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How To Clean Boat Carpet Mold

Will A Carpet Cleaner Damage The Natural Color Of My Carpet

How to Clean Boat Carpet and restore the fluff!

This depends a lot on the ingredients and how well you followed instructions. For example, there is a higher chance of discoloration if you leave the cleaner on for longer than suggested. Also, dark-colored carpet may be prone to discoloration, mainly if the products formula includes chemicals like bleaches.

One of the ways you can prevent damage is to test a small portion before application. It is also helpful to read customer reviews which often include incidences of discoloration if this is the case.

Types Of Boat Carpet Cleaners

There are countless options in the market, and a good way to narrow down the possibilities is to know the two main types available.

  • Concentrated Cleaner: If you need to clean larger carpets, then you are better off with a concentrated formula. It is also economical since you will dilute it with water. Even a few drops will go a long way.
  • Spray-On Cleaner: If you are after ease of use, on the other hand, spray-on liquids are your best bet. As the name implies, you can spray it directly on the problem area. Theres no need for mixing with water. Its direct application makes it easy to use.

Prevent Mold By Reducing The Likelihood Of Damp Conditions

Mold thrives when boats are closed up. Air that is trapped inside holds moisture that cant escape. And with water, air and hull temperatures changing at different rates, condensation forms. Add people living on board and theres even a higher chance for moisture.

There are a couple major actions a boat owner can take to prevent damp. You can either use a dehumidifier and/or maximize ventilation.

A dehumidifier reduces the level of humidity in the air allowing the boat to dry out.

Dehumidifiers work well when a boat is sealed up and left unattended. Many boat owners reduce humidity by using the boats air-conditioning system or you can set up a stand-alone dehumidifier in the galley sink or place one in the bilge so that the water run-off can exit the boat.

The key with dehumidifiers is that the boat must be well sealed. The objective is to take the moisture out of the air within the boat to reduce the likelihood of damp.

The other major action you can take to minimize damp is to make sure the air within the boat is circulated

This can be done by ensuring the boat is well ventilated in addition to having electric vents or fans move the air around.

The ultimate aim, therefore, is to remove the moisture in the air and/or constantly circulate the air so that the possibility for dampness is eliminated.

This leads us to the third main priority to prevent mold and mildew

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How To Remove Mold From Boat Carpet: Clean Your Equipment Well

Not a lot of anglers focus on their boat carpet when cleaning out their equipment. But this is just as important to maintain if you want a clean and great-looking boat as you fish for hours on end. Unfortunately, the carpet is more susceptible to mold and mildew, being exposed to weather and saltwater.

So how can you remove the mold for your next fishing trip? Read on as I show you tips and steps to follow on how to remove mold from boat carpet efficiently.


  • Wrapping It Up
  • D Upholstery And Carpet Shampoo

    How To Get Mildew Out Of Boat Carpet

    Looking for a heavy-foaming carpet cleaner? If yes, then you might have just found the right choice! The concentrated formula makes a single drop generate a lot of suds. In turn, this can soften hard dirt on your carpets.

    Apart from being an effective cleaner, it will also work as a deodorizer. It gets rid of the nastiest scents to freshen your floor and boat! It leaves an enjoyable lemon scent! More so, it has optical brighteners. It will penetrate deep into each fiber of the carpet to bring back its glory! It restores the original color!

    I love using this carpet cleaner because it comes with a skin-safe formula. It is hypoallergenic, so you dont need to think about chemicals that can irritate your skin and eyes. This also makes it marine-safe and eco-friendly.

    Those who are on a budget will have one more reason to choose this cleaner. It is in a concentrated formula, so all it takes is a few drops to clean a large carpet. Besides, it is in a 12-fluid-ounce bottle, so you can be confident that it will take a while before you need to buy a new one.

    • Heavy-foaming action to easily soften dirt
    • Difficult to rinse

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    Things That Can Ruin Your Pontoon Carpet

    Your boat carpet sees a lot of traffic. Whether its human feet or pet feet, that dirt can add up. Soil and stains can do a number on your carpet. Not only can they make it look bad but they can harbor bacteria and mold that make onboard guests sick and eat away at the carpet and deck. Yuck.

    Then theres Mother Nature to think about. Your pontoon carpet is exposed to rain and sun on a regular basis, and if you dont store it properly in the winter, snow and ice can cause problems too. And I mean cringe-worthy problems like mold, mildew, moss and fading.

    The takeaway: Caring for your pontoon carpet extends its life, prevents mildew and reduces the potential for harmful bacteria. And it can maintain or even increase your boats value. Who wants to buy a used boat with a nasty old carpet?

    All of this means that carpet cleaning should be done regularly and done right. But since nobody loves to clean, lets make this as easy as possible.

    Star Brite Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner

    This product is specially designed for decks, carpets, and types of vinyl and can remove common stains from grease to dirt.

    I love this cleaner because it also acts as a protectant against UV damage, ensuring the carpets keep their color after use. In fact, I noticed that the color of my carpet was slightly brighter after the cleaning, which was impressive. This is possible because its formula contains protective polymers which lessen the damage to UV rays.

    Like other carpet cleaning products, the cleaner also has a chelating agent, which prevents the formation of scum. The formula used loosens the dirt from the bottom upon contact, making it easier to remove and leave a residue.

    Since the product is designed to be used near water, I also appreciate that it is safe from toxic chemicals and will not harm marine life. Therefore, I can use it nearby or even on the water, knowing that it is eco-friendly.

    Talking about the application, the cleaner comes in a very user-friendly squirt bottle. Once you apply the product to the surface, you need to wait for at least a minute before scrubbing and rinsing off.

    • Removes common stains like grease and dirt
    • Uses protective polymers to protect against UV rays
    • Features chelating agents which help remove dirt easily
    • Safe from toxins and will not harm marine life
    • Comes in a squirt bottle that is easy to apply
    • Not an ideal choice for heavy-duty cleaning

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    Simple Green Ozy Solve Outdoor Cleaner

    The beauty of this product is that boaters can use it for both manual cleaning and pressure wash cleaning.

    I love the 1-gallon size it comes in, making me feel like Im getting the most out of my money. With such a vast stock, you can forget about visiting your hardware store for a long time. For buyers who only plan to simply green on boat carpet, the gallon can make up to 21 gallons of carpet cleaner to last ages after dilution.

    For all those who are fans of eco-friendly products, this cleaner is non-toxic even when ingested orally, perfect for those who have kids or pets. Another fantastic thing is that it is biodegradable, so I can enjoy peace of mind knowing I am not harming any marine life when I use the cleaner. It also meets the U.S EPAs Safer Choice Program.

    Aside from its eco-friendliness, the cleaner is multi-purpose. I can attach it to my pressure washer nozzle and clean concrete pathways, cars, walls, decks, and other hard surfaces. The active ingredient, peroxide, is fast-acting and can loosen filth within minutes of contact with the surface.

    • Can make up to 21 gallons of cleaner when diluted
    • An eco-friendly product that wont harm plants or marine life
    • Biodegradable and passes U.S EPA Safer Choice Program
    • A multi-purpose function which you can use for other outdoor applications
    • Forumlated with a fast-acting ingredient peroxide
    • Ideal for power washing and not manual cleaning

    Are Boat Carpeting Cleaners Safe To Use

    How I clean my boat carpet

    Generally, boat carpeting cleaners are safe as long as they are used as directed. In terms of skin irritation, you can always wear gloves and eyewear to be safe. However, it is up to you to choose a non-toxic and safe formula for the marine environment.

    Choosing an eco-friendly cleaner means you can wash your carpet near a body of water and even let pets and kids join you.

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    Star Brite Pontoon Deck Cleaners

    For pontoon boat owners, this cleaner from Star Brite is a multipurpose solution for your cleaning needs.

    I love how Star Brite Ultimate Pontoon Boat Deck Cleaner can be used to clean carpets as well as boat decks. Because of its multipurpose nature, you can maximize its use to clean not just your carpets but also vinyl surfaces and your pontoon boats deck.

    This is because it is composed of special chelating agents that can lift stains, grime, and dirt from your boats surfaces. Despite this, its still safe enough to use even for the delicate surfaces of your boat like carpets and vinyl.

    Furthermore, I like how it is formulated to clean without the need for heavy scrubbing. This makes cleaning your boat carpet so much easier.

    Another feature I admire about this cleaner is that it comes with a polymer coating that protects against UV rays, dirt, and stains. This means it acts as both a cleaner and protective coating for your carpet, ensuring its longer lifespan. Its also made from lake-safe and biodegradable ingredients thus, you need not worry about contributing to water pollution.

    The only downside I found was it wasnt nearly strong enough to handle heavier cleaning jobs despite its more concentrated formula.

    • Cleans both carpets and boat decks
    • Versatile cleaner for various surfaces
    • Concentrated formulation for more use
    • Doesnt require heavy scrubbing
    • Doesnt work well for heavy-duty cleaning jobs

    How To Remove Mold In Boats

    Boating enthusiasts face mold but dont want to use toxic fungicides.

    Constant exposure to water and humidity make boat surfaces a haven for mold and mildew. Because it contains no ammonia, bleach, acids or VOCs, Concrobium Mold Control is a great solution for marine enthusiasts looking to control mold without environmentally harmful chemicals.

    • Use Concrobium to eliminate mold and mildew on vinyl, canvas, wood, fabric, upholstery and boat covers by following these steps:

    • Spray Concrobium Mold Control onto the hard or fabric surface.
    • Allow to dry thoroughly.
    • Clean the surface with a Concrobium dampened cloth or brush to remove any remaining mold residue. If mold stains have been on canvas, upholstery or other fabric surfaces for an extended time, some residue may remain. Scrub vigorously with Concrobium Mold Control or try Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser to easily remove black mold staining with no scrubbing required.
    • Reapply a thin, even application of the solution to help resist mold growth. Reapply as required on surfaces that are frequently doused with water to ensure continuous mold prevention.
    • TipWhy not be proactive and use Concrobium Mold Control to pre-treat boat surfaces prior to winter storage or after spring launch to protect against mold growth?! Concrobium Mold Control is ideal for use in boathouses and storage facilities. Try fogging boat interiors and marine structures.

    Recommended Products

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    How Do You Remove Algae From Boat Carpet

    Cleaningboat carpetcarpet

    Similarly, you may ask, how do you get algae out of boat carpet?

    How to Get Rid of Moss on Pontoon Carpet

  • Park or tow your pontoon boat to a good place for moss removal, such as a driveway.
  • Fill a clean plastic spray bottle with vinegar.
  • Spray the vinegar directly on all mossy spots.
  • Scrub the mossy spots with the scrub brush.
  • Spray and rinse water from the garden hose onto the scrubbed areas.
  • Additionally, can you pressure wash boat carpet? You should clean your boat carpet one to two times a year, depending on how often you use your boat and what you use it for. You can use a pressure washer with a more gentle attachment so that you can remove dirt and other grime that is stuck in the boat’s carpeting.

    Accordingly, how do I clean the inside of my boat carpet?

    Soak it down: Beginning at the front of the boat, use a garden hose to saturate the carpet thoroughly in the area to be cleaned. 5. Brush it out: Use a soft scrub brush to loosen any dirt, then re-saturate with water.

    How do you remove green mold from boat carpet?

    Cleaning mildew from a boat carpet is not difficult. There are plenty of harsh chemicals on the market, but a homemade remedy can be created that will also do the trick. Combine equal parts of water and vinegar in a bottle and spray it on the mildew. Use a sponge to scrub the carpet and allow it to air dry.

    Gp66 Green Miracle Cleaner

    How to Clean Pontoon Boat Seats including Mildew &  Orange ...

    Although not necessarily a carpet cleaner, the GP99 claims to remove dirt from over 1000 surfaces, including carpet. Thus, it is a handy one-do-it-all solution.

    The NSF approves this water-based cleaner for food surfaces which guarantees its safety as a product. It is also free from bleach and phosphates, making it ideal for use on the water so you can put your mind at ease that no marine life will be affected.

    Another thing I like is that it is an all-around cleaner. I tried it on kitchen surfaces like ovens and doors and on my boat hull with the same results. So, for anyone who needs a one-solution product to use anywhere, this is one of the highest-rated out there.

    Best of all, I could use the product as much as I wanted without worrying about a concentrated cleaner smell. This odorless cleaner doesnt require any set time to get rid of the odor.

    It is also noteworthy that the cleaner is certified as Compact by Design, which means its formula is to reduce carbon emission reductions.

    Furthermore, the bottle design also makes shipping easier. I always feel good about using a product that doesnt add to environmental issues.

    • Versatile and cleans up to 1000 surfaces
    • Free from chemicals and other harmful toxins
    • A versatile product for household and boat uses
    • Odorless and safe to use in large quantities
    • Has a compact design that reduces carbon emission
    • May not be that effective in removing harsh carpet stains

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    Option : Car Or Boat Wash

    If you live in an area where boating is popular, theres a good chance youll have car washes that also do cleaning services for boats, or dedicated boat wash companies. Take advantage.

    • Pros: Easy, convenient, cheap
    • Cons: Pressure can cause holes in carpet, unknown detergents can cause dryness/brittleness over time, size of wash bay may not be adequate

    Star Brite Mold Mildew Stain Cleaners

    If you have problems with mold and mildew that leaves stains on your surfaces, then this dedicated cleaner for removing such stains from Star Brite might do the trick.

    I love that Star Brite Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Plus Cleaner made it easier to remove spots and stains on boats. This is because it is made with the strongest and most effective triple-action and high-alkaline ingredients to eradicate dirt and mildew stains without the hassle of intense scrubbing.

    Moreover, I like that it has a concentrated formulation which makes it perfect to apply on large boats, homes, and the like. This means you can save more on costs when using this product.

    It even has a buffered bleach technology, making it very safe for outdoor, acrylic, and marine materials. Nevertheless, this doesnt mean that it cant be used indoors as its formula is safe even for indoor surfaces.

    As such, it may also be applied to types of vinyl, roofs, tiles, awnings, and the like. It indeed has a multipurpose use which maximizes the money you spent buying this item.

    Additionally, it can remove stains within 30 seconds of its application. It makes any cleaning routine easier and faster. Nevertheless, stubborn and old stains may need more applications with light scrubbing to make them go away.

    The main disadvantage to this formula is that it can be too abrasive for painted surfaces, thus, making it incompatible for such use.

    • Not ideal for painted areas as its strong formula can degrade the print quality

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    Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Carpet Cleaners

    Using a carpet cleaner can bring tons of benefits, including the following:

    • Versatile: Most of the carpet cleaners deliver exceptional outcomes regardless of the material. From cleaning Bass boat carpet to those from other brands, carpet cleaners can deliver astounding results!
    • Eliminates Odor: Many of the carpet cleaners have a dual-action formula. This means that apart from getting rid of stubborn dirt, you can also use it to remove unpleasant odor. The result is that the boats floor will be cleaner and fresher!
    • Extends Lifespan: Boat carpets can be expensive. If you dont want to replace them often, keep them spotless with the right cleaner. Doing so will help preserve the structural integrity of the fibers and materials, and in turn, the carpet can withstand many years of use.
    • Easy to Use: A lot of the products available will be effortless to use, especially those that you can spray directly on the surface. Even if theres a need for dilution, in most instances, they can clean carpets without the need to sweat.

    However, using boat cleaners also has disadvantages, including these:

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