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How To Waterproof Boat Canvas

First Clean The Boat Cover

How To Waterproof Your Sunbrella Boat Top

Before you start waterproofing your canvas boat cover, you do actually have to clean it, funny enough, you will be using water to do this! You will want to use some warm water, some mild detergent made for canvas, and a soft brush too. The aim here is to remove all stains, dirt, grime, and other things which should not be there.

You do need to clean your boat cover first, because when you waterproof the boat cover, if it has dirt and stains on it, you will be covering those up and really grinding them right into the fabric. Its like painting over rust, just because you cannot see the rust does not mean that its not there.

Keep in mind that you want to use warm water for this, not hot water, as hot water will damage the canvas. Once you have cleaned off all stains and dirt, you need to let it air dry. Do not attempt to use any kind of heat to dry the boat cover, as this may cause more damage, or shrinkage at the very least.

Pros And Cons Of Fully Waterproof Boat Covers

If your pre-owned boat did not come with a cover or the existing one isnt up to par, youll want to invest or upgrade soon. Anyone who has dealt with a less-than-waterproof boat cover will likely prioritize finding a fully waterproof option, but of course, these covers have advantages and disadvantages.

Recommended Waterproof Boat Covers

  • Check this Sunbrella stormproof boat cover , and if you buy one now , you will get a support pole for free.
  • For an all-around universal boat cover, it is highly recommended to use MSC Heavy Duty Canvas Boat Cover , which fits a variety of boats, including V-hulls, tri-hulls, and runabouts.
  • A support system is also crucial if you are keeping it outdoors in the rain or snow. For full support, also take a look at the Taylor Boat Cover Support System .
  • Sunbrella fabrics are made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Therefore, they share many core characteristics like being breathable and UV, water, mildew, and stain-resistant. All Sunbrella fabrics are dyed to the core of their fibers, meaning the color will never fade due to prolonged sun exposure.

    The carver fabric covers also share many core characteristics like being breathable and UV, water, mildew, and stain-resistant. Consider both of them while looking for a boat cover, and choose the one based on your needs.

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    How Do You Waterproof A Boat Canvas

    waterproofing canvas boat coverscanvascovercanvas

    Just so, what can I use to waterproof canvas?

    1.The Wax Method

  • Wax is a natural product used to waterproof items since the old times.
  • The first thing you need to do is test the wax on an inconspicuous piece of the canvas bag.
  • Boil a bit of the water in one of the two pots you have at hand and then place the other pot inside it with the chunk of wax.
  • Also Know, can boat canvas be dyed? If not, it will be difficult to dye. I can‘t recommend that you dye a polyester or acrylic canvas boat cover. The only dyes that work on these fibers require that you boil the fabric in the dye, which is unlikely to be practical for canvas the size of your boat cover.

    Additionally, how is canvas made waterproof?

    Canvas is a plain-woven fabric typically made out of cotton and, to a lesser extent, linen. Canvas fabric is known for being durable, sturdy, and heavy duty. By blending cotton with synthetic fibers, canvas can become water resistant or even waterproof, making it a great outdoor fabric.

    How do you treat a canvas boat cover?

    Hose the fabric and, if needed, scrub it with a soft brush and a mild detergent, such as Ivory. Stubborn stains can be treated by soaking for 15 minutes in gallon of warm water containing 1/4 cup of Ivory and 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach. Do not use hot water. Do not use a harsh detergent.

    Final Thoughts On The Wax Method

    North East Harbor Gray Heavy Duty Waterproof Mooring Boat ...

    As you can probably figure it out, wax breaks down in time, so your bag will need re-waxing at least once a year to preserve and refresh their water repelling properties.

    • Washing the Waxed Canvas Bag: we recommend you wash your waxed/waterproofed canvas bag as seldom as you can and never wash it in hot water, to prevent the wax from breaking and melting onto the rest of your laundry. Instead, you can wash the bag with care in a recipient with cold water. Even better, you can use a natural bristles brush to clean off your canvas bag.
    • Instead of soap or detergent for cleaning the bag, you can use a special canvas cleaner. You should re-wax the bag after a session of brushing/washing your waterproof bag.

    Now that we learned how to waterproof your canvas bag with the help of wax, it is time to move to the next method we want to talk to you about!

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    Fabric Tarp Restore Color


    HelloWe recently purchased a used 2000 Kennedy pontoon paddle boat. The seating plastic is fine but the tarp and Bimini tarps are faded.Paddle boats by Kennedy PontoonsCould you suggest how to make this look as good as we can get it… with household products???or last resort commercial products….Thank youThis is a million dollar question. Once a fabric has lost it’s color, not much can be done. 303 Fabric guard and re-waterproofing is about as good as it gets. I have some customers who have painted with varying degrees of success. The paint would be acrylic or latex based. It can crack and peel when the canvas moves around, so I don’t recommend it. However check out the photos of one of my awesome DIY customers. He painted his canvas and turned it black from forest green.Sorry I can’t give you more hope for a better looking boat canvas.Thanks for the question.

    The Bottom Line

    The extend zippers have been a resounding success. Zippers were needed for the starboard stern section of my bimini top, and for both side curtains of my camper canvas. It is a clever design you came up with to increase the width of connectivity between my bimini top and camper canvas sections. I do not know what I would have done otherwise as the camper canvas sections have shown shrinkage over time.

    M. Marien – Missouri

    Easy To Install

    The Ez-xtend zippers were very easy to install — especially with a little lubricant .

    E.Chesnavich – New Jersey

    Spray The Waterproofing Spray On The Boat Cover

    Make sure to spray it OFF the boat. Take the cover out and then spray on it otherwise, the waterproofing spray can damage the gel coat. Just spread it out on some chairs or ladders or tables or on the ground and start spraying on it.

    You can use any bug sprayer or any for that. Just pour the liquid into the sprayer, spray it on the boat cover. After completing it, wait for some time and let dry the cover completely before using it.

    Check this helpful video on quick and easy boat cover cleaning and waterproofing a boat cover to visualize the above procedure.

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    Why People Wax Canvas

    These days, people wax canvas for several reasons, but mostly, they need to retreat their once waterproof canvas items. At Canvas ETC, many of our clients use canvas wax on the following:

    • Agricultural Covers: Need to cover that old tractor for the winter? Look no further than waxed canvas.
    • Old Tarps: Retreat old tarps with wax like Canvak to prolong use. Apply generously to seams.
    • Covers : Vintage cars and boats need care during the cold, wet months.
    • Outdoor Fabrics: Outdoor furniture cushions, gazebo covers, and other fabrics benefit greatly from wax treatments.
    • Tents: Of course, tents need extra water repellent properties! Extend the life of your old canvas tent with wax.
    • Tipis: Tents and tipis alike are perfect candidates for waxed treatment.

    Besides the obvious and practical applications, waxing canvas can give your items a vintage look.

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    Canvak: The Canvas Wax Re

    Canvak wax is a refinishing compound that restores water repellent properties to cotton fabrics. For large non-apparel items, Canvak offers more than just a stick of beeswax or paraffin wax. So, no need melting the wax as Canvak is already liquid! For small items like a waxed canvas bag, canvas jacket or other small apparel items and accessories, a different wax preservative should be used.

    Ideally, a person applies canvas wax like Canvak to retreat worn waxed canvas. Like other wax treatments, Canvak should be used on natural fibers only. One gallon will cover 100 square feet of canvas. Once applied and dried, the canvas should be water repellent again!

    What Not To Use

    First, let us talk about what products NOT to use. In our canvas shop, the general rule is: If you can buy the product in a grocery store, dont use it on boat canvas or windows, unless the product is approved by the fabric maker! The cleaners sold in grocery stores are highly concentrated and made to remove the toughest dirt, grease, stains, and bacteria from hard surfaces. These chemicals often will shorten the life of synthetic fabrics, or simply neutralize all of the good chemicals processed into the fabric during its creation. For example, a typical grocery store dish detergent or laundry detergent will immediately neutralize all of the waterproofing chemicals that were applied at the factory when the fabric was made. These applications also include UVR-protection chemicals that help give fabrics a longer lifespan in the sunlight. New fabrics also have heat-reducing properties so your boat enclosure remains cooler inside. All of this wonderful chemical technology can be erased in a moment when the wrong cleaning product is used.

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    How To Waterproof Your Boat Cover For Less Than $70

    There are many ways you can water seal your boat cover. Over time, the sun, water droplets and especially salty water droplets may wear off the waterproof coat of your boat cover and you may need to repair it or replace it altogether.

    In this guide, well list the steps that you need to follow in order to make your boar cover waterproof again. Moreover, you dont have to break the bank for this. If you follow the methods listed in this guide, the whole process will cost less than $70.00.

    So, lets dive right in and see how you can waterproof your boat cover.

    Types Of Clear Windows

    Waterproof Boat Cover Heavy Duty 210D Marine Grade ...

    Lets clear up a fallacy. Boat windows are not made of Eisen Glass, even though you hear that term misused frequently. The most common boat windows are made of PVC, or poly-vinyl-chloride, which is derived from oil. Therefore, when other oils, like suntan lotion, waterproofing, furniture polishes, or certain cleaning chemicals are applied to PVC windows, it can damage the PVC as oils have a natural chemistry to become one again with nature, as I like to describe it. Each PVC glass maker has recommended products to use when cleaning their PVC that will not strip-away the wonderful coatings they have applied to the PVC, so that we may enjoy them on a boat.

    Other types of boat windows are made from acrylics, like the clear headlight covers on your automobile. Another popular semi-rigid glass is Polycarbonate, like the lightweight material used in eyeglass lenses. However, both of these products, like fabric, must be coated with chemicals so they will hold up well in direct sunlight and resist yellowing. The wrong cleaning chemical will quickly remove all of these wonderful chemicals that protect these products, shortening the lifespan of your new windows.

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    Tips For Keeping Your Waxed Canvas Strong

    • Do not clean your waxed canvas items in a washing machine.
    • Do not pack away your tent or tarps when wet or mildew will set in.
    • Shake off or brush off dirt.
    • For stains, spot treat with cold water and mild soap.
    • Never dry clean waxed canvas.
    • Never use solvent, starch or any detergents on waxed canvas.

    How To Use Canvak

    Apply Canvak to any color cotton canvas. Test this wax on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure the desired results. Wax sold by the gallon and should only be used on cotton fabrics . Prior to using the wax, please brush, clean and dry the surface. Spray, paint or brush Canvak on your canvas item.

    Canvak is petroleum based and perfect for mildew and water resistance. Use on tarps, automotive covers, boat covers, tents, tipis, yurts, outdoor furniture fabrics and other items. With the active ingredients being 85% mineral spirits, 12.5% inactive ingredients and 2% Zinc Naphtenate, this water resistant canvas and fabric preservative is legendary! However, Canvak is not recommended for vinyl or other synthetic fabrics. Remember to always test a small area first before applying the treatment to the cotton duck canvas material. After applying the liquid to the cotton duck canvas, allow time for the fabric to air dry.

    Extend the life of your canvas duck with Canvak and ensure that you waterproof canvas easily, effectively and thoroughly.

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    Dos Donts And Details For Canvas And Windows

    Monday, May 21, 2018 Russ Griffin, Co-Owner of Northcoast Marine Specialties LLC

    Cleaning boat canvas and boat windows sounds simple. Yet, as with everything, there is a back-story. Rest assured I will give you quick answers for cleaning products and methods later in this article, but, for those who like back stories, read on, as I also explain what products not to use when cleaning your boat canvas and windows, and why.

    It is no secret that the most popular fabric in the boat canvas industry is Sunbrella brand. As a spokesperson for Glen Raven, makers of Sunbrella, recently told me: We are no longer in the fabric business. We are in the chemical business! He went on to explain, We dont just own the Sunbrella name, we own the chemistry behind the product which is the secret to its success. The chemistry behind every marine fabric rings true with all fabric makers. Todays fabrics are not about natural fibers, theyre all about synthetic materials developed through chemistry. Therefore, one brand name cleaner may work well for a particular fabric, yet be harmful to another. It is all about the chemistry.

    Chemicals And Your Boat Cover

    Boat Canvas Cleaning Waterproofing

    After a couple of seasons, your pristine-looking boat cover or Bimini top will start leaking. Like with all woven fabric, water will start seeping through the gaps between the strands. Acrylic fibers cannot absorb water and so will not swell to fill the gaps.

    For this reason, all acrylic marine fabrics are sprayed with chemical waterproofing agents from the factory. When your top starts leaking, its the treatment that has worn out and needs re-application. So, a popular fix is chemical waterproofing sprays that can be purchased from marine supply stores. Just remember, every time you clean your boat cover, the chemical waterproofing agent is removed.

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    Clean Your Boat Cover

    Before taking any action, its important to thoroughly clean your boat cover. To do that, grab a soft brush and scrub the canvas/nylon. If there are any stains that you cannot remove with a simple brush, you can also hose down the cover and even use some mild detergent.

    However, try to use as little detergent as possible. You want to clean the cover, not cause additional damage.

    You can also take your boat cover to a cleaning service and have it cleaned there.

    Let The Waterproofing Solution Dry

    After applying the waterproofing coat on your boat cover, wait for at least 6 hours before taking a boat trip. Ideally, let is dry overnight. Also, make sure that the cover does not fold until it dries completely.

    Needless to say, use this solution only in well ventilated areas. Waterproofing solutions are toxic so its best to take all the precaution measures to protect your health while using them.

    Alternative method: Use wax to waterproof your boat cover

    As an alternative, you can also use wax as a waterproofing material. First, you need to heat the wax until it turns liquid. You can also use a different type of wax, one that doesnt require heating.

    Then, spread the boat cover on a smooth surface and apply a coat of wax. If youre using wax that doesnt require heating, then simply rub it onto the material you want to water seal. Make sure to cover hard to reach areas as well.

    Alright, I really hope this quick guide was useful. If youve got additional tips and suggestions on how to waterproof boat covers, share your ideas in the comments below.

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