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What Is The Best Bass Boat Brand

Best Trolling Motor For A Bass Boat

TOP 3 Budget Bass Boat Brands! Best Aluminum Bass Boats! WATCH BEFORE BUYING!

Bass boats are popular with anglers because they glide rather than move through the water.

And compared to other fishing boats, they are also easier to handle.

They are relatively small boats but not as small as canoes and kayaks.

Although, they can also be propelled using water paddles.

But most bass boat owners equip their boats with trolling motors for speed and efficiency.

Trolling motors have revolutionized fishing. Some of them come with all manner of high-tech features just to make your fishing adventures fun and easy. But there is no one size fits all type of motor system.

You need to get one that is appropriate for your boat size and weight. In this review, we have discussed how to choose a trolling motor for your bass boat. And we have also reviewed 5 of the best trolling motors available for bass boats.

Top Pick

Bass Boats: Propulsion Options

While there are many different ways to propel a boat, bass boats typically use one of two methods: the outboard or trolling motor. An outboard motor is fairly standard in the boating world. This is the engine that is installed on the back of the boat and dropped into the water, which then uses a propeller to move the boat through the water. These come in various sizes and horsepower ratings to fit the size of the boat and the desired performance of the owner.

Trolling motors are small motors designed for use in shallow waters when you are trying to move about slowly or arent covering a lot of ground. These motors dont disturb the water as much, offering a quieter option for fishing than some other motor options. After all, you cant attract fish if your engine is disrupting the water 500 feet around the boat.

There are newer styles of bass boats that offer jet drive propulsion, which is commonly found in personal watercraft. This type of internal engine may also offer less disturbance to the water. Jet drive models are usually on the high end of the price range and more geared toward performance fishing.

Motorguide 941700110 Xi5 Best Bass Boat Trolling Motor With Gps For Saltwater Review

The MotorGuide 941700110 Xi5 is an 80-pound thrust motor capable of moving a bass boat that weighs 4000 pounds when completely loaded.

It uses a single 12v deep cycle battery, which you need to buy separately.

It is operated with a wireless foot pedal that is extremely responsive.

And since the pedal is wireless, you can place it anywhere on the boat. It is waterproof and shock-resistant. And its built to last.

You can also control the boat using a remote control when you dont feel like using the foot pedal. The remote is easy to use, its waterproof and shock-resistant.

The motor comes with a pinpoint GPS system that has several capabilities. It is able to lock your boat in a particular position.

It allows you to stay on course and maintain a certain speed. You can also record and save up to 8 routes.

Although the motor comes with several useful advanced features, it is quite expensive. But at least it is quiet, reliable, efficient, and accurate.

Main Features

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Motor Yachts/power Cruisers: Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Coupe

No ones going to argue that motor yachts and power cruisers are low-cost but consider how much you have would to pay for a chic two-bedroom waterfront home with a full kitchen, living room, and bathroom, plus a deck with a grill, outdoor stereo, and retracting sunshade. Oh, and BTW, you can park this bungalow in any waterfront village youd like, whenever youd like. What do you think, a half a million dollars sounds about right?

For significantly less you can get boats like the Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Coupe, which not only have all of the above but can also hit speeds in the 40-mph range and feature perks like outdoor cockpit air-conditioning, a bow lounger, and a sunroof over the helm.

Concluding The True Cost Of Owning A Bass Boat

Best Boat Brands

As you can see from above your boat budget can increase or decrease by several hundred dollars depending on the route you go with. One thing that has to be taken in consideration also is as long as you have the asset you will at some point be able to alleviate yourself from these costs. The better you take care of your boat, the better your odds of recouping some of your costs. But please remember boats rarely appreciate in value from when you first purchase them. You will eventually have to take a loss!

I didnt set out writing this article in an attempt from discouraging you from purchasing your dream boat. I love bass boats and plan to own another in the future. The next time I do fork over my hard earned money I plan to start a separate bank account which will budget for the eventual major costs that will incur. If buying used its a good rule of thumb to take the monthly purchase price and add 150%. If your boat payment is 100.00/month then make sure you allocate $250.00 to the account. This will help take the sting out of that outboard that suddenly starts clanking in a few years, or the trolling motor that has suddenly spun its last spin.

This could save you stress especially if you have a family and or significant other and perhaps allow you to hold off on the have to have it now mentality. Just remember there are thousands of boats listed every day. Please dont get caught up in the moment and youll have the real reason we fishPeace of Mind

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King Bird 3 Bow Bimini Boat Top Cover

Do not be intimidated by this bimini tops price. As its name suggests, KING Bird, the quality of this bimini top suits that of royalty! Every corner of this bimini top is made of the finest quality all boat users desire to have in their bimini tops.

Besides having the tops material moisture resistant, the King Bird bimini top boasts itself as one which has an extra-thick fabric. Any boat rider can appreciate this because you would want that extra protection and assurance from either the UV rays of the sun or from the heavy rain you may experience.

Moreover, this bimini top is made out of materials that are waterproof and UV resistant. Hence, you will gain maximum protection from the sun, the rain, the dirt/pollution, and whatever any weather may bring for the day.

Unlike other cheaper bimini tops, this model comes with an upgraded aluminum table which proves not only to be heavy-duty but also comes with superb rust-resistant attributes. The 1.5mm thickness of the aluminum framework even comes with stainless steel eye hooks, buckles, and saddles. All of these features contribute to the firmness and durability of the bimini top.

Moreover, the storage boot of these bimini tops is one of the favorite features. Since it is securely stitched on the canopy so that it wont be blown off just easily. You can even store this canopy into the boot for easy storage by just rolling it up.

  • A bit expensive

Now That We Have An Idea Of Our Variables Its Time To Calculate

We are going to run over 3 scenarios to try to peg your particular situation.

In each scenario the fisherman averages 90 trips per year to their local lakes whether it be for a tournament, practice, or just fun fishing.

  • Tom wishes to Purchase a new $100k Bass Boat
  • George wishes to Purchase a 5 year old boat at $60k
  • Josh wishes to Purchase an 11 year old boat for $30k
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    Best Performance Bass Boat: Allison Bassport Pro Elite

    Looking more like a flat-water race boat, this model has enough performance to put it in the ultra-high end of performance boating.

    With a 225hp Mercury mounted on a hydraulic jackplate, this boat will literally fly out of the water, planing in around 3 seconds from standstill.

    The Bassport Pro Elite has a fast cruising range of over 200 miles and with its largest engine option will top 100 mph, but it requires an experienced skipper at the helm.

    An $85,000 budget will get you a performance fishing machine complete with live well, storage for up to 20 rods, trolling motor and ground anchors, along with looks sure to pull crowds on the dock.

    Serenelife Boat Bimini Top Cover


    When looking for among the best boat bimini tops for boats, you should consider both its aesthetic value and of course, the products efficiency in serving its purpose. This SereneLife bimini top can deliver both of these hence, making it an attractive buy for bimini tops for fishing boats.

    The bimini top canvas of this model is of superior quality. Its material is made out of extra-thick fabric which also happens to be waterproof and UV resistant. Thus you will be protected from the heavy pour of the rain, harm rays, and the dirt.

    Besides delivering maximum protection, this bimini top looks sleek too on any boat. Also, you can choose from two classy colors blue and grey. The quality of the bimini top frames is as good as the bimini top canvas material. It has a double-walled aluminum frame that provides strong and durable support that can withstand any strong wind.

    Furthermore, this bimini top is an ideal bimini top for Jon boat. Its also recommended for other types of boats such as bass boats, fiber boats, fishing boats, and etc. On the other hand, the purchase of this unit already comes in a complete set so you can easily assemble it in just a few minutes. That is why the procedure of this setup is worth commending.

    • An ideal option for several types of boats
    • Width dimensions are a little inaccurate

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    Wheels Express Inc 13 Boat Trailer Utility White Spoke 545 Trailer Wheels

    If youre going to check some spare boat trailer tire options, you will discover that this model is a worthwhile investment that wont leave you feeling dismayed. It is built solidly so it can assure you that it can perform to the maximum for a longer period of time. Thus, if you are the type who is into wild and foolhardy adventures, then this could be your perfect companion.

    Without any doubt, if you prefer tires that would look and work perfectly for a utility trailer, then this is it. The tire and wheel combo would absolutely work quite fine for a vessel trailer too. This is sold at a decent price and it wont force you to spend extravagantly for a good quality tire that could exceed your expectations.

    • Rim paint is prone to getting chipped instantly
    • Would not fit well to most standard versions

    Leader Accessories 3 Bow Bimini Top

    The first brand name of bimini tops for boats I want you to take a look at is the one from Leader Accessories. The fabric material used in this boat cover is of excellent quality. It proves to be very durable because its made by double overlap stitching hence, making sure that the fabric is always intact.

    Moreover, your moneys value will go a long way because the fabric of this bimini top is made out of solution-dyed polyester. Hence, it can ensure that the color of your biminis fabric doesnt fade over time.

    Also, this model offers you 13 fabric color options as well as six different available sizes to choose from. The zippered storage boot is also designed as color-coordinated with the bimini tops fabric. Therefore, buyers are likely to find the color that suits best their preferences and the most fitting size for their boat.

    This bimini is proved to be very sturdy because all the bow legs are made of aluminum material for optimal strength and quick-release mounts. Moreover, the biminis durability also comes from stainless steel mounting hardware and customizable straps.

    According to this bimini top reviews, this bimini model is straightforward and hassle-free in terms of setting up because, with every purchase, it all comes with clear instruction.

    • May take time to restock because of the high demand

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    Inflatables: Sea Eagle 106sr

    Inflatables are a rather unique class of boats, particularly in that many can be deflated, rolled up, and stored under a couch or in the closet of a studio apartment. So not only are they ideal as tenders and towboats, inflatables can also get urban dwellers into the boating game. And they can do so quite inexpensively.

    Match up a boat like the Sea Eagle 14sr with a portable outboard, and you young urban dwellers have a boat capable of carrying seven people that takes just 25 minutes to inflateand you could even add on things like swivel seats, a Bimini top, and fishing rod holders.

    Get The Most Out Of Your Fishing Experience

    Bass Boat Manufacturers At

    Now that you know how to pick the best bass boats, any of the 7 options weve reviewed in this guide would be a great starting point. Youre about to make a major purchase, so dont rush the process.

    Take your time, compare the different models, and make sure your preferred boat features align with your specific angling needs. Happy fishing!

    Are you looking for the best trawlers? Check out our top picks.

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    Top 10 Best Bass Boats For Beginners In 2021

    The very best bass boats around are highly specialized and very expensive, but if youre looking for your first boat or have limited economic means, youre probably trying to sort through the myriad of countless new bass boats for beginners. That can be a daunting task, but were here to help. This roundup of 10 top bass boats for beginners boils down the field to ID top contenders that are easy to learn to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to afford.

    Bass Boats: Ranger Rt188p

    While well stipulate that there are some extremely expensive bass boats on the market, there are also plenty of lower-cost bass boats out there that are very competent fishing machines. They may not have the bling of models that are triple the cost, but boats like the Ranger RT188P have it where it counts: in the bass fishing department. This boat-motor-trailer package offers 115 horses, a fishfinder, a bow-mount trolling motor, multiple rodboxes and livewells, onboard tackle stowage, and an onboard battery charger. Even with all these big-ticket goodies included, base price is just $27,095. Oh, and did we mention that it looks great, too?

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    Cuddy Cabins: Rinker 22mtx

    If you like the idea of having a boat with a cabin and spending nights or weekends aboard is an option you desirebut spending big bucks on a yacht is nota cuddy cabin will likely prove ideal. Cuddies have all the basics you need like a berth to sleep on, basic restroom facilities, and sometimes even a compact galley , but theyre still small and simple enough to keep pricing down at reasonable levels. Just whats reasonable?

    While cabin boats do tend to cost a bit more than open models, some like the Rinker 22MTX will cost less than many nice cars . Yet boats like this come fully-equipped with everything you need for memory-making mini-vacations.

    Why Bass Boats Have Become So Expensive

    TOP 3 Brands of Aluminum Boats! (Watch Before Buying!)

    I went in detail on this subject in a previous post and will only brush upon it here. Boat dealers have become increasingly desperate to get their products out to customers and with the cooperation of low interest loans that have extended terms out to twenty years consequently you can see it trickle down to price increases in the used boat market!

    This creates moral hazard and only short term thinking. The Ive got to have it now takes over and that affordable price tag that seems like only a few hours of overtime every week will become more of an anchor as maintenance costs rise while the underlying assets value will come crashing down year after year.

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    Lund Impact And Tyee Series

    The most significant difference between these two and the cross over series is the horsepower and storage space. The Lund impact can get upwards of 200 horsepower, which is excellent for fishing tournaments and getting to the spot fast. You might have to slow down to half throttle to tow a tube behind it, in any case.

    The impact series only has a one-floor plan, which is the walkthrough windshield as well. The four sizes available upgrade the rod storage bay, fuel and horsepower options based on the extent that you want. The hydraulic steering is a nice touch and makes turning easy.

    The Tyee series is Lunds Iconic platinum series boats. The Same options are available as the cross over series, with the one-floor model only. They use top quality materials for the Tyee series, and the live well is upgradable as well. The Tyee has to reverse chines that help limit the bow rise at higher speeds. If you are using a boat on a large lake or coastal region, the platinum Tyee series may be your best bet.

    Lund boats range in price depending on the ship you select. Unfortunately, if youre checking out prices on the internet, you have to build the one you want before you can get the price. You can get a first adventure boat for around 21 thousand without the trailer and the least expensive motor. The Premium Tyee series bare bones with no trailer for approximately 56 thousand.

    What To Look For When Buying A Bimini Top

    When looking for a bimini top boat, first of all, you need one whose size fits well with your boat. What is the point of buying a bimini anyway when it cannot fit your boat, right?

    Besides the size of the bimini top itself, you must also consider that its height is good enough for you. This means that when you assemble your bimini top on your boat, you wont have to crouch all the time because its too short for your height.

    In terms of the canvas of the bimini top, get a bimini top which is made from marine grade materials with PU coating. Having a marine-grade bimini top makes your bimini top waterproof and water-resistant.

    To complement the canvas of your bimini top, make sure also to get a strong framework so that it will remain durable and firm. This will make sure that your bimini will not wobble easily when faced with strong winds.

    Fundamentally, it is essential to get a bimini top that suits your needs and preference. Get a color that best matches your style and your boats appearance. Get a bimini top with a storage boot if you want an organized way of storing your bimini top when not in use.

    You may also opt for bimini tops that offer other accessories that can be added such as clip towels to add more shade for boat passengers.

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