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Does Freedom Boat Club Allow Dogs

How Much Does A Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost

Are Pets allowed on Freedom Boat Club Boats?

The price of your membership at The Freedom Boating Club can vary drastically depending on what level you go for and the location you are joining. From what we were able to gather during our research, the monthly costs are anywhere between $220 and $450, with a one-time initiation fee that can be between $3,200 and more than $11,000 also depending on the location. The prices for the weekday-only plans are usually around $220 per month, but the weekend and holiday ones can be twice that or more, at around $450 per month.

Note: This is just an estimate and the prices will vary from location to location, depending on what you choose.

According to a member of forum, the costs to join The Freedom Boat Club for three years are around $18,000, with an initiation fee of $4,200 and monthly costs of around $380.

Also, a member of the website said that he had to pay $270 per month to join this club.

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In a FloridaToday article, it is noted that new members have to pay a lifetime initiation fee that is $6,000 and after that, the monthly costs are $260.

What About Boat Safety Rules

New to boating? It may feel overwhelming to consider all of the safety rules you must learn before you can be released onto the open water. Boating safety is one aspect of sailing that you can never overlook or underestimate. Should an emergency come up, you will be glad that you knew just what to do!

Fortunately, many of the most popular boat clubs offer some form of training for new skippers.For most of these locations, safety training is a mandatory part of your membership. You will not be permitted to reserve a boat until you have completed the necessary safety training.

Some clubs have members of the United States Coast Guard on hand to train their members and do official walk-throughs of their boats.

Freedom Boat Club offers both classroom training and on-the-water classes to get you up to speed quickly. Their courses cover basic safety and operation of the different types of boats included in their fleet.

Carefree Boat Club offers similar training. You start by reading their training manual and follow-up with a hands-on class that covers the same concepts.

Both clubs give you numerous opportunities to ask questions and see the demonstrations in person before being asked to perform them on your own. If you finish both training sessions and still feel like you need more assistance, dont be hesitant to ask for more help.

Every boat club would instead take the time to teach you how to sail safely rather than risk injury to you or the boat.

Tip #1 Train Your Dogs To Swim

Some breeds of dogs are natural swimmers and love going for a dip. For others, it may not be instinctive to them and they will need help getting adjusted. Before taking them out on the boat , consider getting them comfortable first. You can do this with a baby pool, regular pool, or at the water shoreline. Encourage them to play and have fun with floating toys and gradually guide them into deeper and deeper waters.

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Sailing With Dogs Can Be Challenging And Rewarding So This Is A List Of 24 Essential Things Every Boat Dog Needs To Have Onboard To Make The Experience Safe And Comfortable

After a year of sailing the world with my two beagles, Capn Jack & Scout, I learned a lot about how to keep my dogs safe, comfortable, and happy onboard. And if your furry family members are happy, their humans will be happy!

These tips and useful products are also great for those of you who love to take your pets with you in other kinds of boats!

I actually wrote the book on sailing with dogs. How to Sail with Dogs 100 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Voyage is available as an ebook and on paperback by following these links.

This SAILING WITH DOGS SURVIVAL KIT includes my 24 favorite products that make sailing with your dog easier, safer, and more comfortable for the dogs and their humans!

Watch the video about how to sail with dogs everything you need to know

DISCLOSURE: This article contains affiliate links. If you click through and order the product, you allow us to earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you!

Tips For Taking Your Dog On A Boat

Freedom Boat Club Orange Beach Alabama Freedom Boat Club

If you have a dog and you dont take him on your boat, poor little Fido is missing out.

Most dogs love getting out on the water as much as you and I doand you wouldnt leave you best friend stuck on shore every time you left the dock, would you? So the next time you grab your sailing bag or fishing rods, also grab the leash and the water bowl. Just remember to use these dogs-on-board tips, to keep the trip a fun one for everyone.

Dogs love boats just as much as people do!

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Become A Member Before You Arrive At Linekin Bay Resort

Be sure to get out on the water when you book at stay at Linekin Bay Resort from kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, sailboats and now vessels from the Freedom Boat Club of Maine, were sure to suit your every need on your next vacation!

For more information or to become a member visit or contact them directly by email , or by phone at 331-5374.

Groom His Excess Hair Off Before The Trip

You will hear from dog owners who suggest shaving your dog before a boat trip. Thats a non-starter for our own dog, as hes a short-haired breed and it would make him look ridiculous!

Most dogs will shed their winter coat in the warmer summer months as part of their own self-cooling mechanism, but that doesnt mean they cant do without a little help.

We have a product called the Furminator de-shedding tool . Its dead simple to use, and with a couple of strokes through his coat, we can remove any excess hair from him that could contribute to him over-heating.

Another side benefit to grooming and de-shedding before a boat trip is that you will reduce all those irritating dog hairs getting into your boat food and onto the boat seats!

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Get Your Pet Used To The Boat Before You Get Going

Many dogs are anxious about the new experience of boating and may need time to adjust to the motion of a boat or the noise of the boats engine. You may get lucky and not experience any of these issues with your furry friend, but in most cases, these fears are easily remedied with the following tips.

Try taking your dog onto the boat when its docked so he can feel the motion of the boat and practice getting on and off. This will also give you an idea of whether he might experience seasickness. Next, turn on the engine so he can get used to the sound. If your dog is anxious about his life jacket, let him wear it at home or in the yard a couple of times to get used to the way it feels.

For your dogs first real outing on the boat, consider keeping the trip short in case it doesnt go as expected.

Although bringing your four-legged friend boating with you requires some extra planning and thought, you really cant beat the simple happiness of enjoying a day on the water with your dog. As long as you follow the safety tips above, you should have a stress-free day of fun and a great new companion to go boating with. We love dogs at 321Boat and were always happy to let your furry friend come aboard with you for your next adventure. Check out our available boats here and reserve yours now!

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Video: Safe Boating With Your Pet

Lisa The Boatanista – Pets on Boats

Freedom Boat Club

Thanks for your inquiry!

We will be sending you all the details about local plans, discounts & local partnerships. In the meantime, check out the local reviews, events and frequently asked questions for your local club.

Where would you like to boat?

Freedom Boat Club the worlds largest members-only boat club was founded in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida. Today, the Clubs 300+ locations welcomes hundreds of members to its docks each day to enjoy a day on the water while we take care of the rest including fueling, cleaning, maintenance, and more.

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Which Club Has More Locations

One of the major differences between the Freedom and Carefree Boat Clubs is their variety of locations. When you sign up for a membership with either of these boat clubs, you gain access to the fleets at every location.

This can be an excellent way to spend a vacation out on the water in a different locale.

Choosing the boat club with the most locations gives you the ultimate flexibility regarding where you can travel with access to the water.

Freedom Boat Club has been well established for many years and boasts more than 190 different locations. They cover more than thirty states and Canada.

More than 20,000 members have already signed up for their extensive offering.

However, they still manage to boast impressive success rates for the reservation of their ships.

Carefree Boat Club definitely comes in second when it comes to locations. Throughout the United States and Canada, they have just 77 unique locations.

Here are a few more statistics that you might want to consider before deciding to sign up with Carefree:

  • 39,000 boat trips
  • 3,300 members
  • 530 boats

While they may not have the same breadth as Freedom Boat Club, they still have many members across the country who are successfully sailing on their fleet.

Because of their low numbers, they can offer more personalized services, as you can see in the section below.

Freedom Boat Club Cost

The Freedom Boat Club employs trends and practices of the sharing economy to expand the publics boating participation. It allows its members to expose themselves to a fleet of boats and the opportunity to participate in social events. How much does a Freedom Boat Club membership cost?

The Freedom Boat Club membership cost varies, depending on your area and the type of plan you choose. To give you an idea, the one-time entry fee may cost $5,000. Whereas the monthly membership plan may cost $349.

Read on to learn more about the Freedom Boat Club membership price and the perks of becoming a member.

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Bonus Invest In A Life Jacket For Your Dog

Even if you consider your dog an excellent swimmer, there are a number of situations where your dog could risk the chance of drowning. Fatigue, high seas, and panic can all put the best swimming dog in the worst of situations. To help prevent this from happening, invest in a PFD for your dog. You can find them available at most pet shops and boating stores. You want to make sure it is the right size so there is no discomfort for your furry friend. Go with the option of lifting handles so you can easily pull your dog out of the water. Also, choose a brightly-colored vest so it is easy to spot if your dog jumps overboard. Pets cannot wave their arms, so it is much harder to spot their tiny head in the water.

About Boat Club Trafalgar

Freedom Boat Club Orange Beach Alabama Freedom Boat Club

Boat Club Trafalgar was set up in 2016 with the goal to make boating, and enjoying the freedom of being out the water, easier, more accessible and affordable.

Witnessing the fact that many people lead busy lives, Trafalgar Group MD Jonny Boys was inspired to pioneer a new model for going boating. The entire team at The Trafalgar Group are passionate about helping people get on the water and achieve their dreams.

The Group businesses include boat storage inside the indoor Drystack, running two marinas at Trafalgar and Thornham and two boat sales business, RIBs For Sale and Ballistic RIBs, and an RYA approved Powerboat Training Centre. So, it was a natural extension to explore this exciting new model of membership boating, where you dont need to own a boat.

Since 2016, Boat Club Trafalgar has developed in leaps and bounds and introduced many newcomers into boating. Its proven to be a great alternative for boat owners who have finished their boat owning journey yet still want to get on the water.

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Boat Club Rules: 9 Thing To Know Before Joining

As illustrated in our many articles on boat clubs, joining one can be one of many highlights in your life!

Joining a boat club gives you unlimited access to the open water without the maintenance and work required if you were to own your boat. Many of these clubs even offer classy amenities so that you can embrace an entirely new lifestyle!

See: How Do Boat Clubs Work? 7 Things To Know

You may be excited to get out on the water, but there are a few things you should know first.

Keep in mind that each boat club will have slightly different rules, so you will want to check with management to verify the details.

However, this guide should give you a great starting point so that you know what to expect from your membership.

Here are some of the rules that you might want to familiarize yourself with before you join your very first boat club.

  • Preparing for Your Boat Club Membership!
  • How Does Freedom Boat Club Work

    If youre investigating boat club membership for the first time, the Freedom Boat Club is a great place to start. Its the worlds oldest and largest boat club, spanning over 300 separate locations.

    Started in Florida in 1989, the vision of Freedom Boat Club is to make the boating lifestyle free of hassle and accessible for everyone who enjoys spending time on the water. This vision is brought to life through the inclusive membership offerings.

    So how does it work? When new members sign up, theyll pay a one-time membership fee and select a membership plan with monthly dues. Depending on your wants and needs, you can take advantage of year-round boating on weekdays, weekends only, or a range of other accommodating options.

    Each membership location is stocked with plenty of well-maintained, fully insured boats that members can reserve ahead of time via the mobile app. If youre not an experienced boater yet, your membership also provides access to perks like unlimited training and lessons to help you feel safe and confident in any vessel.

    Members can utilize fishing boats, use boats for leisure and watersports, including wakeboarding and using paddleboards, and much more. The only member responsibility is to pay for gas after bringing back the boat.

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    More About How To Use Your Membership

    Because Freedom Boat Club has so many locations worldwide, many members want to know how to take full advantage of their premier boat club membership.

    Any member can use boats from the fleets at any of the club locations. While the types of boats in the fleets may vary from location to location, members with reciprocal plans are always free to move about to take full advantage of all the boat club offers.

    As mentioned before, a member can bring along as many guests as they like as long as they are present. This includes family members, friends, and even pets. As all the boats are fully insured and well maintained, safety is assured, and certified captains will always be present to help everyone feel at ease, even if you dont have years of experience on the water.

    The 5 Secrets Boat Clubs Dont Want You To Know About

    How Freedom Boat Club Works (Longer)

    On the surface, boat clubs seem like a great idea. Instead of buying a boat, you pay a monthly fee and have access to a range of different vessels. The problem is that, in reality, things dont work out quite that smoothly. Here are the top five secrets that boat clubs dont want you to know about.

    1) Limited Selection of Boats

    When we join a boat club, there is this idea that one weekend we can take out a fast speedboat and the next, a family-sized catamaran. The problem is that most clubs really only offer a pretty narrow selection of boats. Not only that, with most people having the same free time as in being off on the weekends, holidays, and certain summer months, then you may find yourself standing empty-handed.

    2) Too Much Pressure

    The problem is that once you join a club, you feel pressure to get the most out of it. The average annual boat club is 275 dollars per month. If you dont boat that often or have a hectic month, it feels like money just is thrown down the drain and just another wasted expense.

    3) Limited Places

    While some clubs have locations worldwide, youre still limited to whatever places theyre in. For the most part, this basically keeps you stuck around the most touristy places. And those are only the biggest clubs with typically the highest prices.

    4) The Clubs Might Be Full

    5) Cost

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