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What Kind Of Socks To Wear With Boat Shoes

Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Boat Shoes

Can You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

Boat shoes are designed to be worn without socks. But if you absolutely need to wear one they should be no-show socks. Since these shoes are originally made to be used on boats, wearing socks is not necessary because there are high chances that they can get wet while on board, and a wet sock is no fun.

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Embrace The Nautical Look

You may also hear boat shoes referred to as deck shoes, giving credence to their maritime origins as a non-slip shoe worn on the deck of boats. When wearing boat shoes, don’t be afraid to embrace the nautical look! As shown above, pastel colors and rolled cuffs make for a great summertime look. Remember when showing sock ankle to always wear no-show socks with boat shoes.

Can You Wear Boat Shoes With Socks

Many of you have probably wondered whether you should wear boat shoes with socks or not. If you try both options youll realize that not all socks go well with boat shoes and that there are times when you can wear them without socks. Heres why. Boat shoes and socks can be a tricky combination. Also, if you dont wear socks, youll be uncomfortable and your feet will become sweaty. They might swell or cause foot blisters. Why is that bad for you? Going sockless can cause your feet and shoes to smell more. And the worst thing is that your new boat shoes wi start to look old and worn out, way sooner than usual.

Wearing shoes without socks, causes shoe rotting from the inside out. Wearing shoes without socks may also cause an infection, such as athletes foot. Athletes foot or jungle rot often causes foot burning, scaling, itching and causes a lot of pain. If you want healthy feet, foot care is essential. That means you need to keep your feet dry, wear breathable shoes and cotton socks that will help you to prevent foot infections.

Walking sockless isnt as easy as it seems. Theres nothing worse than a soggy and sticky sensation after a long day of walking. The odor that comes from your shoes will eventually transfer to your skin, no matter how much you wash them. So, yes, its recommended that you wear boat shoes with socks. They provide a barrier of absorbent protection to your shoes and protect them from rankest.

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Classic And Sleek: Black Dress Socks

If the weather is a bit colder, or youre planning on wearing long pants with your boat shoes, black dress socks will work with anything from jeans, to chinos, too khakis. Dress socks are typically designed using a thinner and finer woven material, so your feet and legs will stay warm. The neutral shade of black will work with most outfits, and dress socks will elevate your look .

What Can I Wear Instead Of Boat Shoes

What Kind of Socks to Wear with Sperrys [2021]

Boat shoes are usually simple, and they rarely look out of place, and its a measurement of successful outfits for many guys. Yet sticking to one pair is so limiting. Besides, wearing boat shoes every day in hot weather can lead to unhealthy results. Here are some boat shoe alternatives that you can try.

  • White sneakers

Every man should own at least one pair of white sneakers. If flexibility is what you are looking for in a boat shoe, buying white sneakers can be a great addition to your wardrobe. These shoes are easily workable into any outfit, and they also provide a good contrast without any distractions from your look.

  • Espadrilles

When you are looking for more support but keep a comfortable and lightweight appeal, the espadrille might provide an ideal solution. They are breathable and versatile, and the rope-braided edges convey a beachy vibe, and you can wear it with many summer outfits. Espadrilles usually come in a wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics.

  • Slip-Ons

A pair of slip-on is another viable option, especially for the summer season. Whether you want the classic checkerboard style or you want something more conservative, slip-ons give a relaxed and sharp look.

  • Loafers

Even though loafers are normally associated with formal outfits, a casual pair of some loafers can give you a sharp look during summer. Similarly, a relaxed and comfortable driving shoe usually enhances a casual outfit. You can try experimenting with different colors and variations.

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Boat Shoes Socks Or No Socks

Traditionally, boat shoes are worn without socks on boats. However, since the 1970s, boat shoes have become casual shoes that were worn by everyone everywhere. Since then, many people have started to wear boat shoes with socks. Slouch socks are a popular choice of socks to pair with boat shoes. Ankle socks and crew socks are two other common options.

So, should you wear socks with boat shoes?

Our recommendation: You can either stick with tradition and go sockless, or, if you want to wear socks for hygienic purposes, wear ankle socks. The idea is to keep your ankles bare.

Shoe Choice With Shorts And Shirt

Shirts, shoes and choice of shorts depend on the event for which youre wearing them. If its for a beach party, its likely youll wear a t-shirt and casual style shorts. In this case, casual shoes like boat shoes or sandals are a good choice.

How about when you attend a party at night indoors? Its likely youd wear a shirt that will have buttons and a more stylish than a beach party. Along with this youll wear better quality shorts that match the shirt best. On these occasions, since the party is indoors, you can wear loafers or lace up shoes.

Well get into more detail about shoe choice, but the thing to remember is that the shoes are never the focal point when wearing shorts. In fact, the shorts are not supposed to be. Rather it is your face and the shirt youre wearing that you want people to look at.

You dont want to draw attention to your shoes. This means that you should never wear socks that are visible, including calf length, knee length, mid-calf, quarter-length or crew socks. Socks that arent visible to the eye, such as ankle length socks are permissible.

Lets talk about different types of shoes and for what occasions theyll be worn, and the type of shorts theyll be best matched to.

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Are Boat Shoes Only For Summer

Youll look out of place if you wear them in the winter. Not only do they get wet, but they look out of place when you wear them. They were designed to be used in a warmer environment. You should wear boat shoes for a fancy occasion: Boat shoes are not meant to be worn in black tie events. Events that are more casual and laid-back should be restricted in their use.

Subtle Yet Fun: If Bright And Bold Isnt Your Jam

How to Style Boat Shoes | 4 Ways | Parker York Smith

Youve got options if you feel like showing some sock, but dont want to venture too far out of the ordinary. Stripes can help you show off your boat shoes, by drawing the eye straight to them. Try vertical stripes, ideally in a skinnier variety. As a simpler pattern, Polka dots wont clash with boat shoes. Youll want to stick to smaller dots, so that youre not overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

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What Kind Of Shoes Can I Wear To A Wedding

There are now so many options for wedding shoes that you can wear dress shoes, sneakers, cowboy boots, or sandals to your reception. You should pick a shoe that suits your personality, not just what you like. Therefore, you should choose a home that will be completely comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

Benefit Of Wearing Socks With Boat Shoes

1. Reduces the Possibility of Having Bad Feet Odor

On the other hand, some health experts recommend that you wear socks with your boat shoes because of some health concerns, such as forming blisters and damp feet that can lead to bad feet odor.

2. Fungal and Bacterial Infection

Not wearing socks will increase your risk of developing fungal and bacterial infections because sweat remains pooled in your feet. Microorganisms thrive in damp and warm areas.

3. Blister

If you wear socks, the sock could protect your feet from forming blisters and absorb sweat so you can quickly change into a new pair whenever necessary.

4. Comfort

The socks could also provide comfort, as they are softer to your feet. They could provide a soft pad to protect your feet when walking or running as well.

Nevertheless, there are specific pointers that you may want to refer to when deciding on colors and outfit pairs.

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They Clash With Proper Business Casual Clothing

When most people get ready for work in the morning, they aim for the different components of their outfit to complement each other.

Unfortunately, boat shoes just dont go very well with more formal, darker colored blazers, slacks, or chinos that the business casual look consists of.

Even a vest, which is often used to dress up a shirt when wearing business casual, will look at odds with a pair of boat shoes.

This is because all of these clothing items are pretty formal, and boat shoes are simply not.

Full suits and traditional formal attire may be too much for business casual. But remember, it should still lean more toward business than casual.

Khakis, cardigans, Oxford shirts, blazers, sports coats theyre all classic business casual items. When combined, theyll usually look pretty strange with boat shoes.

The 360-degree lacing system of boat shoes is usually a contrasting, much lighter color compared with the predominant color of the boat shoe. Again, this does not go well with business casual attire, which tends to follow a navy, grey, and dark brown color scheme.

As a result, there are several different shoe types that would be much better suited to being worn as business casual.

Lets discuss them.

A Mans Guide To Boat Shoes

Can I wear socks with boat shoes?

In the 1930s, Paul Sperry, a former Navy Sailor, avid outdoorsman, and designer of duck decoys, bought himself an old schooner that he fixed up and made seaworthy. While he loved to sail it around Long Island Sound, he found to his dismay that the boats painted decks were royally slippery when wet. After one particularly bracing fall overboard, Sperry vowed to find a way to get better traction.

Sperrys first idea involved enhancing the grip of the deck itself by repainting it and sprinkling on the fine grit of emery dust. This did improve the decks traction, but, he discovered, If any part of the human anatomy came into touch with , it was like giving yourself a rub down with sandpaper.

So Sperry went back to the drawing board, this time deciding to alter the other side of the contact surface equation: the shoes he wore on deck.

Rubber-soled shoes seemed to be one key in providing a little more stick, but after making hundreds of experiments with them, none truly provided the grip Sperry desired.

Then one day Sperry noticed the way his dog Prince was able to agilely run over icy ground, and a light bulb went off. He examined the poochs paws and noted that the cracks and grooves on their pads provided a natural non-slip surface.

A drawing of the siped sole from Sperrys original patent application.

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Can You Wear Boat Shoes With A Blazer

Boat shoes can be worn with a blazer. The pairing works well in smart-casual summer and spring outfits, often combined with other items such as Henley shirts and chinos. Examples of events where a blazer and boat shoes could be appropriate include garden parties and dinners at mid-range restaurants.

It is easy to get this combination wrong if you opt for a blazer that is too formal.

Opting for a lighter colored blazer in a pastel shade can tone down the blazers formal effect, and can look great with boat shoes.

Boat shoes would look great with this outfitImage From 123RF

Beige-toned blazers together with boat shoes can also work very well, as again they are generally more relaxed-looking.

A blazer made of lightweight material, such as cotton or linen, will also pair well.

Choosing a blazer with a more unstructured and less fitted design will help to project a casual aesthetic that works so well with boat shoes.

Its important to recognize, however, that boat shoes should not be worn in business-casual outfits.

These are outfits that would be appropriate for office and work settings. They will always lead more toward the business end of the spectrum than the casual end.

While a blazer is perfectly appropriate for business casual outfits, boat shoes would simply look too casual.

A pair of Derbys, monkstraps, or loafers worn with khakis would be a lot more appropriate than boat shoes would be in a business-casual setting.

What Is The Point Of Boat Shoes

Paul A. invented boat shoes in 1935. A New Haven, Connecticut, resident, Sperry is a registered nurse. As a sailor, Sperry cut sips into the rubber soles of his shoes to provide extra traction on wet boat decks when sailing. The original black rubber sole left black marks all over the boat, so he switched to white rubber soles when that became apparent.

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Socks: To Wear Or Not To Wear

There seems to be quite the debate regarding whether one should wear socks with boat shoes or not. The general rule, since boat shoes are designed to be used on boats, is that you dont use socks with them. Or short/low-ankle socks for that matter. The logic behind it is that they could get wet and become uncomfortable.

However, the use of boat shoes has expanded tremendously. It makes no sense to continue the rule of no socks when you are wearing boat shoes to walk around the city or in an office. Especially if its cold and you can feel the bitter bite of winter on your ankles.

In such cases, socks make total sense. Especially if you are wearing pants. Go for long socks so that the top wont be visible when your pant slides up. Add some Argyles socks for extra preppiness!

Wear Striped Socks With Your Boat Shoes

Why You Should Never Wear Boat Shoes With No Socks

If youre going to an evening with friends or to a casual party during summer, wearing ordinary striped socks with your boat shoes can add a dynamic and carefree mix into your outfit. You can match these with jeans and a sleeveless pastel-colored top. The striped color of your socks should match any of the colors of your attire.

So when wearing boat shoes and socks, we recommend no-show socks however, you can wear striped socks if you want to show some flair.

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Best Shoes For Boating And Water

Boating season is in full swing. Whether you are a newcomer to boating or a seasoned vet, finding the best boat shoes that suit your needs is always important. Some people may think sandals or flip-flops are good enough for boating.

But that is not true. Sandals and flip flops leave large parts of your feet exposed and unprotected. For proper protection, you need boat shoes.

The best type of shoes for boating is shoes with good traction that offers tight grip, comfortable and quick dry. Nonslip barefoot shoes and water shoes are excellent choices. If styling is important to you and you have the budget, classic boating shoes like Sperry are recommended.

Boat Shoes With Chinos

As the ultimate preppy shoe, team your boat shoes with chinos and youve got a match made in heaven. We think colour contrasts work best try taupe chinos with a navy or dark down boat shoe, such as our Durleigh Sail. Or if standing out is your thing, you could try brightly coloured chinos with a neutral hued shoe. Complete the look with a polo shirt for the daytime or a long-sleeved, button down shirt for the evening preppy perfection.

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How To Wear Boat Shoes And Look On Point

Well be starting this article with some simple tips to help you make the most out of your boat shoes. Of course, these tips are just some tried and tested suggestions and not some rules that must be followed. You should always feel free to experiment and come up with your own style.

So here are our favorite ways of styling them for every season. And theyll be followed by a list of the best places to shop for boat shoes.

Why Do Boat Shoes Have Laces On The Side

To Sock or Not To Sock

With many boat shoe styles featuring some short leather laces, sometimes, they can be incredibly difficult to tie in a nice way. Although these laces are mainly there to give aesthetic value, the side lacing is usually useful and fully functional, and it ensures that your feet do not slip out of the shoes when wet.

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Prevent Feet Odor By Washing Feet Properly

Your feet could stink without proper care, so you have to wash them thoroughly before wearing your boat shoes. You could also use foot powder to prevent moisture and foul odor. There are trusted brands that you can count on.

You may wear no-show socks to wear with boat shoes to help protect your feet from blisters and keep them comfortable.

How To Break In Leather Boat Shoes

The best way to break in boat shoes is by simply wearing them regularly until theyre moulded to the contours of your feet

Its a good idea to wear your new boat shoes around the house until theyre properly broken in, so that you always have the option to take them off if you need to. Wearing thick socks initially can also help to create a barrier between your feet and your shoes, protecting feet from blisters.

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