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Egyptian Boats On The Nile

Goods By River And Sea

Egyptian Felucca Ride on the Nile River

Ancient Egyptian boats transported luxury items and raw goods from ports in the Red Sea, Mediterranean and along the Nile River. Turquoise and copper were among these items, according to an inscription from the Mit Rahina archaeological site that detailed a voyage to Sinai in 2007 B.C. For use in the construction of their ocean faring ships, the Egyptians imported cedar from the people inhabiting the coastal areas of modern Lebanon or Syria. Other imports included spices, frankincense, iron and tin, while they exported papyrus, pottery and perfumes. Barges were used specifically for transporting limestone, granite and other rocks used for monument construction from quarries along the Nile near the sites of Aswan and Tura. Boats also brought tribute, including gold, ebony and ivory, from distant lands.

Types Of Nile River Cruise Boats And Ships

Egypt is defined by the Nile River. The annual flooding and receding of the rivers waters, which leaves a thick layer of rich silt to stave off the encroaching desert, has shaped the countrys fortunes throughout its history. The pharaohs great pyramids, as well as Egypts arts, food, and culture, attract tourists, which is the countrys main industry. A Nile River cruise is combined with visits to some of Egypts most important archaeological sites on a Nile River tour.

Because the Nile was the lifeblood of ancient Egyptian civilization, its banks are now dotted with ancient tombs and temples, Luxor, 676 kilometers south of Cairo, is Egypts most dramatic historical site and is frequently referred to as the worlds largest open-air museum. Thebes was the ancient capital city of the Pharaohs the New Kingdom, is now known as Luxor the houses more than half of Egypts antiquities and is a must-see for any visitor to the country. Aswan is known as the Niles Jewel. Mountains, cliffs, and jagged outcrops are formed when pink and grey granite thrusts upward through Nubian sandstone.

Felucca Boat

The Luxury Nile Cruise

Dahabiya Nile Cruise

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Camping On The Banks Of The Nile

After the first day of sailing our Nubian crew picked a spot on the riverbank where we would anchor the Felucca to enjoy the sunset and settle in for the night.

Who can say they have camped on the banks of the Nile River? Well, we did! Not an experience you will get on those larger river cruise boats. Our perfectly chosen spot offered cover for the bush toilets, an area to swim and a hill to watch the sunset from.

I quickly jumped off the boat to climb up that hill to watch the sunset. The view from the top of the hill showed us that there was nothing for miles.

It was what I would imagine the surface of Mars would be like, just sand for miles and rolling landscape. It was just us and the raw nature of Egypt, that made it a special experience in itself.

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While the aroma of dinner began to fill the air we took our time to relax, explore the area and go for a swim.

The Nile River is a refreshing welcome after spending a day in the heat. Eventually, the smells of dinner and our selfish stomachs couldnt keep us away from the felucca.

Its amazing what the crew cooked up for us and seeing as we were on the Nile River, it was only fitting that we had fresh Nile perch.

After dinner, it was time to enjoy ourselves and take in the moonlight on the river. It was a great time to play some card games and just enjoy the darkness.

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Facts About Native American Pottery & Clay

Watercraft were important for the ancient Egyptians due to their proximity to and relationship with the Nile River’s life-giving waters. Boats embodied symbols of status and power for the ruling classes, facilitated the trade of common and luxury goods within Egypt, and expanded the empire’s reach among other ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and Red Sea.

Nile Boats In Modern Days

Traditional Egyptian Sailboat On The Nile Photograph by Mark E Tisdale

A magical voyage onboard a Nile river cruise boat, where the sight of the greatest artefacts in the history of mankind is observed in the most amazing form while enjoying the most comfortable and thrilling means of amusement and relaxation, is never complete on any Egyptian vacation. With us, youll find a huge selection of places to visit where you may pick and choose from a variety of heavenly delights and fantastic attractions to live your dream.

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* Dahabiya Nile Cruise On Ms Amoura

MS Amoura is an exclusive Dahabeya boat for an exciting Egypt Nile cruise. On the board you will find 6 elegant, modern furnished cabins with panoramic windows and comfortable sundesk for relax. Enjoy breathtaking views of Nile in privacy and explore magnificent ancient places between Aswan and Esna. There is nothing to worry about – just book you trip and we’ll make it unforgettable! SCHEDULE: EVERY FRIDAY FROM ASWAN & MONDAY FROM ESNA *Notice! For the sailing guarantee on booking date at least 2 cabins must be occupied.

How To Choose A Nile Cruise In Egypt


Discover ancient temples & tombs & travel by Nile cruise boat

Culture, history and beaches of Egypt

Private carbon free traditional felucca cruise on the Nile.

Experience the ‘Land of the Pharaohs’ on this exciting trip.

Egypt wheelchair accessible Nile Cruise

Nile cultural voyage, a slow boat to Aswan

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Ancient Egyptian Boats Factsoldest Ship

Ancient Egyptians pioneered the development of river craft and various types of Egyptian Boats and ships were built. The Nile provided an excellent means of transport and every corner of the city could be reached by boats. Need for an efficient navy was recognized by Pharaohs like Senefru who had a fleet of 40 ships.

Ships and Egyptian Boats were built for fishing, trade, transportation, processions and travel.

Agricultural produce, troops, cattle, stone and funeral processions were all carried on the Nile and its canals. Animals and goods were transported. For Egyptians, both building and rowing a boat were not easy jobs. The wood was cut with a chisel.

Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Boats

Egypt: Cruising the Nile – Rick Steves Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Early boats were made of papyrus reeds which grow in abundance in the Nile and were also used to make paper-like materials and a host of other things. Papyrus river crafts had a narrow beam and a high, elegantly tapered stem and stern posts featured ends made from raised and bound papyrus. The slender shape was well suited from navigating swift river currents. Wooden boats that came later had a similar design.

Egyptian barque One of the earliest representations of a papyrus boat is a clay vessel from the Naqada culture dated to 3500 B.C.. The vessel had two cabins and 40 oars. A similar vessel was depicted on a small ivory plaque from 3100 B.C. Small papyrus crafts were widely used to ferry two or three people at a time across canals. They were also use on the marshes for hunting and fishing.

The hulls of papyrus boats were much more fragile than the hulls of wooden boats. Bipedal and A-frame masts are thought to have been used they distributed weight over the hull.

The papyrus reed boats are similar to the reed boats used on Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia. Thor Heyerdahl, of Kon Tiki fame, believed that the Incas in Peru were descendants of ancient Egyptians. Thor Heyerdahls Ra II expedition attempted to show that the ancient Egyptians may have arrived in the Americas thousands of years before Columbus. The reed boats he used were similar to boats depicted on wall paintings from ancient Egypt and are used today on Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia.

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Merit Dahabeya Nile Cruise

Luxor and Aswan Nile cruise on luxury dahabeya ship Merit offers you an unique chance to visit most famous sightseeing of Egypt by comfortable sailing. Spacious 8 cabins with large panorama windows and own bathrooms, jacuzzi on sundesk, elegant lounge and magnificent Nile scenery around. What can be better during your tour to Egypt? Choose one of our cruises with dahabeya and let’s explore the Nile surroundings together! SCHEDULE: EVERY SATURDAY FROM LUXOR

Transporting Grain By Boat In Ancient Egypt

Grain is believed to have been hauled by donkey from farmsteads to embarkation points, where it was loaded onto ships by local workers. Steve Vinson of Indiana University wrote:Middle-Kingdom granary models, such as the famous model from the tomb of Meket-Ra at Thebes, show individual porters with sacks of grain on their backs, emptying them out one at a time into silos. From there, grain would have eventually been unloaded and placed aboard transport vessels.

The Twentieth Dynasty Papyrus Amiens describes a flotilla of some 21 vessels that appear to have been engaged in a major tax collection voyage, perhaps in the region of Assiut, where the papyrus itself was found. Each ship made multiple stops, embarking large quantities of grain, which were often accounted for in detail, according to the specific agricultural domain from which the grain came and according to the individual or group who were to be credited with supplying the grain. Occasionally, as in P. Amiens r. 4.1, we see grain transferred between ships, perhaps due to vessels being disabled. Another important Ramesside papyrus, the Turin Indictment Papyrus, is notable for illustrating the opportunities for embezzlement that might present themselves to the operators of transport vessels hauling large amounts of grain.

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Military Use Of Boats In Ancient Egypt

Steve Vinson of the University of Indiana wrote: The connection of boats with warfare can be traced back to the Predynastic Period. Possibly the earliest image of boats connected to combat in Egyptian art is the Gebel el- Arak knife handle, an ivory knife handle apparently of Naqada II/Gerzean date, which shows two rows of boats of contrasting designs underneath two registers of men fighting. Because the boats in the upper of the two rows shows hulls that strongly resemble craft depicted on contemporaneous representations from Mesopotamia, the Gebel el-Arak knife handle was once thought to provide strong evidence for the theory of the infiltration into Egypt around 3100 B.C. of a Dynastic Race, perhaps from in or near the region of Sumer. Supposedly, the maritime invaders of this Dynastic Race will have sailed southeast down the Persian Gulf, circumnavigated Arabia, entered Egypt on the western Red Sea coast, portaged their boats through the Eastern Desert , and then, over time, come to dominate the indigenous, Predynastic Egyptians and imposed on them a centralized, literate state.

ship with Nubian captives

Is It Safe For Us Traveler To Board A Nile Cruise These Days

Luxor, Egypt, Faluka boat on Nile

The Ministry of Tourism in Egypt has allowed Americans who come to enjoy their vacations to board some of the best recommended Nile River Cruises after taking the highest safety measures throughout their tours and those Cruises have received the safety certificates for following the best health precautions and that is definitely good news for all of the US citizens who intend to experience the real magic of Egypt via the great Nile River. You can advise the required date of your tour so that we check which Nile cruises are on service and give you all of the necessary information.

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Downriver From Aswan To Esna 3 Night Itinerary

Day 1 Boarding in Aswan Kom Ombo Gebel el SilsilaTransfer to and embarkation on the Dahabiya for a 3-day cruise along the Nile between Aswan and Esna. The first days sailing takes you to a small Nile island for a walk in the countryside. After lunch on board or on the island, continue sailing towards Kom Ombo to visit the double temple of Sobek and Haroeris. Then cruise towards Gebel el-Silsila. First night on board.

Day 2 Edfu El FawazaAfter breakfast visit the rock-cut chapels of Horemheb, Seti I, Ramses II and Merenptah and explore the sandstone quarries at Gebel el-Silsila. The sail continues to Edfu where you can visit the temple of Horus, the best-preserved of all the temples in Egypt. Travel on to a small island where the boat will moor for the night. You will have dinner on board the Dahabiya or round a campfire on the tranquil banks of the Nile. Second night on board.

Day 3 El Kab EsnaCruise to El Kab, the ancient town of Nekheb, one of the oldest and most significant archaeological sites on the Nile. Visit the remains of its temples and some of the tombs cut into the cliffs. Return to the boat and set sail for Esna. Third and last night on board.

Day 4 Disembarkation in EsnaEnd of the Nile Dahabiya cruise journey in Esna after breakfast on board. Transfer to any address in Luxor.

Sail Down The Nile On A Dahabiya Boat

Sail Down The Nile On A Dahabiya Boat, Elaine Wilson, travel blogger, recounts a memorable trip down the Nile in Egypt aboard our traditional Dahabiya boat The Orient.

The smaller Dahabiya can moor in places where the large cruise ships cant go, so we got to stop and see lots of interesting but less accessible local sites along the route.

Sailing down the Nile in Egypt has always been on my to do listWhen I finally got the chance to tick it off that list, it easily lived up to my expectations. Egypt is struggling for tourists right now and I was happy to work with Djed Egypt Travel and get on board one of their beautiful Dahabiya Boats to sail up the Nile from Esna to Aswan. These graceful boats are built by local craftsmen in Esna following the design of the original 19th-century vessels. They have delightful cabins with antique furniture, en suite bathrooms and a view to die for.

A living pictureThese boats only take up to a dozen passengers and so it is a very personal experience. Its nice to have some fellow passengers to chat with up on deck while watching the banks of the Nile glide by. It looks like scenes from the story of Moses. Palm trees, small villages, donkeys, boys, boys on donkeys, water buffalo, and always the cool green, river, glittering in the sunlight. Dahabiya means the golden one in Arabic. We were traveling on the Orient, a wooden vessel with two large sails, one at either end.

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Days Dahabiya Nile Cruise From Luxor To Aswan

Live a unique Dahabiya Nile Cruise experience and enjoy sailing by Dahabiya which built in the traditional style to visit the amazing different sightseeing in Upper Egypt. in Luxor, Find out the secrets of the east and west banks of luxor, Valley of the kings, Queen Hatshepsut temple, Colossi of Memnon, Karnak and Luxor temples. Enjoy sailing to Gebel Silsileh which was a very famous quarrying area throughout all of ancient Egypt. in Aswan, Explore The Temple of Philae, which was built in honor of goddess Isis. 4 Nights at dahabyia Nile cruise includes all meals & hot and soft drinks, door to door transfers from and to your destinations in Luxor and Aswan, qualified licensed drivers, expert tour guide, all the mentioned sites as in itinerary, taxes and charges all are included. See Upper Egypt with different eyes. Schedule: Every Saturday Or Monday Live tour guide English, German, Spanish

Dahabiya Dream Construction Story

Sleeping on the Nile River | 2 night Cruise on a Felucca in Egypt

We wanted to combine a vision of business growth along with ethical employment practises and community involvement. The building of Dahabiya Dream started in March 2009 and every care was taken over the build and finish of this boat to ensure it is as authentic as it can be and was completed in October 2010. Since that day we have continued building on that idea and creating an on going success.

The dahabiya construction was hand built using centuries old traditional working methods. We used only local workers in the build of this boat and by doing so have supported the local working community and protected the environment by limiting the use of carbon emitting machinery work.

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Boat Design / Steering

Some detail and aspects of boat construction can be inferred from the image on the granite pebble, as first reported by D. Usai and S. Salvatori in December, 2007. The back half of the boat image is in the best state of preservation. A steering system and cabin are situated at the approximate center of the boat. A composite steering system can be discerned with a tiller placed a t a greater than 45° angle with a long pole ending in an ovoid blade. Tiller and pole with blade are fixed to the top of a vertical yoke. Boat and steering system design resemble those painted on the walls of Badarian huts and pottery jars. There are similarities with some boats depicted in rock engravings in Nubia and those painted on walls and pottery in the Gerzeh culture and Naqada culture of Predynastic Egypt.

Cruising The Nile In Egypt: The Complete Guide

Written by Jess LeeApr 29, 2021

Cruising the Nile is one of Egypt’s iconic experiences. Without the Nile, Egypt’s grand Pharaonic civilization would never have survived and thrived across the centuries, dominating so much of what we know about the eastern Mediterranean’s ancient world.

Today the Nile still controls modern Egypt, with around 95 percent of the population living along its banks and in the river’s delta region before it spills into the Mediterranean.

A cruise along this river is a journey into Egypt’s epic human history the river banks scattered with Egypt’s most famous vast temples and painted tomb sites.

It’s also a taste of Egypt at its most lush and tranquil, and an up-close experience of the country’s rural riverine scenery.

Before you head to Egypt, use our complete guide to cruising the Nile to help plan your trip.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

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