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What Size Trolling Motor For My Boat

How Big Of A Trolling Motor Do I Need For 16 Ft Boat

How to find correct size trolling motor for your boat

Trolling motor for your boat get the right size trolling motor get the right size trolling motor get the right size trolling motor

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Get The Right Size Trolling Motor West Marine

Get The Right Size Trolling Motor West Marine

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How Long Should A Pontoon Motor Shaft Be

To know how long a pontoon motor shaft should be, measure the distance between the waterline and where you intend to install your trolling motor. Then add 18 inches.

If you choose to place the motor at the bow of your boat, you need to measure the distance between the bow and the waterline to get the motor shaft length.

Then add 22 inches because you need a longer shaft since the bow is higher than any other part of the boat.

Also, consider water conditions. If you are going to be on lakes or rivers that are usually calm most of the time, then you dont need a long shaft length. But if you are going to be on choppy water, a long shaft length would be the best choice.

Motoguide 941700100 Xi5 Best Pontoon Boat Trolling Motor With Gps Review

The one problem with trolling motors is the cables.

They mess up your deck and you can trip on them.

That is not the case with the MotoGuide 941700100 Xi5 because its a GPS trolling motor.

We love these types of motors systems because there are no cables to create a whole lot mess on your deck.

The Xi5 is propelled using a wireless foot pedal which is easy to use and control. And since the foot pedal also does not come with cables, you can position it anywhere you like on your boat.

This gives you the option to be as flexible and comfortable as you want.

The motor comes with a handheld controller that allows you to steer and control the speed of your pontoon. It is extremely responsive and easy to use.

On the motors dashboard, there are LED lights to show you when the power, GPS, and propeller are on. There is also a battery power indicator that uses three different colors to show you the level of your battery life.

The pinpoint GPS system is extremely precise. It can help you get to the exact spot you want. And in case, you need to go back to that spot in the future, you can access this information from its memory bank.

It can recall up to 8 different routes, but make sure to save the coordinates, which you can at the push of a button.

To keep you on course, there are two compass modules, which work together with the pinpoint GPS.

Main Features

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Q: How Can I Fix A Broken Propeller Blade

A: First let me say that its unlikely youll break a blade. They spin slow enough and are usually sturdy enough not to break even when hitting solid objects. However, it is possible.

Dont even bother trying to fix a trolling motor prop. Youre further ahead just to order a replacement blade and swap it out. Theyre not very expensive and its a much more effective repair than anything you could do at home.

If you get a few nicks that create bumps on the edge of your propeller, consider gently sanding them down smooth again. Even tiny dings and nicks can reduce the efficiency of your propeller.

Its time to replace the propeller altogether if its cracked or chipped. Even a tiny break on the tip of the blade can dramatically affect the propellers ability to push or pull.

Pro Tip: Keep a spare propeller in your boat just in case you break one while youre out and about. Then you can swap it out and keep on going.

What Size Of Motor Do You Require For The Boat

What Size Trolling Motor Do I Need For My Boat ...

Also, check out the size of trolling motor you need to use in your boat. It will help in providing a proper boost to your boat so that you can sail easily in any type of water.

Thrust It is very important that you consider the thrust of the boat before using any type of motor. You need to consider the weight of the boat in order to use a thrusting motor. For every 100 pounds of weight of the boat, you need to get 2-pound thrust.

Volts You need to consider a certain number of factors when you use battery power for the thrust. A 24-volt battery is considered ideal for 69-80 lbs of thrust in the boat.

Shaft Length Check out the size of the shaft as you need to keep it at medium. If its not submerged properly then you wont get enough thrust.

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Watch Video: Get To Know Minn Kota I

Here are a few more things to look for when making your final decision:

  • Composite or stainless steel shaft will endure shock and stand up to abuse much better than weaker metals.
  • Make sure the prop is weedless, and that replacement blades are available for your specific model.
  • Ensure that the mount is heavy duty and strong. The less plastic parts it has, the better.
  • If you plan on using the foot-control pedal from anywhere in the boat, make sure the cable is sufficient in length for the size of your craft.

Trolling motors add a completely new dimension to fishing. Perfecting boat control, fishing inaccessible areas and maintaining a silent approach will ensure added enjoyment and more fish for the angler willing to experiment. Shop around, take each style for a test drive and pay attention to detail â banner days on the lake await you.

Minn Kota Maxxum Bow MountTrolling Motor

Newport Vessels 23m1000203 Nv Best Transom Pontoon Boat Trolling Motor For The Money Review

There are extremely expensive trolling motors out there.

Some of which cost over a thousand dollars.

And if you dont have that kind of money to spend on a trolling system or you simply dont want to, there are other cheaper options like the Newport Vessels 23M1000203 NV.

This motor is designed for boat owners who are on a budget and own medium-sized boats. It features a sturdy 30-inch shaft made of fiberglass that can cut through weeds and grass with ease.

Fiberglass is resistant to rust and corrosion, so you can use this motor in saltwater and freshwater.

The rest of the motor is build with stainless steel, magnesium, and zinc, which are also resistant to rust and corrosion.

This model has a thrust of 55 pounds and its pretty quiet. So you dont risk scaring the fish away. It has a 6-inch extendable handle that tilts easily and on the handle, there are 8-speed settings. 5 speeds are forward and 3 are for reverse.

There is a LED battery meter on the head of the motor that helps you monitor the battery charge. So you always know exactly how much charge is left.

Main Features

  • LED battery meter for checking battery charge usage
  • Maximum draw of 52 amps
  • Uses one 12v deep cycle battery
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • The motor head is not totally waterproof

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What Does My Trolling Motor Need To Do

Before you choose a trolling motor, you should make sure you know what you need your trolling motor to do for you. Most people just want to be able to cruise slowly across a lake while fishing.

However, your trolling motor should also:

  • Help your boat get on plane, or skim through the water with the bow lifted. This helps it move through the water with ease.
  • If you use GPS on your trolling motor, it should be able to lock onto a place and keep you there without struggling.
  • Allow you to steer straight, without getting bumped or blown off course.
  • Respond easily when you use the motor to steer. It should allow you to go where you need to go without a hassle.

To do all of these things, you will need a trolling motor that is the right size for your boat, in more ways than one. Keep reading to find out the different size factors that can affect trolling motor choice.

How To Choose A Deck Boat Trolling Motor

Choosing the Right Motor for your Boat

Give a man a fish and hell eat for a day.

Teach a man to fishhell likely invest in a trolling motor!

Trolling motors can revolutionize the way you fish, and even the way you use your boat. Whether youre boating on large, open bodies of water or winding rivers, your deck boat might truly benefit from purchasing a trolling motor to call your own.

But what are the keys to choosing a deck boat trolling motor? And what are some of the best models?

Lets cast out some questions and angle for some answers right here, right now.

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Do You Want To Enjoy The Calm Waters And Relax For A Little While

We bring you the FREE eBook guide where you will be able to discover everything you need to know about purchasing a small fishing boat.

As an inshore angler, its very likely that youll be relying largely on your trolling motor when youre fishing. If you rely on it enough, youre going to run into a situation where its going to stop working and hopefully, you wont be stuck in the middle of a lake with no paddle.

The reason why your trolling motor shorts out isnt because of the motor itself, but of the trolling motor plug wiring.

In todays guide, were going to give you step by step instructions on how to replace the wiring for a trolling motor plug and the necessary items for this task. By the time youre finished, youll know how to wire a 24-volt trolling motor plug so you can get back out on the water doing what you love most fishing!

What Size Trolling Motor For Inflatable Boat

Bigger is nearly always better. Larger boats need more juice, but when choosing a trolling engine, we recommend considering wave action, wind, and current. Erring on the stronger side has its benefits because stronger motors work at lower speeds more efficiently and offer a safe cushion for wind, waves, and current handling.

Trolling motors differ slightly in the measurements required to purchase correctly. Trolling engines need not be aligned with the bottom of the hull to operate at high performance. In order to perform a trolling motor correctly, the motor compartment must be submerged 10-12 below the water surface. This measurement will be useful later.

You still have to start measuring at the top of the transom, but you only have to step to the waterline. This measurement will vary according to weight, sea conditions, and boat type. In this measurement, add 10 below the water to the recommended minimum shaft length. To make it more comfortable, add 12 to the waterline measurement. If the length is equal to or in between sizes, move into the longer length.

You have to measure from the bottom of the motor head to the propeller housing to measure the shaft length on a rolling engine. This length may vary by an inch or two, but the rated motor shaft length may be round to the closest number.

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Get Your Deck Boat Trolling Motor Today

Along with all the other accessories thatll change your boating life, trolling motors grant you well-deserved peace and quiet while youre out on the water.

Some of the best times Ive had on my boat were with my trolling motor. Heading out with the guys, casting a line, and spending the day looking for fish while enjoying the outdoors.

A trolling motor can change the way you fish, and even your life.

Isnt it about time you invested in your fishing skills?

Max Specht is a copywriter and content strategist from Canada. When hes not busy navigating the Florida waterways, or the open expanses of the Great Lakes, hes in the business of writing and devising content that truly makes the grade.

What Size Trolling Motor To Put On A 14 Ft Boat

What size trolling motor do I need for my boat?

The best piece of advice I can give you is to buy the most powerful trolling motor that you can afford. You can never have too much power when it comes to having a trolling motor for your boat.

  • 36″ Indestructible shaft that’s covered by a lifetime warranty
  • 6 inch telescoping handle

With that said, a 55lb thrust trolling motor, like the Minn Kota Endura C2 55 is the trolling motor that I would recommend for a 14 foot boat. Trolling motors with less thrust will work, but if you plan on adding any other people on the boat, or plan on loading it down with much gear at all, youll find that less powerful trolling motors just wont provide the performance you need.

Minn Kota Endura C2 55

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What Trolling Motor Do I Need For A Pontoon Boat

This depends on the size and weight of your pontoon boat. To know what trolling motor to buy, you need to first determine how much thrust your boat requires.

And to do this, you need to divide the weight of your pontoon boat by 100 and then multiply the result by 2. The weight should include your gear and the total amount of people it can carry and not just the weight boat alone.

Once you determine how much thrust your pontoon boat needs, you know what type and size of trolling motor to buy. You are also going to determine what battery system you need for the motor.

Operating Deck Boat Trolling Motors

What about when actually putting the motor into practice? Deck boat trolling motors have two forms of operation: Foot-control and hand-control. Its exactly what youre expecting: A foot-controlled trolling motor is pedal-operated, and the hand-control is manually operated.

When it comes to your deck boat, consider the foot-controlled trolling motor. Due to the vessels size, being able to control the motor with feet is far more convenient .

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Trolling Motors For 14ft Jon Boats

The additional 2+ feet of boat length may not seem like much but these boats are also wider and often include an additional seat, live well or front deck. This means that you will need more thrust, so do not try to recycle the smaller, less powerful trolling motor you had on your kayak, canoe or even shorter jon boat.

Even though you may have a front deck most boats of this size will not accommodate fishing from that deck, so motors will generally still be mounted at the transom. It is also less likely you will need to worry about remote control or foot pedal control as the operator will also be seated near the transom.

Average weight: 1,000lbs

Recommended Thrust: 50

Recommended Voltage: 12v

Minn Kota Maxxum 55 Hand Control This is Minn Kotas bargain offering when it comes to trolling motors, but that does not mean you will be settling by selecting it over other models. While it does not offer features such as remote control, sonar or autopilot it does offer what is most important- dependable, rock-solid performance. Rated for use on boats up to 17ft in length the 55 lbs of thrust will be more than enough to move your 14ft. jon boat swiftly through all conditions you encounter. The heavy-duty spring protected shaft housing, illuminated directional indicator and variable speed motor will get you there and back again season after season.


  • Light weight, easy to install or move
  • Shaft is protected against impact
  • Plenty of power without the price tag




Best Trolling Motor For Pontoon Boat

How To Select The Right Trolling Motor For Your Boat

Most people buy pontoon boats for recreational purposes and the beauty about them is that they are customizable.

Although there are luxury pontoon boats that are equipped with fancy and luxurious features, they are more expensive than regular pontoon boats.

Besides, since you can customize one, you dont need to buy an expensive one.

Pontoon boats are powered using water paddles or electric trolling motors. If speed is of importance to you, then you need to install a trolling motor on your boat.

And the type of trolling motor you need to buy is determined by the weight and size of your boat. Trolling motors come in different styles and sizes. Some come with GPS systems and can even be controlled using a remote control.

The style of trolling motor to buy is going to depend on your needs. If you use boat for cruising or fishing, a GPS equipped motor system would be quite helpful.

But it all boils down to what you can afford. Motors systems that come with GPS systems and other fancy features are expensive.

The size of the trolling motor to buy highly depends on how big and heavy your boat is when its fully loaded. So when it comes to choosing a trolling motor for your pontoon boat, knowing which one is the most suitable is extremely important.

If you have no idea what trolling motor to buy, we have done the hard work for you. And here are the 5 best trolling motors you can buy for your pontoon boat.

Top Pick

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