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Must Have Items On Boat

Cushioned Helm Station Pad

Ten (10) “Must-Have” Items for your Boat

Standing at the helm of a boat all day can be tiring on the legs, feet and back. The SeaDek helm station pad gives a nice, cushiony feel to the feet.

Its made of 13mm EVA foam, and the peel-and-stick backing keeps it from sliding around. Its available in several color combinations for the fashion-conscious boater.

Life Jackets Or Personal Flotation Devices

Many people have their own on-boat rules requiring everyone in the family to wear a life jacket at all times. This is a great rule and an awesome way to ensure that everyone onboard is staying safe. However, you should always have extra life jackets on hand so that every guest on your boat has one available.

Personal flotation devices, often called life savers, are ideal in overboard emergencies or accidents. Have one on your boat at all times in an easily accessible location.

Must Have Dog Sunscreen: Epi

Epi-Petis an FDA approved sunscreen for dogs and horses. It should be applied to the skin and especially used on dogs with light colored fur and/or skin and thin fur, short fur, or shaved fur. Though Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray is waterproof, you should apply it every few times your dog gets wet. It should be applied daily when your dog is in the sun – dogs with light-skinned or light-colored fur can get sunburned easily, just like light-skinned people! Do not used human sunscreen on your dogs! They might lick up harmful chemicals.

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Provisions For The Day

Theres no doubt that food and drink are already something you think about bringing on every outing, but when you go boating there are also some additional provisions you should carry.

  • Extra water is always important to have on hand because its easy to becomes dehydrated on hot summer days.
  • Its also good to have some fresh watermelon, yogurt, or oranges aboard, all of which both hydrate and provide a blast of energy.
  • Other important provisions include suntan lotion and bug repellent, both of which can greatly increase your comfort level aboard a boat.

With Limited Energy And Limited Space Living Onboard A Small Sailboat For A Year Was Kind Of Like Campingwe Had Very Few Creature Comforts However These 10 Essential Items Can Be Used On Any Boat And Will Make Your Life Onboard More Sustainable Comfortable And Enjoyable

Family Boating Essentials: 12 must

While living onboard a small boat and sailing the world for a year, I learned that there is a lot that I can live without. Our 43-foot steel ketch, Seefalke, is a safely constructed blue-water sailing boat that was built for heavy offshore conditions.

But it wasnt really built for living life comfortably. We had no refrigeration, no air-conditioning, no shower, no coffee maker, no clothes washer or dryer, and very little living space. We also had limited energy until after we crossed the Atlantic Ocean and invested in additional solar panels. This made it difficult to have things onboard that required a lot of energy .

While we didnt have very many creature comforts as we sailed for a year from North Germany to South America I can highly recommend 10 must-have items that every sailor should have while living onboard a boat for any length of timeand especially if youll be at sea for weeks-long passages.

Please keep in mind that these items are for making living onboard more tolerable and pleasurable but with limitations of space and energy. These must-have items do NOT include items that are essential for safety onboard. For recommendations on safety supplies, please scroll to the end of this article.

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Must Have A Dog Potty: Pee Wee Dog Potty

Dogs don’t tend to pee or poop while in the water. I have been swimming with my dogs for years, and the first thing they want to do when they get out of the water is poop and then pee. So, unless you want to clean up messes on your boat, it’s better if you train your dog to use a dog potty . I like the Pee Wee Dog Pottybecause it’s in a container, it has grass, which you can odorize with your dog’s favorite scent, and it also has a grate through which the tinkle can go. This one is for small and medium dogs.

Enjoy boating with your dogs, but keep them safe and cool!

More Than 24 M In Length

  • 1 approved and properly sized life jacket or PFD for each person on board
  • Buoyant heaving line 15 m
  • Two SOLAS life buoys – one with buoyant line 30 m, one equipped with self-igniting light
  • Lifting harness with rigging
  • 1 anchor with 15 m cable, rope or chain
  • Bilge pumping system
  • 12 flares Type six A, B, C or D
  • Sound signalling device
  • Navigation lights
  • Radar reflector
  • Class 10BC fire extinguishers at each of the following locations:
  • entrance to space with a fuel-burning stove, heating or refrigerator
  • entrance to accommodation space
  • 4 fire buckets 10+ litres
  • Canadian Red Cross studies show that nearly 90% of drowning victims were not wearing a life jacket or PFD. Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death for Canadians under 44, and the leading cause of preventable death among toddlers. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among Ontario children under five .

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    Us Coast Guard Required Equipment For Recreational Vessels

    New boats normally include the gear you need to meet minimum U.S. Coast Guard requirements. This includes safety gear, a sanitation device, required waste, oil and garbage placards and other items. While youre newly commissioned boat might be legally ready for service, we suggest that there may be some additional items to consider before you cast off.

    U.S. Coast Guard regulations are designed to keep you safe on the water. The safety gear that you are required to carry depends on the size of your vessel and we’ll outline exactly what you need to meet the coast guard requirements. Find the range that your boat belongs to below to determine what safety gear you need to carry. Keep in mind that these are minimum requirements and we’ll discuss extra safety measures later on that you can take to keep yourself and your crew safe on the water.

    Must Have A Dog Ramp: Paws Aboard Boat Ladder And Ramp

    Must Have Items for my First Boat | Buying A Bass Boat

    Unless you have a hydraulic dog ramp, which costs some mighty big bucks, you will need a strong and steady means of getting your dog back into the boat. You will need to train your dog to use the Paws Aboard Boat Ladder and Ramp, on land and/or in shallow water, but once she learns, climbing it from deeper water will come naturally to her. Go with her into the water and lead her up the plank. She might want to go into the water using the plank, but most importantly, she needs to learn to walk up the plank to get out of the water. As you get into slightly deeper water, you can guide her with your body or by using her life jacket or a leash attached to a harness to guide her. Do not use a neck collar to pull your dog while in the water.

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    West Marine Three Layer Water Carpet

    What could be more relaxing than unrolling one of these floating foam mats, and lounging next to the boat? The Three Layer Water Carpet comes in three different sizes, the largest of which can support up to six adults and 900 pounds.

    Theyre outfitted with grommets so you can tie them off next to the boat and enjoy care-free fun afloat, and webbed cinch straps makes it easy to roll them back up and stow them away at the end of the day.

    Ryobi Pinless Moisture Meter

    Ryobi Pinless Moisture Meter

    If you have a pesky water leak around a deck hatch or window and when squirting it with water, you cant see the path of the water, you may need to up your game. I suggest adding a moisture meter to your kit. When I bought my first one, I took it everywhere in my pocket, even to Flanagans Sports Bar. I played with that darn thing until I started to understand its characteristics. You too will need to spend some time with this tool for it to be effective for you as well, but its time well spent. There are several brands, but make sure you buy a pinless model, meaning it does not have to actually probe the surface to read moisture. Instead it lays flat on the surfaces. Lowes or Home Depot is a good source for this. Prices range from $40 to $60.

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    Solar Panel For Charging The Boats Battery

    Having a solar panel like this one is one of the best things you can buy for any boat or pontoon. Batteries go flat or die when they are not used. A solar panel will keep that battery alive and ready for your next boating adventure.

    To keep the battery from overcharging stick with solar chargers that have charge controllers.

    A solar panel is no replacement for other battery chargers especially since boat batteries are so big, but it does keep the battery from dying when youre not using them.

    Vessels 65′ To Less Than 165′

    Essential Boat Day Must Haves
    • Personal Flotation Devices: One Type I, II, III or V per person plus one Type IV throwable. PFDs must be Coast Guard approved, wearable by the intended user and readily accessible.
    • Fire Extinguishers: Vessels weighing up to 50 gross tons must carry at least one B-II extinguisher. Vessels weighing 50 to 100 gross tons must carry two B-II extinguishers.
    • Visual Distress Signals: Minimum of three-day use and three-night use or three day/night combination pyrotechnic devices. Non-pyrotechnic substitutes: one orange distress flag and one electric SOS signal light . Pyrotechnic signals must be have a manufacture date within 42 months of the current date.
    • Sound Producing Devices: One bell and one whistle or horn required to signal intentions or position.
    • A copy of the Inland Navigation Rules must be kept on board.

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    Life Jackets And Flotation Devices

    Having life jackets on board is self-evident as they form the mostbasic survival tool on water, preventing its user from drowning.

    At least a single government approved Personal Flotation Device should always be kept on-board per single passenger. In case that you boat alone, make sure to keep a spare flotation device in case of even further emergency.

    If the boat is larger than 16 feet, having onboard a throwabletype4 PFD is also a must.

    Pontoon Grill Basket Set

    This Pontoon Grill Bracket Set is a super convenient and safe way to continue the fun on the water with easy access to grilling out. Pontoons are a party boat, and a full day out on the water with the family will leave you hungry for some good food. Standing grills can be dangerous if they leak or drop hot coals, so this alternative designed specifically for Pontoons is a great option to keep the party going.

    How Much Does it Cost? $50

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    Best Gifts Every Boater Needs

    From practical to personal, and for any gifting budget.

    Whether a special someone in your life is a sailor, a kayaker, or someone who spends their weekends on the party pontoon, shopping for a devoted boat lover sometimes gets a little tricky. Don’t be nervous. We’ve got 36 great gift ideas to get you started.

    A sneaker-boat shoe hybrid, these flexible shoes are a great lightweight option. Not only are they machine-washable, odor-resistant, and super cushy, but they’re actually made from sustainable eucalyptus for an eco-conscious touch.

    Specially designed for prepping fish, this knife set is a must for anyone who prefers their seafood fresh-caught. The handles are even slip-resistant, made to withstand wet conditions on board.

    Nothing like a cruise without tunes. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker gets loud enough to drown out the sound of a motor and is portable enough to toss in a bag to and from the dock.

    A good jacket is necessary for anyone, but for a boater pelted with mist on the regular, a sold windbreaker is crucial. Even better, get one monogrammed for a personal touch.

    For the littlest member of the crew, this boat-printed onesie is an adorable buy. It’s made from the softest pima cotton, too, and is machine-washable for easy clean-up.

    This is a handy and unique timepiece to keep by the door or in the garage while getting ready to head out onto the water to check if the tide is high or low.

    Boater with a sense of humor? Sounds like Skipper needs a cap.

    Boat Items Checklist: What To Have Onboard

    MUST HAVE ITEMS When Buying A Boat For Bass Tournaments & Travel!

    Beginner boaters need to know what to always have onboard the boatthis checklist will help.

    Whether youre headed for one of the 10 best party coves in America, casting for walleye from a freshwater fishing boat, or going offshore powerboat racing, there are certain items you need to have aboard every boat. These things should be on each and every boaters checklist:

  • United States Coast Guard required safety gear
  • Additional safety gear appropriate to the type of boating you do
  • Legal documentation for the boat and captain
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Extra food and water
  • An anchor and rode
  • Basic tools or at least a multi-tool
  • A full fuel tank
  • Always, always, always make sure a full tank of fuel is on your must-have boating checklist.

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    First Aid And Safety Kit

    It is also important to have a first aid kit on board while you are out on the water.

    This will help you deal with any emergency that might arise while out on the water or even at the beach.

    In your safety kit, you will also need emergency equipment.

    You need to make sure it contains:

    • Flares in case you need to signify your location. This electronic flare never expires and meets USCG regulations.
    • Bandages etc.
    • A handy multi-tool with a screwdriver, cutting edges, different wrench sizes, etc.
    • A loud whistle
    • A water-proof case

    A properly packed safety kit can help you in any emergency. You should place all this in a dry box and store it somewhere on the vessel.

    The WindRider USCG Boating Safety Kit has an electric flare, a first aid kit, a whistle, a multi-tool, and it comes in a waterproof case!

    Be aware that some US Coast Guard vessel classifications require a first aid manual and adequate supplies.

    Some other things that you could keep in case of emergency are spare towels or spare clothes.

    Hose Tubing And Pvc Cutter

    Hose, Tubing, and PVC Cutter

    This is a smart and inexpensive tool to have onboard. It will cut through rigid PVC, vinyl, and rubber hose with a ratcheting action. This handy item makes hard-to-reach repairs a cinch when hose removal is required. Plus its much safer than a razor knife and much easier than a hacksaw. It can be found at any building supply or hardware store.

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    Make Your Boat The Best

    With these 20 must-have boat accessories, your boat will be THE place to be this summer. Maintain safety, play in style, protect your gear, or just fish in peace and quiet with these items. After your boat is fully accessorized, turn to Germaine Marine in Arizona, California, and Utah for all of your boating care needs. Stop by the dealership nearest you today!

    Ideal Stripmaster Compression Tool


    Ideal Stripmaster Compression Tool

    These tools make working with coaxial connections a breeze with F-type compression connectors, or even better, the Belden Snap-N-Seal F Connector, which has an O-ring seal making a near watertight connection to the cable. The stripping tool creates a very clean cut that makes working with the ground shield effortless. The compression fittings are more secure than the crimp- or screw-style connectors. The set will set you back a few bucks, but it is worth the cost if you have an abundance of coax cable applications onboard. Set retails for about $100 at Grainger, Lowes and Home Depot.

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    Adjustable Face Spanner Wrench

    Adjustable Face Spanner Wrench

    This tool has multiple applications serving as a deck key for fuel- and water-fill caps, access deck plates, sea-strainer caps, water filters, some pumps, and outboard motors. Stop using the double screwdriver twist method and butchering your deck plates and strainer caps get out your wallet and purchase the right tool. The bronze one is made by Groco and can be found at West Marine for $20. A stainless steel model by Facom can be purchased from Grainger for about $80.

    This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

    The Ultimate List: Top Ten Boat Accessories

    Our top ten boat accessories range from practical to just plain fun. Some are designed with safety in mind, while others are designed to make your experience out on the water more convenient and enjoyable. Pick and choose the accessories that best work for your boat and how you use them to make your boating experiences even more memorable.

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    The Rest Of The Gear We Recommend

    The lists above will satisfy minimum requirements for operating your boat, but there are other saftey products that have proven their worth when the worst happens on the water. While these products will require a little more investment on your part, they are an investment in the safety of yourself and others on your boat. At West Marine, we are commited to making life on the water as enjoyable as possible and having the right safety gear is part of that.

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