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What Is The Smallest Pontoon Boat

How Much Does A Pontoon Boat Cost

What Pontoon Boat Layouts are Most Common or Best?

A new pontoon boat costs about $18,000 to $70,000 on average, with the most popular models costing between $20,000 and $40,000.

However, the price can vary greatly depending on the size, finishing, materials, and engine type. The price of a single-person inflatable pontoon boat is often not more than $500.

But a tiny pontoon boat that has the place to carry 2 persons can cost as low as $2,500 to as high as $14,500, depending on the materials and build quality.

A midsize pontoon boat with seating for up to six persons can cost around $22,000. On the other hand, a big pontoon boat that can carry at least 12 people will cost you around $47,000.

The cost of the pontoon boat also depends on its type. A high-performance pontoon boat will cost you around $30,000-$40,000, whereas a luxury pontoon boat will cost you between $50,000 and $1,00,000.

Besides, you can get a water sports pontoon for about $25,000-$35,000, while a fishing pontoon costs between $15,000 and $23,000.

Also, whether it is a new boat or a used one is an essential factor to consider here. The cost of a brand new pontoon boat is very high if you compare it to a used one.

Types Of Compact & Small Pontoon Boats

There are three different types on the market:

  • Narrow
  • Compact
  • Mini

Each different size comes with its own pros and cons and the type of activities that can serve. As an example, narrow pontoons are going to be really good for narrow rivers, whilst a small compact pontoon might be a great way for someone on a budget to start pontooning with their family.

And as for mini-pontoons? Well, you might just have enough room for yourself, one friend, and a small amount of fishing gear but not much room for anything else!

These sizes each have their own abilities and benefits. For instance, a pontoon with a narrow beam might be great for rivers. A compact can be a great boat choice for a family that wants a pontoons luxury but more affordability. And a mini is just enough square footage for you, a fishing buddy and a cooler.

Purchasing A Head For Your Vessel:

If you already have a vessel that doesnt offer a toilet, you can still purchase one.

Portable toilets are ideal for current boat owners who want a bathroom onboard. These are also ideal for pontoon boats that dont have a bathroom built-in or cuddy cabin boats that have space for a portable toilet.

If you go with the portable toilet option, you will likely want to invest in a privacy curtain and other bathroom amenities.

These curtains can be fixed to biminis or other large structures that are featured on your boat. Some are even able to stand up all on their own.

Some of these options can include:

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Small Boats With Toilets You Must See

When going out on the boat with the whole family, you also have to think about the unpleasant aspects of the trip.

This can include having to use the bathroom. There are many reasons that you might consider getting an onboard bathroom.

Onboard bathrooms offer convenience and peace of mind while out on the water.

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Laker Mini Pontoon Boat

Small Pontoon Boats: What is the Smallest Pontoon Boat You ...

Laker Mini Pontoon boats are all aluminum construction w/ spray on non skid . In base boat 20 high 1.25 square aluminum rails are included all the same height. The .090 gauge pontoons are welded with two chambers and bolted on. The factory trailer is hot dipped galvanized with four bunks, LED lights, tongue jack and wench.


Total Weight Capacity: 1088 lbs.

Handrail Height: 25 rear 21 front

The Sunny Days Tri-Toon boat is made with HDPE pontoons allowing it to be very light for its size. HDPE is one of the strongest polymers in the industry, read the www.directboats.com buyers guide for more info. There are also 16 different chambers in each pontoon that will keep you afloat in case of a puncture. The handrails are HDPE high density polyethylene. The Deck is vinyl covered 3/4 marine grade plywood and the aluminum framing keeps the pontoons and deck together. There is a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects and a lifetimes worth of memories waiting for you in this very nice and unique pontoon boat. If using trolling motor as primary power a 36 shaft is recommended in order to easily handle.

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Why Are Pontoon Boats Popular

Pontoon boats are popular for their extremely deep draft and average beam, features that make these boats ideal for day cruising, freshwater fishing and watersports. From our current listings, the average number of passengers that pontoon boats can accommodate is 12 people with a maximum of 20. Also, with 8,343 pontoon boats presently listed for sale and 2,717 boats added in the past 30 days, Boat Trader is confident youll find the boat you are looking for.

  • Explore BoatTrader.com

Tahoe Sport Quad Lounger Pontoon Boat

The Sport Quad Lounger is ideal for use in small lakes and ponds. Its one of the best smaller pontoon boats that money can buy. It is equipped with a removable windshield, with a Viper steering wheel, and cadet II fiberglass Helm stand with Greywood Dash panels. It comes standard with an electric powered 12V Power Point engine, ideal for entering waters with gas powered restrictions. It comes equipped with an Infinity PRV250BT stereo system and 4 stereo speakers.

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What Is The Smallest Pontoon Boat That You Can Buy

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The flattish Pontoon boats are generally seen on lakes and shallow water bodies for leisure and fishing. The large pontoon boats are equipped with stand-up bars, lounge areas, etc. These large Pontoon boats can carry multiple passengers, and these are quite expensive, whereas the small Pontoon boats are affordable and can be used for multiple purposes. That is why the service class people are also buying small Pontoon boats these days for private use.

For your information, Mini Pontoons are the smallest of the Pontoon boats. This particular boat has a place for a minimum of two adults. The market of mini Pontoon boats is growing with every passing day. These days, manufacturers like Pond King, Kennedy Pontoons, Pro Strike, etc., are building top-quality mini Pontoons.

Seating Configuration & Capacity

Laker 712 Mini Pontoon Boat

A capacity plate, also known as a label, is found on most boats and validates the seating capacity and weight restriction. And not just people you will also be taking board some other stuff as well like tables, chairs, etc. Thus, before buying, figure out how much weight can a pontoon boat hold.

If you want to accommodate as many people as possible, you will need a lot of chairs. Also, dont forget about the captains chair.

A chair with a higher helm is ideal for the captain because he or she would need to see above the passengers in front of him. A raised helm chair will put the driver in an appropriate position, improving his or her visibility level.

Besides, when it comes to chairs, seek for ones with comfortable sitting and high-quality foam that wont fade, mildew, mold, peel, or crack.

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Sun Tracker Party Barge 20 Dlx

Pontooners who like to hit the lake one day and then head for the bay the next will want to check out the Sun Tracker Party Barge 20 DLX, which can be had in a complete boat-motor-trailer package for a couple thousand dollars under our max. That gets you a 90 horse Mercury FourStroke, too, so this boat wont be a slouch and you can expect to run at speeds nearing 30 MPH.

The trailer is a tandem-axel rig with brakes and a forward boarding ladder. Seating includes a couch/couch/L-lounger layout plus the helm chair, with added comfort provided by 26-ounce upholstery over multi-density foam padding. Unique Perk Alert: The Party Barge 20 DLX has a wheelchair-accessible access gate.

Visit Sun Tracker to learn more.

So there you have it: 10 affordable pontoon boats that the average American family can get without even changing the budget. Then again, if money is no object

When It Comes To Pontoon Boats Bigger Isnt Always Better

Over the last few years, the way people use pontoon boats has changed dramatically. A pontoon boat is no longer made for the old retired couple like many people sterotypically believe. Boaters around the world are using pontoons boats to fish, ski, tube, cruise and more.

Although you can buy a fancy, twin-engined, trible-tubed, wakeboard tower-installed super pontoon that will do pretty much anything you want, the $200,000 plus price tag on some of these bigger machines really limits.

Although a big, fancy, high-horsepower pontoon boat can be fun, here are 5 reasons why small pontoon boats are the hottest trend and provide a great way to get on the water to spend quality time with your family and friends:

1. Lighter With some smaller pontoons weighing less than 1200 pounds, theyre actually very easy to maneouvre on the water and handle when docking.

2. Easier to Tow Most people dont realize that pontoon boats are actually much easier to tow than they think, especially small pontoon boats. Most small SUVs have more than enough towing capity to get your small pontoon boat to the water for launch.

3. More Efficient Small pontoon boats require less horsepower and less fuel to operate which means youll spend more time enjoying catching fish, swimming or taking an evening cruise and a lot less time at the fuel pump reaching for your wallet.

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Kingdom Metals Pro Strike 126

Construction: Aluminum

HP Rating: 2-15 LS

Draft: 8 at 800 lbs

The Pro Strike 126 is the highest quality mini pontoon boat on the market. Not only is it top on material and construction, but design as well with their new square hybrid pontoons. The pontoons create higher capacity, lower center of gravity and more stability in a smaller area than traditional round pontoons. The flat bottoms of the pontoons allows for more efficient planing than traditional round pontoons. This ski type action creates the ability to go faster with a lower horse power outboard or another way to look at it, better fuel economy. And lastly the angled bottom corners of the pontoons allow the boat to create lift. These small aluminum boats are great for a commercial rental situation or a quality minded consumers. The Pro Strike 126 is high quality low maintenance and safe, just tie off to your dock and enjoy.

Pro Strike 126 Mini Pontoon Boat Features:

Hybrid square pontoons vs round for superior performance

Extremely tough all aluminum welded construction

No wood rot free construction

Nonskid diamond plate powder coated aluminum deck

Travel down the road with seats attached

Cool translucent cnc cutout integrated logo in side

Super thick 1.5OD Side Rails not 1 like most competitors

Rear and front transom motor mounts for both gas and electric outboards

Air pressure checked multi chambered sealed pontoons w/ valves

Self bailing boat, no bilge pump needed or trapped water

The 8 Big Advantages Of Small Pontoons

Small Pontoon Boats: What is the Smallest Pontoon Boat You ...

Lets say youve been toying with the idea of becoming a pontoon owner. But, unfortunately, you have a home or retreat somewhere on a small lake thats restricted to using only electric motors.

Or lets say, instead, you live primarily in a motor home and often find yourself coming across lakes but dread the idea of pulling an extra load behind just to be able to enjoy fishing.

Well this is where compact pontoons can shine!

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Misty Harbor Viaggio Del Mar U

Although Misty Harbor lists pricing for the Viaggio line without power at a hair over $21,000 for an 18-footer theres plenty of cha-ching left over for an outboard up into the 50 or 60 horsepower range.

And this pontoon boat has a stand-out feature that many affordable pontoons lack: four full-sized lounger seats. Most models this size utilize an L-shaped lounge aft with a walkthrough to one side. But the Del Mar U instead has a pair of facing J-shaped loungers with a walkthrough in the middle, both in the bow and in the stern, plus helm and passengers chairs.

Visit Misty Harbor Boats to learn more.

Avalons Eagle & Venture Fish

Its another luxury compact pontoon, but the Avalon boat comes with great fishing options as well. There are 5 different models available, ranging in size and features, with fishing stations designed to make your days catching so much more comfortable.

Compacts are ideal for fishing image copyright Avalon Pontoons

This range also comes with all the mods and cons you would want from a luxury pontoon with stereo speakers, stainless steel furnishings, bikini mounts, and power points.

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How Do I Choose A Small Pontoon Boat

In order to choose a small pontoon boat, it’s essential to determine the size that suits your needs. There’s the narrow, compact, and mini pontoon boat sizes. Each kind fits best for different people. As a general guideline:

  • Narrow: For navigating narrow lakes and rivers.
  • Compact: A budget luxury option for families and fishing.
  • Mini: A small 1-2 or 3-4 person raft for fishing and cruising.

Buy a pontoon boat that matches what you’re able to tow. Even with a lighter boat, this is an important factor that some people somewhat neglect. If your vehicle can’t properly tow your boat, it will cause serious engine, transmission, and braking issues. You can read the guide on pontoon boat weights to better understand how to do this.

Choose a pontoon boat that’s well made so it lasts. Most manufacturers designing boats include a warranty along with purchase. If buying used, be sure to inspect each element of the boat so that there isn’t anything wrong with it. Overall, most pontoon boats are built strong and last for many years.

Below is a checklist of things to look for when choosing a small pontoon boat:

  • Ensure you choose the right size boat.
  • Buy a boat that your vehicle can tow.
  • Choose a pontoon boat that is well made.

Apex Marine With Their Gillgetter And Qwest Models Set The Industry Standard For Quality Luxury And Performance In A Compact Pontoon

Apex Marine Compact Pontoon Boats

Gas or electric powered, donât think for a minute that buying a compact pontoon boat means you have to give up anything you can get in a full-size boat. Sure you can get a small boat with minimal power and limited options but you can also get the same performance and features that you get in the bigger boats with bigger price tags.

Apex Marine boats offer the same strength of construction, luxurious interiors and performance as boats costing two and three times as much.

Letâs talk about your options.

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Applications Of Pontoon Boats

Known as a starter boat, the Pontoon boats are specially used for fishing trips, water sports, and leisure tours. The government authorities were the first ones to use this type of boat for patrolling the lakes and rivers.

Invented in 1951, the Pontoon boats are used these days as a part of various water activities such as tubing, waterskiing, etc. In some parts of the world, the Pontoon boats are used to help the passengers cross the rivers.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Mini Pontoon

Has one or more of the above mini pontoon boats intrigued you? Great! Before you make a commitment, though, youll want to read through this pros and cons list. This way, you get a full, balanced picture of what its truly like to own a mini pontoon boat.


  • No need to stress about storage: Like RV owners, those with pontoon boats have to retire their vessel once the weather gets cold. Instead of shelling out lots of cash for a facility or storage space, you can just stash your mini toon in your garage. It should fit, especially if you already keep a car in there.
  • Maneuvering made easy: If theres one thing pontoon boats dont excel at, thats maneuvering. That all changes with a slimmer mini toon. Suddenly, youll find it easier to turn, park, stop, and do all sorts of other things.
  • Theyre still stable: You might worry that cutting down on the size of your pontoon boat will make it less stable on the water. Thats not true. Narrower, mini toons come with flat hulls like any other pontoon does. Theyre much less likely to capsize, then, even if it can still happen.


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Cost Of Building A Pontoon Boat

It is possible to build your own pontoon boat. However, the job will depend on a host of factors.

Essentially the most basic requirements to boat building lie in the skill and ability to construct the vessel regardless of the materials, methods and tools.

Of course, a lot of time and effort and not forgetting money, are also considerations.

How To Choose The Right Pontoon Boat For You


For choosing the right pontoon boat for you, you have to consider the appropriate size, length, and weight you need. Moreover, you must consider the material, build quality, engine type, etc., before buying one.

No wonder you would want the best deal for yourself while buying the pontoon boat. Thus, it is a must to know a few things before finalizing your purchase. So, here are a few things to consider for choosing the right pontoon boat for you:

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Choosing A Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are getting popular among boat lovers day by day. They are an excellent choice for going fishing or hosting a small BBQ party with family and friends. However, with so many options in the market, choosing a pontoon boat is a pretty daunting task. So, if you are asking, What size pontoon boat do I need? keep on reading.

You have to consider the size, length, and weight of the boat, the purpose of using the boat, seating capacity and configuration before selecting a pontoon boat for buying. Besides, pontoon tube size, engine, number of pontoons, etc., are a few essential things to consider as well.

Not only these but there are also many other things that you must keep in mind for selecting the best pontoon boat for you. These boats come in various sizes, lengths, types, and prices.

So, in this article, I will discuss how you can choose the ideal pontoon boat for you, along with some other information that might be of help to you.

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