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How To Protect Boat From Dock

Bumpers For Medium To Large Boats

How to protect your boat with Dock Edge Bumpers and Dock Lines

If your boat is a pontoon or runabout, you may consider large corner bumpers, large gas dock bumpers with a lip, or even specialty bumpers. These bumpers are durable and large enough to ensure complete protection of your boat while docking.

Molded rubber dock bumpers resist abrasion and provide weatherization that will help protect docks, dock levelers, and shelters for years to come. Any time you order a product from Manufacturers Rubber & Supply, you can expect the lowest prices, quick shipping, and friendly customer service. Start your summer boating season off right by requesting a quote for trailer and dock bumpers today!

Truck And Trailer Bumpers

Before you get to the dock, protect your watercraft and vehicle alike with rubber trailer bumpers. Rubber bumpers are specifically designed to protect the rear of your truck or utility trailer when backing on a ramp or boat launch. Our trailer dock bumpers are constructed from high tensile, abrasion-resistant rubber and are molded into various sizes, shapes, and styles for to meet most any loading dock protection application.

Protect Your Boat With Rub Rails

Above all, you need to make sure that the hardened edges of your dock dont end up scratching the surface of your beloved boat!

Thats why having rub rails, also known as edging, installed on your boat dock is an essential step.

Many people use materials like an old fire hose, though there are lots of different options out there. Whatever you choose, just make sure that youve looked for something thats labeled as marine grade when it comes to rub rail material.

In general, we suggest that you let a professional do this job for you. It can be incredibly easy to miss a spot accidentally.

Remember, all that it takes is one exposed corner or piece of wood to create a new scratch along the side of your boat!

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Inspect Regularly By Setting Schedules

Life gets busy. Make your dock a commitment by putting calendar reminders in your phone, or writing it down, when your dock is ready for maintenance. Just as important as changing fire detector batteries, scheduling haircuts, or meetings, schedule time once a month to thoroughly inspect, clean, take pictures, etc. This also includes looking for any loose boards, rotting boards, nails or screws sticking up, or any other structural issues. Ladders should be inspected regularly as well. Plan to fix these issues as soon as possible to prevent further problems. Time gets lost in the shuffle, by setting a time you’re less likely to forget and more likely to make it a high priority.

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Boat &  Dock Protection

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Protecting Your Dock And Boat From Ice Damage

Winter is coming.

We all know the winter months can bring brutal temperatures and extensive periods of ice cover. As lakefront homeowners, there are a few extra steps you should be taking to ensure the protection of your boat and dock.

Did you know that when a boat that is encased in ice can suffer extensive structural damage, and the daily radual movements of an ice sheet can splinter a dock into pieces? This can be a great financial loss with the average price of a dock at $15,000! Not to mention the additional cost if your boat or lift gets damaged. Add to this the hassle of applying for new permits and of waiting for a pile driver to become available often in short supply when ice damage is widespread. Before you know it, you can lose much of the following summer before your boating life gets back on track

Luckily there are some useful products you may want to consider purchasing to protect your boat and dock against ice damage. There are two common de-icing devices:


A bubbler works by releasing small air bubbles from a submerged perforated hose powered by an air compressor typically located on your dock or inside a boathouse. The hose releases air bubbles that push up the slightly warmer water from below, creating a space of unfrozen water above the bubbler hose.

Although bubblers can be great for keeping ice from damaging your boat and dock, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you have a semi-permanent dock:


Seal Wooden Docks To Prevent Dry Rot

Dry rot is something you might be forced to deal with if you don’t make the decision to seal a wooden dock. Water can work its way into wooden docks and cause rotting to occur.

If you’ve invested in a wooden dock, find a sealer that will protect it from rainwater as well as water from the lake or river where you use it. A good sealer will keep moisture out and stop a dock from rotting.

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Boat Bumpers For Docks

Boats are not the only things that make use of bumpers. You canfind bumpers on ports, berths, and docks as well.

Unlike the bumpers on boats, the bumpers on the dock arepermanent. They are installed permanently at the side of the dock where theboat makes contact with the dock.

These bumpers cushion the impact as you maneuver the boat intothe dock. Thus, they allow you to easily dock your boat without causing anydamage to the boat, or the dock.

The boat bumpers on docks are usually old rubber tires from land vehicles. The rubber provides a convenient cushion and a large surface area for boats of all sizes to safely park on the dock.

Dock Maintenance Guide: How To Extend The Life Of Your Boat Dock

DIY Dock Protector

Is your boat dock looking a little worse for the wear?

Cant remember the last time that you performed any type of dock repairs?

Are you just completely clueless about the kind of dock maintenance that you need to perform at the start of every season?

This post is here to help.

From teaching you the right way to use a pressure washer on your dock to helping you keep your cleaning and maintenance eco-friendly, by the end of it, youll know what you need to do to get your dock looking as good as new.

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Have Your Gfci Tested Regularly

Once you have a GFCI installed, make sure it works and stays working. That means having monthly tests done by a local fire code professional to ensure that your device is free from any malfunctions. Thats rightonce a month. Dont skip it. Take just a little time out from the sun and fun to guarantee safety.

Do I Need Dock Bumpers

The answer to this question is yes. Theyre typically placed on the side of the moor to fend off scraping while the boat is being tied in place. Moreover, they also minimize the impact that whips the slip. These functions are the most appropriate for sailboats that have large impact points in their core.

Substantially, they are essential and beneficial for facilities that work as loading docks or berths. For more information, here are the reasons why boat owners need dock bumpers:

  • They are designed to bear collision and shock.
  • The possibility of semi-trailers from hitting or making contact with the pilings is prevented.
  • Accidents will not likely happen despite intermittent approach.
  • Getting top-quality boat dock bumpers means that you dont need to buy another set sooner as theyre made for rugged use. They will last for a decent period that they continuously protect your boat.

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Use A Pressure Washer The Right Way

We know that there are few things more satisfying in life than using a pressure washer on your boat dock.

However, because theyre incredibly powerful, it can be easy to use them in a way that actually does more harm than good to your dock.

First of all, make sure that you go with a fan tip nozzle if youre working with wooden boat docks. This type of attachment will actually lessen the force that the washer puts out.

Additionally, make sure you hold the tip about one foot away from the dock itself anything closer, and you could do some serious damage.

If your dock is made from pine or cedar wood, then we suggest not using any pressure greater than 600 PSI.

Perhaps The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Ensure This Investment Is Guarded As Well As Possible Aside From Choosing The Best Materials And Dock Builder For Your Project Is Understand Discover And Deploy Dock Protection Concepts And Products

Boat &  Dock Protection

The Different Things that Can Damage a Dock

Weather and Natural Decay

Clearly,normal weather can impact the life of a dock. First, it can affect any of thecomponents the dock is built with, from the smallest screws to the piers,anchoring, flooring, roof and more. Rust can be a concern, aswell as other types of corrosion and erosion, too. Then, there are the bigstorms that sometimes beat up hard on coastal areas and the docks that livethere.

Butlets also not forget just plain old decaythe standard decay that happenswith many of the materials used in dock construction, specifically on dockpiers and posts.

Water & Marine Biology

Waterin general can help promote the degradation of dock piers and pilings. Onlyconcrete pilings are somewhat immune. However, concrete piers generally arent practicalfor every dock and especially, not residential docks.

Additionally,one has to also consider marine life from plankton to crustaceans, that liketo hang on and cling to wood piers. And while these living creaturesgenerally dont harm dock piers and posts , these things definitely provide a danger to boats and people whomight inadvertently brush against them.

People & Things

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Tips For Protecting Your Dock From The Elements

On average, most people spend anywhere from $3,000 all the way up to $17,000 installing a dock that they can use for boating, fishing, and swimming purposes.

If you’re going to spend that kind of money on a dock, the least you can do is take the time to make dock protection a big priority. You should do whatever you can to protect your dock from the elements and keep it looking new for a long time.

From the moment you first put a dock into the water, dock maintenance should be something that you have on your to-do list at all times.

Here are 9 tips for protecting your dock from the elements.

The Complete Guide To Boat Dock Bumpers

Everyone hits the dock at one point in their boating lives. I mean, for some of us, coming in full speed is just a way of life.

If you are a beginner boater, Im here to tell you that we all hit the dock but you can do it with grace if you have the right materials.

When I first set sail, I felt incredible. I had the wind in my hair, salt on my skin, and the world at the helm. That is, until I had to actually dock the damn thing. Then it was all stress and no confidence.

At A Glance: Our Top 6 Picks For Dock Bumpers

The struggle to dock a boat for the first time, with everyone else at the marina watching and plenty of boats nearby to hit, is something that every beginner boater faces. Even armed with great boat insurance, its a daunting task!

Having a solid array of boat dock bumpers will give any beginner boater the confidence they need to get out there more often and dock in a range of conditions.

Cruise into your slip with these boat dock bumpers:

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The Best Bumpers For Stress

Dont let the fear of bumping into your dock keep you from enjoying your boat give yourself peace of mind by investing in quality dock bumpers and fenders. You cant predict the next storm or collision, but you can always be ready for it.

The marine experts at Decks & Docks Lumber Co. recommend Fend-All boat bumpers to protect both docks and boats from damage. Made from marine-grade PVC, Fend-All products have a 10+ year life expectancy and are double-walled for higher absorption.

Have questions about protecting your dock? Feel free to contact us or stop by your local Decks & Docks today!

Types Of Dock Bumpers

How to Make your own Dock Whipping System – Cheap | Dock Socks |

Dock bumpers come in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and materials. Some are also made specifically to line dock edges, corners, or posts. Others are versatile and can be used to line the different parts of a dock.

Dock edge bumpers

This kind of bumper is made specifically to line the sides and edges of a dock. Typically, their design will not allow them to be used on other parts of the dock. Many have padding, but others can also be air-filled.

Dock corner bumpers

As the name suggests, dock corner bumpers are designed specifically to protect boats against sharp dock corners. These bumpers typically come at a 90-degree angle and can easily be fitted right over the corners of the dock.

Dock edging

This kind of dock bumper is more versatile and can be installed horizontally or vertically. They can also be cut into shorter sections, especially the ones that come in lengths of about 25 or feet.

Dock post bumpers

Dock posts and legs can damage your boat as well. Dock edging and certain dock edge bumpers can be installed on posts. However, there are also bumpers specifically designed to fit snugly around dock posts and legs.

Its also important to note that some dock bumpers are suitable for smaller and lighter boats, while others can handle larger and heavier boats. Its important to buy a bumper that will be able to handle your boats weight and size.

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Bumpers For The Front Or Back Of Docks


Thick Padded Bumpers

If youre a beginner boater and/or come in a little too hot, youre gonna want something to absorb the impact at the bow. Having an impact-absorbing boat dock bumper at the slips front saves your boat from severe damage. I cannot count the number of times my boats bow kissed the dock coming in, either from misjudgment or a friend cleating off in the wrong direction! My boats got the fiberglass scars to prove it.

Hull Hugrs padded marina bumpers are the best boat dock bumpers for people who hate the hassle of adjusting fenders. With UV and tear resistant vinyl/polyester tri-laminate, these sturdy boat dock bumpers will protect your boat for years. This particular model is 8 wide by 6 deep in lengths of 36, 48, or 60 for wide coverage of your precious hull.

The high-density, closed-cell foam makes Hull Hugrs marina bumpers a great option to protect your boats bow. But theyre awesome just about anywhere and can replace the need for fenders when placed along the docks side. I highly recommend this product for your boat dock bumper needs!

Anchors And Winches For All Recreation

Find all your favorite quality brands of boat anchors at iboats.com, including popular Greenfield vinyl-coated anchors and anchor rode chains in colors to match your boat, plus SeaSense, Tie-Down Engineering, and 10 other popular brands. Choose the style of anchor that best suits your boating, be it fluke anchor, grappling anchor, river, claw or other anchor styles and if youre not sure, our experienced boating customer service team can help you. Add a Powerwinch or Trac Outdoors manual or electric anchor winch for effortless anchorage while you fish, swim or party from your boat.

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Prevent Snow And Ice From Building Upon A Dock In The Winter

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about snow and ice when it comes to their docks.

But if you’re going to have your dock outside in the wintertime, snow and ice can accumulate on top of it. When they melt, they can cause dry rot and reduce the lifespan of your dock.

If you live in a place like Iowa that can get a lot of snow and ice in the winter, do what you can to clear your dock off as often as you can. You won’t have to worry about snow and ice damaging your dock when you do.

Cover Your Boat Whenever Its Not In Use

How to Protect Your Dock Lines or Boat Rope From Fraying ...

Most boats come with covers however, if your cover is damaged, leaky, or nonexistent, youll need to purchase one. A snap-on or attachable model protects your vessel from the elements and wildlife. Covers also protect your boat from fading colors due to sitting in the sunlight for extended periods. Covering your vessel ensures rainwater rolls off of your boat instead of flooding the deck or seats. And covers deter geese and other wildlife from entering your vessel.

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Install A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

A GFCI is an absolutely essential safety precaution for any boat dock owner. Without a GFCI installed on each electrical receptacle, you and anyone else you take out on your boat are in danger of freak electrical accidents that could result in injury or even death.

To prevent any accidents, the 2011 National Electrical Code requires all docks to be outfitted with these fast-acting circuit breakers. In the case of any faulty electrical wiring or equipment, this device reacts within 1/40 of a second to close off the electrical current and keep you and your family safe.

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