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How Much Does Bass Boat Insurance Cost

Find What You Should Be Paying For Coverage

How Much Does A Bass Boat Cost

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

If having fun on the water appeals to you, then you might find yourself in the market to buy a boat. You could purchase a boat for fishing, speed boating or sailing, or a pontoon to float around casually. Just as you insure your car and your home, it’s a good idea to get adequate insurance coverage for your boat.

As you research your options for boat insurance, you might have some questions about the cost, what kind of coverage you should purchase, and what insurance company carries the best policies for your dollar.

An independent insurance agent can help answer your insurance questions and get you on the right track for saving on your boat policy. Contact an independent agent today to get started.

Save on Boat Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What You Should Know When Insuring Your Bass Boat

  • You can add insurance for your fishing equipment, power poles and fish finders
  • Completing a boater safety course could bring down your bass boat insurance cost
  • Progressive offers coverage for your bass boats trailer
  • Boat insurance typically wont cover corrosion to your watercrafts hull or manufacturing defects

Why Do I Need Boat Insurance

For many Canadians, boating is a chance to escape everyday life, relax, and have fun. Boat insurance lets you do all those activities with some added peace of mind. Depending on the level of coverage you choose, your boat insurance policy will offer protection against liability, collisions, fire, theft, and other unexpected accidents.

Boat insurance also safeguards you against risks that only present themselves when youre out on the water: sinking, capsizing, stranding even explosions. And with a good boat insurance policy, youll also get coverage for your marine equipment, which may include radios, GPS units, electric trolling motors, and tools.

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Re: Lower Unit Damageinsurance

When you purchase insurance over the internet..expect to be treated this way! They will just deny the claim in hopes that you do not fight them. Do yourself a favor if you havent already and get a good Independent Agent on your side that will FIGHT FOR YOU!! Call your agent if you have one.there should be coverage for your lower unit for hitting a submerged objectthe insurance company is handing you a line of B.S.!Good luck!

Tips & Recommendations For Replacing Your Gearcase Lower Unit

How Much Does Bass Boat Insurance Cost (With Actual Quotes ...

It happens just plain bad luck hitting an underwater tree stump, rock or other invisible debris and your boat lower unit is shot. After you get towed safely back to shore and have a chance to regroup, what are your next action steps? We have written this article to outline the step you should take if you damage your lower unit. Use this as a reference tool as you navigate through the process of repairing or replacing your gearcase lower unit.

First off, if you think you have damage to your lower unit but are hoping that it will be okay if you ignore the problem, be aware that internal damage to your unit may not be noticeable right away. Slightly damaged gears may seem to work fine at first but over time the off-kilter gears will wear away and cause eventual failure. We recommend you have your motor diagnosed thoroughly to determine if you have internal damage. Check out this forum for further evidence: What smacking a boulder does to your lower unit gears.

The choices you have when replacing a lower unit include a brand-new OEM unit, a remanufactured OEM unit or a new aftermarket unit. I will discuss the pros and cons of each below.

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New Jersey Boat Insurance Requirements

Unlike car insurance, boat insurance is not a requirement in many states, including New Jersey. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go without it. Our partnership with American Modern gives you access to comprehensive coverage with increased liability and physical damage protection. It even offers the option for coverage of your personal items on board, including your fishing gear.

How Expensive Is A Bass Boat

Why are bass boats so expensive? This question can bug you if you find it difficult to choose which one to buy. The most expensive bass boat is the Ranger Z521L ICON. You may compare it with a luxury car as it can cost up to $100,000.

The high price is not only about a fad there are legitimate reasons, such as the superior quality, special features and tech, and size. The brand name and being a luxury item contribute to the increase in the price.

Durable materials are used to create this highly-priced bass boat. Pricey models usually offer storage compartments, a fish finder, GPS, and rod holders. Since the price is high, a large engine comes with it for excellent performance.

Manufacturers dont hesitate to make luxury bass boats as there are individuals who are willing to invest a big amount of money in a single vessel. Of course, an expensive bass boat has unique features that will wow everyone.

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What Doesnt Insurance Cover

In order to decide whether insurance is a good investment for your bass boat, you need to know exactly what wont be covered by your insurance. Sometimes you may choose to get supplemental insurance to cover some of these areas, while at other times you will need to set aside savings for them.

  • Normal wear and tear to your motor. Your bass boat motor is one of the most expensive aspects of the boat, especially if you have a higher horsepower motor.
  • Equipment external to the boat. Bass boats typically carry lots of equipment like fishing tackle, an extra trolling motor, a fishfinder, an external bait well, etc.
  • Salvage, rescue, or clean up. If your boat is totaled and needs to be dragged off of somebodys dock, a flat, etc, youll need to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Bass Boat And Fishing Boat Insurance

3 Boat Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent | BoatUS

At American Family Insurance, we understand boats. Thats why we offer bass and fishing boat insurance coverage that give you peace of mind knowing your boat is protected on or off the water. Whether youre using your boat in warm or cold climates, our agents understand whats best for your bass and fishing boat. Take a look at your coverage options and then connect with an agent to start building a policy customized for you.

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How Much Does A Bass Boat Cost Updated In 2022

With the intention to take your fishing experience to a higher level, you will wonder: how much does a bass boat cost? This vessel is for bass fishing because its agile when crossing streams, rivers, and lakes.

It can be an expensive investment but its all worth it with its advantages. With various models, the price ranges from $10,000 up to $70,000. This is the cost when you leave the deeper water and set foot on places that you couldnt access before.

Apart from knowing the value in bass boat cost, you should understand the reason behind the hefty amount and how to be satisfied with your purchase.

Getting A Boat Insurance Quote

The best way to figure out how much boat insurance will cost is to get a quote.

For a free boat insurance quote from Nationwide, call or visit our boat insurance page of our and enter your zip code to begin the process.

Nationwide provides insurance for many types of watercraft, including bass boats, ski boats, sailboats, cabin cruisers and pontoon boats, as well as insurance for personal watercraft, such as Jet Skis, WaveRunners and Sea-Doos.

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How Much Is Boat Insurance

The average cost of boat insurance is $200 to $500 a yearalthough for a really big or expensive boat , insurance can cost around 15% of the boats value. For example, you may pay about $2,500 a year to insure a $100,000 yacht.

But just like other insurance rates vary, boat insurance costs change depending on you and your boat.

How Much Is A Bass Boat Insurance

Does Your Bass Boat Insurance Cover Your Tackle ...

Heres the most awaited question. Liability coverage costs somewhere around 100$ annually. It seems inexpensive, right? Yes, it is.

Dont forget that if you go for comprehensive coverage, it would cost you somewhere between $300 and $900. See the difference? This is how it works and can put a hole in your wallet.

If you have a tight budget, I recommend spending time on your research and going through several websites. Youll be surprised to find some hefty discounts on insurance costs, which would do your job.

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How Much Does A Bass Boat Cost

When you are ready to step up your fishing game, it will be time to buy a boat and get out to deeper water, and all those places you just cant get on foot. The biggest question when wanting to do this is, how much does a bass boat actually cost?

There are so many different types of boats out there, how do you know which one you can actually afford to get. Should you buy a used one, or one right off the showroom floor? Buying a new boat sounds good, but do you get a trailer with it, and are there any hidden fees attached. If its your first boat, should you buy a used one, and is the price a used one better than buying a brand new one.

All these questions can start popping up, so we are going to take a look at how much a new bass boat might cost and give you a few examples of what they typically go for at a dealership.

Why Do We Have Boat Insurance

Many consumers believe that their house insurance will safeguard their boat, but this isnt always the case. Boats arent covered by homeowners coverage. If a boat is longer than a certain length, value, or used outside of the coast, it will not be covered under homeowners insurance. Boat insurance is treated in the same way as automobile insurance. Because a car is not the same as your house, it would not be covered by your house policy. Because a boat differs from other land-based assets in terms of demands, it should be covered by a commercial policy rather than a homeowners insurance. Water-based claims are the only ones that will be covered by boat insurance.

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Do You Need Insurance For A Bass Boat

Boat insurance is only legally required in a few states, but youll need a boat insurance policy with comprehensive and collision coverage to protect your bass boat against physical damage. Also, if youre liable in a boating accident, liability coverage can pay for the damages or injuries you caused. Get more information on boat insurance requirements.

Common Insurance Questions From Boat Owners

How Much Does it Really Cost to Own a Boat or Pontoon? The REAL Cost of Owning a #Boat or #Pontoon
Do I have to insure my boat?
Can I insure my boat under my home insurance policy?

Most home insurance policies will allow you to insure boats up to a certain length or horse power. This is generally limited to small aluminium boats with outboard motors. You may have no choice but to insure your boat under a stand-alone boat insurance policy.

Home insurance policies are not intended to cover marine risks and have limited coverage for boats where as a stand-alone boat insurance policy will offer all-risk coverage. The basis of loss settlement on a stand-alone boat insurance policy is Agreed Value which is the amount shown on the policy declaration page. On a home insurance policy, the basis of loss settlement is Actual Cash Value which is replacement cost less depreciation. You may save some money by adding your small boat to your home insurance policy but it could cost you thousands of dollars when a loss occurs, assuming you have coverage in the first place.

Lastly, if you insure your boat under your home insurance policy, a claim on your boat counts as a claim against your home insurance policy. Once you have a couple of claims, your insurance company may cancel your home insurance policy. If that happens, you will have to purchase a high risk policy at triple the premium you were paying before.

What is the difference between Agreed Value and Actual Cash Value?
Do I have coverage when towing my boat?
What is a survey and do I need one?
What discounts are available?

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Emergency Roadside And On

If youre stranded on the water, you might need a tow to get back to shore. This emergency roadside and on-water service is included with your physical damage portion of your policy. It comes at no extra cost and includes:

  • Costs to change or repair a flat or damaged tire on the trailer
  • Mechanical labor or other service up to one hour at the place of the breakdown
  • Towing by an authorized business to the nearest garage, marina, service station or other service point where necessary repairs can be made
  • Delivery of gas, oil or loaned battery .

So How Much Does A New Bass Boat Cost

Your typical brand new bass boat will run you anywhere from $17,000 dollars to $70,000 dollars at a dealership. I know this sounds like a big gap, but you have to remember that it all depends on the length, size, and brand. If you are starting out and just need something for you and a few of your buddies to go out to your local lake to fish, you might get away with a nice 18 foot Tracker boat, which costs around

If you are going to be out on bigger lakes, with four to six of your friends or family, you might need to step up to a 21 foot bass boat with a bigger motor, running you into the 40-50 thousand dollar mark. It really all depends on what your needs are, and how many people you plan to fish with, but plan on spending that range on a new boat.

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Progressive: Best For Cheap Boat Insurance

  • Rates as low as $100 per year

  • Wide array of coverage

  • Restrictions on types of boats covered

  • Strict coverage limitations in areas with hurricane risk


As expected from one of the industry leaders in personal property insurance, Progressive offers all of the major coverage and more, including:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Propulsion Plus mechanical breakdown coverage
  • Sign & Glide on-water towing
  • Fishing equipment or carry-on items
  • Water sports injury coverage
  • Fuel spills and wreckage removal
  • Roadside assistance and trip interruption
  • Full replacement cost


You can potentially save even more with Progressive by qualifying for some of the following discounts:

Additionally, Progressive offers these perks that help customers save on their boat insurance over time:

  • Small Accident Forgiveness This prevents your rates from increasing if you end up in a boating accident with a claim under $500.
  • Large Accident Forgiveness This prevents your rates from increasing after an accident if youve previously remained accident free for three years.
  • Disappearing Deductible Your deductible lowers by 25% for each period you remain claim free until it finally reaches zero.


Progressive boat insurance is only available for boats up to 50 feet in length, and in some states that experience higher hurricane risks, the limitations are 35 feet and $175,000 in value.

Additional Perks

Latest Prices Of Various Bass Boats

How Much Does Insurance Cost for Fishing Equipment? in ...

How much is a bass boat? The bass boat pricing is shown in this part and it refers to the common brands: Nitro, Ranger, and Tracker. Take note that the ones listed here are the basic models that dont have bells and buttons. Nonetheless, they are the latest 2021 models.

  • Nitro 217 The $27,995 is for a 17 feet long bass boat with a capacity of up to four passengers.
  • Nitro Z18 Pro The maximum capacity is also four people but this is a bit longer as its 18 feet long. The price begins at $35,995.
  • Ranger Z518 The price of this 18-foot bass boat may start at $42, 995 and it can accommodate up to four people.
  • Ranger Z519 The cost of this model can start at $53,000. Its 19 feet long and can carry up to five people.

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What Kind Of Boat Do You Have

You must determine the sort of marine insurance that is necessary for the type of boat you intend to sail. Boats measuring 26 feet or less are considered boats, whilst yachts must be at least 27 feet long. Also, think about your specific types of boat, such as a sailing yacht, pontoon boat, or fishing performance vessel. Boat insurance can also depend on the age, condition, Coast Guard standard, residence, ownership, and body of water of your boat.

Before obtaining a quotation, gather as much information as possible about the boat. Know the specifics of your boat, such as its make and model, so you know what youre looking at. Your insurance broker will need all of the information regarding your water vessel in order to help you locate boat insurance and quotes. If you have all of this information ready before your first meeting, the procedure will go more smoothly and quickly. When you combine the variables, you may obtain a better understanding of how often your boat is utilized. You and your insurance provider can build a more complete picture of how frequently your boat is used by considering the factors together.

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