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Boat Rentals At Yellowstone Lake

What Are The Best Water Activities And Adventures In Yellowstone National Park

Exploring YELLOWSTONE LAKE | Yellowstone Lake Boat Tour | Bears at Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone National Park is a land of wonder with a vast diversity of natural features, including the abundance of water in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. If it is water adventures you want, Yellowstone has a variety from which to choose, each offering a unique experience.

The water features of Yellowstone offer everything from boating, touring, kayaking, fishing, and even relaxing in select streams where hot springs flow into the river to create a sort of high-country wilderness jacuzzi.

It Was The First National Park In The United States In Fact When Yellowstone Became A Park In 1872 The Land It Covered Weren’t Yet States: Montana Wyoming And Idaho And Then There’s The Lake

With a view of Mt. Stevenson on the horizon, an angler tries his luck at Yellowstone Lake.

“Yellowstone Lake is big, remote, and cold,” observes Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash. He’s right. The lake has a 110-mile-long shoreline, measuring 20 miles from east to west and 14 miles from north to south. Indeed, it is remote, at an altitude more than 7,000 feet above sea level. And yes, it’s cold. This year, the ice cover was gone from the lake by June 12, and that’s pretty late. Usually it’s gone by Memorial Day. Average water temperature? 50 degrees in June. Doesn’t sound too promising for a person with a boat in tow, does it? Guess again.

“You’re going to be blown away by Yellowstone Lake” promises Richard Parks, owner of Parks’ Fly Shop in Gardiner, Montana, and author of Fishing Yellowstone National Park. “It is tremendously scenic, there are islands, there’s camping, and there are moose, buffalo, elk, and eagles to be seen.”

“I tell people with boats that they have a pair of boat ramps from which to choose,” says Nash,”and both are free.” The Grant Village ramp and the Bridge Bay ramp provide more than adequate parking.

Yellowstone Lake Boat Rental

You can rent a boat at the Lake Marina by Lake Hotel and go onto the lake. It’s beautiful. Beware, the weather changes very quickly on the lake from mild and beautiful to rain and rough conditions. I would avoid renting in the late afternoon as this is prime time for the weather to change. If you are not experienced in boating this could be very hazardous and life threathening as the water is extremely cold with a survial time of 20-30 minutes.


Beautiful lake in Yellowstone Park! Many beautiful views and photo opportunities. A must see when traveling in Yellowstone.

Went to Yellowstone National park and drove past Yellowstone Lake. Beautiful! We just drove past it but we got some great photos and scenic views. A must see even if you’re just driving past it.

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There Are Four Main Marinas For Boating In Grand Teton National Park That Offer Rentals Services And Other Amenities For Adventures On The Snake River And Numerous Lakes

  • Grand Teton National Park has lovely lakes for boating
  • Choose one of the four marinas from which to launch your boat
  • Rent a deck cruiser for a unique vacation
  • Permits can be purchased at one of the visitor centers
  • Get an informative guided tour of a lake or river

Lakes & Rivers

The lakes and rivers available for boating in Grand Teton National Park are:

  • Jackson Lake Motorboats are allowed and human-powered vessels are permitted.
  • Jenny Lake Motorboats are allowed and human-powered vessels are permitted.
  • Phelps Lake Motorboats are allowed and human-powered vessels are permitted.
  • Emma Matilda Lake
  • Human-powered vessels are permitted.
  • The Snake River The Snake River flows through the park and features wonderful scenic rafting and mild rapids depending on time of year.

When planning a boating trip to the Grand Teton National Park, boaters can choose from one of four marinas located within the park and its outer edges.

The marinas in Grand Teton National Park are:

Boat Permits

Permits can be purchased at Moose, Jenny Lake or Colter Bay Visitor Centers. In the summer non-motorized boat permits can be purchased at the Buffalo Ranger Station. The fee is $20 for a seven-day permit for motorized craft and $10 for a seven-day permit for non-motorized craft. There are also annual permits available. All privately owned vessels must be registered.

Boat Rentals

There are a three places you can rent boats in Grand Teton National Park:

  • Colter Bay Village Marina
  • Signal Mountain Lodge

Bridge Bay Marina Offers Boat Rentals Scenic Cruises A Small Store Nearby Campground Picnic Areas And Great Views Of Yellowstone Lake

Life is better on a boat... Stand up paddle boards kayaks and canoes ...

What services and activities are available at Bridge Bay Marina?

  • Boat RentalsBoat rentals are available at Bridge Bay Marina on a first come first serve basis.
  • Scenic Boat CruisesOne hour boat tours are available at Bridge Bay Marina. Cruise the lake on the Lake Queen and learn about the history of the area while looking for wildlife.
  • FishingWhile the Bridge Bay Marina and inlet are closed to fishing you can stroll along the banks of Yellowstone Lake and fish or book a guided fishing boat to explore the lake. Reservations are required: 344-7311. Make sure you have a fishing permit for the park!
  • Small StoreA small store at Bridge Bay Marina offers recreation gear, snacks, souvenirs, and fast food.
  • CampgroundOpen from late May to early September, many visitors who enjoy a lakeside setting will love camping at Bridge Bay Campground.
  • Ranger StationA ranger station is available right in Bridge Bay to answer any visitor questions and issue permits.
  • Hike or Bike to Natural BridgeNatural Bridge is a 51 foot cliff cut by Bridge Creek. You can follow the trail to Natural Bridge from either the Bridge Bay Marina or the Campground. It’s one of the few trails in the park that allows bikes. Bike rentals are only available in Old Faithful so bring your own if you want to ride. From the Marina, the hike takes about 1-2 hours and covers 3 miles round-trip.

Where is the Bridge Bay Marina?

When can I visit Bridge Bay?

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Do I need climate-controlled storage?

Should I winterize my vehicle before storing?

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Fly Fishing In Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is located within what is known as the Golden Triangle, a designated region renowned as one of the premier fly fishing locations in the United States. The triangle reference is related to the region as its approximate boundaries form an equilateral triangle having an apex at Glacier National Park and encompassing southeast Idaho and western Montana.

Each road section within Yellowstone National Park has rivers, streams, or lakes that offer excellent trout fishing in a wilderness setting surrounded by picturesque scenery. For detailed information on fishing the waters in each road section in the park, select the links below for the flies to use and the places to fish.

Get Out On The Water Worry

Lake Yellowstone Boat Tour

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How to rent a boat on Boatsetter?
How much does it cost to rent a boat?

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How many people can fit on the boat rental?

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A Peaceful Lakeside Retreat In Beautiful Ontario

Sandy Beach at Otter Lake has been part of many families’ happy memories for more than 100 years! Nestled on Otter Lake, the resort offers 23 cabins which range from one to three bedrooms, RV sites, and one room glamping cabins. Indulge in the resort’s amenities which include fire pits, boat docking, hiking trails, and more. Swimmers of all ages are welcome to unwind on the resort’s sandy beach, and the little ones will love the outdoor playground. Don’t forget to pack your fishing poles, Otter Lake features some of the best fishing in the region. A charming and peaceful setting and different lodging options make Sandy Beach at Otter Lake the ideal destination to explore what Mother Nature has to offer.

  • May 15 to Oct 15

Boating In Yellowstone National Park

DetailsRentals: One to eight hoursCost: $57 per hourSeason: June 11 Sept 1, 2018Life Jackets: ProvidedID: Government issued ID requiredPets: No pets allowed

Scenic Boat Cruises

Details:Cruise: One-hour guided scenic tourCost: $18 Adult / $10.50 Children 3-11 yrs.Season & Departures:June 11, 2018 August 9, 2018 Daily // 9am / 10:30am / 1pm / 2:30pm / 4pm / 5:30pm / 7pmAugust 10, 2018 September 9, 2018 Daily // 9am / 10:30am / 1pm / 2:30pm / 4pm / 5:30pmPassenger Requirements:Listed tour times are the check-in timeMust have pre-paid printed ticket to boardLate arrivals will not be allowed to boardChildren under 3 years are free but must have a printed ticket due to Coast Guard requirements

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Sea Kayak The Vast Waters Of Lake Yellowstone Go On A Scenic Lake Cruise With A Ranger Rent A Row Boat At Bridge Bay Marina And Go Fishing

Where can I go canoeing or sea kayaking in Yellowstone?

Non-motorized boats are allowed on most park lakes . Check in at a local ranger station or visitor center for suggested routes and weather predictions.

Where can I go boating in Yellowstone?

Motorboats are allowed on Lewis Lake and Yellowstone Lake only.

Are boat rentals available within the park?

Outboard and row boat rentals are available on a first come first serve basis at the Bridge Bay Marina on Yellowstone Lake. Canoe and sea kayak rentals are not available within the park, but be sure to check at shops in gateway communities.

Can I bring my own boat into the park?

Yes, but you will need to acquire a boat permit . The Bridge Bay Marina offers a number of services for visitors who bring their own boats.

Are there guided boat tours available?

There are a number of guided boat tours available.

Things To Do Outside West Yellowstone


The area surrounding West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park is almost entirely Forest Service land and is awaiting your company for hiking, biking & exploring of all kinds! Hebgen Lake is less than 15 minutes away with access to fishing, swimming, paddle-boarding, canoeing, boat rentals and more! Take a drive down Highway 287 and enjoy a lakeside view of Hebgen Lake and Quake Lake . Henry’s Lake in Idaho is a short drive down Highway 20 and is also a beautiful spot to recreate. Some of the most fantastic fly-fishing in the world can be had in Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding areas, visit a local fly shop for tips on great spots outside the park to find solitude and lunkers!

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Don’t Miss This From The Water

More than 300 geysers are found throughout Yellowstone National Park and Yellowstone Lake has a number of these thermal springs. In fact, beneath Mary Bay along the northeastern shore is the largest geyser basin on the lake. From a boat, you’ll not know its location as the depth here is 300-plus feet and the rising warmer water has cooled by the time it reaches the surface. This is a deep lake, reaching more than 430 feet just east of nearby Stevenson Island. However, there are two much smaller thermal geysers clearly visible and worth seeing, along the shore.

New Lake Yellowstone Fishing Cone, now off limits to anglers, was used by settlers as a place to catch and cook their fish.

Steamboat Point, located on the lake’s northeast side at the south end of Mary Bay, is one such destination. It’s an area where 40-foot-high geysers are common. “Steamboat Point has the name because those first seeing these thermal springs were reminded of the plumes spouted by steamboats,” noted Nash. “Yellowstone has thermal features on shore as well as underwater. I always tell visitors with a boat that if it doesn’t look like a standard shoreline and you can see bubbles, be careful because it can be hot.”

“The winds are out of the southwest 90 percent of the time,” Parks cautions, “so if you’re getting close to Steamboat Point on the water and your engine fails, you’re going to be blown into the rocks, and the hot steam.”

Boat Tours Of Yellowstone Lake

You can drive by the stunning Yellowstone Lake or hike along its shores, but that would mean missing an entertaining and engaging boat tour aboard the Lake Queen.

From the Bridge Bay Marina , youll set sail across the largest high-elevation lake in the Lower 48. At 7,732 feet, the lake covers 136 square miles. As you explore the lake and make your way around Stevenson Island, youll learn about the colorful history of the area, including that of the historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel, which you cant miss from the lake since this hotel, originally built in 1891 to lure and accommodate tourists, is large and yellow. If you are lucky, you will spot eagles, ospreys and possibly the land-bound bison loitering on the lakes shores.

Tours aboard the Lake Queen are offered mid-June through mid-August. They are offered several times in the morning, afternoon and evening, so call ahead or go online to learn the exact departure times and to book your tour. You can call 307-344-7311 or visit

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts because the guides will present a safety talk and all travelers must be present. If you miss this, you cannot board the boat. Bring layers as the lake can get cool when winds pick up, especially in the afternoon and evening. Children three and under are free but do need a ticket.

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Boating Kayaking & Canoeing On Yellowstone Lake

To simply get out on the largest high elevation lake in North America is an experience worth taking. Bridge Bay Marina is the primary location for scenic lake cruises, guided fishing trips, and various boat rentals. To make reservations and learn the details of all watercraft excursions call 307-344-7311.

The Lake Queen: Between mid-June to mid-August enjoy a one-hour scenic and informative tour of Yellowstone Lake, Lake Yellowstone Hotel, Stevenson Island, and the unique history surrounding the area and the historical characters who made the history with their own adventures of an era gone by. Elk and bison can often be seen on the shore, and eagles, osprey and other waterfowl are certain to be spotted on your cruise. Several daily departures are offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

o Rates are $18.50 per adult, and $10.75 per child . Children under 3 are free but still require a ticket.

Boat Rentals or Bringing Your Own Boat: Motorboats and rowboats can be rented at Bridge Bay Marina on a first come first serve basis. Several docking stations are available for those who bring their own boat. o Boats can be rented from early to mid-June through early to mid-September at a rate of $59/hour

o Length of time boats can be rented: One to eight hours

o Life jackets are required and provided with rental

o Government issued ID or Passport required for all boat rentals

o No pets are allowed and no beaching of craft along the shores is allowed

o $98/hour

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