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What Is The Smallest Pontoon Boat Made

Top Us Pontoon Boat Manufacturers

The Pond King Elite Pontoon Boat – The ultimate in fishing

Below are the top companies on Pontoon & Deck Boats Whos Who list for 2014, ranked by the number of models they had for sale in that year. Additional information for each company includes the brand they were recognized for, their company headquarters, and year founded. Dashes indicate where information was unavailable.

Table 1: Top U.S. Pontoon Boat Companies


Bennington, based in Elkhart, IN, manufactures standard and custom luxury pontoon boats. The company offers five series of pontoon boats, including sports and fishing boats, with various levels of features from 16 to 30 feet long.

Berkshire Pontoons boats, ranging from 18 to 27 feet, feature composite made in the USA. Their boats come in 4 series with custom options. Berkshire is a division of Forest River, Inc., which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

G3 Boats, which is owned by Yamaha, manufactures outboard motor and pontoon boats in Lebanon, MO. Their outboard motorboats are made for hunting and fishing, while their pontoons are made for leisure applications

Crest offers nine different models of boats, including fishing and leisure boats, with customizable engines, interiors, and other features. The company is headquartered in Owosso, MI.

Apex Marines offerings include fishing and leisure pontoon boats, with its fishing boats made in the USA. The company currently offers 12 series of boats, including four types of leisure pontoons and eight series of fishing pontoon boats.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pontoon Boat


Erina Ritz

Just take one look at the QX25 and you can see that this is one of the best luxury pontoon boats around.

  • G3 SunCatcher Diamond Elite 326SS. G3 SunCatcher Diamond Elite 326SS.
  • Manitou 25 X-Plode SRS. Manitou 25 X-Plode SRS.
  • Premier Escalante. Premiere Escalante.
  • Starcraft SX 25 C. Starcraft SX 25 C.
  • Sylvan M5 LZ DC.

Best Small & Mini Pontoon Boats Lets Get Started

This article would help you find the ten best small pontoon boats.

Since new models have come out, therefore Ive shortlisted the following boats for you.

  • Gillgetter 7513 by Apex
  • SR SW160F by Godfrey
  • Bass Buggy 16 DLX by SUN TRACKER

Before moving forward, its better to get familiar with a few different terms of a boat.

  • Aft or Stern means back part of a boat
  • Bow means the front part of a boat
  • Port means the left side of a boat
  • Starboard means the right side of a boat

Lets dig deeper into each boat.

Manufacturer: Apex Marine Inc.

Model: 2020

When it comes to choosing the best small pontoon boats, Gillgetter 7513 is one of them.

Apex Marine Inc. has been making the Gilgetter series for more than two decades. Its brand for boats is Qwest Pontoons. The company has earned an excellent reputation in designing elegant cruising and fishing boats with front and side entry gates.

The company has been striving since its foundation to build boats that fit your lifestyle.

Gillgetter 7513 is available in two options:

  • Family Cruise
  • Fish n Cruise

Lets check out some features of the Gillgetter 7513 mini pontoon boat, and determine whether it fits your lifestyle.

  • Overall boat length is 13 8
  • Maximum horsepower is 25
  • White round table with flush mount pedestal
  • Dual front fishing seats with corner rod/cup holders

Are you ready to buy this small pontoon boat?

Manufacturer: Pond King Inc.

Model: 2020

You may get this boat in different price ranges depending upon the horsepower.

Model: 2020

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Luxury Pontoon Boat Cost

Luxury pontoons can be very expensive.

These large luxurious boats can be used to take entire families out on cruises and sea voyages and are designed to be super comfortable and very accommodating.

They usually have a high level of quality accessories such as:

  • Under deck lighting: Illuminating the boat from underneath creates a glitzy feel. Under deck lighting can be purchased for around $300.
  • BBQ mount grill: If alfresco cooking is your idea of a good evening on the water then invest in a BBQ mount grill. It can be bought for as low as $35.
  • Corner bumpers: These will help protect the sides of your luxury boat from sustaining damage. They can be bought for $30 each.
  • Stainless steel railings: These can be bought for $15 per railing. They not only look good but offer safety by providing onboard support when the boat is moving.
  • Monster swing tow bar: An expensive but handy item for towing water skiers, inflatable tube rides etc. It costs around $600.
  • Fire pit: Install a pontoon fire pit for $1,300 to stay warm in chilly evenings or in colder environments.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining a luxury pontoon boat can cost between $2,000 to $3,000 per year. It depends on the size and accessories onboard.

Starcraft Ex 18 F Pontoon Boat

Small Pontoon Boats: What is the Smallest Pontoon Boat You ...

The EX 18 F is a moderately small pontoon boat with an 8 ft beam and a length of 18 ft 10 inches. It can comfortably accommodate up to 8 adults with a setup that is ideal for fishing. Two pedestal mount fishing seats are placed in the bow with a full wrap around lounge seat and a pedestal mount table that is removable. Another notable feature is the wide swim platform and a boarding ladder that makes it easy to access the water. The maximum power capacity is 60 horsepower.

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Pond King Rebel Pontoon Boat

This is one of the smaller versions of the Pond King. It is a mini-pontoon boat that measures 6 ft 6 inches in length.Its ideal for solo fishing excursions with 1 seat. The deck area is just 10 square feet and the maximum capacity of the boat is 400 pounds. This is the ideal one man fishing boat that can easily fit in the back of a truck and it only weighs 175 pounds.

Welcome To Pond Craft Boats

Your destination for a boat thats truly made for you!

From fishing to floating fun on a beautiful day and the freedom of the open water who wouldnt love a boat? Not just any boat, but one made especially for you?

We started Pond Craft Boats to create quality crafts of all sizes that fit every budget.

Our custom-made boats come in various sizes, with optional upgrades available. Whether enjoying the day on a pond, small lake or river, our custom pontoons are the perfect fit: Modest enough to navigate the smallest of waterways, yet big enough to be comfortable for multiple people. We can even make your boat handicap accessible.

Fishing, hunting, sunbathing or any use our custom boats are made for you!

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Compact Mini And Small Pontoon Boats The Top Benefits

There are various types of different pontoon boats, they all come in different shapes and sizes. Theres a type for everyone. As of recently, small pontoon boats have become increasingly popular. But why is it that these mini pontoon boats are so great?

These more compact pontoons are nothing new theyve been about for many years. Though, people are only now realizing that there are many benefits and advantages of driving these smaller pontoons.

The saying Bigger is better has never been more wrong. When it comes to boats, everything comes down to preference and needs. Not everyone will need or want a full-sized boat, some will rather reap the benefits of a compact boat. In this article, Ill be explaining a few of the biggest advantages of owning a compact, mini, or small pontoon boat.

Department Of Parks And Recreation

Homemade fishing boat with foldable pontoons

As well as law enforcement, the department of parks and creation also use compact pontoons. Its common for park rangers to have to clean up junk in difficult to reach places such as narrow creeks. A full-sized pontoon would have difficulty getting into these spots. Because of this, it makes sense for them to use compact toons which can fit into these tighter waters.

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Hotwood’s Offers Premium Powder Coat Finish On All Models Lil’ Sport Fish

In the photo you will see Fish N Sport placed side by side to show the comparison of the 2 colors we offer. On the left is our Carlsbad Canyon Tan with Covert Green on the right.

The process we use to powder coat a boat, starts with a perfectly clean surface that is done by a series of chemical cleaning through a multiple step program to assure the surface is ready to apply color.

When the boat has been cleaned and color is applied, it then is baked at 500 degrees for a specific amount of time to basically, melt that paint into the surface, to give the boat a finish much like a refrigerator. This process assures out customer the highest quality finish possible that can be applied.

When a boat is powder coated, it makes such a smooth surface that cleaning is a breeze.

As you see in this photo above custom colors like this Right On Red are possible here at Hotwoods that this customer wanted on his 1 off 615 Aluma Sport. Non-standard colors or 2-tones do add extra expense when ordering your boat, but they can be done. Ask your Hotwoods sales rep about that and the time frame of delivery it may add.

The Different Sizes Of Compact Pontoons

Compact pontoons come in three basic sizes: Narrow, compact and mini.

These sizes each have their own abilities and benefits for their smaller bodies. For instance, a pontoon with a narrow beam might be great for rivers. A compact can be a great boat choice for a family that wants a pontoons luxury but more affordability. And a mini is just enough square footage for you, a fishing buddy and a cooler.

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Fishing Pontoon Boat Cost

A fishing pontoon boat can cost between $15,000 to $23,000.

Extra accessories will be required to convert it into a proper fishing pontoon boat.

Trolling Motor

Its an electric driven outboard motor that is ideal for a fishing pontoon. It costs between $915 $2,732 depending on horsepower.

This motor provides great control and will provide silent motoring of the boat at a steady speed so that the fish are not scared away.


These can be bought for $100 $300 and are necessary for a fishing pontoon.

A livewell is used to keep the fish alive and also for storing bait.

Fishing Rod Clamp

Fishing rods clamps can attach to the railings of the boat removing the need to hold the rod which reduces fatigue.

These cost between $20-$30.

An average 90 HP motor will use 1 gallon of gas per 4.2 miles.

Princecraft Jazz 170 Pontoon Boat

Small Pontoon Boats: What is the Smallest Pontoon Boat You ...

The Jazz 170 is one of Princecrafts newer small pontoon boats. It measures 17 ft 7 inches in length with a beam of 8 ft 1 inch. The maximum capacity is 7 adults. Notable features of this small pontoon boat include a strong boarding ladder, a rear swim platform for fun in the sun and a Bimini top that comes as standard fare to shield you from the mid-day sun. Its equipped with extra storage bins located under the lounge seats. The pedestal mount table is removable and it is designed with integrated beverage holders in the consoles. The maximum power capacity is a 50 horsepower outboard engine.

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Why You Should Buy A Small Pontoon

And finally, what would be the advantages to buying or using a smaller pontoon boat if you are a member of the public, and not working for a government agency?

1. They are Great in Shallow Water

You can use pontoons in shallow water, but even more so with the compact small models. Examples could be if you want to fish out on a pond, as pontoons are far better suited to this type of environment than v-shaped hulls are.

2. They Mean You Might Not Have to Worry About Horsepower Restrictions

The lakes near you might have a restriction on the amount of horsepower your boat can have. You can overcome that with a compact pontoon as the engines will be far smaller, and in the case of a mini, might not even have an engine to worry about.

3. They are a Good Choice if on a Budget

Pontooning for the first time? Then a compact can be a great way to dip your toe into the pontoon lifestyle. They are great for beginners due to the size and price, or just suit those that want something to scoot around the water quickly and easily perhaps to get from one side of a lake to another.

4. They are Easy to Manoeuvre

First time pontoon owners can be intimidated by the idea of operating a larger boat. Compact pontoons are far simpler to move around the water, as well as trailering-up, launching, and docking.

5. They are Easier to Store Due to the Size

6. They are Better for the Environment

Sylvan Mirage 820 Party Fish

Sylvan Mirage 820 Party Fish

The guys want to go fish while the girls want to cruise in the sun. Sylvans 820 Party Fish does both at the same time thanks to its innovative layout and clever design. Standard features include a Jensen stereo with Bluetooth streaming, twin bow lounge seats, a mid-ships lounge, a stylish fiberglass helm console and twin fishing seats in the stern complete with a full fishing station with rod holders, a live well and tackle storage. It all combines to make the Sylvan Mirage 820 Party Fish one of the most versatile small pontoons in the industry.

  • Length: 20 10

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What Are Small Pontoon Boats Used For

Aside from people who want something small and affordable, perhaps as a starter boat or beginner pontoon, or with fishing fans, the compact models are used predominantly in government-type industries.

For example, law enforcement, parks and recreation, and rescue services.


Because they can get to places that larger pontoons cannot reach such as shallow waters and creeks. They are also not as heavy, so can lead to quicker response times for rescues and emergencies. I guess that there will probably be some budgetary issues at play here too.

Lowe Ultra 200 Cruise

Apex Marine Compact Pontoon Boats

Watersports fans, the Lowe Ultra 200 Cruise will be of serious interest to you. You can step into this roomy 214 long boat and race across the reservoir with 115 horses on the transom, keeping price down in the $24,000 range. That leaves more than enough money left over for the optional ski tow arch plus a set of wakeboards, water skis, and a tow rope.

And already included in the package youll be getting an aft swim platform with a four-step reboarding ladder, seating for 10 people, and a Bimini top. Tell the kids to hang on tightthis is going to be fun.

Visit Lowe Boats to learn more.

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First Time Owner Friendly

When it comes to most things in life, its often better to start small before you join the big boys. Small pontoons are great for getting the grip of things as a boat owner. Its important to test the waters before you dive straight in. Full-sized pontoon boats arent cheap, they can be hefty investments. Therefore, itd be a good idea to start off with an affordable compact pontoon.

You may find that you dont need a bigger boat, and youre satisfied with a compact pontoon. Though, from owning a smaller boat you may realize that you need more space and want to upgrade to a full-sized boat.

Regardless, by owning a small boat youll be provided with the experience of boat ownership. Youll gain valuable skills and knowledge that come with the ownership of a boat. For example, youll understand how to launch, store, and maintain a boat.

The 8 Big Advantages Of Small Pontoons

Lets say youve been toying with the idea of becoming a pontoon owner. But, unfortunately, you have a home or retreat somewhere on a small lake thats restricted to using only electric motors.

Or lets say, instead, you live primarily in a motor home and often find yourself coming across lakes but dread the idea of pulling an extra load behind just to be able to enjoy fishing.

Well this is where compact pontoons can shine!

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Types Of Compact & Small Pontoon Boats

There are three different types on the market:

  • Narrow
  • Compact
  • Mini

Each different size comes with its own pros and cons and the type of activities that can serve. As an example, narrow pontoons are going to be really good for narrow rivers, whilst a small compact pontoon might be a great way for someone on a budget to start pontooning with their family.

And as for mini-pontoons? Well, you might just have enough room for yourself, one friend, and a small amount of fishing gear but not much room for anything else!

These sizes each have their own abilities and benefits. For instance, a pontoon with a narrow beam might be great for rivers. A compact can be a great boat choice for a family that wants a pontoons luxury but more affordability. And a mini is just enough square footage for you, a fishing buddy and a cooler.

Sunchaser Vista 16 Lr

10 Best Small Pontoon Boats

SunChaser Vista 16 LR

Built for small lakes and rivers, SunChasers Vista 16 LR is an easy and affordable way to get out on the water. It comes with two big bow lounge seats for stretching out in the sun, plus a third big lounge in the stern. The driver gets a Captains chair with fold-down arm rests and a neat fiberglass helm console. SeaWeave flooring and a Bimini top come standard, while a boatload of available options let buyers upgrade and personalize this small pontoon boat as they wish.

  • Length: 17 0

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