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How To Keep Birds Off Boat

Bird Deterrent For Docks

Birds Off Boats

If your dock has been invaded by birds and the mess they bring, its time for them to ship out! Unfortunately, our feathered friends can be persistent and creative, often figuring out ways to overcome the methods we use to keep them away. If youve tried other products to keep birds off your dock without much luck, its time to try the WhirlyBird Repeller, the innovative bird deterrent for docks!

Consult With The Experts

At SVI Boat Lift Repair Parts, we are dedicated to providing you with the best products for your boat and dock. If you notice any damage to your equipment, our experts can help repair the damage or provide multiple replacement options. Contact us today to see how you can best maintain your boat canopies and covers so they can be around for the long haul.

Reflective Mirrors Are Useful

Just in case you dont want strips of scare tapes on your boat, you can resort to reflective apparatus like mirrors or spiral rods. The light reflected on it will work the same way as the scare tape but without the large movement. Anything that directly reflects light is annoying to birds.

Take the HOMESCAPE CREATIONS spiral rods for example. These shiny decors reflect light and swings in the air as they rotate. Each piece of the set of 6 is 15 inches long and works for pigeons, woodpeckers, sparrows, and other birds. You can hang this on the railings or spreaders of your boat using the hooks in the package. Just secure it so even strong winds wont take it off.

If you want a less conspicuous choice way of scaring birds away from boat, get the repellent owl discs from the same brand. It can be hooked and tied on your boat and have the same thing blinding effect to birds.

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Keeping Seagulls Off Your Boat

Your ship will either move or be moored or docked, so you need a solution that matches all scenarios.

Your first line of defense should be any shapes that spin and bounce in the wind. It will work just as well with some kind of boat bird deterrent that rotates or has wire legs.

Here are only two of these mechanical devices that you might think of.

Daddi Long Legs For Boats

How to Keep Birds off your Dock &  Boat for Good

This unusual bird deterrent has plastic-tipped, stainless steel arms that wave menacingly and rotate with even the slightest breeze, keeping gulls and other large pest birds off boats.

It’s Delrin plastic base is easily attached to boat canopies, bimini tops, decks or deck houses, booms, radar towers, dinghy davits, antennas and lights.

The boat base is a polycarbonate non-pentrating adapter that can be used with a bungee cord or other tie down to anchor the Daddi Long Legs to the bird problem area. We also offer a weighted sandbag base as an option to provide an easy-to-install bird barrier for decks or bimini tops.

The Daddi Long Legs bird deterrentwith boat base is easily attached with bungee cord or other ties.

The Daddi Long Legs bird deterrent works full-time with no motor or wind required. It is UV stable and rust-proof to keep pest birds off your boat for years to come.

Prices and Parts:

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Try Our Humane Bird Scarers For Boats And Help Keep Birds Off Your Boat

Theres nothing like boating, getting outside and out on an open body of water. Many people love sailing and boating because they can enjoy the sun, wind, and beauty of the natural surroundings.

The animals that frequent marinas where boats are stored are outside and enjoying the elements as well. Their natural tendency to perch and cluster around the helm, stern and bow of a boat can cause problems for boat owners. For many people, another part of the sport of boating or sailing is having to deal with unsightly bird droppings on the boat. Why do some boats have no signs of birds or poop on them and others are literally covered? The answer is simple bird deterrents to protect and keep Birdsoff your boat.

At Birdsoff, we know that pesky birds and unwanted flying critters can cause severe problems damage and subsequent costs for you. Thats why we offer a line of unique products to help you keep birds from your boat.

For example, Birdsweeps and Birdspiders are an excellent physical deterrent to place on board your boat. The repellers spinning motion creates a fearful threatening environment making the birds opt to roost on someone elses boat where there are no deterrents to worry about. The birds see these deterrents as ominous and frightening making your boat off limits. For more extreme infestations the Expeller Pro 1 sonic sound unit plays recordings of seagulls in distress coupled with hawk/predator calls.

Let The Sounds Rolling

To level up the security of your boat, you can install an ultrasonic device that will emit irritating sounds. This will drive the birds away from your boat as well as other critters. In case you dont have the money for this, you can resort to cassette tapes with distress sounds of birds and predators. This can work for some birds but not for all.

If you want a higher chance of driving the pesky birds away, mount a Bird B Gone Ultrasonic device on your boat. This has pre-programmed sounds of predator calls and distressed birds. You can program it to have the sound of distressed seagulls in it. Just connect it to the 110V plug, probably the battery available on your boat.

The sound of this Bird B Gone device can cover as much as five acres and can last under intense UV rays.

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Secret To Keeping Seagulls Off Your Boat Canopy & Covers

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Seagulls are the enemy of all the worlds boat owners. I personally dislike them and have previously joked with my wife about shooting these flying rodents.

Stopping birds from pooping all over the chairs, canvas, canopy, and covers of your boat seems to be an ongoing battle. And if you own a boat lift, chances are that theyve also made this their new home, leaving their mess all over the place.

But its not just the pooping damage to your boat and the irritating stains. The disease is often transmitted by seagulls and can be a health concern. Think of the places where you see them when theyre not on your ship.

They can be seen pecking in bins and around garbage dumps, searching whatever scraps they can. This means that they carry all the nastiness with them when it comes to the seagulls sitting on your ships.

Seagulls, too, are clever, far more than we credit them for. If they find a place they like, particularly if theres food nearby, then theyll hang around, and then theyll call in more reinforcements!

And if that place is your boat, then you not only risk the damage you need to clean up but also put your health at risk as the disease can spread.

How Can You Keep Birds Off Your Boat

Birds Off Boats – Flags in a Sock Explained


String up some fishing line

One easy way to stop birds from perching on the mast and spreaders of your boat is to string a monofilament fishing line a few inches above them. Birds wont want to land on the wobbly, unstable line and will instead fly off to perch elsewhere, sparing your boat from aerial attack. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep birds off your boat, and many people report that this method is highly effective.

Use bird netting

Bird netting is another simple yet effective tool for keeping birds off your boat. All you have to do is drape the netting over your boat before you leave to make sure its still dropping-free when you return! Like fishing line, netting creates an unstable surface which birds are unlikely to land on. This means theyll pass right on by your boat, leaving everything ship-shape for when you return.

Install items that move or sway

Birds will often perch on high parts of your boat, where they can poop-bomb your deck from above. Installing items on your boat that move or sway with the wind and waves can confuse birds, preventing them from landing nearby. By placing swaying items on high points of your boat, you can effectively deter seabirds from settling there.

Place reflective items around your boat

Reflective items are a well-established method of deterring birds, and many people string CDs up around their garden to keep feathery menaces at bay.

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Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic Bird Deterrent

This sound deterrent has pre-recorded cries of wild predatory birds. Bird B Gone has a general scaring off mode and a range of special ones designated for various species. The manufacturer assures that it can be set to repel 22 species: pigeons, crows, starlings, seagulls, woodpeckers etc. The repeller is powered through an outlet and its speaker is powerful enough to cover an acre. Additional speakers will expand its coverage to five acres. Day and night modes are available.

This repeller has received mixed feedback. Some have finally found salvation in this device: I spent a fortune on other solutions and this is the only one that really worked. Others believe that it does not really restrain birds. Sound issues are also observed. The users claim that the unit is either too loud or so quiet that you can barely hear it. Read all customer reviews to find out whether it is worth buying.

Hoont: Check the current price

Keep Gulls Off Your Boat With Bird Control Products

Posted on July 5, 2016 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Deterrents

If you are in a climate that is moderate year round, there is no season for bird control. It is needed all year long, especially when it comes to the pest bird Mr. Seagull. The challenge is keeping the seagulls off the boats including the boat deck, masts, spreaders and canvases. The seagull is not the only culprit you also need to guard against the cormorants and pigeons that make your vessel their waterfront property. The reason to keep them away is because of the mess they leave behind. If there are no bird control products in place you are at risk of spending a lot of time and money cleaning up after your pesky guests. It is a constant battle between boat owners and pest birds. To win the battle takes a little strategy and a little time, much less time than constantly cleaning up after them.

Safe and humane bird deterrent strategies are needed. One of the easiest methods to incorporate immediately is scare tactics. Scaring the pest birds away is a smart strategy and reputable bird control companies have deterrents that are ideal for seagulls as well as just about any bird classified as a pest bird.

It is advised to clean any bird debris that may already be on the boat before you install any type of bird control. It is recommended that you use a commercial grade disinfectant cleaning agent. This type of cleaner reduces the exposure to the airborne diseases mentioned above.

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Ultrasonic Option Or Bird Repellent Spray

If you are looking for something a little less visual, you could try an ultrasonic scarer. Ultrasonic systems are not harmful to birds but produce a high pitch static sound-emitting deterrent. These devices have not been proven effective with all species of birds because some of them cannot hear loud decibel frequencies.

Or, you could use a bird repellent spray that can be purchased at most pest control stores. The spray is advertised to keep birds away and prevent them from gathering on your canopy or dock. The down-side to the spray is that you would need to continously reapply over time.

Australian Company Offers Bird Scarers For Boats Homes And Businesses

How to Keep Birds (Sea gulls) Off Your Swim Raft

Dont let bird droppings ruin your boating experience. Not only are bird droppings damaging and unsightly, but they are also considered toxic and may pose a health hazard. To most people, bird droppings are just unsightly, but the seemingly harmless and natural part of nature may encourage airborne diseases.

When you want to protect those you care about as well as your property, give one of our trustworthy and effective bird deterrent products a try. We offer a large line of bird repellent devices that utilise a unique PAV system to gently and effectively discourage birds from gathering near or on your space.

We carry products that are effective at deterring for the following types of birds:

  • Ducks

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Destroy Nests Or Eggs

Watch your property for nests of pest birds like pigeons and starlings in your gutters, on the downpipe, or in your eaves. Its perfectly fine to destroy or remove the nests but this wont necessarily get the birds to move on. Many birds will simply rebuild their nest, especially in an area that offers everything they need.

While it takes more time than tearing down the nest, an even better solution is leaving the nest in place and destroying the eggs. Simply poke the eggs in the nest with a pin or shake them vigorously to destroy them. The birds will continue brooding and they wont make a new nest and lay more eggs.

This method, called an incubation fake-out, can be effective. The eggs wont be viable and the female will probably spend longer than usual incubating them. Theres a drawback, though the birds will eventually lay new eggs. This will only work as a temporary stop-gap.

Bird Control Methods to Avoid

Want to know how to keep birds away for good? Dont waste your time with methods that will have no effect. Even some of the strategies listed above arent foolproof and may only work temporarily without other measures in place. The following sparrow and pigeon control methods you see recommended wont do much to help keep birds away.

Do Electronic & Ultrasonic Bird Repellers Work?

Ultrasonic and electronic bird repellers are commonly advertised as a long-term solution to get rid of birds for good. The truth? They usually dont work for long if at all.

How To Keep The Birds Off Your Boat Lift Cover

Waterway Boatlift Covers are made to withstand natures harshest elements. Our vinyl covers are durable, water-resistant, and can withstand up to 70 mph winds.

It is normal for there to be some wear and tear from the rain, wind, and dust after some time. However, you may have started to notice some damages that are inconsistent with those elements. Boat lift covers are often used by birds as nesting spots and can potentially cause unnecessary damage to your boat lift cover. Listed below are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to deter the birds and keep your boat lift cover in good condition.

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How To Keep Seagulls Off Your Boat Canopy

#2: Bird B Gone Spider Device

This device also involves no wiring and no power, is wind operated and looks like a spider. But the legs are thin enough that its not that noticeable most of the time.

The spider legs bounce around in the wind creating a fantastic seagull deterrent go take a .

Its great way to keep seagulls off your boat canopy, covers, or could even fit it on top of a boat lift too if you wish.

Ive personally not tried this device, but the Amazon reviews are very impressive, and Ive seen loads of boat owners using these successfully.

Install Microfilament Strings On The Mast

How to prevent birds from pooping on your dock, boat or pool area!

Of course, the cat decoy works for the onboard space. Some birds can still ignore the decoy and stay within the mast and spreaders. They will poop and perch and even an actual cat cant stop them because of the height. Also, the beams of the mast are just perfect to roost on with the view of the surroundings and any incoming predator. So how can you stop this from happening?

Install microfilament strings to start scaring birds away from boat. By making the space here unavailable for potential landing, you basically stop the birds from visiting your boat. You can install the strings in a zigzag pattern to remove enough space for perching. Through this, the birds cant spread their wings or stay on your boat.

If you dont have the microfilament type, any string will do as long as it can withstand the pecking and continuous exposure to outdoor elements.

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Use Squirt Guns As A Defense

Having a motion-sensor water blaster on your boat is probably the best shot you have to drive these fowls away. But like what I said, this wont stop them from staying on your mast beams, but at least, the space for people would be kept clean in an instant.

One of the best options is the Hoont Outdoor Jet Blaster for Animals. This has a built-in motion sensor that will engage the moment it detects a movement in as far as 30 meters away. Birds will be startled and the spraying would take place for five seconds, enough to drive the gulls or pigeons away. Just mount this safely into your boat and a water source to stop the birds on their tracks.

The water blaster wont kill animals in the process and it will just send the birds flying and the critters scurrying. This one is typically used in gardens but it will also serve its purpose of scaring birds away from boat.

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