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What Kind Of Paint To Use On Aluminum Boat

Sea Hawk Paints Aluma Hawk

How to Paint an Aluminum Boat

Whether you are looking for a good quality boat paint for use on aluminum surfaces, pontoon boats, houseboats, or Jon boats, you can be sure that the Sea Hawk paint will be up to the task. The fact that the paint requires a one-step application process makes it suitable for such surfaces.

Adding to that, the paint is suitable for use below or above the waterline surface. Because of this, it serves as a perfect choice for a versatile aluminum boat paint.

The paint can be used as a rust-inhibiting or lift resistant primer for enamel or lacquer-based top coasts. Once you get it, you can be sure to have a boat paint that is safe to use considering that it is safe for salt and freshwater submersion.


  • Delivers amazing coverage and durability.
  • It lasts for a long.
  • Quick-drying and corrosion inhibiting characteristics.
  • Paint can be applied to aluminum without the need for a primer.
  • A unique dual-purpose phenolic resin makes the paint suitable when used as a primer directly on metal.
  • This product by SEA HAWK PAINTS delivers excellent adhesion on aluminum.


Paint An Aluminum Boat

Use a water-resistant paint color of your choice and apply the first coat. Paint half of the boat, allow it to dry completely and then turn the boat over to complete the other side. To get the best color, you might find that two coats will work best. You may also find that using a brush for corners or hard to reach places works best.

If you are using Durabak18 UV Textured , be sure you apply two coats with about an hour between each application. Youll find that using Durabak for your aluminum boat means a longer lasting finish than your average paint.

If you are using a clear coat, simply spray it on the boat the same way you painted. This provides extra protection from environmental elements and scratches.

When you are ready to learn how to paint an aluminum boat, be sure you contact the professionals at Durabak . We have many years of experience with customers just like yourself and we are equipped to handle any question you might have.

We can help you refresh the color and further protect your aluminum boat, no matter what brand it is. In fact, Alumacraft, Crestliner, Legend, Lund, Smoker Craft and Starcraft owners all find success with the materials we provide. Our customers have even told us that Alumacraft has personally recommended us for their projects.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide on the best paint for wood!

Apply The First And Second Coat Of Topside Paint

Once the primer has dried you can apply the first coat of topside paint.

Use uniform brush strokes as you paint on layers 1 and 2.

As in the case of the primer you must paint in long continuous strokes to give a nice consistent surface finish.

Keep an eye the film thickness as excessive paint will create orange peel and paint runs.

Allow enough time between coats as per your chosen paint specification.

Paint datasheets will indicate a recommended DFT , this is just a measure of the paint thickness and is usually listed as a minimum value.

The film thickness can be measured with a relatively cheap DFT meter. This tool gives you a great way to check the quality of your paint job. If it finds areas that are thinner than recommended you can add more paint to these areas.

I own this meter shown in the picture. I justify the cost as I know its going to make sure the paint is according to specification and will last as long as possible on my own aluminum Jon boat.

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Sea Hawk Paints Aluminum Boat Paint

This is certified sturdy paint for age-old and faded aluminum vessel. In line with this, it could also work wonders on a few newly fastened aluminum plate. In reality, as compared to other similar options available these days, this is glossy and quite thick. And, when it comes to its bonding capability, this is definitely unparalleled. Your aluminum boat can maintain its good looks even after a few months of application. This is a clear proof of its lasting durability and protection that you wont find in others.

  • Can be potentially harmful to health
  • Seems to be combustible

Its color is nice, it is no sweat to apply and dries literally fast which makes it quite distinguished from other options that require remarkable amount of time to dry and cure. Whats more, it is capable of sticking strongly to aluminum, old paint and epoxy after light sanding was executed. As you can see, it wont be a waste of any single cent at all.

Heres How To Paint Your Aluminum Boat

What Kind of Paint to Use on Aluminum Boat

All paint jobs are pretty much done the same way, arent they? There are always 5-6 steps to follow regardless if you paint a wooden door or a stainless-steel pot. Apparently, there will be some differences because the surfaces and the substances are not all the same, but its essence, the process isnt much different.

  • Preparation
  • Doing it again
  • Using Clearcoat
  • So, the first step is as important as anything. In fact, we can divide it into two main categories. First, preparing the work area around you and second, preparing the actual boat. Now lets go through all the stages that will lead you to have a brand-new coat of paint on your boat.

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    How To Paint An Aluminum Jon Boat Yourself

    The steps below will take you through the process of taking your Jon boat from junk status to looking brand new in a very short space of time. I will explain how you can remove the old paint, how to prepare the surface, what primer to use and how many final coats needed for a robust and stunning looking paint job.

    You will need:

    Other Boat Paint Important Factors To Consider

    Where can you start looking for the right paint?

    There are myriad options to take into account, especially if you live in or near a big city. The shops that typically sell these products are hardware stores or boat supply stores. You can simply type boat painting near meon Google and easily find out where these stores are. You can also find marine supplies and paints at a home improvement shop. However, the easiest option to get your preferred choice delivered right at your door is to order it online. All the paints weve mentioned above are available online on this article.

    How does paint for boat work?

    Boat paints, just like any other type of paint create a coating for your boat. This is a necessary barrier that will protect your boats material and help you maintain it in good condition for as long as possible. Painting boats is an essential step in maintaining them in good condition. The paint contributes to the vessels good looks and tackle the problems caused by saltwater or other environmental factors that can deteriorate the boats exterior.

    How to paint a boats bottom?

    The right paint for the bottom of your boats should be one that stands the test of time and the action of different environmental factors. Multi-season paints are a good choice as they are made to last at different temperatures and in different environments. Another reliable option is a copper paint that can protect your boat in rough conditions.

    How to maintain your newly-painted boat?

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    Totalboat Alumipaint Af Aluminum And Pontoon Boat Bottom Paint

    Provide protection against slime and barnacles for aluminum or Pontoon boats once you apply this copper-free antifouling paint. Since the paint doesnt feature copper, it doesnt result in galvanic corrosion. As a result, you can use it on all aluminum surfaces and underwater metals with an assurance of safety.

    Another advantage of the boat paint is its ablative antifouling properties. This property enables the paint to wear away so that it can expose fresh biocide continuously to enhance maximum protection in salty water. The boat bottom paint is a bit different from the top side paint.


    • Easy to apply and fast-drying formula.
    • Several supplies included in the paint consist of a maroon abrasive pad, a pair of gloves, and a 10 wooden stir stick.
    • Derivers a high-quality finish.
    • The paint contains Econea as an antifouling agent which makes it safe for marine environments.
    • A range of size options allows you to pick the desired amount of paint.


    • Quite expensive.

    How To Prepare Your Boat Before Painting It

    Painting an aluminum jon boat with Duralux and an electric spray gun.

    Like any other paint job, boat painting also requires some basic preparation. Any guide or tutorial teaching you how to paint boats will also tell you what prep steps are necessary. Here are a few things you should do before you get down to work: Clean your boat: eliminate all the dirt and sand that definitely lies on your boats surface. Use plenty of water, a soft and clean cloth, and scrappers to eliminate all the dirt. Remove all the items: all the removable objects that are currently taking space in your boat should be removed. The non-removable hardware should be covered using painters tape while you paint. Eliminate the waxy finish: this is a must-do before you start your painting boat endeavor. To remove the waxy coating, you should use a solvent and a rough sponge. Fix any defects: this might not always be the case, but if there are any visible dents or holes on your boats surface, you should try to fix them first. Otherwise, you wont achieve the neat result you dream of. Sand the boat: before you start painting a boat, you should also sand the boat in order to get an even coating in the end. There are different types of sanders you can use for this.

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    Features To Consider When Buying Paint For Aluminum Boat

    Some features you should check out when buying an aluminum boat paint are:

    Ease of Application

    If you will be painting the boat yourself, then choose one that is not tricky and complicated to use. You should be able to load it into a spray gun easily to make the finish more even. Find out if you will need to apply a base coat first, too. It is important as it will decide whether your boat will look better or worse after painting.

    Drying and Curing Times

    Ideally, the aluminum boat paint that you get should be dry to the touch after just an hour or two. It means you can finish painting your boat with a couple of coats in just a single afternoon.


    You do not want to spend a fortune on paint and then waste hours painting your boat, and then after just a week, you will see it riddled with scratches and faded areas. A good boat paint should be able to withstand a good amount of punishment and not leave a mark.

    The Benefits Of Painting Your Jon Boat

    Painting your Jon boat not only keeps it looking its best but offers some other great benefits as well.

    Benefits of painting your Jon boat include:

  • Adding to the longevity of your boat.
  • Helping to retain its value.
  • Improving performance on the water correcting hull defects prior to painting in addition to adding a smooth layer of paint will lead to a smoother and faster ride.
  • Reducing damage and deterioration to metal hulled Jon boats as the metal will not be directly exposed to the corrosive action of air and water.
  • Protecting the hull. A coated or well-painted hull is better able to glide over bottom obstructions and irregularities in very shallow waters.
  • Prevention of fouling on your boat. Anti-fouling bottom paint will keep your boat free of accumulated foul.
  • Of course these are just some of the benefits of painting your Jon boat. There are others. For example, camouflage paint offers benefits to those who use their Jon boat for sports fishing and hunting. If you are interested in learning how to camouflage your Jon boat read our article on that here.

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    Stripe Coat Unusual Edges With Primer

    Before painting the entire hull with primer, you will want to do an initial stripe coat of primer to edges, joints, welds, rivets, bolts or any other unusual areas on the boat.

    Use an initial coat of primer on any unusual edges.

    When painting on sharp corners and unusually shaped geometry, the paint tends to become thinner on these areas when it dries, creating edge failures.

    It is therefore a good idea to add a stripe coat to all these areas.

    You will need to use a paint brush to add this stripe coat so that you can force paint into any small crevices.

    The coat needs to be a least 1 inch wide and run along every joint. The benefits of a stripe coat include added protection, filling in small voids on the hull and generally protecting the edges from wearing too quickly.

    Surface Preparation And Sanding Down

    What Kind Of Paint To Use On Aluminum Jon Boat  View Painting

    Once you have determined how much paint is needed you can begin preparing the surface. For speed I use an orbital sander with an 80-grit sand paper to remove the paint.

    Use an orbital sander if you want to save hours of time

    I then use a paint scraper to remove stubborn pieces of paint inside grooves or edges you cant get to with the sander.

    An orbital sander and paint scraper combination still wont be able to reach everywhere so some areas will need to be hand sanded.

    Wrap some sand pear around a piece of wood to take some strain off your fingers and to give you a sharp corner to reach into crevices.

    Handy Hint: Spend a lot of time doing this part. The more of the old paint you can remove the better as the best result is achieved if the surface is bare aluminum. Areas that are not completely cleaned will result in paint peeling after painting.

    Use a rag soaked in acetone and wipe down the hull of the boat to remove any last stubborn paint. This will also clean away any grease or oil on the hulls surface.

    After sanding is complete, wash the boat to wash away any dust. If any oil or grease is left, it will mean the paint wont stick properly to the aluminum and will create small little spots on your surface called fish eyes. Make sure you wipe the entire hull down in a well-ventilated area and use rubber gloves.

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    Apply Aluminum Boat Paint

    Choose a water-resistant marine paint that adheres to aluminum. Using a sprayer or brush, paint the inside of the boat first. Paint in horizontal strokes for an even coat. The inside coat should dry for 12 hours or so before you paint the exterior. That coat needs to dry for the same amount of time. You may decide to add a second layer of paint to the boat for protection. If so, make sure the paint dries completely in between applications.

    Additional Considerations For Painting An Aluminum Boat

    You need to prepare the surface before painting it. If there is old paint on your boat, you should use sanding paper to remove it. You might need to use a de-waxing treatment depending on the type of paint you decided to use.

    Sanding is an important step because salt and slime can build up on your hull. Paint wont dry properly if you dont apply it to a clean surface.

    Check the drying time of the paint you selected. Most products have a time window for applying additional coats or for launching your boat.

    You will get better results if you apply a primer. A primer will make the paint last longer and help protect the hull.

    When painting, remember to use thin layers. You might need to apply more than one coat of paint to get the most coverage possible or make the color look brighter.

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    California Products Marine Paint

    This product for roll and tip is considered a premium paint that can successfully be used both by professionals and amateurs. You can use this paint on a wide variety of objects, which makes it practical and economical and you dont need impressive skills to get a satisfactory result.

    This product offers good quality at a fair price. You can use it for oil rigs and equipment.

    It provides an efficient solution against rust and corrosion, enabling you to maintain your vessel in good conditions in the long term.

    One of the biggest cons of this paint is the fact that it is not antifouling. Also, it might require more than one coating.

    Determine How Much You Want To Spend

    Painting an Aluminum Boat with spray paint & primer | Smokercraft Restoration.

    You will be surprised how much the price on boat paint varies. Dont forget to check exactly how much paint you will need for the size of the boat that you own. This will determine to an extent, the amount of money that you will have to part with.

    Bear in mind that some paints will not require the application of primer beforehand. Such cans come at a price, but they may be worth it in the long run.

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    Diamond Brite 46000 Boat Paint

    This boat paint is intended for use on metal surfaces, plus I like using it on an aluminum boat. The product is even used to paint numerous metal objects in my home, vehicle garage and completely covers them.

    There are individuals that I know who put this boat paint product on their home roof and industrial equipment. They used it for years, and it made it through a severe winter unscathed, which other brands fail to do. Thats why Im surprised to learn that this product has a wide range of uses for a variety of surfaces.

    This implies that the boat paint ensures durability when applied on everything composed of aluminum or metal materials. I like using it on my boat and other watercraft for its brilliant surface finish covering any aluminum boat. Since its ready to apply, no thinning is required, which saves you money, effort and time for effective applications.

    • The boat paint is designed to be used on metal surfaces like aluminum and other types
    • Fit to a variety of applications on most surfaces of a boat or marine vehicle
    • Surfaces are well-covered and seem bright when applied with this paint.
    • Defends against severe winter weather
    • No thinning is required for effective application results.
    • Needs careful application as it could slip over cold surfaces

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