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Freedom Boat Club St Augustine

Is Owning A Boat Worth It

Directions to Ft George from Freedom Boat Club at Jacksonville Beach

Boats are a good investment if you dont overshoot your budget. If you research your options and go for a vessel that you can afford, nothing trumps the joy of spending time on the water. However, a boat can definitely also be a bad investment. A rule of thumb is to only buy a boat you can afford to pay for in cash.

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What Isnt Covered In The Monthly Membership Fee

The answer to this question is the same for every Freedom Boat Club location: fuel.

Many of our clubs use fuel flow meters that are initiated at check-out from the dock, and then reviewed in full upon return. In all cases, you are only charged for the fuel that you use during your outing.

Some Freedom Boat Clubs offer optional programs that include special insurance coverage and towing provisions. Your local membership executive can provide full details.

Finally, every Freedom Boat Club has a professional dock staff, whose total focus is to assist members with boarding, check-in, dock departure and returns. They are happy to help load and unload your gear. Many of our satisfied members choose to tip for outstanding service, and the dock staff appreciates the consideration, this is fully at the members discretion.

Creating Fans Is A Result Of Hard Work

Jackie Resh, 56, said she and her husband, Gary, have been members of the boat club since 2009, and she’s thrilled about the service and working with Freedom Boat Club employees.

“It’s truly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made,” said. “We were especially happy about our membership during the pandemic. We were able to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Here we enjoy boating year-round. We came from New Jersey where we were generally only able to enjoy the water for about four months.”

“Owning a boat is extremely expensive, so the concept of hassle-free boating works for us. We make a reservation at three different locations and pick up a clean, fueled boat. We spend the day on the water and return the boat. It’s really that easy, and we can do it anytime. We’ve used the membership in different cities on vacation too.”

John Giglio, Almeida’s former boss who hired her and wanted to fire her soon afterward, is among her greatest fans. When she and Seelig won the franchise of the year award in 2017, he shared the story. The city of Jacksonville also awarded the company, the best boat club of the year, four years in a row since 2017.

“Yes, we went up there to fire her because she wasnt meeting her numbers,” he recalled. “That was the last time I questioned Lisa Almeida.”

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How Many Times Can I Use A Boat

Your usage is unlimited.

You can make four reservations in advance using our proprietary online reservation system. Those reservations roll: as soon as you use one, you can book another.

You can also call your dock of choice at any time to check on availability. If theres a boat in the dock that has either returned for the day, or is unreserved, its yours!

Freedom Boat Club Assigns New Gm

Freedom Boat Club hosts Chamber After Hours event

May 19, 2020

Freedom Boat Club of Jacksonville and St. Augustine has promoted Mark Vickers to the new position of general manager for its three local boating clubs. Vickers was a member for five years before joining Freedom Boat Club as a membership executive in January of 2020.

Vickers will be managing the Julington Creek, Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine locations to ensure Freedom is providing the ultimate membership experience every time members arrive at the marina.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Vickers moved to Florida in 1998 and currently lives in Mandarin. He was the owner of the consulting company Speaking is Selling before semi-retiring.

He joined Freedom as a member because he loved being on the water without owning a boat. When asked if he would like to join the team as a membership executive at Julington Creek, he came out of semi-retirement for the opportunity to work on the waters he had grown to love.

Vickers promotion to general manager is part of a management restructure Freedom Boat Club is implementing as they continue growing their organization.

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Freedom Boat Club Receives Top Sales Awards At Annual Conference

Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville recently received top honors at the companys annual franchisee conference. The awards were announced to Historic City News from the conference which was held virtually for club owners from around the world.

Camachee Cove Marina in St. Augustine, one of Freedom Boat Club Jacksonvilles three locations, was recognized along with Julington Creek Marina in Jacksonville and Beach Marine in Jacksonville Beach. The franchise was named in the top 10 of the sales gold executives and among the top four in the sales platinum club.

I am so proud of our team, especially Bill Edinger, our membership director, for helping us achieve amazing growth, said Lisa Almeida, co-owner of FBC Jacksonville. Bill had a tremendous year putting him in the top 10 of Freedom Boat Clubs sales gold executives worldwide. It is an incredible accomplishment for him and our company.

In addition to Edingers accomplishments, FBC Jacksonville also made it into the sales platinum club which honors the clubs that sold more than 100 memberships over the last year. With the membership growth, the club has also grown its fleet and added to its team. They recently moved to a new headquarters in Jacksonville Beach to accommodate the additional employees.

About Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club Details

While paying the monthly fee, a member will have unlimited access to boating at his/her homeport location, plus four outgoings anytime throughout the year at any location. You can make an appointment 6 months in advance and have a maximum of four active reservations at a time.

Boat sizes at the Freedom Boat Club vary between 16 and 24 feet and include deck boats, kayaks, floats, pontoons, skiffs, sailboats, and bow rides, but options vary by location. Most of them are newer than three years.

You dont have to worry about cleaning, maintaining, or storing the boats as the club will do all this work on its fleet.

As a member of this club, you will be offered a two-hour training class in order to learn how to operate different boats.

It is important to know that a two million dollar insurance policy along with a $3,000 deductible is included. However, this may vary from location to location.

The opportunity to meet other members is one of many perks that come with being part of a club. The monthly dock parties are where you can find all sorts of people.

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How Many Boats Do Boat Club Members Get Access To

The amount and variety of boats a boat club member will receive access to depends on a variety of factors. For example, a smaller boat club serving a lakeside community will have a different fleet than an oceanside boat club. Keep in mind that youll have more options in a boat club that serves a larger community, such as a popular tourist destination.

One thing to keep in mind with boat clubs is that members must reserve their boat time beforehand. During peak times, such as weekends or major holidays like the Fourth of July, there may be limited availability for the most popular boats.

However, the vast majority of boat clubs dont have a limit on how often you can rent a boat. Boat club members can often reserve specific boat months out in advance in order to celebrate special events, enjoy a relaxing vacation on the water, or spend time with family coming in from out of town.

Because each boat club operates differently, you should research the fleet size, reservation system, and holiday availability of each boat club youre considering joining.

Is Freedom Boat Club A Good Deal Vs Buying A Boat

Freedom Boat Club of Jax/St. Augustine Member Testimonials

A boat club is always a good deal when you need to enjoy boating without the hassle of paying for insurance and maintaining your boat. It is estimated that up to 142 million Americans went boating in 2016, and you may have been one of them.

While boating is a great hobby, buying a boat and taking care of it doesnt come cheap. When you join a club membership, you enjoy the following benefits:

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What Does It Cost To Join

The cost of membership is a very important consideration as you begin your research on boat clubs. Were consumers too, so we know that you want to be as thorough as possible when analyzing all the options.

It is important to understand that boat club pricing is not a standardized one-stop shop from coast to coast. In this article, we explain why, and look at the variables involved.

What Is The Jacksonville Boat Club

Golfers dont buy golf courses they join the Country Club and share the facilities. Jacksonville Boat Club operates a lot like that. We are a private Boating Club whose members have all the benefits of owning their own boat but none of the hassles and expense of maintenance and repairs that go along with it. They also dont have a boat loan or insurance payments. They dont even pay to store the boats. Without all that aggravation, they also go boating a lot more and are able to experience just the enjoyable part of being on the water with family and friends and none of the aggravations.

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Freedom Boat Club Julington Creek Marina

Freedom Boat Club of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine was established in 2009. We were awarded 2017 Franchise of the Year by Freedom Boat Club and voted Best Boat Club of Jacksonville 2020 by the Jacksonville Award Program.We are locally owned and operated by Kevin Seelig and Lisa the Boatanista Almeida. Kevin Seelig made Boating Industry Magazines 40 Under 40. In 2018, Lisa Almeida was honored at Boating Industry Magazines Women of Influence event.We are founded by boaters for boaters. Regardless of experience level, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful waterways. Our members range from beginner to expert at the helm, and all share one thing in common the love for boating. Boating is not just something we do, its a part of who we are. It is at the core of our being. As owners and life-long Floridian boaters, its not just essential that people be out on the water, we want you to be in it and creating memories.

Black Friday Deal: Save On Membership To Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville &  St.Augustine Showcases their 2017 ...

Friday, November 24, 2017

Freedom Boat Club is the oldest and largest boat club in the United States with greater than 17,000 members, over 1600 boats and 148+ locations across the United States and Canada.

The Lake Erie franchise of Freedom Boat Club has three locations in Rocky River, Huron and Catawba Island . We have 20 beautiful boats and are in the process of purchasing some sleek, new models to add to the fleet for 2018!

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Why Does The Cost Of The One

The cost of the one-time membership fee is based upon local market conditions, and those can vary widely.

Just as a 2000-square foot house in Seattle, WA or San Francisco, CA would cost significantly more than the same house in Sarasota, FL or Clemson, SC, marina costs can differ vastly from market to market.

If an FBC franchise is operating in a popular boating destination, the marina operator can command top dollar. The franchise owner is competing for limited slip space against other entities, including boat owners or other commercial interests. The more a marina charges for slip fees, dock and office space, etc., the more costly it is for the FBC franchise owner to operate the business. This means that the one-time entry fee is generally higher in larger metropolitan markets.

How Can I Save Money

Groupons daily deals can be a great way to save on your day at the boat club. For instance, the club in Venice, Florida offered at some point a $159 trial membership which you could have taken advantage of.

For those who are looking for a good deal, it may be worth traveling 15 to 25 miles to another location where you could get a better deal. For example, in Florida, there are more than 10 different locations where you can get a quote.

Its always a good idea to ask about promotions before committing. You might be able to take advantage of lower rates if you negotiate.

There are many ways to get a discounted membership. Some members will sell theirs at reduced rates on Craigslist and eBay.

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Is Buying A Boat The Best Choice For You

The swaying palms, the bright sunshine, the abundance of waterways. There are many benefits of living in Florida, particularly when you live near the coast.

Of course, no one can fully appreciate Florida living without spending time ample outdoors and, more specifically, out on the surrounding waterways.

But just because you love boating does not mean you have to love being a boat owner. In fact, more and more lifelong boaters are learning the numerous benefits of joining a boat club.

Is owning a boat the right decision for you, or could you benefit from joining a club instead? Lets take a look at the most important factors:

Boat Business For Sale

Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville & St.Augustine Showcases their 2017 Fleet

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Sometimes, its best to go with a proven brand and a proven model. Thats why people often buy franchises instead of starting their own businesses from the ground up. With a franchise, you get everything you need to start, so you can just start! Freedom Boat Club would like to inform you about a boat business for sale near you. If you love boating, you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are interested in a franchise opportunity with huge ROI, then keep reading.

A Bit About Freedom Boat Club

Feel free to do a little research about Freedom Boat Club. You will discover, among many things, that we were founded in 1989. Since then, franchise and membership sales have boomed. In the year 2017 alone, Freedom Boat Club increased by 40%! We have received countless awards and endorsements by noted publications. More importantly, all of our franchisees are experiencing immense success and having fun while they rake in the dough.

What We Do for Our Customers

Start Your Boating Business Today

We welcome your comments!

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Looking To Rent A Boat

If you are looking to rent, we can show you how you can have access to vessels all across the country for one low membership price! Imagine your next vacation to Miami, Los Angeles, Charleston, Virginia Beach, Toronto, and many more! A boat will be waiting for you at no extra charge!

Not going on a vacation soon? Use the boats at your home location as many times as you want! There is no limit. Weekends, weekdays, holidays- its all included with your membership.

To learn more about membership options, or to become a member of our club today, schedule a tour now. Its that easy!

Welcome To Carefree Boat Club Of St Augustine

At Carefree Boat Club, we combine all the perks of owning a boat with none of the hassles of ownership. Not only are are we the only premium-level, nationwide boat club, but we also offer our members the flexibility of extended hours boating, overnights, guaranteed availability ratios, and fully-loaded boats designed for a boat owner, not a rental fleet. If you are looking for a hassle-free boating experience, but dont like the restrictions of typical boat clubs, then come see the Carefree difference. We are located at the best marina in St. Augustine, the St. Augustine Shipyard!

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What Are The Extra Costs

The fuel used to power your boat is not included in the costs. Most members have to pay anywhere between $20 and $50 per outing, depending on the current gas prices and distance traveled. As a general rule, the majority of the boats in the fleet would need three to five gallons of gasoline burned for every hour.

In case you need to transfer to another location, be prepared to pay a transfer fee that is around $550.

What Does The One

Freedom Boat Club St. Augustine Florida Photos Freedom Boat Club

Your local membership executive can review this in detail, but, in a nutshell, when you join Freedom Boat Club, you receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to the boats in our fleetAll members get unlimited access to the boats in their local club. Depending on the type of plan you choose, you can also access boats nationwide.
  • Free, unlimited 1:1 training, taught by U.S. Coast Guard licensed captainsFreedom Boat Club is 100 percent committed to boating safety for our members. Before you take a boat on the water, you will participate in a training session with a captain who teaches the states boating regulations and guidelines in a classroom setting, and then provides hands-on, 1:1 instruction on a boat, on the water. The on-water training covers docking maneuvers and close-quarter and open-water navigation techniques. This is not a rushed, five-minute review, but a thorough and comprehensive training session designed to ensure your safety while inspiring confidence at the helm. Training is unlimited, so you can always take a refresher session, or sign up for an advanced course as available. Our captains are also pleased to assist with local orientations.
  • Special events and social gatheringsFreedom Boat Club is a social club, and the regular FBC Socials provide a great opportunity to have fun and meet new friends who share your passion for boating! Some locations host monthly events, while others have events seasonally during their prime boating months.
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