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How To Get Rid Of Spiders On Boat Dock

Did You Clear Your Boat And Dock Of Spiders

Web Out controls spiders on boat docks and marinas

You should now have everything you know to control, manage, and eradicate the dock spiders on your boat or property.

These spiders are considered to be beneficial insects, like most spiders, but when you have too many of them or need to deal with them on a daily basis, it can be quite a headache.

Were you able to rid the wharf spiders using these home remedies? Let me know in the comments below.

If you have any questions, please post a comment as well and Ill get back to you.

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Dock Spider Pest Control & Removal

Dock spiders cause more fear due to their enormous size and their ferocious appearance. They do not cause damage to property or harm people.

We advise against attempting to remove dock spiders or detach an egg sac from a spider by hand. This significantly increases the changes that you are bitten. Attempting to use chemical and sprays around or on water to eliminate dock spiders is also advised against as this poses a serious safety risk to you and the environment.

Signs of dock spider include the remains of large exoskeletons and tent-like nursery webs in and around plants or even attached to manmade structures. Tips for helping to keep dock spiders away from your home include the following:

  • Remove piles of rock or wood debris around your home, sheds or boathouses to eliminate possible locations for shelters.

  • Keep all shoreline plants trimmed to eliminate nesting sites and possible hideouts.

  • Remove or minimizing any standing water on your property where possible.

If you think you are infested with dock spiders, or have an uncontrollable, intolerable infestation, reach out to a licensed pest control company. They have the expertise to help you safely control and treat a dock spider infestation.

Use Dock Cover Or Spider Netting

Using the same idea as with the screen, by using spider netting we are creating a physical barrier to prevent spiders and their dropping from entering your boats. The great thing about these spider netting is that they can be custom made to fit your boat, providing excellent coverage and leaving no gaps and openings for the spiders to get in.

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Do Dock Spiders Bite Humans

The main food sources for these spiders are minnows, frogs, tadpoles, and water insects. Dock spiders have a pair of fangs that deliver venom to their prey causing paralysis. They are capable of delivering bee sting-level bites to humans. While this is uncommon and only happens when they are startled or threatened, it is dangerous for some people as it can cause an allergic reaction.

Do Dock Spiders Infest Homes

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They can make their way into your home but rarely will stay inside.

Similar to barn spiders, dock spiders cant sustain themselves inside a typical household because theres no water supply for them to hunt and theres not enough food.

They need to be outside in the pool of water skimming on the surface to hunt.

They also have huge appetites, so even the most bug-infested household isnt likely to provide them with enough insects to eat. Thus, dock spiders rarely infest homes.

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Are Dock Spiders Dangerous

Normally, the first thought about these spiders is that they are dangerous due to their size, but they are not. They are very friendly insects and do not attack unless threatened or their young.

They are very protective of their eggs, especially since the mother stays alive throughout the hatching process. Proof of this is that they weave cobwebs to protect babies from any external problem.

Tips For Hiring A Marine Pest Control Service

We share a lot of lake space with our little eight-legged friends. Hundreds of spider webs can pop up overnight and give the impression of a neglected marina. While we certainly dont want to get rid of spiders altogether, it is nice to keep their presence to a minimum in and around your marina.

Hiring a marine pest control service can be viewed as a value-added service to slip renters. Boat owners will be able to spend more time on the water and youll have happy customers and a clean and well-maintained dock. Everyone wins!

Slip renters will appreciate not having to take extra time eradicating spider webs. Theyll also appreciate spending less time cleaning bug-related filth off their boats, especially since spider and other insect droppings can contain certain enzymes that actually have the ability to cause permanent damage to a boats finish and canvas.

A professional will also eliminate the need for you or slip renters to use harmful chemicals in the removal and spraying process. Many managed waterways have strict rules about what kinds of chemicals can be used on boats and docks. If you hire a professional, you dont have to worry about slip renters who may be unaware of the rules using chemicals that may be harmful to the environment.

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How To Trap Spiders

If you do not have time to make a spider spray, you can do the following method in one easy step. All you need is mouse glue traps or spider traps to catch those spiders off guard. Once youve learned the tricks to getting rid of spiders outside, you may be interested in getting rid of other bugs like flies or gnats using a natural gnat trap.

Trapping Spiders

You can purchase a mouse glue trap or insect sticky trap at any hardware store. Place these traps anywhere that you see evidence of spiders.

Put them in dark corners of the yard, along crevices, and in wet or damp areas. When the spider walks across the trap, they will get stuck onto the trap for you to discard.

How Do Dock Spiders Damage Boats

How To Kill Spiders at Boat and Home, I Use Enforcer Bug Max 365

Besides leaving webs everywhere, dock spiders tend to poop a lot and thats where they cause the nost damage to boats. Their grayish, brown, or black droppings are typically found on the corners and seats of your boats, and wont do much harm if you remove them immediately.

Trouble comes when these spider poops are left for long periods and eventually develop into a hard crust that is definitely hard to get rid of. Even if you managed to remove them, they can still leave stains that can ruin the appearance of your boats. Having spiders on your boats can also cause harm to the people on board since they have the possibility to bite them if they are left unnoticed.

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What About Spiders In My Boathouse

Spiders in the boathouse, lake hose or cottage are common because of the presence of water.

The water supplies the necessary growth medium for a variety of aquatic wildlife and dock spiders will feed on them by attaching their body to the shore and fishing for pests.

While you cant do anything about the bugs in the water, you can prevent them from coming into your property annex.

Some tips to keep spiders out of your lake house, boathouse, cottage, or other buildings:

Keep all foliage surrounding the property clear.

You should cut and get rid of all plants you dont need because they provide nesting sites for all sorts of bugs, which will cause the insect population around the area to rise. The more bugs you have, the more spiders will come.

If you need the vegetation, then keep them trimmed and tidy.

Remove water sources. Any standing or stagnant water sources should be removed.

Standing water attracts flies, slugs, snails, beetles, mosquitoes, and more. These are all food sources for spiders. Remove all water thats backlogged and drain it.

Get rid of clutter. Spiders will need a place to hide in order to feel safe in the daytime when theyre resting.

Remove these objects and materials that they hide in so they have nowhere to go.

This may make them leave on their own or prevent them from establishing a nest in the first place.

Some of the most common places, objects, and surfaces spiders may hide in are:

Suspend SC

The Benefits Of Having A Spider Control Misting System For Your Boat Dock

Home»The Benefits Of Having a Spider Control Misting System For Your Boat Dock

Spiders are one of the messiest problems on boat docks and are extremely hard to get rid of. They can invade almost every part of your boat dock including your watercraft, boat dock, sitting areas, and outdoor living and dining areas.

Boats and personal water craft are made for fun and relaxation, but sometimes they can lead to extra work. Let our Spider Misting Systems take some of the maintenance out of owning a boat. Our spider control misting systems get you back on the water, and reduce power washings and annual dock maintenance by up to 80%!

The spider control systems use an automated misting system, just like our mosquito systems, with nozzles installed around the ceilings of your boat dock. This system will mist an Organic, EPA exempt Product that will eliminate spiders and reduce the unsightly mess they can make.

The system consists of a 55 gallon tank which acts as a reservoir, on top of which we mount a pump, motor and a control box which houses the timer and duration control. You then connect a series of nozzles using thin nylon tubing evenly spaced around ceiling and around light fixtures where spiders like to hide, thus eliminating them and their webs.

If you have a spider problem on your boat dock consider installing a DIY spider control misting kit!

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How To Cure The Problem

The most radical treatment, of bombing the boat, is not necessarily the most effective. This is because the poisonous fog doesnt actually penetrate the places where the roaches hang out, behind your headlining and in the recesses of the deepest lockers.

Roach motels offer a less dramatic way to attack your unwanted guests. The original Roach Motel was designed to attract roaches, with either sweet-smelling food or pheromones, and to keep them there by the use of something ultra sticky. They go in, but they dont come out! claimed the manufacturer, Black Flag.

Too Many Spiders At Marina

How to Get Rid of Dock Spiders Naturally (Save Your Boat ...

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How To Protect Your Boat From Spiders

Of all the creepy-crawlies that may come aboard your boat, spiders are often among the least welcome. These many-legged miniature monsters are especially common during summertime when the warm weather brings with it an abundance of food namely, other bugs. Despite their essential role in controlling populations of flies, mosquitoes and other bothersome insects, a spider infestation is the stuff of nightmares for most people!


Whether youre arachnophobe or not, large numbers of spiders can seriously mess up the interior of your boat. This is because, besides leaving webs everywhere, spiders also poop a lot.

Their grayish, brown or black droppings can often be found in corners and on seat covers of boats and will look like tiny dots.

If wiped up immediately, spider poop is no problem. However, if left for long periods of time, these tiny droppings will harden like concrete to form a crust thats almost impossible to shift. Even if you do manage to chip away at the mess, spider poop can leave stains that permanently damage the aesthetic of your boat.

Having large numbers of spiders on your boat can even be a serious health risk to you and your shipmates. Many spider species common to North America can deliver a nasty bite and some, such as the notorious Black Widow, can even be fatal.

So, the big question is how can you protect your boat from spiders? To avoid your boat becoming a web-ridden hellscape, try the following spider control methods for your boat.

Repel Spiders Outside My House

As a homeowner, you may wonder to yourself, How to repel spiders outside my house without calling in an exterminator? We are about taking care of things naturally and saving money. Therefore, the following method will answer your question.

Killing Spiders Using Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth powder works to get rid of spiders by cutting into their legs after they walk through the dust. This then leads to dehydration and death. While this solution is not what kills spiders instantly, it doesnt take long. In other words, if youd prefer not to kill the spiders, this method is not for you.

Walk around your property outside and look for any signs of spiders. Once you have established where spiders are congregating, sprinkle a thin layer of DE across those areas.

Make sure that you do not apply the DE too heavily. This method also works to eliminate cockroaches. Food grade DE is safe to use around pets and children.

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How To Get Rid Of Dock Spiders Naturally

So, you have a bunch of large dock spiders crawling around your boat, boathouse, or even your home! And you need to get rid of them. Now.

These fearsome looking spiders are big with those long striped legs and huge oblong abdomens.

Youre sick of seeing them all over your boat at night.

You dont want to walk into any more webs.

And your guests arent showing up to your yacht party anymore.

What should you do?

Get rid of them!

As hard as it seems, fishing spiders can be controlled greatly.

This can reduce their population so you dont see them as often. If you have a boat or lakehouse, youll have dock spiders.

Thats a given. Any boat owner knows that.

But you can keep them in check with some easy, DIY home remedies.

In this guide, well talk about:

  • Why you have dock spiders
  • How to naturally get rid of them
  • How to keep them away from your boat, lakehouse, or boathouse
  • And other DIY techniques for dock spider management and eradication

They ARE beneficial to have, but not when theyre everywhere. Or if theyre getting spider poop all over your boat. Or if youre afraid of spiders.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment and ask me, as always.

Feel free to bookmark this page for easy reference later!

Sound good? Lets dive in.


Getting Rid Of Spiders

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Indian River ,Michigan

Jack M said:I use vinegar/water mix in a spray bottle ,I spray it on my dock and on the dock lines . Since it is caustic ,it may shorten the life of your dock lines . Hopefully the rain washes enough of it off .Either way I check my lines a few times a seasonLearn if vinegar can be used to get rid of spiders. For all your pest problems in northern Virginia, call your neighborhood pros at

Jack M said:I use vinegar/water mix in a spray bottle ,I spray it on my dock and on the dock lines . Since it is caustic ,it may shorten the life of your dock lines . Hopefully the rain washes enough of it off .Either way I check my lines a few times a seasonLearn if vinegar can be used to get rid of spiders. For all your pest problems in northern Virginia, call your neighborhood pros at

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New York’s Finger Lakes
Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee River

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How To Prevent Dock Spiders

Although it is common for arachnids of this style to be in aquatic areas, it is possible to prevent their appearance. Only a few important steps need to be taken.

  • Limit standing water on and off the property as much as possible.
  • Take care of the places hygiene by keeping the plants pruned around the waters edge.
  • Make changes and eliminate unnecessary debris such as rocks and even piles of wood, as these are common nesting sites.

Keeping Spiders From Invading Your Outdoor Space

To get rid of spiders, prevent them from having a place to live in your yard. If they do not have a cozy place to relax and their food source has dwindled, then they will move on to finer pastures. Get rid of wolf spiders or other spider species with one or more of these helpful tips.

Spider Prevention

Take a look around your property for any hiding places that spiders would love to call home. The brown recluse and black widow spiders like to reside in dark hidey-hole areas, whereas many other spiders prefer to make spider webs to catch their prey.

Youll need to clean up the property and remove anything that would be an appealing home to a spider. Doing this will also eliminate some of their food sources. Start by removing leaf, rock, and woodpiles.

Also, clear away any cobwebs around your home. Once that is done, youll want to make sure that window sills, baseboards, and other crevices are sealed properly with caulk. Finally, change your outdoor lights to a type that doesnt attract bugs such as a yellow compact fluorescent light

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