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What Is The Best Pontoon Boat Manufacturer

Best Small Pontoon Boats

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You cant buy happiness. But you can buy a boat, and thats pretty much the same thing.


How are you going to plan this summer with your kids?

You must have got a long list of items to choose from. I want you not to skip boating at any cost because happiness is boating.

I love boating because it takes over my worries. And I want you to experience it too.

Boating gives you sailing experience, but it also offers recreational activities at the same time.

Why dont you think of becoming a captain of a small boat? A pontoon, maybe.

Yes, its affordable.

Buying a small pontoon boat would be a much reasonable option for those who have a low budget and a small family.

What Are The Best Pontoon Boat Brands

There are important things to consider when buying a pontoon boat and one of these is the pontoon boat brand. Nowadays, there are so many pontoon boat manufacturers, but there are a few that stand out from the rest.

In Case youre wondering who they are, weve listed the top pontoon boat brands on the market today. Check out why they remained on top all these years.

Regency 250 Le3 Sport Boat With 250 L Verado Motor

At just about $75,000 MSRP, this pontoon is first on our list of almost-best for the 2020 season, offering a sporty package and finish that rivals some of the more expensive models on the market. This vessel holds up to 14 people and includes three performance pontons for the ultimate control and enjoyment on the water.

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Lowe Ultra 180 Cruise

Lowe Ultra 180 Cruise

With seating for nine people and a versatile twin bow lounger layout with a spacious L-shaped lounge in the stern, Lowes Ultra 180 Cruise comes with seven drink holders, plenty of under-seat storage and a nine-foot, heavy-duty Bimini top all as standard equipment on these affordable pontoon boats. Learn more here.

Bonus Budget Buster: The Premier Escalante

10 Best Small Pontoon Boats

If your idea of affordable is spending about as much on your boat as the median cost of a house in the US of A, youll probably be interested in a precocious pontoon like the 314 long, 100 wide Premier Escalante. Starting MSRP is $146,800, but thats before you load up to 800 total horsepower onto the transoms and start adding options and accessories.

Highlights of this double-decker pontoon palace include a 12 high second-level deck with seating and a waterslide, a full upright rigid changing station/head compartment, and an entertainment center with a sink, refrigerator, wine chiller, and crystal caddy.

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Where Are Avalon Pontoon Boats Made

Avalon is a vertically integrated pontoon manufacturer. That means that everything they make is done from their own factory in Alma, Michigan. They say that this gives them a far higher control over production and whos to argue? They make stunning pontoon boats.

For over 40 years, the name Avalon has been a signifier of quality, and I hope that remains the same for the future.

Manufacturers Of Pontoon Boats

There are lots of manufacturing companies across the country.

Some are still at their top from the past, and some have given up at some point in their business voyage. We have tried to cover both of these two categories in our article. Below we are to discuss some pontoon boat manufacturers

Manitou Pontoon Boats

This Company is considered as the market leader with its exceptional quality of pontoon boats. Their performance and service quality is up to the mark, and their engine is so stern that it gives the boat more acceleration power. These boats can be handled very easily, which is one of the unique features.

Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats

Sun Tracker manufacturer is prevalent as well as a successful company in the United States. They are producing different kinds of boats, and among them, pontoons are the noteworthy ones. The brand follows a food pricing policy, which the consumers appreciate a lot.

They provide quality boats with an excellent service policy no doubt why this company has become one of the behemoths in the industry.

Weeres Pontoon Boats

This company makes pontoon boats of different sizes. Large to a small size, which gives the consumer the power to limit their groups within the boat.

Weeres pontoon boat has been running the business for an extended period of time, which provides them with the privilege of being the countys one of the best companies as well the oldest one.

Avalon Pontoon Boats

Smoker Craft Pontoon Boats

  • Transferable to the second owner.
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    How Do I Choose A Small Pontoon Boat

    In order to choose a small pontoon boat, it’s essential to determine the size that suits your needs. There’s the narrow, compact, and mini pontoon boat sizes. Each kind fits best for different people. As a general guideline:

    • Narrow: For navigating narrow lakes and rivers.
    • Compact: A budget luxury option for families and fishing.
    • Mini: A small 1-2 or 3-4 person raft for fishing and cruising.

    Buy a pontoon boat that matches what you’re able to tow. Even with a lighter boat, this is an important factor that some people somewhat neglect. If your vehicle can’t properly tow your boat, it will cause serious engine, transmission, and braking issues. You can read the guide on pontoon boat weights to better understand how to do this.

    Choose a pontoon boat that’s well made so it lasts. Most manufacturers designing boats include a warranty along with purchase. If buying used, be sure to inspect each element of the boat so that there isn’t anything wrong with it. Overall, most pontoon boats are built strong and last for many years.

    Below is a checklist of things to look for when choosing a small pontoon boat:

    • Ensure you choose the right size boat.
    • Buy a boat that your vehicle can tow.
    • Choose a pontoon boat that is well made.

    Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 Dlx

    What Pontoon Boat Layouts are Most Common or Best?

    Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX

    With its spacious seating, overhead Bimini top with QuickLift system, a wide side entry gate big enough to accommodate a wheelchair or stroller with ease, and plenty of underseat storage, the Party Barge remains among the most popular pontoons sold in the US. With seating for nine people and an extensive standard feature list, its easy to like this boat whether your aim is a bit of fishing or just relaxing on the water. Prices start at $18,395. Learn more here.

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    Bennington S168 8 Narrow Beam Cruiser Pontoon Boat

    Bennington is one of the premiere pontoon boat builders and their S168 is a model that was designed for pleasure on the water. Its one of the best selling luxury pontoon boats that can be ordered with Bimini Blue Ice LED lighting, and a Bimini Top Double Short of 10ft, a Mooring Cover storage bag and an upgrade to a 4 step stainless steel ladder. This boat can be built in a variety of configurations which include Pure comfort recliner seats which swivel from side to side to give you a panoramic view of your surroundings whether youre in motion or stationary.

    Bennington S21 Fishing Pontoon Boat

    This is the ideal pontoon boat for taking fishing. What makes this model so great is that it is available in 12 different configurations so it can be customized to suit the individual tastes and needs of the buyer. When you visit a Bennington dealer youll be amazed at the thousands of floor plans that they offer for your perusal and theyll assist you in designing the pontoon fishing boat of your dreams.

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    Bennington Sv Narrow Beam Cruiser

    If youre looking for a pontoon boat thats designed to deliver the maximum level of comfort and enjoyment on the water, then youll love the Bennington SV Narrow Beam Cruiser. It is arguably one of the best-selling luxury cruisers on the market today.

    You can get it with bass seats that allow you to swivel them for a full panoramic view of the environment around you. It is available in several different configurations that you can customize based on your preferences.

    Sunchaser Geneva Cruise 20 Crs

    Have a Look at These Top Avalon Pontoon Boat Reviews ...

    Most pontoon boats have oodles of seating, but that comes at the cost of deck space. If youd like to have some open deck in addition to the couches and loungers, the Geneva Cruise 20 CRS is likely to catch your eye.

    This model features facing couches forward and a big L-lounge with dinette aft to port, but the starboard side is kept wide-open aft of the helm chair. That means youll have plenty of elbow room as you get the tow toys ready for fun, or climb back aboard after a dip in the lake. Added bonus: add the third tube and this boat can take 200-horsepower, seriously amping-up performance and speed.

    Visit SunChaser to learn more.

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    Tips For Used Pontoon Or Tritoon Buyers:

    If buying a used boat, considering who will handle your service needs is an important decision.

    If doing yourself, where will you get the parts necessary?

    If you are not comfortable doing all of the mechanical work, is there a service provider you can trust that has expertise working on the brand pontoon and more importantly the brand of motor?

    It may seem like a small detail but in my experience considering these factors before making a buying decision will ensure a more enjoyable and longer time as a pontoon boater.

    So, youve found out all the ways to save to get the most for your money on your pontoon or tri-toon, now here are some thoughts on add-ons or upgrades you may want to consider.

    Options to Consider

    How Long Do Pontoon Boats Last

    One of the many reasons why pontoon boats are popular is because they tend to have a longer lifespan than other motorboats. The top pontoon boats last on average about 10 to 20 years. They are easy to maintain and are typically less expensive to insure. Of course, the lifespan of any pontoon boat depends on the brand, its material, and construction, maintenance, where it is used(saltwater or freshwater, and how often you use it.

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    Versatile And Easy To Handle

    Have you ever heard that smaller vessels are difficult to handle?

    Never! I believe.

    Small pontoon boats are flexible enough to operate, dock, tow, and store due to smaller size and light-weight. They can be used to carry out many fun-filled activities, including daily routine tasks. This may include:

    • Fishing
    • Water skiing
    • Tubing

    Small pontoon boats are safe enough because they are usually made for beginners. And they are difficult to turn over due to moderate speed.

    Bennington 24 R Bowrider Swingback

    What is the best outboard power for my pontoon or tritoon (or boat repower)

    Being a brand thats mostly known for its commitment to details when it comes to the production of pontoon boats, Bennington continues to produce some of the industry-best pontoon boats. The 2021 24ft Bowrider is a reinvented model with more features that are perfect for several water activities, including watersport. The boat features the new V-Hull performance package that leaves you with more in-floor storage space. With the engine, there are several different options but we love the Yamaha package with 150hp. This strongly powers the boat to function more effectively. With a maximum capacity of 15, theres just enough room to take everyone on board for that family weekend getaway! The MSRP for this boat starts at $95,803 USD.

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    Pontoon Boat Manufacturers: Who Are The Market Leaders

    In our holidays, most of us go for fishing or pursue a good time with our dear ones. We can have them on a pontoon boat, as well as enjoy the beauty of riverside.

    Recommended Pontoon Boat

    Colorado XT

    If you’re looking for a pontoon boat but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then go for this one.

    High-capacity pontoon boat with transport wheel, removable stripping basket, and gear bags. Best one in this price range.

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    One question may arise in your mind that who are the manufacturers of it or who are the present market leaders.

    Firstly, let’s just have an idea about what a pontoon boat is.

    It is a flattish boat with ample space, given the facilities of seating, cabins, bars, etc. These are a typical figure at docks.

    Now, to mitigate the query, we are here to give you a glimpse of its market.

    We have conducted research and tried to make things easier for you.

  • Evaluating The Best Pontoon Boat Brands And Manufacturers

    There are pontoon boats to fit every budget from economy to luxury models. Boat manufacturers carry multiple brands to cater to the variety of needs on the market. Be sure to compare objectively when deciding to buy a pontoon boat.

    For example, pontoon boats with outboard engines will be cheap and more economical, but will lack power on the water. A stern drive engine will increase the cost, but will offer speed and power for skiing and tubing with a pontoon boat. Decide how the pontoon boat will be used on the water and let the intended usage guide the final buying decision for the best pontoon boat brand.

    Many pontoon boats offer boaters an affordable way to get into boating with their first boat purchase. Marine lenders can offer very attractive boat loan financing with payments that can make owning a pontoon boat very similar in owning a second car.

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    The Pontoon Boat Buyers Guide

    Now that youve gone through our list of the best pontoon boats money can buy , go deeper into the subject with our guidelines to choosing the right pontoon boat for your needs.

    Remember that pontoon boats are also generally easy to maintain, but they require some rinsing down the right kind of boat paint at least every other season.

    Why Suntracker Partybarge And Bass Buggy:

    2020 Pontoon Boat Models

    Although SunTracker pontoons are on the cheaper end of the pricing spectrum, they do deliver a good value for boat owners. They are able to sell for a cheaper price for a number of reasons.

    They buy Mercury Motors in huge quantities for the all Tracker brands and only offer Mercury motors. This provides an enormous pricing advantage because the motor is a significant portion of the total pontoon cost.

    Tracker has built a very streamlined manufacturing process. They do not have a significant number of options in their build process. This efficiency translates into a less expensive build cost. They are able to automate more on the production line and are able to build boats faster cutting down on labor cost.

    In addition, they sell via a network of dealers including Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas and Tracker Marine Centers giving them a huge distribution network with a majority owned by Tracker Marines parent company, White River Holdings providing them additional scale.

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    Best Pontoon Boats Of 2021

    Pontoon boats are among the most popular boats on the market right now. They started gaining popularity in the Midwest, and over time have become a coast-to-coast success because of their diverse range of options, uses, and features. With the latest selection of new pontoon boats available for 2020, boaters will find everything from serious fishing vessels to luxury pleasure craft with ample deck space for large families and more. Regardless of what your intentions are on the water though, here is a round up of what we think are some of the best boats to look at this year.

    Best Pontoon Boat Brands

    If you think that pontoon boats are still the same simple, box-shaped boats, floating on the lake at low speeds, you should definitely reconsider. Over the past two decades, these boats have seen a massive change in their design, facilities, and comfort level.

    Nowadays, pontoon boats are more inclined towards luxury than their original, practical models. Moreover, you will find more variety in designs and construction with the increasing number of pontoon boat brands in the market.

    These brands compete with others by making their boats faster, expansive, and more comfortable. And if they want to make them stand out, they will make sure to add the best state-of-the-art innovations.

    To help you out, I have done all the tiresome research and listed down 20 of the best pontoon boat brands here.

    Since all brands below are experienced and trustworthy, you can browse through their catalog to find the perfect pontoon boat.

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    Tips For New Pontoon Or Tritoon Buyers:

    If buying a new pontoon or tritoon, from a boat dealer make sure you are going to have a good relationship after the sale. One thing to consider is how close they are for when you need service.

    When buying from a dealer, be sure you are not buying a pontoon that has extra equipment you dont need.

    Often dealers will try to sell you the extended warranty and other upgrades that are often times unnecessary.

    Top Pontoon Boat Brands You Should Definitely Check Out

    What Pontoon Boat to Buy

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    Pontoon boats have come a long way since they were introduced in 1952. Today, pontoon boat manufacturers offer advanced and luxurious features for a more comfortable and unforgettable boating experience. Take a look at the most popular and reliable pontoon boat brands that continue to make waves in the boating scene.

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