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What To Use For Boat Flooring

Excellent Traction: Wet Or Dry

DIY Vinyl Boat Floor * Get Rid Of That Boat Carpet* Marine Vinyl Install

When considering different marine flooring options for your boat, safety should be at the top of the list. With a number of different textures to choose from, TopDek marine flooring is an excellent solution for adding traction to your boat. Our non-skid PE/EVA marine flooring not only provides safety where its needed most, it also provides style and comfort!

Choose The Best Flooring For Your Fishing Boat

Anglers are Upgrading Their Boats with AquaTraction Non-Slip Flooring

*AquaTraction is seeking other full-service dealers in several regions on the East Coast. For more information, submit a completed become a dealer form at aquatraction.com or call Mark at 320-250-6202.

Fishermen demand more from their boats than the average sunset-cruiser. Were on our feet in rough seas, launching casts, and battling fish. Were spilling slime, sweat, seawater, and fish blood, and we frequently drop things on the deck.

Its not surprising that a new marine flooring product that provides superior traction, comfort, and easy cleanup has taken off with center console and sportfish owners in the Northeast. The product and concept have been around for years, but AquaTraction of New England opened their doors in early 2017. Captain Jason Powell of AquaTraction of New England has been selling and installing marine flooring for almost two years and has seen demand balloon quickly through word of mouth.

I put the samples through hell, said Powell. Gas, diesel fuel, bleach, red wine, hydraulic fluidnothing stained it. I even went cod fishing, got fish blood and the other messes associated with codfishing all over the deck, and let it dry. It cleaned up with boat soap and water, easier than gel coat. I had to be absolutely certain that the product would perform before I pitched it to my fishing buddies and my yacht brokerage clients, and it has exceeded expectations.

Wood Options For Boat Decking

Short version

Rick M said:My aluminum boat needs a new floor and I’m mulling my options. Looking for opinions or experience as boat flooring is new to me. Boat is a 14.5′ Grumman aluminum fishing boat, so this is a relatively simple project. The original floor was plywood and carpet, rotted away now. Previous owner covered it with painted plywood which I pulled out. I don’t want to replace it with plywood because — well plywood is complicated in aluminum boats.Short version: I’m debating cedar or composite decking. They are similar enough in cost, either should last 10 years or more. There are other woods I’d consider if I found a good deal on them.What should I use and where should I buy it?


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What Type Of Boat Flooring Material Can I Choose

Boat makers usually give you a boat bottom of either wood, fiberglass or metal on top of which your actual flooring material is placed.

This flooring material in boats is made up of more loosely-laid materials which may include laminates, tiling or vinyl. This serves as a permanent or semi-permanent covering to protect the boat bottom beneath it.

That flooring material and whats underneath it then provide a solid, durable surface for standing, walking and transporting materials across the vessel.

Pros Of Carpet Tiles For Boats

China Professional Non Slip Marine Boat Decking Floor Mats ...
  • Easy install. There are many low-cost carpet tile options out there that allow you to simply peel and stick the marine carpet right to the surface.
  • Easy to replace. If a spill or stain happens and a single carpet tile is damaged permanently, you can simply peel up the carpet tile and replace it with a brand new one If only everything in life were as easy!
  • Eco-friendly. There are many eco-friendly carpet tiles available that are made of recycled materials, for example, plastic bottles. This also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew on your floor.
  • Low cost. This explains itself!
  • Luxury options. Plush, comfortable, and attractive carpet tiles are also an option. There are many beautiful styles that will compliment any yacht or large boat with the living space.

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Pros Of Vinyl Rolls For Boats

  • Easy to install. Marine vinyl rolls can be very easily cut to fit your boats shape. For a permanent installation, you just need to glue it down with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Sleek, modern look. Whichever pattern you choose, these babies look great in any space and add an eye-catching finish to your boat.

Boat Floor Replacement Plywood

There are different types of materials you can use for boat floor replacement. For example, you can use a fiberboard, fiber cement board, or thermo-lite board. If you have considered using plywood, what is the best boat floor replacement plywood?

Read on to learn more about boat floor replacement plywood, including the different types of marine plywood.

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Churershining Eva Marine Teak Decking Sheet For Boat Yacht

The product has an extremely eye-catching design. It has got great elasticity. The surface feels smooth and is resistant to many agents that can ruin it. It can easily be installed on the floor. It adds beauty to the boat with its elegant and unique design. The shapes are perfect and cut evenly. It is very dense and cannot be damaged easily, making it stand out against many other padding materials used in the boats. It provides enough resistance to long heat exposures or cold exposures in extreme weather conditions. The sheet holds up well against water and grips firmly on the floor of the boat.

Why do we like it?

It gives a great sensation underneath the feet. It cannot be easily deformed due to its design. It is very impressive against stains. Its structure and design make it compact which avoids any leakages onto the floor. It has attractive designs to choose from.

Stay Safe On Your Boat With The Right Boat Flooring


One of the biggest risks when you spend time on the boat is the slippery surface the constant exposure to water can create. Thats why you need to make sure you use the right boat decking. At DEKit, we offer anti-slip boat flooring that provides you with the solid grip you need to ensure confident footing, no matter how rough the seas may get. Whether you want foam decking, teak decking or any other nautical decking material, we have just what youre looking for to create a secure boating experience.

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Checking The Carpet And Glue Bond

After installing your marine carpet, take a heavy object like a carpet roller, sanded and wrapped 2×6, or back of a shop broom and apply some pressure to your new marine carpet. Slide the object, with some force, from the center of the project to the edge. Give it a minute and then check a corner to see if the glue is attached to both deck and carpet, and if it is up in between the rows of knots on the carpet. If not, give it a few more minutes to get tackier then roll again.

Drainage Tiles Boat Flooring

If you love to fish, you know how messy of a hobby that can be. Believe me when I say that it would be worth your while to invest in some drainage tiles.

These babies give you something solid to stand on while allowing all liquids and messes to penetrate through and go beneath the floor you no longer have to worry about fish guts or blood squishing underneath your shoes! Everyone around you thanks you for that.

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Cons Of Pvc Tiles For Boats

  • Price. Depending on how much floor space you need to cover, this could be a pricey new endeavor.
  • Not UV stable. Again, like other marine flooring options, these tiles are not fade-resistant. So if they will be in direct sunlight for long periods of time, say at dock, you may consider another option.

% Closed Cell Foam: Does Not Absorb Water

Pontoon Boat Flooring Options

TopDek marine flooring is not EVA foam. Our product is made from a marine grade, cross-linked Polyethylene blended foam that is 100% closed cell, UV resistant and extremely stain, mold and mildew resistant. Made to withstand the harshest marine environments, our PE/EVA foam consistently outperforms EVA foam on all levels and has zero water absorption qualities.

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Seadek Large Embossed Sheet Material

Do you want to get rid of the old carpet in your boat? then this EVA foam boat flooring sheet can be a great option. It can cover the bumps, chippings, and damages that occur on the boats floor. It comes with a strong 3M adhesive that sticks it hard to the floor, giving it a nice and firm grip. Its durable and UV-resistant. It comes in a stockpile of colors. One can go all CAMO too!! Though its the best choice in its price bracket, a free sample can make sure of it that youd surely love it. Its an excellent replacement for plywood and rusty old carpets that can soak in water and become squishy.

Why do we like it?

Its very easy to clean. The application process is easy and hassle-free. It gives a firm grip underneath the feet. Its specially designed to repel water. Get yours today, buy it with confidence.

Seadek Long Embossed Sheet Material

If you are looking for some soft sheet under your feet while you sway on your boat or yacht, then this sheet cut out of EVA foam material is just the right choice for you. Its made out of soft material. Its available in a variety of colors to choose from. The design of the sheet prevents any skidding. In addition, an adhesive can be used to stick the sheet anywhere on the boat. The installation is as easy as an ABC, all you need is a sharp knife to cut the sheet into pieces of different shapes and sizes. Though a bit expensive, it provides great heat resistance under the feet.

Why do we like it?

The durable padding of this sea deck boat flooring provides a nice grip under the feet. Its carved out of quality material, that sticks in place and doesnt move from its place. Hence, it can prevent any wear and tear the boat floors might encounter.

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Flooring Choices To Use On Interior Houseboat Floors

Each houseboat floor area has many interior flooring choices.

How do I choose the best houseboat flooring material for the different areas or floors in our house boat?

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Reply – AnswerAt the beach:Boating in the Rain:Guests & Parties:Kids, Pets, and Dogs:Galley & Head:Salon & Stateroom:Lastly

Wrapping Bass Boat Carpet Lids

How to install boat carpet yourself & the best DIY kit to use.

A simple and fast way to wrap boat carpet on bass boat lids uses our Marine Grade adhesive on the lids and our Spray Contact Adhesive on the edges. Simply trim the carpet large enough to wrap over the top of the lid onto the sides. . Check that the carpet nap runs the same way as the rest of the boat so the color appears the same. Usually this is front to back it is most important to be consistent throughout the project. Apply adhesive to the top of the lid, the place it face down on the carpet . Use pressure to force the glue to contact in the valleys between the knots on the back of the carpet. Next use spray adhesive to glue the boat carpet to the sides of the lid. Go slowly and carefully as the spray adhesive makes an instant bond. Weight the inside of the lid and let it cure for a few days.

If you want to use only marine grade adhesive and not use spray contact glue on the sides you will need to use splints to even out the pressure and clamp the carpet to the sides of the lids. This ensures that the carpet and the lid stay in contact throughout the drying cycle. Pressure is necessary for a good bond, so this method is a little more fiddly. Remember to allow a few days to cure.

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Churershining Eva Faux Teak Decking Sheet For Boat

This Faux Teak decking sheet has an edgy design. It got soft cushioning for the floor. The sheet comes with a sufficient amount of adhesive. Although the maintenance of the sheet is quite easy, its pressure-sensitive. A little pressure can deform its shape for a while. Its easy to apply, just a knife would do. But it requires an extra pair of hands at work. Its got one color in its array. Its soft and has a great design.

Its budget-friendly yet provides a sleek look to the boat. It can also get a bit messy in extreme summers causing stains on the floor.

Why do we like it?

It can withstand plenty of water. Its the cheapest one available among the rest of the sheets. It also has stain-proof technology, which gives it a cleaner look. Its soft and sits perfectly under the feet.

Why Is It Called A Jon Boat

Usually, when items are named after a person, there is a reason for that. The same concept applies when it comes to Jon Boats. there is no one, true answer for this but there are some fun theories.

According to Poon Opedias online website, here is one theory:

one theory that stacks up well is that is due to the use of jack pine wood to construct the vessel. It could be that over time the name Jack instead became John, then the Ozark John Boat, and then further down the line, turned to Jon without the h and dropped the Ozark naming.

Another theory is, Another theory which isnt too far apart from the one we have already discussed is that people started to use flat-bottom skiffs as a way to describe these boats. And again, that was in The Ozarks back in the early 1900s.

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Vinyl Boat Flooring Vs Carpet

Susan J

Are you looking to replace your boat flooring but are unsure of what you want? Are you undecided on what would be the best option for you, vinyl or carpet?

So many people want to redo or update their boat or pontoon, but dont, simply because they are not sure what flooring to use.

Both vinyl and carpet can be stylish and look really great. But which one of them would best fit your needs on your boat/pontoon?

How To Replace Your Bass Boat Flooring

Why Use Rubber Mats on Boat Decks? â Rubber Flooring Blog

Q: How do I install new vinyl flooring on my boat?

A: In order to install your vinyl flooring, you must remove all of the old carpeting and adhesive from the deck of your bass boat. Also, it is important to fill any voids or delaminated areas on your existing deck with wood putty or fiberglass filler. If you do not remove the old carpet and glue or if you do not fill the voids in an existing deck you will feel the imperfections under the flooring and most importantly any left over adhesive may interact with the new glue, preventing it from bonding with the back of the vinyl.

If your deck is clean and the surface area is ready for the new vinyl flooring covering then read on, if you are having difficulty removing your old carpet please see below where we discuss the problems you may run into.

Next you must compress the vinyl flooring onto the lines of glue. The polyester backing will bond to the glue when apply pressure, forming a bond which will hold the vinyl flooring in place once the glue hardens. Use a heavy roller, you can rent a carpet roller or use a heavy pipe to press the carpet down onto the glue. This is the most important step, if you do not press the flooring down hard enough the glue and backing will not bond together, causing it to come up or creating lines and bubbles in your new flooring.

Q: How do I remove the old carpet? What if it doesn’t come off easily or only comes off in small chunks?

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What Wood Do You Use For Boat Flooring

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