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Where To Buy Boat Seats

Comfortable Cushioned Boat Seats

Boat seat review. Why you don’t buy cheap Boat seats

There are few things in life that are better than cruising around in your boat. But what if you took comfort while you cruise to the next level? Browse Overton’s selection of back to back lounge and jump boat seats from top trusted brands. Our back-to-back seats can fully recline to convert to a true lounge seat as well as free up valuable deck space to improve your boat’s storage capacity. Shop our assorted styles today and kick back under the sun.

If you’re looking for more boat seats, check out our pages on: Helm & Fishing Seats, Bucket Seats, and Protective Seat Covers.

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Making The Smart Choice With Wise Boat Seats

Knowing that you are seated on easy-to-maintain seats will give you peace of mind while cruising on your craft. Our variety of Wise boat seats is chock full of different materials, dimensions, styles, and colors to fit the uniqueness of your boat. One of our best sellers, the Wise Premium High Back Bass Boat Seat, is made of a high-quality, durable plastic frame with no-pinch aluminum hinges. These marine seats come in six different color combinations and come with two manufacturer warranties! Upgrading your upholstery or your paint job? We have a variety of colors of Wise cuddy, standard, and specialty marine vinyl to match your personal style, with each mar-resistant fabric sold by the yard. Pontoon loungers, captain chairs, bass boat seats, deck chairs, swingback seats, and complete seating sets are all here within our selection.

When you are ready to start relaxing in comfort and style for the best price around, we are here to help at Wholesale Marine. Our customer service team is stocked with real boating enthusiasts with over 500 years of combined hands-on experience who are ready to help guide you through your Wise Boat Seat journey. Give us a call at 388-2628 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, with any of your questions.


Upgrade Your Boat With Bucket Seats From Wholesale Marine

If you are in the market for a long-lasting seat, consider the clean and contemporary Garelick Bucket Seats. They are designed for comfort and style. The Contour Captains Chair is constructed with a deep bucket-style that is perfect for pontoon or runabout boats.

Wise seats are a brand you can trust in the boating world and their broad selection includes a standard bucket seat with or without holsters. The Wise Deluxe Pontoon Captain’s Bucket Seat is a great option with its durable quality and universal mounting system. LCI Platinum Pontoon Bucket Seats features multiple foam densities for maximum comfort.

Boat bucket seats are a great option when upgrading your boat seats. They are a great alternative to traditional back-to-back lounge seats. Selecting bucket seats with easy-slide pedestals makes replacing your old back to back seats a breeze and allows boat owners to customize the seat height for any passenger.

Wholesale Marine also carries the Wise Seat Contemporary and deluxe bucket seat. This series of high-quality products are made to withstand harsh elements while still providing comfort. Our extensive inventory of boat bucket seats is guaranteed to offer a chair for complete relaxation. Contact our customer service team at 877-388-2628 to allow us to help you find the perfect boat bucket seats. We are here to help Monday through Friday from 9-6 EST.

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About Fishing Boat Seats

Boat Seats for Fishing Boats

Make sure your boat is ready for the season ahead with a comfortable fishing boat seat from SCHEELS. With Jon boat seats and boat seat pedestals, swivels, and brackets, youll find everything you need to prepare your boat. Whether you prefer a stand-up boat seat or a high-back boat seat, we carry a variety of styles to keep everyone in your fishing boat comfortable while you head to your favorite spot or are trolling along. Although our selection of boat seats features several leading brands, our variety includes a wide selection of Springfield Marine seats to choose from.

In addition to a variety of boat seat brands to choose from, SCHEELS also offers pedestals for your boat. If your boat has benches, youll want to look at the selection of Jon boat seats, but if your boat has a pedestal base or bracket, you can enjoy more flexible seating with a swivel boat seat. With both adjustable and fixed seat pedestals, youll find the best way to outfit your boat with enough seating for every angler. Whether youre looking for a new boat seat or some replacement hardware, get your boat ready to go with boat seats and more at SCHEELS.

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Cleaning Boat Seats: How To Clean Boat Seats Step

Seamanship Set of 2 Folding Swivel Boat Seats

Performing regular boat maintenance will keep your pride and joy looking and running like new, and learning how to clean boat seats is an important part of your regular maintenance regime. In fact, its probably the single most important thing you can do to keep those seats in good shape.

Modern marine vinyls are treated with anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-stain barriers, which do a good job of keeping mildew and mold from attacking and dirt from sticking. But if you allow contaminants to get into the material, mold and mildew can get a foothold in the vinyl. And if you clean your seats improperly, you can scrub or chemically burn those important treatments away.

Heres how to keep those boat seats in tip-top shape in five easy steps.

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What Is The Best Cleaner For Boat Seats

Most seat manufacturers recommend that you stay away from using aftermarket treatments on the vinyl for as long as possible. But you have to remember that over time, the treatments the manufacturer gave to the seats does wear and weather away.

Dedicated Vinyl Cleaners

At some point stains will become more difficult to remove and those ugly black dots will set in. At this point, youll probably need to reach for a dedicated vinyl cleaner. After using it be sure to wash the seats down again, let them dry completely, and then apply a dedicated vinyl protectant.

Stay Away from Caustic Cleaners

Its critically important to stay away from caustic cleaners, no matter how tough it becomes to get those boat seats clean. Bleach in specific is a big no-no. Not only will tough cleaners eliminate whatever anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-stain properties remain, they will also damage the vinyl itself and turn it brittle rips and tears in the material wont be far behind. The threads used to sew the vinyl seats together can also be damaged, and stitching wont last long after such treatment.

If you care for your boat seats and clean them regularly, just how long will they last? Again, that depends on where your boats located, how its used, and how its stored. But we can say one thing, for sure: the more you clean your boat seats the longer theyll last, and the longer your boat will look like its new.

S For Cleaning Boat Seats

  • Rinse them down with freshwater then clean the vinyl cushion with a soft rag and gentle soap as often as possible, preferably at least once a week.
  • Give them a deep cleaning with a soft rag and gently soap at least once a month.
  • Avoid using an aftermarket vinyl cleaner unless and until mold or mildew that cant be gently scrubbed away appears on the boat seats. When it does, use a dedicated vinyl cleaner to remove it.
  • After using any vinyl cleaner, allow the seats surfaces to dry completely and then apply a vinyl protectant.
  • Never use caustic cleaners or stiff bristly brushes on boat seats.
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    Proper Techniques For Rinsing & Cleaning Your Boat’s Vinyl Seats

    The key to keeping boat seats in great shape is cleaning away dirt and contaminants prior to mold or mildew setting in. Once it does, that nasty stuff grows into the cushions as well as the vinyl and then it becomes practically impossible to get rid of.

    How to clean vinyl boat seats of mildew, in particular, is as frustrating as it is confusing because even if you manage to clean it off the surface, itll just grow back from the inside out. So make sure that regular washing takes place as often as possible. Once a week should be considered minimal, unless your boat is kept indoors in a controlled environment. In that case, once every few weeks should do the trick.

    Additionally, be sure to rinse down those seats after each and every useeven if they look perfectly clean. Things like suntan lotion, bug repellent, or sweat may not be visible but they need to be sluiced away nonetheless.

    • Always use freshwater, a soft rag or wash mitt, and remember that the best cleaner for boat seats is simply a gentle soap.
    • Rather than scrubbing hard at dirt or stains, when the seats need a deep cleaning soak them down and soap them up and wait a few minutes so any dirt or grime loosens up.
    • Then give them another gentle wipe-down.
    • Keep up the process for several cycles until the vinyl comes clean.
    • Do this on a monthly basis regardless of how the boat seats look or whether youve used the boat or not, because even if its kept indoors dust and airborne contaminants will settle on the surface.

    Premium Boat Lounge Seats

    Boat seat cleaner
    • 65″ overall length of back to back seats with open.
    • 18.5″ overall width of boat seat cushions.

    • 15″ seated high with 10″ tall plastic seat base.

    • 44″ overall length of boat seats when upright.

    • Aluminum framework w/ leg support the boat seats when extended.

    • Back to back lounge boat seats open from one side.

    • Store life jackets & gear under the your boat seat cushions.

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    Pedestal Mount Boat Casting Seats

    • Pedestal mounted boat seat with front leaning surface
    • All-day sitting and leaning support without obstruction for free casting
    • Factory grade replacement boat seat
    • Mold, mildew, and UV-resistant
    • 32 oz marine grade vinyl, soft to the touch
    • Durable molded foam will not break down or distort
    • Weatherproof plastic frame
    • High-grade stainless steel mounting hardware
    • Attaches to any boat seat pedestal

    The gives you support for all-day fishing while allowing the freedom of movement needed for certain styles of fishing. Sit, stand or lean to stay comfortably mobile on this pedestal-mounted boat casting seat.

    Often popular with jig fishers, casting seats are also called fishing bike seats, boat butt seats, and boat lean seats. Our Lean Pro Boat Seat is constructed of mold, mildew, and UV-resistant marine vinyl and stitching and comes in six attractive color combinations to match your boat. The 6-year full replacement warranty on this boat seat is our promise to you that its built to withstand heavy use.

    How It Is Made

    You can look forward to boat seats that are consistently crafted using the following materials:

    • Frames: Treated exterior grade fir plywood. Edges and corners are sanded or rounded to prevent puncturing of vinyl. T-nuts are zinc plated to prevent corrosion.
    • Vinyl:Marine grade, ultra-violet and mildew resistant
    • Foam: High density polyurethane
    • Sport Seats :Frames are constructed of polyethylene with fir plywood inserts.
    • Hardware & Fasteners: Staples are stainless steel, hinges are aluminum. Arms and back brackets are marine grade aluminum.

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    Improve The Comfort & Value Of Any Craft With New Boat Seats

    Today’s bass boat seats aren’t just designed to look good, but are designed to keep anglers comfortable during a full day or night of fishing. Wholesale Marine offers a full line of bass seating, from economy style to deluxe high back back seats. For fun in the sun, or if you are heading out on a serious fishing adventure, know that Wise Boat Seats will maximize your comfort and allow for a quality boating excursion. Choose from Wise bucket, helm, lounge, or bass boat bench seats and appreciate their value for years to come. Modernize your boats look with a seating layout, with perhaps one bucket and one lounge seat.

    Protect your investment with Taylor Made seat covers, available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. In addition to replacement seating, we also carry seat pedestals, steps, and footrests to compliment your new seats. Garelick foot rests are available in vinyl, teak, polymer, and oak and include mounting brackets.

    Wholesale Marine offers the lowest prices on replacement boat seats, chairs, and furniture. Be sure to ask about our Captains Club Rewards Program for additional discounts! If you have a question or wish to place an order, just call us at 388-2628, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

    Long Lasting Boat Furniture And Boat Seats For Your Boat

    2X Folding Boat Seats Seat Marine Seating Set Swivels All ...

    At we can help you find the best boat seats and furniture at a price you can afford. The right furniture can make a big difference in your experience on the water. Whether you are going on a fishing trip or cruising around in your powerboat, we offer a wide range of comfortable, durable products. You can easily search through our seats by boat style, seat color, manufacturer and more. iBoats carries the boat seats from all the best manufacturers, including Wise, Springfield, Tempress, Attwood, and Taylor Made.

    Blowout specials on name-brand boat seats and means you save even more. At we offer everything from folding boat seats and back-to-back lounges to furniture and captain chairs.. is committed to delivering high-quality boat parts and providing the kind of customer service you deserve. We are part of a very active community of boating enthusiasts who can help answer your questions about boat seats, marine furniture and other products we offer. Order your new boat seat and furniture today and get ready for the next time you hit the water.

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    Buying Guide For Best Boat Seats

    Boat seats are a requirement for boats regardless of whether youve got a fishing boat, pontoon boat, sailing yacht, or ski boat. Its dangerous to stand while moving at high speeds across the water.

    Seats are at prominent and visible aspect of a boat that immediately make a statement about your boats style and how valuable your boat is all of which can affect the resale value of your boat. Boat seats are classified by the ABYC into two main categories: Type A and Type B. Seats that are rated Type A are safe to use at any speed. Seats that are rated Type B are only safe at speeds under 5mph. Thus, the primary use of your boat will dictate what type of seat you should get.

    There are many factors to weigh when searching for the right boat seat for your needs, but our buying guide will help you navigate the shoals of boat seats.


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