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What Is The Best Boat Trailer Tire

Reese Towpower 74410 Trailer Jack

Best Boat Trailer Tires In 2020 Reviewed and Rated

This boat jack lift model wont force you to spend more for quality, reliability and functionality. It comes with a side-winding handle that is equipped with ergonomic knob. This is quite simple to utilize and guarantees trouble-free operation mode. Its 6-inches wheel offers low-friction mobility and it makes maneuvering the trailer into desired position a less burdensome task to manage.

This model is constructed with stable swivel mechanism that is furnished with a pull-pin release. It aids in having instant access to the jack whenever you most need it and it can be easily stored away when not in use. This trailer jack fits tongues measuring 3-inches by up to 5-inches and does a reliable job of lifting and lowering any trailer that weighs a thousand pounds.

  • Bolts are longer than needed
  • Spacer for the wheel bolt was missing

Wheels Express Inc 13545swb Boat Trailer Tire

I highly recommend this tire if you are looking for value for money. It is affordable, especially because it already comes with a well-balanced rim. It is inflated and ready to install upon receipt, making the assembly straightforward even for a beginner.

Right out of the box, the first thing that I noticed in this trailer wheel is its excellent paint job. It is thicker than what I have seen in most of its competitors. It looks like it wont chip easily, even with exposure to harsh road conditions.

The minimal tread wear is another good reason to choose this trailer tire. With its heavy-duty construction, I am confident that the tire is not easily damaged even on rough roads. The .24-inch tread depth prevents premature wear. It is not prone to impact punctures as well.

With a weight rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 psi, it is a load range C tire. It is best to limit its use to small boats, such as personal watercraft. For heavier loads, I recommend that you choose a bigger and thicker tire.

  • Potential sizing discrepancy
  • Prone to rust and corrosion

Carlisle 6h04561 Radial Trailer Tire

This is another top-rated radial trailer tire by Carlisle Paddles that comes with industrial-grade materials and a long lifespan. Moreover, these radial HD boat trailer tires can withstand high-heat levels on the road.

Be sure to check your existing tire sidewall and trailer owners manual for proper tire size and load capacity. Also, follow its maximum load rating of 2,000 pounds and tire pressure of 65 psi for optimal towing.

I like how these Carlisle boat trailer tires were designed for both short and long-distance use. They are best with trailers for boating, utility, cargo, watercraft, stock, horse, and towable RVs. They are also optimized for low rolling resistance to provide the trailer with excellent stability. Additionally, I love its damage-resistant design that is tightly packed and impenetrable for debris.

It uses innovative materials to improve its longevity and allows the trailer to move at higher speeds. I recommend getting this tire model as you can rarely find all of these combined qualities. Though I dont like that it is more pricey than other boat trailer tires, you certainly get your moneys worth with these. The tires are weightless and can carry impressive weight, which is uncommon for typical tires.

  • Withstand high levels of heat on the road
  • Damage-resistant design for short or long-distance use
  • Optimized for low rolling resistance and surface slippery
  • Best for popular trailer brands
  • More pricey than common trailer tires

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Passenger Tire Or Special Trailer Tire

There are too many Internet sites with “experts” telling readers that a passenger car tire works fine on a boat trailer. But despite the stories about “always using passenger tires with no problems at all,” a single fact remains: Boat trailer tires are designed to handle the load of carrying a boat around turns and corners at highway speeds. Passenger car tires aren’t built to do that.

Trailer tires are designed for heavy-duty, free-rolling applications with emphasis on tread wear, rolling resistance, stability and ease of towing. They normally have a heavier construction than passenger tires in order to meet the additional load-carrying requirements of trailer applications. Passenger tires are designed for passenger car applications and may not meet all the service requirements of trailer tires. Goodyear Tire Company

Passenger car tires and boat trailer tires are designed differently because they are used for different purposes. It becomes a safety issue. We do not recommend the use of passenger tires on trailer applications. Kenda Tire Company

Which Is The Best Brand Of Boat Trailer Parts

Best Boat Trailer Tires Reviews (Top 5)
  • At Wholesale Marine we have an extensive selection of the best brands in boat trailer parts to choose from. We carry Fulton, Boat Buckle, Martin Wheel, Wesbar, and Tie Down Engineering to offer our customers only the best boat trailer accessories and parts available. Every boat trailer needs a proper set of boat guides.

Safety Chains: Chains that connect the trailer tongue or for some boats it will mount to a through bolt on a trailer tongue to the towing vehicle. It provides a backup connection between the boat and the trailer in case of a problem. Enclosed Protected Wiring: Molded Composite Fender: It frames the wheel and protects trailer tires.

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Goodyear Unisteel G614 Rst Radial Tire

Our first product from one of the top tire brands in the world, Goodyear, provides a good insight into what makes this company such a force. This particular product separates itself by providing excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions.

Its capable of offering this top tier benefit due to its design featuring reinforced rubber compounds and extra edge spines. And since I intend on towing in some slightly tropical places, you can bet Im going to need a set of tires which can deal with the problems rain causes.

This products shallow tread pattern and rib stability with help deal with these tropical climates as well. You see, both these aspects reduce the tires running temperature, which should help with any potential damage coming from those pesky UV rays.

You can also count on this product for a high degree of durability. This ability comes from the heavy-duty materials used in its design. These materials will ensure the tires dont suffer from rips and tears easily.

I found this design to be somewhat lightweight as well. With this in mind, you can expect both installing and storing to require less effort than expected. This aspect just further shows Goodyear had convenience in mind when creating these fantastic tires.

Overall, Goodyear created a tire that would be the perfect option for many trailer owners. Its just not the right choice for me because of a single issue. You see, this model happens to be one of the most costly on our entire list.

Best Rv Trailer Tires

  • Wheel Rim Size: 14 inches
  • Tire Load Index: 100

Over the years, Freestar has been known as a brand that does not skip out on the essential features, and delivers quality tires to its customers. When you are towing some weight, or transporting a mobile home, trailer tires from Freestar can help ensure that you get there safely.

With their affordable M-108+ Trailer Radial Tires, youll be able to seamlessly place these on your trailer and get going immediately. One of these tires comes in weighing about 20 pounds, and takes up about 27 x 27 x 9 inches of space.

As an affordable, rather lightweight tire, a set of these tires can be a cost-effective way to get your RV back on the road. The M-108+ tire linked above has a wheel rim size of 14 inches, but this set is also offered at 13 inches, 15 inches and 16 inches.

Expand To See MoreSee Less

With the implementation of an optimized grip and improved traction in wet conditions, the safety factor involved with these tires should not be too worried about.

The tires have deep grooves in them that help to get rid of water accumulation. Multiple customers online have left reviews stating how they are satisfied with the tires traction and durability, given the tires price point.

These trailer tires are Radial, meaning that they have plies that run perpendicularly below the tread and across the tires, often made of steel, that serve to give the tire an overall more durable construction.

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What Are Trailer Tires

Trailer tires have a different function than other types of tires. With passenger cars and light trucks, you need tires with good traction to start, stop, and steer the vehicle without slipping. Another main concern with passenger car tires is comfort. The sidewalls of passenger tires are more flexible to absorb the bumps of the road.

A trailer tire, on the other hand, doesnt need as much tread for traction since it is not responsible for starting or stopping the vehicle. With less traction, there is more room for reinforcing layers like plies and belts. This results in stiffer sidewalls, which are less effective at absorbing any bumps. The additional structural material allows trailer tires to carry a heavier load.

What To Look For When Buying A Trailer Tire

Trailer Tires Best Guide

Like any other product, there some research you need to do before buying a trailer tire. In fact, there are many different factors you must consider and think about when trying to decide which trailer tire will fit your particular needs.

In this section, well go over these factors and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about the right trailer tires for you.

Load Range/Load Rating and Max Weight

Every tire ever manufactured has a load range. Just like with most tires, the load range is located on a trailer tires sidewall. This designation will tell you the maximum load each tire can haul.

For most trailer tires, the load range is going to either be B, C, D, or E. Lets say you have a single-axle trailer and your tires load range is classified as load range C which can carry up to 1820 pounds this means you can tow up to 3640 pounds.

Of course, this maximum towing capacity includes the weight of the trailer itself. However, thats still an impressive number. On the other hand, if you have a double-axle trailer, you must subtract 12% from the load rating. So, instead of 3640 pounds, the maximum of a load range C double-axle trailer becomes about 3204 pounds.

In the end, you must understand the exact weight you need your trailer to carry and correlate it with your trailer tires load range. In doing so, you ensure safety and peak performance.


Intended Use

Extra Weight


Sidewall Strength


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Are Bigger Tires Better For Trailers

You can add larger wheels and tires to a trailer as long as you have enough room for the larger size. Larger tires will typically have a higher weight rating. Tires with a higher weight rating will not increase the load carrying capacity of the trailer, so you will still be limited to the weight capacity of the axle.

Things To Know Before Buying Trailer Tires

Choosing the right trailer tires will come down to various factors. This section will go over each one to ensure you have everything needed for making a sound decision. Itll make sure you end up making the right choice about what trailer tires perfectly suit your needs.


Before deciding on what trailer tires to get, you must figure out what size fits onto your trailer. The good news is locating a tires size isnt too tricky as it should be found right on your tires sidewall.

After you examine the tires sidewall, youll see a combo of letters and numbers above the lettering For Trailer Use Only. This combo tells you the size that fits your trailers needs. Lets quickly walk through an example to guide you through this process.

So, lets say the combo spells out ST205/75R15. The first two letters ST refer to special trailer tire, which means the products intended only for use on trailers. 205 will then indicate the treads width in millimeters.

The next set of numbers, 75 happens to be the sidewalls height as a percentage compared to the treads width. Lastly, the R stands for radial tire, and it fits onto a size 15 rim. Its not too complicated, right?

I should also mention that smaller trailer tires might have a shorter combo of letters and numbers. 12 inch and under trailer tires are instead listed with a size indicated by two numbers. For instance, you could come across 5.70-12 when examining your tires sidewall.

Load Range and Max Weight


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Buyers Guide Choosing The Right Trailer Tires For Your Boat

You might have imagined different tire models to be more or less the same thing with just a different brand or logo slapped on to them. But as youve seen from our reviews, tires can have distinctive qualities. Heres a complete breakdown of those different aspects to help you make an informed purchase:

What’s The Best Way To Fix A Boat Trailer

10 Best Boat Trailer Tires
  • Jack up the trailer and put it up on jack stands, or saw horses, in order to reduce the amount of bending required. Then grind, grind, and grind some more until youve removed all of the loose paint and any rust. At the end of your grinding session, look over the entire frame to see if any welds are cracked and need repair.

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Grand Ride Premium Winda Trailer Tires

The Grand Ride Premium WINDA Trailer Tires should be an option for anybody who considers themselves a bargain buyer. After all, this deal offers four tires for a cost which only gets you one or two with some of these other models.

Youd think this lower price would mean a sizeable dip in quality as well. But heres the thing it doesnt with these tires. In fact, the Grand Ride Premium WINDA Trailer Tires has several features that any person looking to tow would love.

A great example of these features would be its classification as a radial tire. This aspect means that these tires offer excellent grip, which will ensure your trailers trip will be smooth and almost entire bump-free.

I also found the Scruff Guard ring aspect on the tires wall to be an appealing trait. It will add another layer of protection for the products side, which should elevate its durability to new heights.

These tires featuring a nylon overlay that covers the entire tread area isnt something to overlook either. Its a crucial feature because this overlay will provide a bit more protection for the tread area and further improve driver safety during your trip.

You should also love these tires lightweight design, which makes moving them around much easier than expected. This benefit might not seem like a big deal, but youd be surprised by how heavy certain other models are on todays market.

Freestar D Load 8 Ply Radial Tire


Freestars M-108 is a model with a beefier frame of 205x70xR15, and this equates to a higher load capacity However, this bigger frame also makes it unsuitable for smaller vehicles. These tires feature 6-lug type design, and they will fit a 15 in rim diameter. We recommend this product for individuals who own sizeable vessels that require more support.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • High load capacity

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Benefits Of Trailer Tires

  • Improve safety. Driving for long distances or through difficult terrain on an original set of trailer tires can be dangerous. A good set of new trailer tires designed with a specific need in mind will boost safety overall. Knowing the tires you chose are built to handle off-road conditions, wet roads, or long distances will give you peace of mind while hauling a heavy load on the road.
  • Relieve vehicle stress. Pulling a trailer, boat, camper, or anything behind your vehicle adds a lot of stress to it. Getting the right set of trailer tires can help alleviate the stress and take an extra load off of your truck, Jeep, or SUV.
  • Carry heavier weight. Trailer tires are specifically designed to carry a heavy amount of weight. Typically, the standard tires and wheels included on a trailer may be smaller and more lightweight. Choosing a pair of sturdier trailer tires allows you to carry a heavier load more safely, quickly, and comfortably.

Motorhot Str Ii Trailer Tires

What Trailer Tires Should YOU BUY? | RV Trailer, Cargo Trailer, Utility Trailer, Bass Boat Trailer

Contrary to most models in this buying guide with a white spoke trailer wheel, this model has a black rim. Combined with the black rubber tire, it gives my trailer a modern and sleek look. I also like the black spokes because dirt is not easily visible.

The use of top-grade rubber is one of the compelling reasons to choose this product. It is a solid material that runs quietly and minimizes vibration. This means that I can tow my boat smoothly in different surface conditions. The rubber in the tire holds up well even after tears of use unlike others that thin easily.

As a bias ply tire, one of its biggest advantages is that it has a stiff sidewall. It is sturdy enough to minimize sway and bounce. This means that my trailer remains more stable. When there is too much wobble, my boat and trailer can be a safety hazard. It wont pose a significant risk as long as you follow its maximum load rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 psi and maximum speed rating of 75 mph.

  • Black spoke is not easily prone to dirt
  • No loud noise or excessive vibration
  • Holds up well even with long-term use
  • Has a stiff sidewall to minimize sway
  • Easily become hot

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