for you.

Is Rv Insurance Required In Texas

Recreational Vehicles are very popular in Richardson, TX, and across Texas in general. People of all places and ages find RVs fun to travel because they let you explore the world as you enjoy the comfort and convenience of a home. But one thing most RV owners arent clear about is RV insurance. An RV cuts between a vehicle and a home, making it challenging to decide what insurance is required.

The good news is that Collum Insurance Group LLC is here to help you understand whether RV insurance is mandatory and what it covers.

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Is It Mandatory To Have Insurance On A Boat

If youre wondering, Do you have to have insurance on a boat?, the simple answer is no. The majority of states do not require you to carry boat insurance. You may assume that you need it in cities surrounded by water. However, only a few states require proof of insurance.

The chart below lists each state and their boat insurance requirements.

Yes, just Arkansas, Hawaii, and Utah require you to have a boat insurance policy. But what about a license?

Texas Discount Boat Insurance


ABC insurance Services offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts on boat insurance in Texas. If you already have insurance on your Texas boat, now is the time to consider looking at better coverage and cheaper prices. If you are shopping for a new boat, we would be glad to give you a quote even if you havent signed the paperwork yet.

ABC Insurance Servicesprivacy policy will keep your information secure, and there is no risk, obligation, or cost involved in talking with us. The Texas Gulf Coast enjoys warm weather nearly year-round which gives Texas boat owners a lot of time for activity on the water. We strongly recommend all Texas boat owners invest in boat insurance to protect their investment. Accidents can happen at any time, and inclement weather especially during hurricane season can arise suddenly on the Gulf Coast as well as even the most tranquil of Texas lakes. Our Texas Boat Insurance rates are extremely competitive and we also offer numerous types of discounts, one or more of which almost every Texas Auto and Home Insurance customer qualifies for. The following explains some of the many coverage options offered by the Texas boat policies we provide. Each policy we write may include any or all of the coverage, depending on your personal choice and our professional recommendation for your protection.

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What Does Texas Boat Insurance Cover

Boat insurance policies can vary from one provider to the next. Some of the coverage that may come standard with one policy may be optional with another.

Most boat insurance providers in Texas will offer some or all of the following types of coverage.

It is a good idea to review all your policy options when deciding which are a good fit for you and your family.

Texas Boating Laws And Requirements

It is boat season in Texas. With many lakes and the Gulf nearby, there are many opportunities for Texans to get out on the water with friends and family this summer. Below, we have outlined a few important Texas boating laws. Following these boating requirements can help keep you safe from a boat accident.

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Hitting The Water Make Sure You Have Boat Insurance

Date Published:

Where we live in Texas, it is not uncommon to see dozens of boats being hauled on the highway heading to the Gulf for a day of fun in the sun. As your Allstate insurance agents, we want to take a minute to remind boaters of the importance of purchasing boat insurance before hitting the water. In todays blog, were offering up some more information about why you might need boat insurance, what boat insurance covers, and how to get the best boat insurance policy for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

What Boat Renters Should Consider

Guide to buying a liveaboard || Boat Insurance || What we wish we knew || TRAWLER LIVING || S2E12

As someone looking to rent a boat, here are some simple things to consider before renting out a vessel.

Where Can I Go?

When you plan to take out a boat, you should ask the owner are there any restrictions on where you can travel. If renting in the United States for example, the majority of boat owners will only allow you to travel on American waters.

There may also be restrictions on how far off the coast you can travel but this can easily be cleared up by simply asking the boat owner directly.

Usually the restrictions are to keep within 12 miles of the coast but this can vary.

What happens If I Damage The Boat?

This is another important question to ask the boat owner. Will the insurance company cover any damages to the boat or are you liable as the renter?

It’s important to be clear on this before heading out on the boat.

Does The Boat Owners Insurance Policy Cover Renters?

Seems obvious but it’s really important to ensure the boat owner has the correct insurance policy to keep you as the renter protected.

It’s also best to get this in writing too

Are There Any Scenarios Where I Might Not Be Covered?

As a renter, you should be crystal clear on how you might not be covered so as to avoid scenarios like that. The boat owner will provide you with the specifics of this and if they don’t, you can simply move onto another boat to rent.

What Exactly Is Covered In The Rental Insurance Policy?

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Coverage Can Be Tailored To Your Watercraft

Not every boat is the same. Texas Insurance Agency in Katy can help customize your boat insurance and damage coverage, helping you maximize the right discounts and getting the coverage you need. Our experienced Katy boat insurance agents work diligently to make sure that you have the right coverage so that you are not at risk of being underinsured.

And Don’t Forget The Discounts

The same kinds of factors that apply to your car insurance rates also affect the price of your boat or camper coverage.

For example, if you haven’t filed a claim, you’ll pay less than someone who has. Your driving record also affects the rate you’ll pay.

But you’ll find a lot of familiar discounts as well.

Insurance companies love customers who buy more than one policy, so look for a multi-policy discount if you purchase your boat insurance from the same company that provides your auto insurance or homeowners insurance coverage. You’ll find the same kind of loyalty and early-payment discounts, too.

But some benefits won’t be available on your everyday Camry or Explorer, like:

  • A discount if you take a boating safety course.
  • Emergency expense coverage if your travel trailer is damaged or destroyed while on the road.
  • Campsite liability for any accidents that occur once you’ve parked your travel trailer.

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Is Boat Insurance Legally Required In Texas

In most states, Texas included, there is no legal requirement that you carry boat or watercraft insurance. If you own a boat in Arlington, TX, you are free to buy insurance or skip it at your discretion, legally speaking. But youre going to have a hard time getting your boat in and out of the water.

This is because most owners of docks, piers, and wharves are going to insist that anyone docking their watercraft at least carries some basic liability. The people who own these docks are just covering their ends: A boat-on-boat collision is unlikely to happen out on the open water, but its very likely if an inexperienced pilot comes cruising in a little too quickly to dock their boat, or if they dont know to tie their boat down to keep it from smashing into other boats. So when that happens, if the other boats owner doesnt carry insurance, or if they simply sail away before anyone can see who was responsible, then the dock owner is the one whos likely to be sued. So it makes sense that dock owners are not going to want to risk that.

And of course, its just common sense to at least buy basic comprehensive coverage on your boat, and gap insurance if youre still paying it off. A lot can happen out on the open waters, and you want to make sure that youre protected.

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