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Boats For Sale In Texas Under $10 000

Bargain Boats For Under $10000

How to Inspect a $5K to $15K Used Pontoon Boat for Sale

Here are five bargain boats available right now.

Buying a new boat is like to buying a new carthrilling but expensive. The moment you strip the showroom plastic off the seats and turn the key, the slippery slope of depreciation begins. That’s one of the reasons why many of us buy used boats, and as these five bargain boats illustrate, buying secondhand will often get you much more than you might think.One quick word of caution: the budget we’re sticking to is $10,000, but you may also want to set aside some money for a survey from an experienced marine specialist. Not only will it help unearth any major faults with the boat, it will also buy you some valuable peace of mind.

Yes, you can find plenty of express cruisers for under $10,000. This 1998 Carver 27 Montego lists at $7,995 and is offered by North Shore Boat Brokerage, in Cleveland, Oh..

Skimmer Skiffs 146 Flats Boat

We love that the Skimmer Skiff 146 gets you out on a fiberglass shallow-water fishing machine with a mere four inches of draft. A $8,750 buy-in gets you the rolled-edge version with a 20 horse Tohatsu outboard and a trailer. . Take the remaining $1,250 and choose options ranging from rod holders to fishboxes. We also love the all-composite construction, full height transom, and easy to handle 275-pound displacement. Youll have to plan in the cost of some additional but basic must-have features like a bilge pump and stainless-steel cleats , but Skimmers totally custom outfitting means you wont be paying for extra items you dont want in the first place.

Visit SkimmerSkiff Boats, to learn more.

The Sun Dolphin Pro 102 is shockingly efficient at taking you to the fish, at an extremely reasonable price-point.

Boats And Yachts In Texas

YachtWorld now offers 948 yachts for sale in Texas from professional yacht brokers and new boat dealers who can often offer vessel warranties and yacht financing information. Of these listings there are 388 new watercraft and 560 used boats and yachts for sale right now. These include 184 yachts listed for sale in Texas in the past month alone.

Over the past few weeks, the most popular, trending types of yachts for sale in Texas were Antique and Classic, Center Console, Motor Yachts, Sport Fishing and Cruisers while the top viewed manufacturers in the region were Camper & Nicholsons, Catalina, Hatteras, Sea Ray and Yellowfin. Yacht builders with the highest amount of listings in Texas are Sea Ray, Harris, Mastercraft, Beneteau and Cruisers Yachts. Motorized yachts are more common than sailing boats in Texas with 736 powerboats listed for sale right now, versus 126 listings for sailboats.

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Enjoy The Open Water On A Boat

Boats are an amazing way to spend a day out on the water whether it’s for recreation, leisure, or simply getting out into the open water and seeing how fast you can go. There is a wide variety of water sports available as you head out on your new or used boat alone or with family and friends at your side.

Common features of fishing boats

No matter if you are an experienced fisher or someone who is trying it for the first time, personal preferences are what will determine the ideal type of boat for you. There are a few elements that will make a fishing boat easier to use while providing the experience you’re looking for. A center console layout is common since it allows you 360 degrees of open fishing space. A few other must-haves for reliable fishing boats include:

  • Casting decks
  • Dry storage

What kind of boats are used in water sports?

Many different types of boats can be used for water sports whether you plan on boating in freshwater or in the saltwater offshore. With such a wide variety of reasonably priced boats that fit into the Water Sports category on eBay, it does depend on what kind of sport you are looking to participate in. Common types of boats include:

Sailing boats:

Power boats:

  • Power boats: These boats are known for their high performance out of the no-wake zones. They fulfill the need for speed in many types of racing water sports, also known as power boating.

Cruising boats:

What kind of motor should your boat have?

Can you use an aluminum boat in saltwater?

Sun Dolphin Pro 102 Mini

Fishing Yachts For Sale In Texas

When Angler in Chief Lenny Rudow wanted a new pond-hopper, the Sun Dolphin Pro 102 was his choice. Having spend many a day at the lake on this boat, we can happily report that its a ball for two anglers fishing in relatively protected waters. With a 55-pound thrust 12-volt electric outboard it goes jogging speeds, theres a livewell molded in, it has twin swivel seats, and the complete package including a trailer and a pair of deep-cycle batteries barely broke the $3,000 mark . News Flash: if you have a pickup you dont really need the trailer because itll fit in the bed of the truck .

Visit Sun Dolphin Boats, to learn more.

Another aluminum rig that makes the Top 10: the Tracker Guide V-16 Laker DLX T.

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Used Yachts For Sale Under $10000000

Finding a used yachts for sale under $10,000,000 that fits your needs when it comes to number of passengers, horsepower, inside accommodations, and other features on board can be a challenge with so many options available on the market today. There are many types of boats available under $10 million like cruising yachts, motor yachts, Trawlers, and fishing boats, with many good options across all length ranges. Still, there are plenty of opportunities with brands like Princess, Azimut, Sunseeker, Viking, Ferretti, Ocean Alexander, Benetti, Westport Yachts, and others. Let the team at United Yacht Sales help you find the right vessel that fits your needs under $10 million.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler

Its a fishing kayak. A fishing kayak! The Mirage Pro Angler is a great, single fishing kayak.

There are three boats in this line:

  • The Mirage Pro Angler 12
  • Mirage Pro Angler 14
  • The Mirage Pro Angler 17T

It has a pedal drive and a comfortable seat, with just enough room for your fishing gear as well. While youll have to go to a local dealer for the exact prices, they hover around the $5000 price, which means you can buy two.

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Gillgetter 7515 Fishing Pontoon Boat

The Gillgetter 7515 may be small and simple, but you can get a tiller steer model with a trailer and stay within budget something we cant say for any other fishing pontoon boats that can take a crew of seven people aboard, carry up to 30 horses on the transom, and come with two swivel seats and a pair of rodholders. If you want a pontoon boat that can be used for fishing and you need to keep the entire package under the $10,000 mark, the Gillgetter is your best option. Note for you El-Cheap-O people: Gillgetter has an even smaller model, the 135 613 Tiller, which you can splash in the lake for several thousand dollars less.

For more information, check out Angler Qwest.

Hey people, a kayak is still a boat. And in the case of the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14, it’s a fish-killing machine.

Lund Wc 16 Aluminum Skiff

Searching Missing Persons With $10,000 Remote Controlled Sonar Boat

With bench seating, an aluminum hull, tiller steering and no frills, the Lund WC 16 is about as simple a fishing boat as youll find. But when the budget is tight simple is a good thing, and the Lowe WC 16 starts at a mere $4,966. That leaves breathing room enough for a trailer and a 15 or 20 horse outboard. Added bonus: this model can hold more people than most in the class, with a maximum capacity of five persons. .

Visit Lund to learn more.

The Native Slayer Propel 13 is such an efficient fish-hunter that one of FishTalk’s own team members chose it.

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Tracker Pro Team 170 Tx

This aluminum bass boat is abundant out in the market because they are plentiful. Its not just that theyve been on the market for a long time.

They were released from 1995 to 2015 and theres a reason why it was in such high demand for 20 years.

The low price point and the sturdy build, with the custom-matched trailers, stock basic fishing gadgets, live wells, marine-grade carpet and trolling motors made it a steal!

The Pro 170 stats put it at over 16 and a half feet with a beam of 6 5. The maximum capacity is 4 so you can bring a few of your fishing buddies or take the family out on the lake for a leisurely fishing trip.

Yacht Prices In Texas

Prices for yachts in Texas start at $9,613 for the lowest priced boats, up to $1,560,610 for the most expensive listings, with an average overall yacht value of $99,945.

When exploring what type of boat or yacht to buy on YachtWorld, remember to consider carefully a number of important key factors including the vessel’s age, condition and location. Also be sure to check all of the top cities in your area as well as the top broader regions in your country, such as Florida, California, Michigan, New York and Maryland.

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Small Pocket Cruiser Sailboats

Pocket cruisers are sailboats that are built for club racing and cruising. Theyre generally under 30 feet. It is lightweight and small and can be launched from any boat ramp.

You can feel comfortable going out on a pocket cruiser sailboat and stay in a comfortable interior with $V-style sleeping arrangements and with the comfort of knowing that youre both safe and stable on the water.

They can also be tailored, which is why most of them are on this list. You can give yours as many bells and whistles as you want.

But if youre just looking for a small pocket cruiser sailboat with a budget thats equally as small, you can feel safe with any of the basic models on this list.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayak

2000 Cobra Bass Boat

We liked the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler so much that we put it in our article and weve spent some time peddling to the fish on this amazing little kayak, but since you could buy two of these and stay within the $10,000 parameter set for these best fishing boats we think it belongs in this round-up, too. Aside from the pedal drive, our favorite feature is actually the seat its incredibly comfortable, and makes a full day of fishing possible despite the boats small stature.

For more information, visit Hobie.

Aluminum fishing boats often cost less than fiberglass models, and in the case of the Lowe Roughneck 1660, a lot less.

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Typical Small Boat Problems

Owning a small boat can be great. There are plenty of advantages of owning a medium to small-sized boat:

  • Cheaper rack fees for storage
  • The option of storing it on your property
  • Smaller boat = smaller trailer = smaller vehicle needed for transport
  • Much more affordable than a larger boat
  • Easier to clean

However, there are also specific problems that come with owning a smaller boat, including:

  • Small craft warnings when youre in a smaller boat out on the rough water, youll end up running into much more trouble than larger boats.
  • Small deck space when you need or want some crewman with you on a small boat, theres more of a chance that there will be an accident because there isnt much room to work with.
  • On a bigger boat, youll have more room for emergency equipment. On a small boat, there should be plenty of room for the necessities when it comes to emergency gear. The chances that youll need power anchor windlasses, dinghy lifts, bow thrusters, and stabilizers arent as big when youre in your small vessel . However, its convenient to have the bigger emergency equipment if something does happen.

Sea Eagle Fishskiff 16

This one is an inflatable boat. It can seat two people and has a small outboard with about six horsepower. The best part? Once you pull it out of the water, clean it, and dry it properly, you can deflate it, fold it up, and store it in your closet. Put it in a plastic tote and tuck it in the garage.

No need to rent space in a rack storage unit.

The sticker price listed above is with the stock engine

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Lowe Roughneck 1660 Aluminum Skiff

When it comes to finding the best fishing boats for under $10,000, the Lowe Roughneck 1660 grabbed our attention it brags a $82.66 monthly payment in stock form with a 9.9 hp outboard and a trailer. That equates to a sticker price of $8,750 with $500 down, which is pretty dang affordable for a brand new fishing boat. Plus, the camo finish means this little machine can do double-duty as a hunting boat, come waterfowl season. Wait a sec – is a 9.9 horse outboard really enough to push this sled? You can plan on planning and running at 16 to 18 mph alone and cruising at more like 15 or 16 mph with another person aboard. Three husky guys and gear may pull that down to 12 or 14 mph. But heres a shocker: you can upgrade to a 20 horsepower outboard and still make it in under the $10,000 cap! Editor’s Update: Since the publication of this article the base price for the 1660 has gone up to $10,625, however, a 25 horsepower engine now comes standard. A smaller Roughneck 1546 with a 9.9 horsepower engine currently starts at $7,898.

Visit Lowe Boats to learn more.

Another aluminum rig you may want to check out is the Lund WC 16.

Best Fishing Boats Under $10000

The Pond King Ultra Pontoon Boat – a Great Family Value

You may have seen our Top 10 Center Console Fishing Boats Under $20,000 article, and wondered if it was possible to pick 10 best fishing boats that cost half that much. In a word, yes heres our run-down on the 10 best fishing boats for under $10,000. .

The Carolina Skiff JV 13 can be had for under $10,000, and is still a sweet little fishing machine.

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Mastercraft Pro Star 190

These Mastercraft boats were built from 1994 to 1998.

They are dependable, comfortable, and have a surprising amount of power for such a small boat and such a small price. These were incredibly popular and built to amazing quality standards. Not once, in the four years that they were being built, did anyone ever hear any warnings about them.

They are hearty and strong with a price that wont break the bank.

Carolina Skiff Jv 13 Fishing Boat

The Carolina Skiff JV 13 goes for right around $10,000 with a 20 horsepower outboard and a trailer, and its one of the few fiberglass fishing machines to appear in our round-up. Its become tough to find fiberglass boats at this price point these days, so if you want the heft and looks of glass, the Carolina Skiff is an option youll want to check out. Note that this is a fairly stripped boat at this price, but it does come with a foredeck, a pedestal seat base with an eight gallon livewell built in, and 100-percent composite construction. .

Visit Carolina Skiff, to learn more.

The Gillgetter keeps cost down but brings a pontoon boat into our mix of the best fishing boats for under $10,000.

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Boats For Sale In Texas

  • Offered By: Gregg Orr Marine Texarkana
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  • Walker BayCurrent Models
  • Offered By: Gregg Orr Marine Texarkana
  • SaveOffered By: Waypoint Marine TX
  • SaveOffered By: Chesapeake Nautical Cruises, LLC
  • Save
  • Offered By: Global Marine Group
  • SaveFox Yacht Sales-Four Gulf Coast LocationsOffered By: Fox Yacht Sales-Four Gulf Coast Locations
  • Offered By: Frank Gordon Yacht Sales
  • SaveOffered By: Florida Yachts International
  • SaveSouth Padre Island, TX 78597South Padre Island, TX 78597Gulf States Yacht Sales LLCOffered By: Gulf States Yacht Sales LLC
  • Save
  • Port O Connor, TX 77982Port O Connor, TX 77982Galati Yacht Sales
  • Price Drop: $100,000 Seabrook, TX 77568
  • Offered By: Little Yacht Sales
  • Save
  • Offered By: Little Yacht Sales
  • New ArrivalOffered By: Little Yacht Sales
  • Save
  • Offered By: Little Yacht Sales
  • SaveOffered By: Sea Lake Yachts LLC
  • Crestliner 1546 Retriever Jon

    2072 express bowfishing boat

    The Crestliner 1546 is a 15-foot Mid V with space for four people to get comfortable with plenty of room for their fishing or hunting gear. There is a platform for casting or to help with visibility if youre hunting.

    The wide, flat hull provides a stable base for this boat since Crestliner knew that theyre customers do a lot of fast and hard movements, whether theyre shooting at ducks or casting a fly-fishing line.

    It is constructed from high-grade aluminum which makes it both low-maintenance and also incredibly durable. Crestliner is known for its strength and the 1546 Retriever is no exception. The 1546 Retriever is built to get to those tricky fishing spots.

    The Lock Track Gunnel System lets you mount the accessories you want, to make your expedition relaxing, fun, and successful. It is a solid boat with not a lot of fancy bells or whistles. But the low price point gives your budget the wiggle room it needs to buy the accessories that youve been dying for.

    It sits at just over 15 and has a dry weight of 290 lbs .

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